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0.0 Channing Freeman STAFF | September 26th 07

I'm sorry but you're all a bunch of fucking retards and you are not funny at all.


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0.0 Intransit | October 2nd 07

JesusDeEspana (10:15:26 PM): god chans soundoff
JesusDeEspana (10:15:28 PM): is so funny
JoeTheInvincible (10:15:13 PM): I do not see it
JesusDeEspana (10:16:02 PM): the Dethklok soundoff?
JoeTheInvincible (10:15:30 PM): haven't seen it
JesusDeEspana (10:16:13 PM): omg
JesusDeEspana (10:16:17 PM): ://
JoeTheInvincible (10:17:17 PM): most of them were being serious though weren't they?
JesusDeEspana (10:18:12 PM): um no
JoeTheInvincible (10:17:40 PM): oh
JoeTheInvincible (10:17:43 PM): whooooooooooooooops
JoeTheInvincible (10:17:44 PM): lol
JoeTheInvincible (10:18:15 PM): I have come to assume the vast majority of sputnik is reallly just that stupid

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0.0 Lostandfound2 | September 28th 07

After about 30 listens, this gets boring. that seems like alot but once you get it you listen to it a ton and soon become bored of it. it is still a very good somewhat technical album that shouldnt be taken 100 percent seriously.

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0.0 masscows | September 25th 07

This album is easily the best metal album of all time, bar none. You will be headbanging until you have a stroke, trust me.

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0.0 Snacktimeguy | May 16th 15


0.0 Venpts16 | March 26th 12

As undeniably metal this album is, it is not remarkable by any stretch of the imagination. There is almost an even split between the good and mediocre songs.


0.0 alakazam9891 | October 5th 09

Hard riffs, busting solos, fearful vocals. Dethklok rules.


0.0 tehFluffz | April 17th 08

So yeah, it's a cartoon and all but funny enough they have more talent than some actual bands.
Awaken and Duncan Hills Jingle are great.


0.0 Ire | December 22nd 07

I'm not funny... ((
Ohhh King of the hill is on!! yay!!
Oh well Duncan Hills Coffee is really awesome.


0.0 epizoan | October 1st 07

A cartoon. I never thought I would seriously rate a cartoon spin off album. The generic death metal of the Dethklok Death album is seriously tight. It's not too much of a wonder, being held together by the metronomic drumming of Gene "Atomic Clock" Hoglan (ex Death, Strapping Young Lad) and, suprisingly, the guitarwork of Brendon Small. Smalls generic growl do little to detract from the overall tightness of the album. My song pick... 'Thunderhorse'.


0.0 ExitWound | September 26th 07

I've been waiting for this release since the show debuted and I have to admit that it's just as good as I hoped. The songs have been remastered, rewritten, and expanded to be of normal length. I think it's a sin to put the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle on the second disc and absent on the normal release.
Toki and Skwisgar battle for leads on most of the tracks but William Murderface is absent most of the time. There are no outstanding bass or drum solos other than the small sample of Pickles on the bonus disc.
All in all, I'm extremely happy with the disc and can't wait for the next one.


0.0 gasmaskman | September 26th 07

*DISCLAIMER: Unlike the show, my soundoff is 100% serious.* Dethklok - I mean Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan, bring out one of the best death metal albums of all time. The songs lyrics are hilarious beyond believe, and the songs are amazingly well done. The best song on here has to be The Lost Vikings, a song about...lost vikings...which is done in a very Amon Amarth-like style.


0.0 Stingaxe | September 25th 07

So far I've only listened to a few songs. But I can say it's pretty brutal and almsot melodic at times.
New season is fucking awesome too!


0.0 Isauro | September 25th 07

It's so bad-ass...if your a fan of the show, you have to get this. Other people may not like it...oh well, its not for everybody.


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