Darren Hayes   This Delicate Thing We've Made
Release Date: 2007

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4.0 excellentChrisWyatt | August 30th 07

Probably my favourite pop album i have ever heard. i listened to it in its entirety last night and again today - absolutely addictive, epic, beautiful, depressing, uplifting and amazing. And i listen to some heavy shit too, but you cant go past this piece of genius

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2.0 poorDemolitionizer | December 25th 14

A 2 disc long pop "concept album" (if you can call it that) are strange things. This record is no different, It's an exhausting 2 hour listen, and it's overwhelming. But if you can stomach repeated listens, you will find that there is atleast an hour's worth of good material. rThe album is just awkward sonicly, if that makes sense. However there are plenty of good songs to be heard here, the problem is there's even more that is clearly filler, (insultingly so.)rIf it were half the length this would be a great record. I would make the album like this:rWho Would Have Thought, Sing To Me, The Only One, The Great Big Disconnect, Lions Heart, Something Wonderful, Maybe, Lucky Town, Words, I Just Want You To Love Me, and Setting Sun. rthese are the songs that I feel don't sound like BLATANT filler. rIf I were to rate for just these songs i'd give it atleast a 3.5. But there's so much bs you have to sit through to get to the good songs that it will ruin the casual listeners experience. rFavorites include: The Only One, Maybe, Setting Sun


4.0 excellentSupertails | August 13th 12

The main review is right: this album could have been a lot better as a single-disc album. As it is, there are a whole bunch of highlights but also a lot of filler.rOn the other hand, I forgive it because it had a lot of good and Darren wanted to experiment. There are story songs like 'How to Build a Time Machine', touching ones like 'Listen All You People', sad, dark ones like 'Neverland' and then pure catchy (but smart) electropop like 'Me, Myself and I'. Sure, there's also terrible tracks like 'Bombs Up in My Face', but there's enough good to make up for it.rThis album is only for someone who's a fan of Darren and can take all the good with the bad, otherwise it is, honestly, rather skippable. If you like his work though, it's worth a listen.


4.5 superbnonotthat | November 9th 07

Although Darren is still maturing, this album is nowhere near as good as his previous one. It's sad because about half of these songs I found really wonderful, fresh, interesting, moving (Tuning of Violins, Casey, Lion's Heart, Neverland) but then mixed in with these songs is...the other half of the album, which is boring (Hundred Challenging Things), sappy (I Just Want You To Love Me), and at times, cringe-inducing (Listen All You People). It could have been a brilliant single-disc album, because the good songs are so good! I'm curious to hear what he'll come up with next..


4.5 superbSauvik | September 9th 07

This album is the work of a pure genius. It hits you at an intellectual level as well as an emotional level. The arrangements are fantastic and the production is top notch. Moreover, 25 songs of diversity rolled into two discs of 2 hours is no joke, no nonsense. He deserves the credit.


5.0 classicJTV | August 25th 07

The best album of 2007, maybe the decade. Listening is like an expedition and will mature with time. Normally an album has two or three songs that you just can't get enough. This has nearly all (of the 25). When a song like 'Fallen angel' had to be cut off to a b-side you know the album is better.
One disc albums are just a waste of money after this.


3.5 greatBatareziz | July 15th 17
4.0 excellentSimon.K CONTRIBUTOR | February 12th 17
4.0 excellent0ozzy0 | October 20th 16
4.0 excellentSaturnus | January 12th 15
4.0 excellentPropose | March 16th 14
4.0 excellentwillkulka | April 9th 13
3.5 greatFuneralopolis | February 17th 13
3.5 greatSILYW | April 27th 12
3.0 goodlolwut010111 | May 29th 11
3.0 goodIrving STAFF | September 11th 10
4.0 excellentPrince1993 | August 20th 10
3.5 greatCasablanca | August 1st 10
3.5 greatViolette | May 14th 10
3.5 greatDinoX | January 2nd 10
3.5 greattaylormemer | August 31st 09
5.0 classicthelawler | October 8th 08
3.0 goodHoladrim | June 7th 08
4.0 excellentClaymation42 | May 5th 08
4.5 superbiamsb | January 4th 08
4.0 excellentTheDavey | September 21st 07
4.0 excellentsamthebassman | August 27th 07
4.5 superbrsa5387 | August 26th 07
3.0 goodDave de Sylvia STAFF | August 24th 07

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