VAST   April
Release Date: 2007

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3.0 goodAgentZero | June 19th 09

Went to a recent VAST show and met a couple of girls that went with Jon. The first track is very fitting.


3.5 greatColdDamnation | November 1st 07

Besides being super creepy and most likely a group of ped's, this cd is pretty good for Vast...but I mean seriously...the first song's called, "You're Too Young" get real.
this will never measure up to Visual Audio Sensory Theater aka, "Flames" but it's still good...vocals especially. Their acoustic stuff is very good...they've left their crazy experimental stuff behind for the most part.
it's a cd you'd forget about after an hour or two, but while you're listening to it, it's enjoyable.


2.5 averageMoonlightBleeding | November 1st 07

VAST's digital release of April features better mixes of the Retail version and a lack of filler, but still feels really tired and old. I'm not a big fan of the whole acoustic thing they're going for either. Crosby's done much better in the past.


1.0 awfultarcus | May 24th 13
5.0 classicjlb1993 | March 12th 12
3.0 goodHipsterDoofus | September 27th 11
2.5 averagePoodleRapist | May 6th 11
2.0 poorrjmunthe | February 20th 11
1.5 very poorone_the_fallen | October 14th 10
4.0 excellentfearnottheflood | May 22nd 10
3.0 goodjuodas | September 26th 09
3.5 greatTim00w | June 14th 09
4.0 excellentminimesmyidol | April 18th 08

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