John Zorn   Spy vs. Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman
Release Date: 1989

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4.5 superbstevelovescoffee | May 29th 10

Considering peoples appreciation for innovations in sound, it seems unusual that this album goes brushed over as simply the works of Ornette Coleman sped up. Zorn brought a brash, violent harshness that starkly contrasted anything jazz had seen up until that time, and all without sacrificing the musical complexities that Coleman was known for. This album remains a great example of just how far in the musical spectrum hardcore's influence reached. In the words of John Zorn "F***ing hardcore rules."

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3.5 greatGhandaiLion | July 17th 17

Excellent Coleman tribute. Double sax will never not be cool. Its interesting but I think the
Jazz-Grind Style of Naked City is only achieved on Torture Garden. Its only the rhythmic section
here that reminds me of grind.
This is still basically hardcore so atleast half the way. A worthy predecessor to
Torture Garden. Borderline 4/3.5 for me right now.


3.5 greatEasterInTheBatcave | January 24th 16

One of the most chaotic albums I have ever heard. It consists of two saxophonists, two drummers, and a bassist playing Orenette Coleman tracks at blistering speeds, blurring the line between jazz and hardcore. The musicianship is stellar throughout, and I dig the boomy production style. That said, the track sequencing is wrong: the first two-thirds of the record consist of twelve turbulent, nearly impossible to follow numbers, and the final third (comparatively) slows things down, with more accessible tunes. The flow of the album is thus compromised-- a more even distribution of accessible amongst inaccessible would render both parties more distinct. As it stands, the songs blur together, especially in the first half. Nonetheless, I recommend Spy vs. Spy as it is an extremely unique take on jazz-- pushing the genre to some of its most extreme points-- and I admire its tenacity. The origins of Naked City, an album Zorn would release soon after this, are audible in the proceedings here.


0.0 BMDrummer | December 29th 14

dri + ornette coleman = this


4.0 excellentZig | February 18th 17
4.0 excellentzrong | October 23rd 16
3.0 goodVagitarianZombie | June 3rd 16
3.5 greatkeshahatecrew | September 16th 15
3.5 great"Tab" | March 4th 15
4.0 excellentWorst User of All Time Agreed | December 7th 14
4.0 excellentMentalVortex | October 16th 14
4.0 excellentVeldin | October 2nd 14
4.0 excellentUnderflow | March 23rd 14
4.0 excellentthis is like the buttprog version of the gerogerigegege | October 6th 13
4.5 superbsolusipse | August 1st 13
4.0 excellentDonchivo | July 20th 13
4.5 superbwhitefinger | February 9th 13
4.5 superbMrLizzad | May 28th 12
3.5 greatemptyblackbox | November 14th 11
3.5 greatcuki92 | August 18th 11
4.0 excellentantigenocide | May 12th 11
3.5 greatfukrym | May 1st 11
4.5 superbPaprikaDjango | April 6th 11
3.0 goodDickGraves | January 29th 11
3.5 greatJasonStatham | November 25th 10
3.5 greatIAJP | August 19th 10
4.0 excellentPlutonio | April 24th 10
4.0 excellentsonicsoundchaser | February 16th 10
3.5 greatRoshanC | March 30th 09
4.0 excellentengloa | November 17th 08
3.5 greatmrfixit | March 5th 08
3.5 greatpnoom | November 18th 07
3.0 goodyeahboi | October 13th 07
3.5 greatkillahbz | October 5th 07
3.0 goodMeowMeow | September 19th 07
3.5 greatjarheadiam | September 13th 07
3.0 goodbananaoracle | September 6th 07
2.5 averagejk2two | September 5th 07

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