Callisto   Secret Youth
Release Date: 01/2015

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4.0 excellentmarasm | January 30th 15

On first listen it is very flat and somewhat disappointing, but more listens bring out nuances and layers.

Some very cool vocal melodies, lots of bass lines that groove, good music to just chill to. They really pushed the harsh vocals to the back burner this time, favoring cleans. The few times there are harsh vocals, they feel very powerful and raw. At no point did I feel like they should have had harsh instead of clean vocals. Everything fits and flows very well.

The last song, Dam's Lair Road, is quite possibly the best song Callisto have ever made, and definitely the best on the album.

Album is for sure a grower.

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4.5 superbShuyin | March 4th 15

This is the album Providence was supposed to be, the composition, melodies and whatnot, they all shine individually. It's not as simplistic as the previous album but it doesn't try to be too complex either, seems that Callisto found a happy balance in their music.

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3.0 goodBedex | March 22nd 19

Cool prog/post-metal instrumentations with somewhat dark atmospheres. Unfortunately the over-prominent clean vocals bring the album in a direction that I do not like (a la Tesseract for instance, a bit too lyrical and singer-focused). Harsh vocals are quite great, but really sparse. There is a lot better out there. 3.1


0.0 Chuggy | February 11th 19

Criminally underrated album by an equally underrated band.rThe increased clean vocals are a nice touch from the Scot Kelly worship that STILL prevails in the genre


2.5 averagePistolPete | May 22nd 18

I get it had been six years since their previous album. I get that they don't feel obligated to sound like their older selves. I get that they may even want to distance themselves from post-metal altogether (which this album definitely tries to do). But this heavier incorporation of alt-rock and almost complete doing away with harsh vocals has resulted in something that lacks impact. If you stack this against their earlier stuff it wilts quite fast. The band definitely has some work to do in order to make something big out of this newer direction.


2.5 averagecjbizzlebizzle | December 26th 15

Secret Youth by Callisto combines prog rock, sludge, post metal and atmospheric sounds into a pleasant listen but one that really does not demand replaying. While the guitars, production and songwriting are solid the vocals are not memorable and do not enhance the sound of the group. Personally I do not prefer clean vocals or growls over the other but here the few moments of heavy screams trump the other 90% of the album which is par for the course singing. After giving this one a spin every few weeks over the last few months only Ghostwritten, Lost Prayer and Backbone stand out and compared to other albums of 2015 they often get skipped. The first listen had me intrigued but repeated sampling only exposed how this album doesn't really conjure up many great moments and the whole experience ends up blending together into a generic hour.


3.4 greatTrey STAFF | September 11th 15

Melodic and atmospheric post metal. Almost feels like the album has an alt. rock feel, too.


4.0 excellentTheFourthCircle25 | April 12th 15

Post-Metal isn't something I often delve into, but I had heard some really great things about Callisto (particularly from the Christian metal scene), and I thought I would give them a try. And I have to say that I really enjoyed this album. There's some great atmosphere here, the instrumentation is great, the vocals are solid, and overall I found it to be really enjoyable. Not an album that's going to blow people's minds, but one that many fans of atmospheric music will find pleasure in. 8/10


2.5 averageArchStanton | January 21st 15

Pleasant, but disappointingly subdued and uneventful.


3.0 goodNitram916 | January 27th 20
2.0 poorJ.C. van Beekum | November 9th 19
4.0 excellentstabbler | July 6th 19
3.5 greatamericanohno | May 11th 19
2.0 poor2ool | October 5th 18
4.0 excellentAkifexx | September 28th 18
3.5 greatStonik | February 1st 18
3.0 goodconermc | May 1st 17
3.5 greatHaelaeif | March 30th 17
3.0 goodmursu | February 24th 17
3.0 goodLeprosy123 | January 23rd 17
3.0 goodwildinferno2010 | December 31st 16
4.0 excellentJoergsonVomWalde | April 11th 16
4.0 excellentcb123 | February 27th 16
3.5 greatDatsNotDaMetulz | February 12th 16
3.0 goodMalchior | February 3rd 16
3.5 greattribszn | December 1st 15
3.5 greatKosherSoldier | September 7th 15
4.3 superbDeviant. STAFF | August 12th 15
4.0 excellentBulbotook | August 8th 15
3.0 goodProle | August 1st 15
3.5 greatCoast | July 24th 15
3.0 goodKyussMyTool | June 30th 15
4.0 excellentWolfe | June 29th 15
4.0 excellentCrysler | May 29th 15
3.0 goodeloimayano | May 27th 15
3.5 greatpremmisseth | May 23rd 15
5.0 classicbloodshy | May 13th 15
4.0 excellentDarknessPrevails | May 12th 15
4.0 excellentpostmetalhipster | April 7th 15
2.5 averagecotras | April 3rd 15
4.0 excellentdeadstory | April 2nd 15
4.5 superbMinomol | March 25th 15
3.5 greatSarcastrophy | March 25th 15
3.0 goodThuckabe | March 24th 15
4.0 excellentIgnimbrite | March 12th 15
4.0 excellentCrimsonLies | March 11th 15
3.5 greatfdrc | March 5th 15
3.0 goodPytkaWonsza | March 5th 15
4.0 excellentgallus90 | February 28th 15
3.0 goodRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | February 18th 15
3.0 goodandrofff | February 15th 15
3.5 greatjybt | February 9th 15
4.0 excellentxenocide. | February 6th 15
3.5 greatN2B3J | February 5th 15
5.0 classicTokareshka | February 4th 15
3.5 greatSacredSerenity | January 25th 15
4.0 excellentalsid | January 21st 15
4.0 excellentDodenakker | January 21st 15
3.5 greatresident sputbirb with fancy hat | January 19th 15
3.5 greatZombieParty | January 17th 15
3.5 greatGrinddestroyer | January 15th 15
3.5 greatelbaliem | January 14th 15
4.0 excellentneikos | January 12th 15
3.5 greatUlshad | January 12th 15
5.0 classicKiLP12 | January 10th 15

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