Master's Hammer   Jilemnický Okultista
Release Date: 1992

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4.5 superbSkapalPes | July 22nd 14

I think it`s quite hard to fully enjoy the record without understanding the lyrics, because libretto in this black metal opera is fantastic and full of hidden humour. Brand of Czech language used here is old fashioned and unique.
And music? No one can say this record lacks originality, while keeping some black metal techniques, they added many keyboards and melodies to their sound. OK, maybe they are no virtuose musicians, but they all do their jobs well, with typical timpani being used. Colourful keyboards are significant here and the vocal is simply unreal.
Hey, did anybody hear about symphonic black metal back in 1992?!?
Note: I like demo version of this record even little bit more, maybe just because it`s been released sooner... (only problem is I can not find the old casette right now...)


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