Jute Gyte   Ressentiment
Release Date: 09/2014

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4.5 superbrenihilater | February 12th 15

Melancholy, shock and disorientation have been the domain of Black Metal. In more recent years
bands like Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega have been creating some angular and off-kilter Black
Metal which still pummels and shrieks cavernously into the depths of our collective ennui and
anomie. As an extension of that angularity, that pain and that subjectivity, Jute Gyte treads
deeper into those blackened catacombs with a 24 tone equal temperament tuning. This allows the
sole member to explore quarter tones, to make more complex, more dissonant and more nuanced
sounds. It takes a while to get your ear acclimatized but once you regain your barrings it is a
blizzard of beautifully pelting notes interrupted by lulls in the aural storm where drifting tones
weave surreally like strange snowfall. This album sometimes sounds like the music is warping, the
cadences and the timbres give a feeling of melting aggression and then rebirthed angst as the
sounds recongeal into a new microtonal beast. It is challenging for sure, but the best music
always is. The pay offs are monumentally rewarding too in the end. To listen to a richer, denser
riff, complex harmonies which meander in unexpected ways - I love surprises in my music, and this
is just phenomenally creative.

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0.0 emester | September 15th 16

Absurdly angular but actually retains some semblance of structure. Probably the band's gimmick done at the best possible caliber


4.0 excellenti want to mort. | January 3rd 15

black metal with painfully out-of-tune guitars. it's not beautiful or listener-friendly but holy shit this thing actually works well


4.0 excellentSinNanna | July 1st 20
1.5 very poorApplaudBlue | May 27th 20
4.0 excellentnearly 3 hours of experimental techno | November 16th 19
4.0 excellentSantet | July 4th 19
3.5 greatIppocalyptica | July 1st 19
3.0 goodFiddy; local potato, atonality advocate, and salsa enthusiast | January 24th 19
4.0 excellentsiddhartha | January 15th 19
4.5 superbRingTheNet | November 22nd 18
2.0 poorHerbie Chrost | August 15th 18
4.5 superbP0laris | April 12th 18
4.5 superbgagnonov | March 23rd 18
4.5 superbhelti | March 2nd 18
4.0 excellentHawks | February 21st 18
4.5 superboltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick | June 5th 16
4.5 superbEdgyMessiah | June 25th 15
3.5 greatDoctorDoom | March 6th 15
4.0 excellentZombieParty | January 21st 15
4.0 excellentBrick76 | October 29th 14
4.0 excellentRail | October 1st 14

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