Julia   Julia
Release Date: 1995

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4.0 excellentIluvatar EMERITUS | February 4th 07

Combining some parts that sound like a more frantic Drive Like Jehu, others that are reminiscent of Rites of Spring, and then build ups akin to Moss Icon, Julia are a fairly great mid-90's emo band. Songs like "Scarification" and "Untitled" meld all of their sounds together perfectly, while others like "Trigger Happy" are great hardcore songs. While they sometimes get lost in themselves, "Julia" is a great effort that should get mentioned around these here parts more than it does.

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4.0 excellentelliootsmeuth | January 19th 17

A tragically forgotten early emo gem. Imagine Moss Icon meets Drive Like Jehu. It's spastic
and intense on songs like "Mom and Dad" and restrained and emotional on songs like
"Scarification". Song lengths vary from 9 and a half minutes to just under 4. A truly unique
and influential album that flew completely under the radar.


4.0 excellentDickens44 | September 26th 15

One of the forerunners of the post-hardcore template, the band is reminiscent of other CA bands of the time like Indian Summer, Kid Dynamo and Current, but Julia adds some unique guitar squall and personal, biting lyrical motifs that separates them from many of their esteemed contemporaries. 20 years after it's original release, this LP remains a hidden gem of the emotional hardcore genre, and punk rock in general.


5.0 classicindabasszone | December 28th 17
5.0 classicswordmonster | December 1st 17
3.5 greatMarsKid | October 21st 17
4.0 excellentJaySpiral | October 5th 17
3.5 greatdelajetsetradio | October 2nd 17
3.0 gooddtsanchez | August 27th 17
3.5 greatChris | August 24th 17
3.5 greatJosh F. | August 24th 17
3.5 greatBen | August 24th 17
3.5 greathouse cat STAFF | August 23rd 17
4.0 excellentEmo | August 3rd 17
4.5 superbformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | August 3rd 17
3.0 goodJLR2DEG | June 19th 17
5.0 classicemptyblackbox | November 24th 16
3.5 greatbrainmelter | June 22nd 16
4.0 excellentdefend pop punk | March 27th 16
3.0 goodstriptease | September 14th 14
5.0 classicfanhitstheshit | December 18th 13
4.0 excellenthostgalaxy | December 7th 13
3.5 greatKman418 | April 27th 13
5.0 classicCaptainSuck
3.5 greatIntransit

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