Pyrexia   Feast of Iniquity
Release Date: 2013

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1.0 awfulbosshog1301 | November 26th 13

Have a nice big cup of coffee before you listen to this latest release from Pyrexia. Your going to need it because it will literally put you to sleep. Let's start with the album art; cliche, simple, dated, amateurish. Actually that perfectly describes the album music too. The drummers are obviously talented, but they're wasting their time in this band. Top shelf bands also have 2 guitar players and this one has only one and it seems he can't put together a simple guitar solo to add to the songs. I don't like it much and I doubt you will. The older albums were better and the original singer was a brutal front man with a good voice. If I had to describe these guys I would call them the afterbirth of Suffocation ( as in placenta ). I think the earlier stuff was decent and had more creativity overall.


1.0 awfulbosshog1301 | November 11th 13

WOW! What can I say about Pyrexia that hasn't already been said. Let's start with, they completely blow. There someone said it. If Suffocation vomited it would sound like Pyrexia. My God why don't they just quit already? Their latest release "feast of in***quity", I mean "iniquity" is just the latest in a stream of disappointments. Their earlier stuff was pretty good, but as more albums came out it was obvious that it was just the same old regurgitated slop. I have listened to the new stuff, at least tried to several times and I'm sorry but they are just awful. It's like a band that cannot evolve or come up with anything new, frozen in time since the release of "sermon of mockery". A few songs are tolerable such as panzer, but really it's amateur hour compared to music from Suffocation or Internal Bleeding. Having many of their albums it seems that this band goes through more lineup changes than the Radio City Rockettes. The only constant being the guitar player who writes all the stale music. Looks like a cheery chap. Anyway, if your looking for something new and exciting then keep looking because you won't find it here. So rejoice and be happy you just saved 20 bucks!


2.5 averageP0laris | May 16th 17
3.0 goodgnaffelz | January 22nd 17
3.5 greatZombieParty | January 12th 17
3.0 goodshredaman | October 29th 16
4.0 excellentSuffocation55 | June 8th 16
3.5 greatWorldInObscure | October 18th 15
2.0 poorFozzie | August 7th 15
3.0 goodinsanedrexl1 | May 4th 14
3.5 greatMrAlvarado | February 28th 14
4.0 excellentclpz | November 15th 13
2.5 averageBlissfulIrony | November 5th 13

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