Gossip   Standing In The Way Of Control
Release Date: 2006

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1.5 very poorKILL | November 18th 09


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1.5 very poorIai EMERITUS | April 21st 08

The subject of one of the most blatant and transparent cases of payola in recent years (perhaps ever), Standing in the Way of Control came endorsed by The Sun, the NME, the Guardian, Radio 1, and various other lazy media outlets susceptible to telling people something is good just because they're being given a fat wad of cash for the privilege. And yes, just like The Others (who were the subject of a similarly cynical scheme), the music of The Gossip falls on the wrong side of 'adequate' - the vocals are obnoxious, the guitars obvious and redundant, the rhythm section on auto-pilot. "Standing in the Way of Control" is actually the best song here, which is just plain embarrassing. Luckily, nobody actually bought this record, and soon Beth Ditto is going to receive a rather large invoice from her record label. Maybe she'll suffocate on her own fat first though, who knows?

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0.0 Mr Snrub | July 26th 14

It still bemuses me why Guy from Fugazi was involved in this.


3.5 greatclercqie | May 14th 11

Yes, Beth Ditto is fat! But she can sing, and how! Her voice, combined with the electro-punk music that's aggressive, groovy, funky and at times even soulful, is the recipe that makes this album an excellent one. You know, when you listen to a record in your CD-player or on your iPod, you don't actually see the artist, so it's rather ludicrous to write a singer down, just because she doesn't have a pretty face (or body).


0.0 Textures | January 16th 10

What is wrong with you people, she has a voice of an angel


0.0 MrDoobie | January 15th 10

Very basic White Stripes style garage rock. If you've heard any middle 00's garage rock, you've heard this record.


4.5 superbSatoIsNotPlace | March 30th 09

An album for the youth similar to me. This band, now signed to a GLBT friendly label (Music With A Twist), was
highly regarded within the community with its albums title track "Standing In The Way Of Control"; the track,
reportedly written for the GLBT community in the face of former President Bush's plans to sign a bill opposed to
Same-Sex Marriages. While the majority of the tracks are seemingly no way homosexually geared, the bands
adherence and accessibility within the GLBT community has allowed their current successes.
However, the interest of this album is heavily within the vocal delivery of Beth Ditto- which carries a profuse "soul"
expression, sound and feeling within the flails she admits. This is an spectacular album, perhaps, unintentionally
catered to a specific audience that is more than welcoming to others.


3.5 greatMarci | March 10th 21
3.5 greatTabulaRasa6 | March 16th 20
3.0 goodBeneMaja | January 14th 20
4.5 superbSkittler | November 29th 19
3.5 greatJadiel | June 20th 18
3.0 goodLee Whear | April 2nd 18
3.0 goodDaisyMJEustace | April 28th 17
4.0 excellentshmowzow | February 10th 16
4.5 superbTravelhead | May 28th 15
4.0 excellentMarkD | May 23rd 15
3.5 greatChrisManchester | March 16th 15
3.0 goodraptorinside | February 28th 14
3.5 greatRight-clicker mentality | January 5th 14
1.0 awfulMrCoffee | December 1st 13
1.0 awfulMr_Coffee | September 25th 13
3.5 greathelpoemer420 | March 10th 13
4.5 superbAlexd93 | March 7th 13
3.5 greatkojpl | June 11th 12
3.0 goodsotirakis123 | March 15th 12
3.0 goodBeamMeUpScotty | March 11th 12
3.0 goodfog CONTRIBUTOR | January 11th 12
4.0 excellentSulpixia | August 1st 11
3.5 greatjessetaylor | June 28th 11
4.0 excellentemotive04 | April 10th 11
3.0 goodindojunk | February 19th 11
3.0 goodshyANDROID | January 7th 11
3.5 greatJoshieG | October 14th 09
3.5 greatindustrialjunkie | October 10th 09
3.0 goodALEZ4 | September 6th 09
2.0 poorAshMcAuliffe | August 20th 09
2.5 averagespursbhoy | November 19th 08
1.0 awfulTeabaggerVance | May 14th 08
3.0 goodkattunlover69 | April 28th 08
1.0 awfulRazorBladeLight | April 25th 08
4.0 excellentsassydagger | April 20th 08
4.0 excellentAtavanHalen | April 12th 08
1.0 awfulFenderUsa | April 4th 08
2.5 averagedonovr | December 12th 07
2.0 poordeathscreamingsheep | August 2nd 07
4.5 superbdamnedColonist
1.5 very poorwtuo

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