Slow Roosevelt   Weightless
Release Date: 2003

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3.5 greatLifeAsAChipmunk | January 27th 13

I had some serious doubts about this when I first listened but this is actually a pretty good listen.


4.5 superbSylentEcho | September 25th 07

This Texas act can be filed under the category METAL,it?s not numetal or powermetal but simply agressive Metal with some Pantera,Simon Says and Poison the well in it.
I don?t think Slow Roosevelt?s-Weightless will be the heaviest album this year but they could certainly be a contender for the hardest album this year,making
Metallica?s St.Anger sound like Dipersongs.
The singer Pete Thomas sounds like a mix between Richard Patrick (Filter),Blackie Lawless (WASP) and Phil Anselmo (Pantera),yes he screams better than he sings and the music is not very melodic which is a shame but fans of this agressive kind of Metal will be pleased because the riffs are murderous.
Just take the title "Piss and vinegar" and you can figure out what we?re dealing with here,another song on the album that can be filed under horror and nightmare metal is "Comfort from a bomb" which has some major Filter vibes over it and it stands out as one of the most melodic tracks on the album but also at the same time could scare a little kid if he/she heard it before sleeping.
"Silverback" is like a missile that can sink any submarine anytime,I see those guitars coming straight at ya and well....if you feel
like being brutalized,Slow Roosevelt will be the perfect cure to knock you down and out!


4.0 excellentHendrix1564 | December 8th 09
5.0 classicmitchellmayorga | September 10th 09
2.0 poorbeard1

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