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5.0 classicrandy | June 5th 07

Ben Kweller's self-titled album is a brilliant modern call-back to earlier times when music wasn't all flash & had real meaning. (Speaking of today's modern mainstream, that is.) Each song on his album is unique on its own with heartfelt lyrics and melodies/ backup music suitable for the match. The emotion heard in the song Thirteen makes one feel a connection with the artist and see his love for his wife firsthand. Despite some risque lines in that particular song this album is appropriate and a great choice for every age group. Songs such as Penny on the Train Track & Run provide fast tempo'd and up-beat backings perfect for dancing or while one just sits around needing some background music to make them feel good. Ben Kweller (the album) is simliar to his past works, Sha Sha & On My Way, in that they are full of nothing but amazing tracks, yet different in the way that it appeals to a broader audience. His old band Radish was once compared to the band Nirvana by Rolling Stone Magazine, this particular album pushes his creative style to where he stands at a closer equal and positive proof of that statement. This album is blindingly honest and can even make one feel closer to the singer as a person, just by listening to it, which is a rare thought in today's over marketed, overproduced world.

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2.5 averageAtavanHalen | November 18th 07

So Ben Kweller has made himself a record all by himself, playing all the instruments. This is all well and good, but here's the problem- nearly half the tracks here are just...dull. There's no life, no spiteful energy that charged his earlier records- just some cruisy old-time pop music. There are some lovely tunes here- Sundress and Nothing Happening are highlights- and closing track "This Is War" brings the record a jolt of electricity. But ultimately, Kweller plays it too safe, and too many niceties have made for his worst album. Sorry, Ben. Better luck next time!


5.0 classicstarfreak13815 | June 6th 07

Ben Kweller's eponymous third album is another dynamic effort from one of today?s best songwriters. Kweller?s talent as a performer shines on this album, as he performs all of the instruments, from the guitar solos down to the hand claps. As a songwriter, Ben Kweller shows development and maturity, while retaining the enthusiasm and optimism that makes his music instantly loveable. While Kweller?s talent as a songwriter shines throughout the album, songs such as ?Thirteen? and ?Sundress? can be almost painfully beautiful. Other stand outs include the irrepressibly catchy ?Penny On The Train Track? and ?Run,?demonstrating a gift for melody hard to match. Overall, Ben Kweller is an great album demonstrating the talent of its namesake, and worthy of a listen or six.


3.5 greatsamthebassman | May 4th 07

A very fun folk/pop album, Ben shows his leanings towards 60's pop here, with sounds that will remind you of the beach boys. "Penny on the Train Track" is an outstanding track.


4.0 excellentVaxXi | January 14th 17
4.0 excellentalexmazzu13 | November 5th 15
4.0 excellentHollowman | March 10th 15
3.5 greatlecube | July 8th 14
4.0 excellentwireforawire | December 10th 12
4.0 excellentrg376405 | August 29th 12
4.0 excellentFleeba | April 26th 12
3.5 greatSanTheReal | February 29th 12
4.0 excellentPorkchopExpress | February 5th 12
3.5 greatjaxwired | December 28th 11
4.0 excellentFirestarter | August 6th 11
2.5 averagezillah | June 28th 11
5.0 classicdocmot | November 8th 10
4.0 excellentEdub991 | September 6th 10
3.5 greatHodgmand | March 29th 10
4.5 superbabranson41 | January 17th 10
3.5 greatDLNation | September 28th 09
4.0 excellentjbesrever | August 14th 09
4.0 excellentblacksheepboy99 | June 4th 09
4.0 excellentupagainstthewall | April 22nd 09
4.5 superbAudreyFaye | February 6th 09
4.0 excellentLungingweasel | February 5th 09
3.5 greatabbyczach | December 20th 08
4.0 excellentMColeman | December 1st 08
4.0 excellentdukes | October 28th 08
4.0 excellentRokkstar64 | February 25th 08
4.0 excellentJeffers | February 16th 08
4.0 excellentxxxLouisaxxx | October 3rd 07
3.5 greatstarla | August 25th 07
4.5 superbdylagin
5.0 classicSkillrudReview
3.0 goodfurste
4.0 excellentCarlordau
4.0 excellentjohnyrotten4pres
2.0 pooriarescientists

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