Death of a Salesman   Vultures
Release Date: 2013

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1.0 awfulRail | May 16th 13

Quite possibly the worst band I've ever listened to. I can forgive plodding, uninspired music. I can forgive 27 year-old men with acute-angled hair and tattoos of cartoon dinosaurs, drawn by the insecure 14 year-old goths that they sleep with. What I can't forgive is asinine bullshit masquerading as anything resembling awareness. Here's an example of the vocalist's biting social commentary: "Here, like, listen up. Let's wake on up. You see, you see death all around, like, and nobody gives a fuck."

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0.0 deathofasalesman | February 20th 14

It's obvious these guys are like my favorite band ever.

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1.0 awfuldefend pop punk | April 10th 16

lol this album


0.0 HeckToPay | November 21st 15

this is pretty good


1.0 awfulLotusFlower | September 21st 15

Congrats for having the second lowest rated album on Sputnik!


1.0 awfulPunchedPeach72 | September 21st 15

There are few releases that are so abysmal that they make my skin crawl. Vultures is one such release. This EP is so uninspiringly bland and dreadfully boring that each 5 minute or so song feels like it drags on for 10 minutes. The vocalist sounds like the band grabbed some random dude covered in obscene tattoos with 6" gauges off the street and said "hey man, can you yell some pseudo intellectual bullshit into a mic for us?" The guitarists riffs are about as creative as your moms gourmet toast recipe, I guarantee the tabs resemble binary code. And lol who needs bass right? Just mirror the guitars. The drum work (honestly, calling it work is offensive and an insult to drummers everywhere) is like the stuff that children learn in their first 2 months of lessons. I am offended that this EP exists, this band needs to do the world a favor and burn all their instruments as if they were the Third Reich purifying German music in 1930s Europe.


1.0 awfulAngelboros | January 13th 15

Every last vulture will become endangered once the poachers send a copy of this EP to them. There's laziness, but then there exists bands who just don't care at all; Death of a Salesman may be one of those acts.


1.0 awfulFlyheadMetal | January 3rd 15

My fucking ears are bleeding!!!!!! make it stop! Seriously, this stuff is horrible. Vocals and lyrics especially are bad, and the riffs suck.


1.0 awfultellah | July 14th 17
1.0 awfulfallenbird | October 5th 16
1.0 awfulsoulxstlr | September 13th 16
1.0 awfulberrydingle | July 22nd 16
1.0 awfulStereochrome1 | March 14th 16
1.0 awfulSandwichBubble | March 11th 16
1.0 awfulDisciplineRecords | December 5th 15
1.0 awfulAftertheascension | May 5th 15
1.5 very poorKingSpook | February 6th 14
1.0 awfulEpicMangoMan | November 16th 13

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