Icona Pop   Icona Pop
Release Date: 2012

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1.5 very poorAutoRock | February 25th 13

You're on a different road rI'm in the milky way rYou want me down on earth rBut I'm up in space ryou're so damn hard to please rWe gotta kill this switch rYou' re from the 70s but i'm a 90s bitchrThaaaa fuck are u talking about?rAlso this genius qoute is from the only halfway decent (but also blatantly stupid) song on the album, the catchy upbeat "I love it". I am sure you heard it on the last party u went to. Every other sog is just a bad ripoff of LMFAO. While these two chicks are not as annoying as the insufferable LMFAO duo they are still quiet easy to despise.

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2.5 averageWhiteTieBlackJacket | June 19th 13

This music is pretty uninspired but, at least in comparison to what's on the radio, it's fine. Also, I love "Good
for You." I saw Iconapop with Matt & Kim and Passion Pit and Iconapop actually held their own in a live setting.
Had my school pretty pumped.

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0.0 XfingTheSullen | August 5th 13

I Love It is a fun song, don't really dig the lyrics though.


0.0 Green Baron | June 19th 13

i love it


0.0 Zeneren | June 19th 13

colorprint pls dont kill urslef


5.0 classiccolorprint | April 10th 13

this album is catchy and fun, which is exactly what it tried to be. it would be great to play at a rave or party. there's not a single boring or dead spot on the album. pretentious hipsters: fuck off and learn to enjoy something for what it is. lighten up a little


2.0 poorgryndstone | March 28th 13

Literally just LMFAO but girls instead. 2 because a select few songs are kinda catchy


3.5 greatbigchinko | November 4th 17
1.5 very poorTheSpaceMan | October 8th 17
2.0 poorProfessorSpike | March 5th 17
2.5 averageTheSleepys | October 31st 16
2.0 poorCygnatti | March 4th 16
3.0 goodJNavs | February 9th 16
3.0 goodRumsiac | August 17th 15
3.0 goodFedjmike | April 15th 15
4.0 excellentBallsToTheWall | October 1st 14
3.0 goodweflyatnight | July 28th 14
3.0 goodcaiotemon | February 9th 14
3.5 greatbrandontaylor | January 25th 14
2.5 averageYodelidody | October 31st 13
1.5 very poorJS19 | September 22nd 13
3.0 goodchayka | September 20th 13
2.5 averageTheGreatQ | July 31st 13
2.0 poorfoxblood | June 24th 13
2.0 poorteenidle13 | June 10th 13
2.0 poorAuAg | June 2nd 13
2.0 poorpedro70512 | April 12th 13
2.5 averagebrierstucky | April 8th 13
1.0 awfulwasteofpaint31 | March 8th 13
2.0 poorYoshia | February 3rd 13

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