MC Tristan   The End of The World
Ranking: #24 for 2012

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5.0 classicDannyST1 | March 18th 13

By far the best LP of 2012, MC Tristan is a real icon of modern and new music culture. The music sticks with you, and his words are inspiring as ***. It really helped me through a lot of though times, and I probably owe my life to some of his songs. To all the haters out there I say: stay away from MC Tristan.
His lyrics are amazing, his melodies dazzling and his persona is out of this world. Although this album released late 2012 is must've listened tobit dozens of times, finding new and amazing things every time. And thats the power of MCT, he keeps renewing himself while doing nothing, which is astonishing.

But most of all I will remember the innovative nature of this album. He renews and redefines music in a way nobody has before.
Absolutely ny favorite album of 2012, and I cant wait for more.

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4.5 superbstevenbr | January 6th 13

This album pulled me through a difficult time in my life. Good advice, combined with the best beats and raps.rMC Tristan you're the best! Thanks

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4.0 excellentrien333 | December 29th 12

Easily the best rap record of the year. In just 4 tracks, this brilliant MC describes in slick, yet natural lyrics a rrefreshing few on the world, and especially it's inevitable doom. In this way "The End of The World" can be rseen as the F#A# (Infinity) of Hip-Hop music.

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0.0 osiristhegod | August 1st 13

this "artist" is faking his rating keep this shit negative


4.5 superbparelsvoordezwijnen | March 28th 13

Only a few artists can make an album of such a class. This is a masterpiece!


5.0 classicDonovanHurdyGurdy | March 22nd 13

At first i was sceptic about this album caus' i thougth it was a joke. But when i listened to the album to my suprise this wasn't true! I fell in love with this album and can't wait for a next one! Love you MCT!


5.0 classiclennaert720 | January 28th 13

Love this album! Listen to this all the time in the evening hours!


4.5 superbProtoquo | January 28th 13

It is some good rapping this guy does. Really love his music.


5.0 classicDeuces | January 28th 13

This is the real deal. I don't like those new rappers but MC Tristan knows how to make a great rap album! Keep up the good stuff!


5.0 classicCOBRASTARSHIP | January 26th 13

Love It! Simply the best rap album since the days of Tupac and Biggie.


4.5 superbObjectivity | January 7th 13

Marvellous album! I loved the single "End of the World" and the album really didn't fail to make me really happy. Go MC!


5.0 classictristan720 | January 2nd 13

Such a great artist! He plays with your spirit and then reaches you heart. You just gotta love him!


4.5 superbWeSuckYoungBlood | January 2nd 13

I think there's no need for me to add anything to that.


1.0 awfulLerremyB111 | November 15th 17
1.0 awfulJJ900009 | November 15th 17
1.5 very poorFeels | June 15th 14
2.0 poorhardcase678 | November 14th 13
2.0 poorenterdomain | November 9th 13
5.0 classicMeneerDeVries | July 13th 13
2.0 poorLifeAsAChipmunk | March 22nd 13
5.0 classicBeRoDoWho | January 12th 13
5.0 classicLordMaartmans | December 30th 12
5.0 classicAliceInHell | December 29th 12

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