Bull Of Heaven   210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Live
very poor
Release Date: 2012

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0.0 ViperAces | October 26th 12

"I hate it when people rate albums before listening to them completely. Day 1374 of this
album is gold."

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0.0 GiaNXGX | October 26th 12

"This sounds exactly like a pigeon that every morning bothers at my window, I call it
"paloma buchona", even if there is pouring rain or tsunami, no matter what the fuck could
happen with the barometer, either a tornado or the very Apocalypse with Satan in person
devastating the Earth by fire and sulphur, even so, the pigeon is there, every fucking
morning, making that stupid noise. I tried to chase the infernal beast using a plastic bag
and two cookies, but that animal is as stupid as cretinoid and tricky, he actually knew my
terrible intentions, and escaped to a higher place, a balconyor something, and kept on
making that noise, looking at me with one eye, as these columbidae do. Other day I suddenly
threw at him a large glass full of hot bleach and a good share of curse words, it was pretty
efficacious since he was one or two days disappeared, though on the third day he returned,
with his thoracic cavity inflated, and with that guttural -if not directly amatory- noise.
5.7 years of nothing"

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the saddest thing about this 7 year album is that it's not even close to being their longest

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1.0 awfulCthulhuFhtagn | August 9th 17
1.0 awfulGhandhiLion | January 16th 17
1.0 awfulFullOfSounds | January 15th 17
1.0 awfulDoofusWainwright CONTRIBUTOR | January 3rd 17
2.5 averagebrainmelter | November 20th 16
1.5 very poorkascetcadettt | November 14th 16
5.0 classicuhh | November 6th 16
1.0 awfulSandwichBubble | October 31st 16
2.0 poorTVC15 | October 31st 16
1.0 awfulAaroN911 | September 27th 16
1.0 awfulcman23kid | September 25th 16
1.5 very poorCygnatti | July 10th 16
1.0 awfulCyclotron | October 5th 15
1.5 very poorbrokatar | August 21st 14
1.0 awfulms3abden | May 28th 14
2.5 averageidkpokeit | September 11th 13
1.5 very poorYou Are My Everlovin' | March 21st 13
1.0 awfulGunnarMan | December 26th 12

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