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0.0 andcas | October 10th 12

All Infamous does is put a MIW spin on the darker 90's nu-metal and industrial bands that were popular at the time. This album will definitely take fans for a loop and I'm beside myself about what to think after listening to it. When the hell did this trend of trying to recapture where Marilyn Manson and so many other similar acts shined come about? I understand they might've shaped certain musician's childhoods and are the main reason they even got into music but does that mean they have to blatantly emulate the sound at every turn once they've achieved enough status. It has this creepy vibe of wanting to transform into their idols instead of merely being influenced, as if, "I've always wanted to be them, so I started my own band, and now that I have a platform I can finally live in their skin." I still oddly enjoyed most of Infamous for the risks that'll make it stand out leagues beyond a stagnant sea of metalcore releases on the way. It's just some parts will baffle people because of the awkward shift in styles that's more plagiarism than progression. In a nutshell, this is an unnecessary sequel to countless other original classics.

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0.0 | November 15th 12

While Infamous is catchy, entertaining and solid musically, it doesn't have a shred of originality. The album comes off as a Manson, Slipknot and Nine Inch Nails amalgamation filled with chugs and profanity filled lyricism. However, the harsh vocals, synth lines and drums are all up to par, and the way they are arranged together, leads to an experience that is barely above the cusp of mediocrity.

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0.0 MegaJake1024 | November 10th 12

After the reviews I saw for this, I'm pleasantly surprised by this album. I'm not a huge MIW fan, but I've rdefinitely enjoyed some of their material in the past, and I appreciated the originality of Creatures; I enjoyed rmany songs off this new album, but the originality is seriously lacking. Definitely a different style and some rsongs sound exactly like Marilyn Manson and Slipknot; however, the MM songs would be very good MM rsongs, and I enjoy the Slipknot sound as well. Where this album suffered the most for me was the runnecessary vulgarity at times, not so much on devil's night, but on sinematic, hatefuck, and infamous. They rruin the entire hatefuck song, and weaken a strong song in sinematic. Many are also complaining about the rabsence of synth, but that's just not true. There are less, which is somewhat disappointing, but they are rdefinitely still present at many times. Many catchy tunes on this album, and lots of emotion on a few songs. I renjoyed it; however, I do miss the old MIW. Best songs are Black Damask, Burned at Both Ends, Sinematic, rand Underdog.

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0.0 Karissa | October 22nd 12

Motionless in White. What are you doing? Motionless in White. Stahp.

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0.0 Hawks | October 11th 12

I love Creatures, but this one really sucks. Sounds like they're ripping off Marilyn Manson and/or Slipknot pretty much the entire time, which is exactly what they're doing.

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0.0 Atari STAFF | October 11th 12

Well, the album name is pretty accurate as they're on their way to being one of the most hated bands in the scene. Their last album was impressive but the overuse of swearing and boring clean vocals make this one just another cheesy metalcore release. The over the top goth themes are also laughable. It's unfortunate because they had potential, but this is the perfect example of poor execution.

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0.0 merpmerp | October 10th 12

After about 10 more listens I've come to realize that I only actually enjoy about 4 of the 12 tracks. All of them being metalcore sounding songs. The Manson-esque tracks are horrendous. They didn't even put in an effort to make the songs sound like their own. It's almost as if Marilyn Manson himself is featured on most of the songs. If you do decide to give this album a listen, stay away from the Manson songs and stick to the MIW songs.

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0.0 SilverandBlack5 | July 9th 13

I hear a lot of originality (even though people seem to disagree with that), and a lot of progression as musicians. Motionless in White prove they are undoubtedly talented musicians, but their drastic change of style - and indecisiveness about what genre they want to be a part of - keep this record from being anything too special. I think it's a great album to base the band's future off of. It's a starting point that they need to improve on.


0.0 Antigen | February 5th 13

Was expecting more from a young band, their first album was much better.


0.0 Deuce8311 | January 24th 13

Got this album as a Christmas gift and decided to take a chance on it. Very unoriginal most of the time, but there are some very catchy songs especially on the first half of the album. "Devil's Night" is my personal favorite. The chorus is very memorable and enjoyable, but the parts before the chorus sound eerily close to Slipknot's "Psychosocial". This isn't a bad thing, but this shows how unoriginal the album can be. "AMERICA" is another good one and one of the many songs bearing a strong resemblence to Marilyn Manson. Overall the album is nothing ingenuic, but a fun listen which is really all I care about.


0.0 BENGRANTFOOL | November 27th 12

Massive fan of the band, they really pushed themselves and took a risk with this album. It paid off, the outcome is an original album that on a whole sounds like noone else. Yes some songs have a Manson sound to them, anyone who said otherwise would be in denial, but Manson doesn't own that sound. Maybe due to working with Tim Skold? I like the album its just missing something, newish band in the spotlight, hopefully they will have found the missing ingredient for their 3rd release.


0.0 ILJ | November 16th 12

They try so hard to be edgy and heavy that Infamous ultimately becomes a painful and irritating listen. While not without the occasional gem, those gems are hardly worth the 46 minutes it takes to trudge through the breakdown and chug laden mess. A disappointing sophomore effort from a group that showed some promise.


0.0 ConcubinaryCode | November 9th 12

There's a difference between paying tribute and ripping off.


0.0 WilliamWGAC | October 22nd 12

I'm a long time creature. Began to listen to MIW just as Creatures was released and at that time I adored Symphonic Metalcore.. so Motionless In White became my favourite band. Theys still are my favourite band and I can see "Infamous" is getting ALOT of hate for the new sound. In my opinion, Creatures was great. So good it would've been hard to create a sequel... well I think with this they have shown exactly who they are. There's the old MIW song structure then there's the NEW MIW song structure... Being Industrial. I'm a big industrial/Marilyn Manson/Nine Inch Nails fan anyway so there was no way I would hate this album.rOnly dissapointment is that they kinda lost their Danny Elfman type sound with the synths.. A great example being Scissorhands but bands progress and grow with the times. This turn was a big difference but I still think it's great.rFavourite parts of the album are the clean vocals in the Black Damask at 2:58 and Sinematic... Although I'm fond of Underdog, Puppets 2 etc. Great album for Fight songs.


0.0 ZachGajda | October 12th 12

As a huge fan of Motionless in White, it's extremely hard to get into this album at first. I absolutely adored Creatures, but this is different. Perhaps too different. If it was a stand alone album, without it's older brother, I'd be sure to adore it. It reminds me of Marilyn Manson/Disturbed days, which isn't a bad thing for the kid in me. But like I said, since it follows Creatures, it may be too different for fans of this band. I like it none the less.


0.0 m00nr0ck | October 12th 12

So much more emotion mostly anger. Not digging the Manson-y songs as much, but i respect them for taking the risk. This albums gunna get a lot of hate. But I enjoyed it for the most part


0.0 jwyles4 | October 10th 12

Motionless In White have definitely changed since Creatures. If you're looking for a Creatures Part 2, you're rgoing to be upset with this album. The production quality for the album is top notch, as well as Chris's vocals. rChris's clean vocals have great range, from the Devil's Night Chorus to the cleans in If It's Dead We'll Kill It. If ryou are a Manson fan you will more than likely be extremely happy with this album. Bravo Motionless In White rfor putting out a great sophomore album.


0.0 MarkTheDead | October 10th 12

It has a lot of Industrial influences in it, and to be honest they caught me off guard. It
sounds like if someone were to take the synth from The Birthday Massacre and mix it with the
heavy side of Creatures. I am sad that that it doesn't sound like a Tim Burton soundtrack


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