Ramyhead and the Irefires   Welcome 2 Wagland
Release Date: 2012

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4.5 superbUrinetrouble | September 27th 12

together Ramy and I may have inadvertently invented and pioneered the word "wag" but the ramster took it to a whole new level..the deft, poetic words, the passionate flows, the lush instrumentation combining ambience, death metal, post rock and hip-hop, and the anti-mainstream dreaminess of it all...Welcome 2 Wagland is the next In the Aeroplane over the Dark Twisted Fantasy

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4.5 superbTrebor. STAFF | September 26th 12

Welcome to Wagland, no refunds of course, but you should already know what you're getting into. Wag to the highest degree, 24/7 administered by the Wag Master General pip pip indeed I say you'll be wagging till the break of dawn after you try the new Ramy Ravioli ha but don't you dare scoff because you'll be wagging all the wag to the bank after you wag your wag away oh man yes it's legal I checked. So wag on down to wagworld starring wagman coming to a town near you!

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3.5 greatalt | September 26th 12

To postulate on the importance of this record by way of anticipation before its release, one
would have to compare it to classics like The White Album, Beggars Banquet, and Wish You
Where Here. The hope that this would be this young century's masterpiece was palpable.
Unfortunately Welcome 2 Wagland, while for any other musician it would be a more than
commendable effort, does not live up to what we all had hoped for. In the words of the
foremost official on Socialist-negroid-Muslim affairs, Barrack Obama, as stated in his
message to the UN General Assembly, "Nigga, it's aiight."

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0.0 climactic | September 26th 12

better than born of osiris. incredie, truly a work of art

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2.5 averageThunderNeutral21 | September 26th 12

ramy told me to 2.5 hardr

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0.0 kris. | September 26th 12

honestly this wont be as great as wagland 2: electric wagaloo but this is fukin crisp as shit almost afraid to jam it in my car cuz the blackies will wanna know who it is wag wag wag

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0.0 Hyperion1001 EMERITUS | September 26th 12

wag comes in many forms

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0.0 Curse. | September 26th 12

5/5 would listen twice

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0.0 | November 7th 12

gd album


0.0 RosaParks | October 5th 12

it's basic wag really............................................................................


0.0 A. Wolfe | October 1st 12

not even dmt and pizza can make this better


0.0 Aids | September 27th 12



0.0 DarthMann | September 26th 12

welcome 2 the wagland were all fun and games wagland welcome to the wagland ununununu nauh a eeee eeee


0.0 WeepingBanana | September 26th 12

best album. Welcome 2 Wagland is better.


5.0 classicLoveYerBrain | October 18th 12
5.0 classicsynysterlite | October 18th 12
5.0 classicbreakfastnugz420 | October 11th 12
1.0 awfulChuckyTruant | October 8th 12
4.5 superbmryrtmrnfoxxxy | September 27th 12
2.0 poorcamaraderie | September 26th 12
3.5 greatAndy H. B. | September 26th 12
4.5 superbmegadeth101 | September 26th 12
4.0 excellentpapasynyster | September 26th 12

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