Loscil   Sketches From New Brighton
Release Date: 2012

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0.0 mindleviticus | December 11th 12

Jacob Royal is now my least favorite contributor.

-Rico - Man just listen to First Narrows and tell me if he couldn't do it any better....

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0.0 Hyperion1001 EMERITUS | December 10th 12


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4.5 superbdingophone | January 22nd 13

INCREDIBLY chill album. Definitely Loscil's best work thus far.


4.0 excellentchambered49 | December 22nd 12

Jake is a really nice guy, really.


4.5 superbRico81 | December 21st 12

Hi, I thought I would drop a quick comment in regarding Jakes review and also some advice:
Jakes review is well written in parts, though grammatically needs some work; theres some very long sentences in there!Something I am also guilty of as well ; )

As far as advice - I totally disagree with Jakes comments regarding Loscil sounding amateurish on many of his albums. This is a MASSIVE call to make Jake, and in this instance it is a label that has been wielded against someone who definitely is not amateurish.

All I would advise people to do is look at Loscils releases on the credible recording labels he is associated with and this should be enough to quell any doubts people who arent familiar with his previous work might be having...but further to this - just go and listen to his music yourself....Or go online and look up reviews of any of Loscils previous albums, and I doubt very much, whether you will find the word amateurish associated with his name and production skills. I certainly could not find anything...

I feel it all depends on the context repetition has been used, the artists intent and also our own subjective analysis...but to label someone as amateurish because they sound uninterestingly repetitive on some (or almost all, according to Jake) of their albums is, IMO, going way too far and importantly - strays away from balancing subjective analysis and being factually correct....which in my humble opinion, is what reviews such as these and the like, really should be trying to aim for.

Cheers - Rico


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