Ultraista   Ultraista
Release Date: 2012

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2.0 poorchtrenne | December 12th 12

Completely unremarkable and average. It sounds just like half a dozen other synth-y bands out there (although I must admit I love the cover art).


4.5 superbJash | October 3rd 12

Some of the best synth based music I've ever heard


4.5 superbLilLioness | September 30th 12

I went on a binge of somewhat obscure '80s singles this afternoon which I feel aptly
prepared me for the experience listening to this album as it definitely draws from the
synthpop and electronics of the New Wave era than most music I have heard this year. That
isn't to say it is derivative by any means, because I do feel it forges its own identity
away from the Yorke and Greenwood dominate Radiohead (and their other projects) which is a
very nice change of pace, despite my adoration for the band.

The '80stastic synth and electronic work is most blunt on "Our Song" and "Easier". These two
tracks, while interesting enough don't really stand out much. It doesn't help matters than I
find Laura Bettinson's shrill falsetto when she sings "wanna make is eaaaaaasier" kinda puts
me off a bit. Also, the final track, while having a lot of potential, just kind of peters
out which doesn't do it a whole lot of justice.

I find myself far more drawn to the opener, "Bad Insects" and the third track "Strange
Insects". The atmosphere on "Party Line" is what gets my attention most out of this crowd.
The piano melody set to the flowing synth strings and Bettinson's justwhineyenough voice
makes for a truly beautiful track for me. That track is followed by "Wash it over" which has
the catchiest hook on the album. "Come on and wash it over me...come on and wash it over

This all being said, this album does have its own personality and is an experience in and
off itself. I just wish some of the soundscapes weren't so bland for me.


4.0 excellentgeorgeharold818 | August 10th 17
4.0 excellentdefend pop punk | April 15th 17
3.5 greatoltnabrick | May 30th 16
3.5 greatdav4550 | September 22nd 15
3.0 goodlaralan1977 | October 28th 14
4.5 superbchewhat | November 24th 13
4.0 excellentjorsh | November 19th 13
2.5 averagebrandontaylor | August 4th 13
4.0 excellentX12Celtics3 | May 1st 13
3.5 greatMike08 | April 15th 13
3.5 greatstrawfeet | April 3rd 13
4.0 excellentJakobVonLepenstad | April 3rd 13
3.0 goodavonbarksdale221 | April 1st 13
4.5 superbJennifer22 | November 4th 12
3.5 greatwackydelly | October 4th 12
4.0 excellentAids | October 3rd 12
4.5 superbUrbanVitamin | October 3rd 12
2.5 averageMojito | September 30th 12
4.0 excellentMisterTornado | September 30th 12

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