Anal Cunt   Live In NYC
Release Date: 1999

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4.0 excellentTheCourage | June 18th 12

The only band t-shirt i have ever owned to have been burned in the woods? My Anal Cunt spring break shirt that i had ordered online with my minimum wage salary at the ripened age of 16. I'm not talking about an offensive Cannibal Corpse album cover type shock, thrown on the front of a shirt. I'm talking about sharks with swastikas swimming in a lake, with a man ***ting and pissing off of his boat for all to see.

My grandmother found this shirt in the wash, and ordered me to get rid of it. I told her i would, only to ask a friend a favor to let me do my laundry over at his house. My friend, being a lazy bastard himself not supervising the laundry for me, his mother found it. In a great escape, we fled to the woods where we had to burn it. The trouble, discontent, and belligerence it had brought to my life in the 2 days of owning this shirt must have been similar to the trouble, discontent and belligerence Anal Cunt had brought to venues, bars, clubs to innocent audience members and women around the world.

This amazing live masterpiece had been recorded from a live wynu broadcast, so the recording quality is just about the best that they've ever had on a record. Good song selection, not that it ***ing matters. This is a staple in just about every music collection, that was a lie.

Thank you seth putnam and gang, I always think of your music when i pass by the park i burned my shirt at. I actually wish i still had it.


1.0 awfulUnknownResource | May 5th 17
4.5 superbAlex561 | June 29th 12

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