I Built The Cross   Banish the Disconnect
Release Date: 2012

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0.0 Hyperion1001 EMERITUS | June 18th 12

lol christian band

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0.0 | June 19th 12

I feel dumb but how do I hear the songs? Is there a button I'm supposed to press?

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2.5 averageIgnimbrite | June 20th 12

On one hand, it's kind of uncool that IBtC, on their Facebook page, told all their fans to
rate this EP on Sputnik. As we all know, this strategy was used by Deuce, and while I don't
think the dudes in this band come even remotely close to that guy's level of douchebag, it's
still not a cool strategy. On the other hand, even though I hold the same opinion of the
debut that I did when I wrote my review, these guys *do* have a ton of talent, so I'll
happily give this a chance. r*btw, guys: a 0.0 is NOT a real rating.

Well, I listened to it and my hats off to IBtC: it's nowhere near the level of terribleness
that was present on the debut, namely because of better production. Also, they can still
play the hell out of their instruments. However, song structures are still more or less
nonexistent, and this EP also receives very few points for originality. There are other
bands who do grindy death metal/deathcore much better. And finally, it was still uncool to
whore out the EP's Sputnik page on your Facebook.

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0.0 weirdWOLF | June 19th 12

@Didier17 No reason to feel stupid. There's no tracks on here though. The site is for reviews/news. You can check out some tracks on YouTube though.

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5.0 classicLaggingkills | June 18th 12

AMAZING! When I rated 5.0 it says "Classic" and that's exactly what this album will be when you look at it several years from now. Everything from the sick bass slapping, the low guttural and high vocals, to the insane guitar sweeps and very original guitar rhythms, and the powerful drumming, It's all intense through the whole thing! I've been a fan of these guys ever since I heard their Pre-EP, I thought it was the heaviest Christian band ever! and Now these guys have really stepped it up, this album does not disappoint me. If you haven't already, buy this album now!!!

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4.0 excellentAndroopy | June 18th 12

It's a very great album. The christian metal world is very lacking in the Tech Death department, so to hear these guys was a relief. The album itself is pretty well put together with some pretty solid guitar work, and excellent drum work. My only complaints are that it gets a little flat in the third song, and that the vocals weren't as deep and bassy as they were in "Bridging the Gap". But still, I enjoy it.

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4.5 superbDarknessPrevails | June 24th 12

While I loved their first album, the biggest problem I found was the fact that the production quality was very poor (that being because they're not signed yet). However, on this EP they got not only the production quality right, they mastered their sound. Great technical death metal and a great Christian metal release.


1.0 awfulxzubesx | May 31st 16
4.0 excellentAtroposDatura | November 29th 14
3.0 goodDeathbeds | September 8th 14
4.5 superbroundsquare | June 20th 13
3.0 goodAlejandro1993 | June 19th 13
4.0 excellentAlithos | May 31st 13
4.5 superbTheFourthCircle25 | May 23rd 13
4.5 superbMartydomOfGhost | December 3rd 12
2.5 averagejustpassingby | October 25th 12
4.5 superbMarcus71 | October 11th 12
2.0 poorWANNACANDY | September 13th 12
2.5 averageLeatherneck | July 8th 12
2.5 averageTheNotrap | July 6th 12
2.0 poorZombieParty | July 1st 12
5.0 classicicanburnwater | June 19th 12
4.5 superbgig20015 | June 19th 12
5.0 classickimbo0o0o | June 18th 12
5.0 classicIAmTheBreather | June 18th 12
5.0 classicpaulkeel | June 18th 12
5.0 classicNateOvTrinity | June 18th 12

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