Adaliah   Broken Familes
Release Date: 2012

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4.0 excellentAtomicShane | October 15th 13

awesome mix of melodic and heavy with sweet vocals and meaningful lyrics. thats that shit i do like

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3.5 greatTywuhh | January 16th 13

Hollows is fucking sick. This album can have a bit of breakdowns goin on, but most of the time its sick, and the melodic parts are pretty good. The lyrics are really interesting. Heavy stuff.


5.0 classichatemosh666 | October 23rd 12

this band's doing something that others wish they could do (and you can clearly tell if you listen to their lyrics off of this and their last release Rituals) anyone that has seen them live can tell that this band puts their all into what they create. Not many bands these days have the passion and drive that Adaliah does and not to mention the fact that they're all still very young


3.0 goodtrilldean | June 19th 12

Too many breakdowns, some songs are definitely great, but some are memorable and would be very fun to scream into the vocalists face.


0.0 loveisamixtape | June 7th 12

it's basically a slightly better For The Fallen Dreams with heavier breakdowns and catchier melodies. it's nothing new but it's catchy


3.5 greatKSK1 | June 5th 12

Pretty standard stuff for the scene these days but I really like this band. They're really fun and have some pretty awesome melodies as well which I think makes this more than just 2 steps and breakdowns. Although don't be fooled those are aplenty as well.


3.5 greatJacob818Hollows | July 31st 16
3.5 greatdbilidb | February 23rd 15
3.0 goodGameofmetal STAFF | September 30th 14
2.5 averageomik1116 | March 8th 13
3.5 greatPurpleCrayons | February 5th 13
2.0 poorMercyFalls19 | September 26th 12
3.0 goodCallsignwulf | July 19th 12
2.0 poorxandermander | July 14th 12
3.0 goodd00derz | June 20th 12
2.5 averageGhostK | June 20th 12
2.5 averageTokamak | June 7th 12
3.0 goodAnthonyTodd21 | June 7th 12
5.0 classicElliotA7X | June 6th 12
2.0 poorpeartnoy | June 5th 12

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