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  • sixdegrees shut up
    July 27 07:16 PM
  • Flugmorph when sach was not insufferable
    May 1 06:47 PM
  • SmileNerd at least you've left us with a catalog of awesome noise to sift through
    January 7 10:34 PM
  • Tunaboy45 I miss our arguments RIP
    November 21 10:45 PM
  • BMDrummer in our hearts til the end
    August 10 05:53 AM
  • BlueSwan You aren't actually gone though r u
    July 23 09:09 PM
  • PlatonicMushroom O Throwbro, where art thou?
    July 23 08:17 AM
  • Supercoolguy64 u will live on forever in my hearts
    July 18 04:33 PM
  • Aftertheascension RIP
    July 17 07:44 AM
  • Cygnatti rip hrad :/
    July 13 02:49 PM
  • Pon Worship mediocre noise and pe in Hell you milk drinker
    July 13 12:46 PM
  • Flugmorph Rest in Kartoffeln, schön mit Pantoffeln.
    July 13 12:04 PM
  • Ryus rest in spaghetti, never forgetti [2]
    July 13 10:30 AM
  • Frippertronics rest in spaghetti, never forgetti
    July 13 09:11 AM
  • U were rude to my new friend rocketsfall!!!
    July 13 07:25 AM
  • rocketsfall don't come back
    July 13 07:06 AM
  • Ryus gotta keep up that objectivity score!
    July 12 12:17 PM
  • Ryus your recent ratings are all sweet lol
    July 12 11:44 AM
  • Archelirion I'll do you a trade, I'm way too positive in my rankings so I reckon we could even stuff out ;)
    July 12 09:30 AM
  • xDeathoholic not tryna be dickish, but why do you have like the opposite opinions of everyone else? everyone loves and praises death and you give their discog nothing higher than a 3 lmao
    July 12 08:14 AM
  • Jots yeah, and honestly people are so much more picky with negative reviews of bands they like, so it might not be enough to convince ;/
    July 12 07:43 AM
  • Jots anytime you post a negative opinion of a well-liked band, ppl cry
    July 12 07:14 AM
  • Jots just read. good stuff, but i left some grammar nitpicks because bcuz
    July 12 07:07 AM
  • xDeathoholic angry opinion
    July 12 02:08 AM
  • xDeathoholic your opinions on my opinions on your opinions make me wanna kms
    July 12 01:21 AM
  • Archelirion Having the 7 newest rated albums on your homepage with an average of less than 1.3 has gotta be some kind of record, surely.
    July 11 02:52 PM
  • xDeathoholic your opinions on death make me wanna kms
    July 11 10:10 AM
  • Pon Thank you kindly I will listen and enjoy
    July 11 05:07 AM
  • xDeathoholic i like toiltles
    July 11 01:57 AM
  • Jots yeah wtf. re-checked a couple 80s albums and it's like night and day. ugh. oh well
    July 10 10:23 PM
  • Jots hmmm yea idk if i like the new bianchi lol, might pass on reviewing it. found it a drag
    July 10 10:20 PM
  • Jots what don't you like about them? (never heard, myself)
    July 10 12:11 PM
  • Jots coo man. but ya i've noticed as far as noise music fans go, ppl can get realllllly divided on albums. i guess you're either affected/entranced/whatever by it, or you aren't
    July 10 12:05 PM
  • Jots i like some of the recent stuff i've heard. might take a stab at the new piece just cuz - if i do, it'd be rad if i could get you to look over it, or even just help me with like, sound descriptions so it sounds like i have a clue what i'm talking about lmao
    July 10 12:01 PM
  • Jots oh i see u have 1 of his albs rated. but ya
    July 10 11:57 AM
  • Jots also, new Maurizio Bianchi album [noise legend, imo]
    July 10 11:57 AM
  • Jots ya I know, which explains why 98% of my reviews are positive
    July 10 11:41 AM
  • Cygnatti So I decided my #1 of this year so far is a boring, inoffensive country/soft rock album that makes completely miserable in a good way and I don't know how to feel about this. ;/
    July 10 10:04 AM
  • Flugmorph Hehehe
    July 10 09:12 AM
  • Jots and new tame impala :] dang
    July 10 02:07 AM
  • ShadowRemains masters at least
    July 9 11:57 PM
  • ShadowRemains atmospheric science student at university, also i work at a veterinary diagnostics lab
    July 9 07:00 PM
  • Aftertheascension oh cool
    July 9 04:25 PM
  • Jots actually do new BTBAM while you're at it and make it a deluxe writeup.. kinda like a livingthrowaway bonus feature
    July 9 12:41 PM
  • Jots you're reviewing new ABR? yesss
    July 9 12:40 PM
  • Aftertheascension is it a type of cat?
    July 9 03:56 AM
  • xDeathoholic nah you didnt upset me, i just found it a little annoying
    July 8 09:14 PM
  • xDeathoholic why do you comment negatively on every. ****ing. list
    July 8 08:55 PM
  • Cygnatti pls review abr pls
    July 8 06:54 PM
  • Pon
    July 8 12:02 PM
  • Pon Heard Acrid too but I will download the others thank you, but I'm being rec'd music at a faster rate than I can comprehensively listen to it now, so I might take a while
    July 8 11:52 AM
  • Pon I've heard the majority of those, but I'm still not particularly well versed in the genre.
    July 8 11:33 AM
  • YakNips lol thats exactly how it was intended to be listened to
    July 8 10:48 AM
  • YakNips just for u i'll check that maeror tri album tonight since its on spotify but i will probably fall asleep and have to jam again
    July 8 10:41 AM
  • YakNips and srry for breaking ur shoutbox OOPS
    July 8 10:35 AM
  • YakNips no lol im not a rec checking machine but i do wanna jam that stars of the lid album again so im prolly gonna do that. also wanna jam meadowlark and substrata more to solidify how i feel about em. i like to do that. will get thru the rest as time goes on. this is the thing if u wanna listen or not w/e is chill
    July 8 10:35 AM
  • YakNips would u listen to an ambient split me and itchy did if i told u it was good
    July 8 10:30 AM
  • Flugmorph Wow just realized that 3-3,5 is actually pretty good coming from you for corrections house
    July 8 08:38 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal bro check GROTESQUE
    July 7 01:43 PM
  • RosaParks that works. you'll be okay. eventually you find ways of forcing yourself to be happy. my problem is anxiety. that prob has something to do with the way i post on here
    July 7 04:32 AM
  • RosaParks i've been up and down this month. lots of s*** going in my life. i just come here to **** around i guess
    July 7 04:25 AM
  • RosaParks why? because i sihtpost on a music website?
    July 7 04:21 AM
  • RosaParks do i intrigue u
    July 7 04:19 AM
  • Cygnatti that tame impala soundoff page is golden
    July 7 03:55 AM
  • Winesburgohio lmfao @ that blog oh man
    July 7 12:56 AM
  • Jots true, but sometimes your mistakes aren't really mistakes and they're just letting their biases make them find fault in nothing. but yeah it can work. another idea is to review a really hyped release under an alt so the usual yes-men don't know who you are
    July 6 11:24 PM
  • Jots I know, ppl are too hesitant to leave honest criticism here
    July 6 11:17 PM
  • Jots I actually did read and agree it's one of your best (if not THE) but there might be a couple points where you repeat the accessibility bit. I'll go over in a bit and see what I can dig up
    July 6 11:13 PM
  • Jots it's been a coon's age since I could really get behind a drumm album
    July 6 10:42 PM
  • Jots prolly whatever though
    July 6 05:54 PM
  • Jots new drumm
    July 6 05:52 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal helo
    July 6 02:49 PM
  • ShadowRemains prob cuz ur posting style reminds me of someone who used to be on the site but i can't quite pinpoint who
    July 6 08:41 AM
  • ShadowRemains def not
    July 6 08:37 AM
  • ShadowRemains no this has always been my account
    July 6 08:35 AM
  • breakingthefragile Thanks for the recs man, anything remotely industrial in some way always tickles my fancy so I'll probably dig Hole in the Heart with relative ease.
    July 6 08:25 AM
  • breakingthefragile I just saw your latest review as soon as I posted that in your shoutbox lol. That's an intriguing perspective on the stuff, I've been trying to get into harsher noise music as of late and I was wondering abouf the appeal behind harsh noise from someone well-versed in the field. I'm still easing into myself into stuff like Pulse Demon but I'm pretty sure I'll find an appreciation for HNW in due time. Got any recs?
    July 6 08:07 AM
  • breakingthefragile What's your take on harsh noise wall? Stuff like Vomir's album Indecente.
    July 6 07:53 AM
  • Wizard Surprisingly, I've heard a few off your list but **** me, I've got some homework to do. Pretty much, I have about 60-70 Merzbow albums/ E.P.'s/ splits I've heard (love everything the man does) and that's probably the deepest I've ever gone into PE from one band. That review you just posted sounds ****ing great, probably going to hop on that.
    July 6 12:45 AM
  • Pon Will i rage laugh or cry
    July 5 11:16 PM
  • RadicalEd thx. gonna go for the easy ones first.
    July 5 01:37 PM
  • Wizard Please rec me some good PE. You seem to know what your talking about and I really know are the popular artists (Merzbow, Whitehouse, Digust, etc.).
    July 5 12:30 PM
  • Pon Fair enough
    July 5 11:52 AM
  • Pon I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Greens voters sorry
    July 5 11:44 AM
  • Pon I'm whatever you want me to be bby
    July 5 11:39 AM
  • Arcade centrist with a firm distaste for liberal, labor, and green parties
    July 5 11:32 AM
  • Frippertronics okay i put some work into this and would dig some feedback
    July 5 01:03 AM
  • Jots preferably high school. and honestly i'd rather teach something english LIT based, but english teachers are dime-a-dozen here
    July 4 01:53 AM
  • Jots physics/education. u have anything lined up?
    July 4 01:41 AM
  • Jots yea, was a tough transition after being out of school for a few years, but i'm plugging away
    July 4 01:38 AM
  • Jots ya between work and fam and school it's a miracle i'm able to pump anything out. you not on summer break where you live?
    July 4 01:33 AM
  • Jots no I tried to use an emoji but they don't work on shoutboxes. and jeez still an anklebiter huh
    July 4 01:18 AM
  • Jots keep doin u (cool snowboarder emoji)
    July 4 12:47 AM
  • Jots lol ya you guessed it. and ya w/e, such is the internet
    July 4 12:31 AM
  • Jots dunno if u like birchville cat motel but he released some sht recently
    July 3 01:36 PM
  • Valkyrion Is there a transcription of Buyer's market anywhere on the internet? I'm having trouble understanding some of the interviews due to the voices not being exactly clear most of the time
    July 3 11:49 AM
  • Winesburgohio thankoo baeblade
    July 3 04:05 AM
  • Winesburgohio cum on slsk so i can the proper one offa u ;)
    July 3 01:31 AM
  • Winesburgohio lol mine was la belle epoque all along fml
    July 3 01:30 AM
  • oltnabrick hey, what's up? You should check out my new album. Let me know what you think
    July 3 01:27 AM
  • Mort. Fair enough, im currentely on a very long core binge that i dont see ending anytime soon. Probs gonna get into more electronic music once i finish
    July 3 12:44 AM
  • Mort. Ive just been jammin that song a lot recentely tbh. Had it on my mind. Got any hardcore/metalcore recs similar s***?
    July 3 12:39 AM
  • Mort.
    July 3 12:28 AM
  • Flugmorph thats pretty good hehe
    July 2 07:50 PM
  • YakNips oh idk it was late
    July 2 06:30 PM
  • MewCore Howdy! Could you be more exact about formatting? Somebody mentioned this on my previous reviews and I would gladly look into it, but just don't know what that means? :-/ Incorporating the music analysis into the narrative that's an idea, tnx for the constructive tip!
    July 2 01:25 PM
  • Hurricanslash Yo, did you listen to the album by katie dey? I think it would be right up you alley.
    July 2 01:22 PM
  • Frippertronics We'll see man.
    July 2 12:25 PM
  • Frippertronics yeah I usually get out my louder stuff (very limited to the Noir Noir and Merzxiu album - looking to get DMDN's Agonistes' LP soon though) If you can't find any links to Vitriol, hit me up I got my files that came with the LP uploaded on mega and soulseek
    July 2 12:10 PM
  • Frippertronics Not too big of a noise guy, but there's one release by Noir Noir (who just put out a cassette in May), it's called VITRIOL I think you'd like. Solid PE, though it's best turned up loud (as I've learned from my record copy)
    July 2 12:04 PM
  • Frippertronics every now and then something catches my attention. I heard Aube not too long ago because I saw a 7" box set of his on Discogs that really interested me. Such a shame that only three of his LPs and the EP I added is on here. (Deleted the tourney for s***s and giggles - no one wins)
    July 2 11:54 AM
  • Frippertronics yeah, but coil is always no. 1 (or insert your album here)
    July 2 11:50 AM
  • Frippertronics I'll probably hold out on it cuz i'm a bitch and I know Unwound will win because everyone has a hard on for it (and because Ape of Naples is the better album); exactly, I originally requested Magma's "Live" album but I own it and I don't want some half-assed review for an album I could do far much better justice.
    July 2 11:28 AM
  • Frippertronics so essentially, like almost everyone in the tourney (honestly, i'm just gonna see how long it takes for someone to notice I stopped updating it)
    July 2 11:20 AM
  • Frippertronics hell i was gonna put buyer's market up, but i may decide to write a awful review for it and how it's so damn disturbing, but important
    July 2 11:19 AM
  • Frippertronics was gonna personally ask judio to not give me it but that tends to backfire horribly.
    July 2 11:15 AM
  • Frippertronics honestly hope to god i don't get that jesse mccartney album in the review game would rather listen to the merzbox while locked in the merzcar tbh
    July 2 11:11 AM
  • YakNips fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
    July 2 09:43 AM
  • Winesburgohio Yea I see what you mean but for me the high's are good enough to dismiss the lows from my memory, if that makes sense. so easy to consign the unpalatable to oblivion. Yea do it -- i either don't have gently b4 she dies or la belle epoque
    July 2 12:35 AM
  • Winesburgohio also turns out that we might not have gently before she dies after all lmao i dled 'another' alo girl album the other day and it was EXACTLY THE SAME what a ruse what a masquerade
    July 2 12:03 AM
  • Winesburgohio i'd love to read it! yeah if their bandcamp is to be believed it's one of their earliest efforts too, from 2008... altho i have to step in as a tumeric magnitudes apologists, i think it (was?) a pretty consistently enthralling label
    July 2 12:02 AM
  • Winesburgohio truly we are unworthy, isn't it incredible how much that one tape loop has to say
    July 1 11:13 PM
  • Winesburgohio meadowlark is the ****ing s*** oh my god how
    July 1 05:40 AM
  • Jots - peeped this earlier, kinda curious what u think (considering getting more into the less-obvious noise and maybe covering the odd new release, though i admit i don't really know what to look for in noise tbh - the prurient alb had so many other things in the mix that it was a bit easier to grip)
    July 1 01:00 AM
  • Jots how do you feel about borbetomagus?
    July 1 12:54 AM
  • Frippertronics nice man, lemme know how terrible it is
    July 1 12:24 AM
  • Gyromania glad i'm not the only one who thinks that august burns red album is dogs***e lol
    June 30 04:54 PM
  • Frippertronics (although it was all made in audacity over a two week period and a great deal of editing, I heard you really don't care for the whole audacity noise s***)
    June 30 01:48 PM
  • Frippertronics hey heard you like noise check my noise (that originally started out as a joke - kinda still is)
    June 30 01:47 PM
  • Mort. A well written serious negative review would be cool. It will get negged to s*** regardless
    June 30 01:45 PM
  • Mort. It would make my day if you wrote a negative review for the new Abr pls do
    June 30 01:17 PM
  • adr getting s*** irl on the other hand is different you should torture the bullys with your harsh noise and they will die or leave u forever
    June 30 12:14 PM
  • adr that's cool i like u tbh and yea u shouldn't take most things in sput seriously for real
    June 30 12:06 PM
  • adr this album is great, but nah it's The Jesus and Mary Chain it bringz the noise pretty hard tbh, also are we cool i was just messing around with u in the merz thread u seems offended :'[
    June 30 11:49 AM
  • adr the albums might be 8 now when i think about it tbh
    June 30 11:30 AM
  • Mort. ur win Morts best new user award even tho you joined before me but you seem to have only become active recentely or maybe i just never noticed you but anyway solid 8-9/10 user at the moment well done
    June 30 10:43 AM
  • adr my bloody valentine tbqh
    June 29 11:27 PM
  • adr worships mediocre noise and pe albums
    June 29 11:24 PM
  • YakNips nah dude that should be good lol, that should definitely keep me busy for a while. thanks a bunch!!
    June 29 07:12 PM
  • YakNips i love biosphere and william basinki but i for sure need to jam them more so will do that along with the others. been meaning to check stars of the lid for a while too
    June 29 09:12 AM
  • YakNips yeah man that song is dope, pretty spacious atmosphere which turns me on
    June 29 09:03 AM
  • YakNips thank you so much and know if i have ever wronged you it is because i am a distressed and forlorn man and i am sorry
    June 29 08:41 AM
  • YakNips just uhhhh use this as a reference
    June 29 08:30 AM
  • YakNips idk if you like grouper but im desperate for more ambient like that-- like really bleak and melancholy but also beautiful and caressing and with a definite sense of melody, can u help me out
    June 29 08:21 AM
  • SonofSnow Where the rest of the Ice Cube ratings?
    June 28 08:23 AM
  • Cygnatti adding albums/releases actually isn't that bad. (i bulls*** some of the required info and or just leave most of it blank) it takes about ~1-2 minutes to do it compared to sput's [less than] 30 seconds. so basically, if i find a random bandcamp band that isn't on either rym or sput, i'll add it onto sput and hope and pray someone else does onto rym bc i ain't goin through that s*** again!
    June 28 05:26 AM
  • Cygnatti shoot man, i've added so many bands to the db... just be glad it takes less than 30 seconds to do so if you've already got all the info on lockdown. and adding bands on here is absolutely nothing compared to the grueling task of adding bands onto the rym database *shudders*
    June 28 05:18 AM
  • Cygnatti i just can't help that i know a lot about emo-pop, pretty sad my entire middle and high school years were all about it... oh but you should def do that 90s emo list. i know plenty OF 90s (midwest) emo, but i actually haven't jammed a whole lot of it bc i'm lazy af
    June 28 02:35 AM
  • Cygnatti whoa nooooooooo dude, i said emo-POP. as in panic! at the disco, fall out boy, anberlin, and S.H.I.T. like that.
    June 28 02:12 AM
  • Cygnatti i see you here makin eai and pe (physical education obvs) lists an i'm jus sittin' here about to make a comprehensive ****in emo-pop list x_x
    June 28 01:06 AM
  • Jots [still waiting on that 90s emo list tbh]
    June 28 12:54 AM
  • Jots aight, interesting electro-acoustic nonsense usually catches my eye so that'll be good reads
    June 28 12:52 AM
  • Jots another album in the vein of Dudal but perhaps more interesting would be Kate Carr - Fabulations. definitely recommend
    June 28 12:43 AM
  • fromtheinside Hahahahahahaha yoi worship PE albums. Omg.
    June 27 07:35 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal inspiring
    June 26 04:56 PM
  • Artuma i really try to be funny :/
    June 26 12:44 PM
  • Artuma i dunno if you do it on purpose but you're incredibly unfunny
    June 25 08:09 AM
  • Jots if you come across any good new stuff (on or before release date) lemme know. always down to review eai, musique concrete, drone, etc, I just don't always have time to sift through that sorta thing
    June 25 04:06 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal thoughts on mediocre noise?
    June 24 06:34 AM
  • ElegantElephant worships mediocre noise and pe albums and hates everything
    June 23 11:52 PM
  • Sowing Honestly I don't know I just picked things up along the way
    June 23 12:24 PM
  • Sowing It's just [quote] text [/quote]
    June 23 12:18 PM
  • Jots they're never much to write home about
    June 23 12:06 PM
  • Jots meant it as a joke-ish
    June 23 11:55 AM
  • Jots check sufjan
    June 23 10:37 AM
  • TheCollectiveFacade ya i should steal it
    June 22 10:27 PM
  • BandNewbac What's your opinion on Yellow Swans?
    June 22 07:16 PM
  • evilford Lol. Alright dude I'll check it out thx
    June 21 05:06 PM
  • TheCollectiveFacade i want your display picture
    June 21 02:52 PM
  • adr agreed
    June 21 11:21 AM
  • Pon worships mediocre noise and pe albums and hates everything
    June 21 10:32 AM
  • evilford Idk bands for that off the top of my head...
    June 21 05:27 AM
  • TheSpirit okay invite sent! welcome aboard
    June 21 12:31 AM
  • DrMaximus Hadn't heard about it, no. Have you listened to it?
    June 19 04:08 PM
  • danielito19 thanks a bunch pal
    June 19 02:58 PM
  • hal1ax ya man I'm just pretty intrigued by this genre of music. I have been routinely listening to black metal for the past 6 years of my life so i am no stranger to the acquired taste type genre. i will definitely keep listening because i know that once i develop a tolerance i will prob fall in love
    June 18 10:25 PM
  • danielito19 sorry about the caps lmao. i wouldn't know how to get you into techno, i'm a neophyte, but you seem to be ass deep in noise and i figured i might see if you have any techno recs because no one on this goddam site is into techno. give me some sick industrial techno please.
    June 18 09:29 PM
  • danielito19 DO YOU LIKE TECHNO
    June 18 09:19 PM
  • hal1ax i find that - with this music at least - when there is the slightest bit of melody present, it makes digesting the album in its entirety much easier. probably why i am drawn to the new prurient and anna gardeck. i actually rly enjoyed ramleh but def need to give it another listen. I tried jamming the history of AIDS by prurient... haha. I don't think I'm on that level yet.
    June 18 02:27 PM
  • hal1ax ok so far I've listened to the Ramleh and Anna Gardeck albums in full. i definitely enjoyed ramleh and i loved anna gardeck!! i will check Rasthof when i get home from work today
    June 18 02:22 PM
  • DrMaximus Sweet, well add me
    June 17 06:27 PM
  • puntugruhm nice. you've great taste.
    June 17 01:09 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal posted a wrong link
    June 17 08:29 AM
  • puntugruhm did you like damien dubronvik's new album/comp?
    June 17 02:48 AM
  • DrMaximus Both your lists are great boss. You on rym? :3
    June 17 02:35 AM
  • hal1ax ok great, thanks a bunch for your help. ill check those as soon as i get home from class!
    June 16 10:41 PM
  • miketunneyiscool123 How exactly is it torture? You know you can just ignore it right? When I come on this site, I comment on stuff I like or don't like for fun. Don't we all have that privilege? You can just ignore it and not let it affect you. It's not like it's real life you know.
    June 16 10:19 PM
    June 16 10:14 PM
  • hal1ax ya man I'm going to really try to get into. i seriously love that song on the new prurient - dragonflies to sew you up. haha even tho that is prob pretty entry level noob s***, i rly dig it
    June 16 09:38 PM
  • hal1ax awesome dude thanks. and ya i checked the first two on your list... maurizio and whitehouse i think? they were both hard for me to get into hehe. i am obvi a PE n00b
    June 16 09:08 PM
  • Gestapo all good dude looking forward to seeing it and grabbing the stuff i havent heard
    June 16 09:05 PM
  • hal1ax could you rec me any PE similar to the new Prurient album? thats like the only PE iv'e been able to get into thus far.
    June 16 06:32 PM
  • Gestapo i wasnt serious. i would try to help u but if eai is really one of ur favorite genres u prob know way more than i do so idk how useful id be
    June 16 03:10 PM
  • BandNewbac im from the UK so there isn't really any 'scene' which sucks but i sometimes go to shows. and yeah im 17 too. im definitely going to start writing more though.
    June 16 03:03 PM
  • BandNewbac Yeah i know what you mean about not connecting. i just kind of jumped around friendship groups at school, never really fit in. only in the past year have i found my band and that was good for a while, but recently i feel like they don't really care anymore. probably my fault but still. ah man that actually sounds like a pretty good idea. ive recently started making my own "solo" music. maybe that could help with the whole writing poetry thing.
    June 16 08:54 AM
  • BandNewbac well its gotten pretty bad recently. i find myself just laying there trying to sleep and can't, but when i'm lying not being able to sleep i don't really feel upset or depressed. just empty aha its weird. but its affecting my college work and how i interact with people so i feel like those close to me are just slowly getting fed up.
    June 16 08:36 AM
  • Jots sorry about the wait, will read shortly...
    June 15 11:12 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal
    June 15 09:08 PM
  • Pon heh
    June 15 08:37 AM
  • Pon lol dude no one's asking you to put actual pictures of yourself up just get an avi else you're no better than hep kat
    June 15 08:29 AM

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