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  • Jots new Paula Temple
    January 20 03:47 PM
  • basikchanL hahaha thought so but im dumb so w/e i guess??
    January 6 03:47 AM
  • Jots year-end list incoming .. ?
    January 6 12:12 AM
  • basikchanL thx braj :*
    January 3 04:48 AM
  • basikchanL nice rates dude~
    January 3 04:32 AM
  • Jots that alb is really good dub techno btw V
    January 3 01:39 AM
  • Jots
    January 2 03:50 PM
  • Jots "a man without a heart" is one of the better tracks, as is "something beautiful to share". check those
    December 29 03:54 AM
  • Jots also, this Dear Eloise album is ok... not great, but ok.
    December 29 03:53 AM
  • Jots ya idek what type of techno he goes for. that said, he enjoyed this Polar Inertia thing, which I also realllllly recommend you.
    December 29 02:53 AM
  • Jots yeah. def one of those "i can put this on and it won't make me stop what i'm doing, but i won't turn it off either" pieces
    December 29 02:48 AM
  • Jots also this Sebastian Kessler is dece minimal techno stuff, might raise my rating. idk. "abends" is a cool track
    December 29 01:58 AM
  • Jots check cindy lee yo, it's trill as fuqq, boi
    December 29 01:56 AM
  • Mystletainn ah, well that sucks, such a cool sound. I hope more stuff comes out soon. I've heard that album it's great.
    December 27 12:28 AM
  • Mystletainn hey man, do you have any recs for me similar to Sweet Trip or katie dey? After listening to Sweet Trip i've kind of been obsessed with the sound and need more. Know any other awesome glitch pop?
    December 26 01:32 AM
  • Ryus thanks bud, yours too : ]
    December 23 02:02 AM
  • Jots if you end up checking shapedsound's newest lemme know what u think. have a feeling it'll get virtually no discussion
    December 17 09:48 PM
  • Valkyrion bae
    December 13 10:13 PM
  • wtferrothorn ah, I see. Well it's cool seeing sput users put out some good s***; Rev's bansheebeat stuff is really good of what I've heard of it (just Lumine)
    December 13 05:54 AM
  • wtferrothorn nah, when was he around here? I've only been here for like a year so I probably missed em
    December 13 05:47 AM
  • wtferrothorn oh yeah, I think I heard about that too. Do you know what her username was?
    December 13 05:10 AM
  • wtferrothorn okay yeah 4 tracks in and this really good.
    December 12 07:10 PM
  • wtferrothorn just 4 u
    December 12 05:14 PM
  • Jots peep this Gaika mixtape
    December 1 03:20 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal thoughts on being dissapointed and part of a celebrity fandom?
    November 26 02:28 PM
  • Gwyn. got damnnnnnn i just realized how much you liked ds2. Have you check'd Future's mixtapes? I liked '56 Nights' and 'Monster' more than that one personally
    November 26 08:54 AM
  • Keyblade damn that looks sweet yo, will jam when I get off work
    November 25 05:29 AM
  • Archael
    November 24 01:00 AM
  • BigPleb Thanks for the rec man!
    November 22 05:34 AM
  • deathschool Comfort Eagle is where it's at. But maybe you'd prefer their debut. Idk.
    November 22 02:06 AM
  • deathschool cake is a good band that you've probably never even checked an album from smh
    November 22 02:00 AM
  • deathschool so you like to experiment, huih
    November 22 01:50 AM
  • Ryus i been great dude, jammin a lotta hip hop and havin a good time. ima disppointed belieber now tbh [2] though
    November 21 03:46 PM
  • anarchistfish lol soz i thought you were joking
    November 21 05:05 AM
  • Atari lol no worries man, hope life's treating you well!
    November 20 04:51 PM
  • adr check Rites of Spring same band members, good stuff~
    November 19 09:25 PM
  • adr good to see you're liking One Last Wish i jammed it recently and it's really good indeed.
    November 19 09:10 PM
  • Jots what happen ??
    November 17 02:06 AM
  • SachikoM I suppose so.
    November 15 08:50 PM
  • squaaab the feelies rule homie i dig a lot of indie and post punk is like my favorite genre
    November 15 12:26 AM
  • SachikoM If he'd ditched the last 5 or so songs and just kept the singles and the first clump, it would've made a bangin' EP, but as an album it feels kinda weak, especially considering the quality of pop that has come out this year. Colour-me-disappointed.
    November 12 02:57 AM
  • SachikoM I know, it's really disheartening. I don't even know if I want to review it now... :/
    November 12 02:29 AM
  • VeganGains Do you even KILLSWITCH ENGAGE bro?
    November 10 05:44 PM
  • Jacquibim ty have you heard that saccharine trust album?
    November 10 08:08 AM
  • Jacquibim Shouldn't be a problem as I always try and avoid those sorts of comparisons. I mean I managed to review Kashiwa Daisuke without mentioning Program Music and Joanna Newsom without mentioning Ys so
    November 9 08:23 AM
  • SachikoM Terror and Degeneration, Seer of Decay and Petuurien Rooli are much much better.
    November 8 01:50 AM
  • SachikoM It was a 3.0 when I was quietly optimistic that power electronics wasn't on the downward spiral, because it is alright, but nothing special. Now that the end is nigh for PE, s*** like that just doesn't cut it. We needed a revolution, and grunt gives us an album in which he goes through the motions.
    November 8 01:41 AM
  • Jacquibim Might try and review Ensemble Pittoresque but I'm afraid I'll ruin it what do I do?!?!?
    November 7 08:26 AM
  • SachikoM Yeah the download servers cap download speed....
    November 6 08:31 PM
  • SachikoM shhh:
    November 6 03:19 AM
  • SachikoM the truth hurts sometimes. don't worry tho, i still love youuuu~~~.
    November 6 02:30 AM
  • SachikoM it is baaaaad.
    November 6 12:36 AM
  • Gwyn. It's in Spanish (There's a translation at the bottom but it's completely broken), but translating it, he specifically says "Unfortunately, we're all so busy with real life that we don't have time to keep working as Sweet Trip" - - However it is from 2011, pretty old, so who knows if it still applies. I'm gonna go check that single as soon as the album is done (Or listen to the album again... Dependsss)
    November 4 04:32 AM
  • Gwyn. Yeah they wear their influences very openly which might seem bland at first. I'm reading up this interview from one of the guys just because sometimes there's some context that might make the music sweeter and his influences are all very evident from his music: afx, ae, sonic youth, mbv, etc etc, but they combine them flawlessly. Despite that I don't think I've heard a record that's really like it. Now I'm pissed that in the same interview he says there might be no more sweet trip :/
    November 4 04:12 AM
  • Gwyn. All the first 4 songs have blown me away completely my looooooordddd Ive had the album for like 2 years now and I regret not listening until now. I don't think I have anything on the alts that I actually used, if I do it's probably just the youtube commenter angsty teenager s*** I listened to before this site. I use to look at the stuff I used to like more, my old account that is
    November 4 04:01 AM
  • Gwyn. I have a like 3 alts, can't remember the password for any of them. I also have a s***load I made once just to inflate the ratings of a bunch of stuff but that's another story. Also hoooooh my god I put off listening to Velocity : Design : Comfort for a really long time but I'm listening to it now and wtffffff
    November 4 03:50 AM
  • SachikoM But, in short, s***'s finally starting to get serious, so I imagine I will start to spend less time on here (and probably listening to music in general), and I'll begin to take part in the grind of adult life. Still, gotta find time for the good things sometimes. I do remember checking Twin Infinitives last year, and not getting the opportunity to return to it, so your reminder is as good as any reason I could conjure. I hope everything goes well for you. :]
    November 3 06:16 AM
  • SachikoM Life's a bit of a blur sometimes... I'm actually in a similar, but less serious position than you are. I'm currently working one job (looking for a potential second) so I can make some $$$ before I head to uni. I'm starting to pack up my stuff to move out as well, because the uni I want to go to is in the city (7 hours away) and moving will be a bitch. I've almost completed my driver's licence, and similarly to you, I'm partying hard atm (because of end of school celebrations and whatnot).
    November 3 06:14 AM
  • SachikoM Ahh, fair enough. I feel you..... Anyways, how've you been? Jammed any good new stuff recently?
    November 3 05:56 AM
  • SachikoM Well, I don't disagree, but couldn't you just have asked for a ratings wipe? Or is there more to it than that? Who cares, you're here after all!!! :]
    November 3 05:45 AM
  • SachikoM So why did you change accounts?
    November 3 05:26 AM
  • Jacquibim I'm pretty sure too but I know too but I just needed some (?) Permeance
    November 2 09:30 AM
  • SachikoM I'm pretty sure I know who you are...
    November 2 09:01 AM
  • Jacquibim Soooooo.. who are you exactly?
    November 2 06:31 AM
  • Hovse wanna dub?
    November 1 06:19 PM
  • alienobserver but good ratings :^)
    November 1 05:21 PM
  • alienobserver i thought u gave through being cool a 2 for a minute and i almost cried tbh then i realized it was the s/t
    November 1 05:20 PM
  • Gwyn. lmao knew it!! I see right thru u. Don't worry tho won't tell nobody
    November 1 02:00 AM
  • SachikoM Who are you tbh? You seem familiar, get I can't put a name to your face.
    November 1 12:57 AM
  • Archael Lol right tryna come at me yet you won't even use your actual account. Stay butthurt ya plebeian chickens***.
    October 31 02:38 AM
  • SachikoM That's why you don't listen to dream theater
    October 28 07:56 PM
  • SachikoM You have sweet taste. You look like you could be one of my favourites. :3
    October 27 11:39 PM

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