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  • DarkSideOfLucca Ahoy!
    March 11 06:35 PM
  • FancyM8 dude im not high at all come to tinychat its easier please ty
    January 31 01:42 AM
  • FancyM8 dude im close minded and autists are retards i am also retarded myself ty oh man no im not fuuck im almost bored of this
    January 31 01:35 AM
  • FancyM8 but he is a retard damn you are respectful i thought you werent wait hold on do you have a steam
    January 31 01:31 AM
  • FancyM8 dude atari liked skeletor ill give you ford but i cant give you atari and of course aids is bipolar hes canadian we are all bipolar
    January 31 01:28 AM
  • FancyM8 aids has been alright to me weve talked a lot but yeah snox is gay one of the gayest atari ford and captain are the worst though come on they are not 27 years old if they are i feelbad for them
    January 31 01:23 AM
  • FancyM8 can you find 2 users who do like him i think not! staff doesnt count they are gay
    January 31 01:14 AM
  • FancyM8 make an alt called devhasabigdick i made one about willie he liked it you try
    January 31 01:04 AM
  • FancyM8 dude i havent even bothered to make any since he became mod
    January 31 12:55 AM
  • FancyM8 i usually do that when im hungover and have nothing else to do so its no big deal. the ones that get banned are me having fun they dont like fun you know that
    January 31 12:40 AM
  • FancyM8 well those 100 dont even have comments the others get banned before i get to 20 comments
    January 31 12:36 AM
  • FancyM8 i made like 100 in one day to 1 something i cant remember what it was
    January 31 12:32 AM
  • FancyM8 not even close this is like over 500 im almost ashamed
    January 31 12:26 AM
  • FancyM8 dude its bone
    January 31 12:25 AM
  • FancyM8 whyd you stop responding i am not happy damn
    January 31 12:09 AM
  • Spec Science b*tch.
    January 13 02:04 PM
  • mindleviticus Definitely check them out man!! They are grade A material! :]
    January 9 09:15 PM
  • JokineAugustus Sucks man. So you in school then?
    January 9 03:49 PM
  • mindleviticus Second Toughest In The Infants is my favorite album by them because there are so many genres on that album; however their album Dubnobasswithmyheadman is considered better by many and is amazing as well. A Hundred Days Off is really good too, but beware of the song Trim because it is horrible.
    January 9 10:05 AM
  • ThatDeviantFag it wouldnt get accepted
    January 9 04:29 AM
  • ThatDeviantFag ikr im gonna rate all his 5s as 1s and vice versa
    January 9 04:26 AM
  • ThatDeviantFag now look at my profile
    January 9 04:24 AM
  • ThatDeviantFag wait till you see my picture inamin
    January 9 04:24 AM
  • ThatDeviantFag hey
    January 9 04:16 AM
  • JokineAugustus When you unbanned?
    January 9 03:14 AM
  • DarthMann thanks man
    January 8 08:04 AM
  • mindleviticus Uhhh, no idea yet, but I'm really interested in normal sciences, computer science and audio engineering :]. I have no idea what university is all about. All I hope for right now is to get accepted. My average is about a 79-80% and I take really hard courses right now. How long did it take you to get accepted when you applied?
    January 7 09:35 PM
  • mindleviticus And BTW how is college? What do you do there?
    January 7 09:15 PM
  • mindleviticus Oh yeah haha, that new Cult of Luna is real good. Not the best CoL, but still pretty solid. I thought it was really weird and offputting that Vicarious Redemption had the dubstep wobble thing though, haha. And Nice! I'm still in high school, though I just applied to a few universities today =D! I'm just chilling out listening to some Underworld :] Amazing electronic band.
    January 7 08:56 PM
  • mindleviticus what's going on ins?
    January 7 08:41 PM
  • WeepingBanana who are you again?
    January 6 12:24 AM
  • thegoldencobra i know right, i've been jamming Vertikal all day, Vicarious Atonement alone is enough to make me love it. s'all good though man, gotta take one for the team sometimes.
    January 5 09:53 PM
  • thegoldencobra It's cuz everyone was being stupid in the new COL thread and were acting like it was impossible to find a link, it only took me like 2 seconds to find so I just posted it to prove how lazy they were. not doing that again for lazy sob's.
    January 5 09:42 PM
  • thegoldencobra Oh thanks man, now i know! We can probably still link people in the shoutboxes, I hope.
    January 5 09:39 PM
  • thegoldencobra Someone actually made a list about him becoming a mod recently and said we were all "doomed". No verification of this being the truth though.
    January 5 08:47 PM
  • thegoldencobra Thanks man. Thats sucks but atleast you won't be banned too much longer. Also, I could have been banned by Alaclahol since he's a mod now, that guy has just always been a total dick to me even when I try to be nice to him.
    January 5 08:36 PM
  • thegoldencobra I don't know man, I'm pretty nice to everyone, me and you had that silly argument once and once with Malleus because he's a pompous dick lol but that's it and I don't say the flag word. I swear sometimes so maybe that hahaha.
    January 5 08:21 PM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently Because you never shut the **** up about it.
    January 5 10:57 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently It's stupidly written and sounds like an ugly piece of music to the ears. And it's long and it's boring. Not a well-written or well-structured album in any sense of the word. And your fanboyism isn't going to change my opinion on it, so just give it the **** up. Not everybody likes Periphery. Stop ****ing crying about it, you annoying ****.
    January 5 07:49 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently That means a lot coming from you. /cutsself
    January 5 07:42 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently You read your Lateralus review, didn't you?
    January 5 07:36 AM
  • JokineAugustus Congrats on becoming the devil.
    January 4 08:49 PM
  • GiaNXGX buy some Webern
    January 3 11:21 PM
  • GiaNXGX cool orange
    January 3 11:20 PM
  • Necrotica Don't worry about it, man, I'm not leaving now :]
    December 31 06:32 PM
  • Atari haven't listened yet wanted to make sure you were gonna follow through on our deal first lol i'll check them out again soon
    December 28 02:21 PM
  • Atari i figured you hadn't lol just making sure you you're not slacking though and you actually downloaded them :P
    December 28 02:17 PM
  • Atari well did you listen to anathema!?!?
    December 28 02:08 PM
  • Talk to me on Fb
    December 28 02:33 AM
  • Atari Anathema is much different than the deftones though...hope u like them
    December 27 08:18 PM
  • Atari Also check out weather systems (album) and I promise to give that deftones album another chance Lol
    December 27 08:03 PM
  • Atari start with the album judgement
    December 27 07:58 PM
  • Atari have you heard anathema? they're really chill metal and they blow deftones out of the water IMO
    December 27 07:47 PM
  • Atari dude deftones is one of the most boring bands on the planet that's why lol
    December 27 07:37 PM
  • CyrusTheMachine merry christmas ins! i added you on lastfm i just saw
    December 25 01:08 AM
  • aqualungcancer
    December 21 02:51 AM
  • aqualungcancer What?
    December 21 01:56 AM
  • Deviant. Because it doesn't need to be there you dork. Why did you write the news article for your own release and then post a source??
    December 21 12:46 AM
  • Atari nah no band for me (i wish)
    December 20 07:55 PM
  • Atari yeah i'll check out your bands EP tonight you just have to remind me i'm forgetful lol all that damn weed
    December 20 06:28 PM
  • Atari ha what's up? how long are you banned for?
    December 19 11:46 AM
  • Strider I'm still not a big fan of the wobbles, but it sounds way better than before. you probably should ditch the dubstep and go all out on the trance
    December 19 09:37 AM
  • Strider No problem man !
    December 19 09:22 AM
  • Jom No idea, as J hasn't been around in a couple days. My guess is January 2013, although there's always the chance that bugs will continue to pop up here and there. As far as the band goes, if you would like, feel free to add them again (and if/when the band page returns, I can merge the artists). Cheers.
    December 17 11:57 PM
  • Jom If it's an album, you can edit it yourself from your profile. As far as band pages go, they're supposed to be fixed, although I'm not 100% sure. The newest bug is merging albums: when we merge albums A and B, the entire page disappears. It's very frustrating but I'm glad that we're finally making progress with the owner to work out the site's longstanding kinks.
    December 17 11:13 PM
  • CyrusTheMachine nope
    December 17 03:22 AM
  • CyrusTheMachine very good thank you i forgot what alt it was i talked to you on was it damnthecyrus i forget
    December 17 03:17 AM
  • CyrusTheMachine hello how are you
    December 17 03:09 AM
  • Deviant. Good to know that's your only response
    December 16 10:33 PM
  • Deviant. Yes I knew how many alts you had but I never went through them at the time. And it was when I wiped everything that I came across more of your troll negging. Seriously, stop being so oblivious to the fact simply because it happened to you (look at the edit date of my comment for your banned post, it happened 3 days after the original ban, not in the last 24 hours or something). So stop being an utter moron
    December 16 10:18 PM
  • Deviant. No mass negging simply means using one account to neg multiple reviews from one user, that's what you were banned for. I then discovered you had done it again on another account (before I banned you) and added another month on
    December 16 09:50 PM
  • Deviant. I saw you mass troll negging on one accountt, and banned you for a month with a promise that if I came across it again I would add another month to your ban. I then found that you had done the same thing on another account. Not quite sure what doesn't make sense, it's as easy as 1 1
    December 16 09:39 PM
  • Deviant. I just said to you "regardless of it had happened before you were banned". I found you had done it on another account, and so I added a month (like I said I would)
    December 16 09:27 PM
  • Deviant. Yeah, but I found that you had done it again (regardless of if it had happened before you were banned)
    December 16 09:15 PM
  • 666Micrograms hellz ye, falling asleep to filosofem is the s***!
    December 13 09:22 AM
  • 666Micrograms I listen to quite a bit more death metal metal than black metal in all actuality. I just find the genre more interesting as a whole.
    December 12 10:05 PM
  • sixdegrees yea, it's not everyone's "thing". Those are good bands tho
    December 12 09:06 PM
  • sixdegrees damn. I take it you don't listen to much grind.
    December 12 08:04 PM
  • sixdegrees that napalm death rating is weak.
    December 12 05:48 PM
  • LilLioness I still have about 30 releases I want to listen to before I finalize my list. I am interested to see what you liked most this year. :)
    December 12 10:52 AM
  • Sanders Haha cheers man, I'm struggling to stop just staring at it for hours
    December 12 02:07 AM
  • 666Micrograms Until then I'll rate my hardcopys.
    December 10 06:05 PM
  • 666Micrograms Naw I don't do dr00gs ;)
    December 10 06:05 PM
  • 666Micrograms Oh; why two profiles? And myd my ratings because I have a very significant, consciousness-expanding, psychedelic experience on the horizon, and as preparation for "cleaning the slate, a fresh start" I've decided to my ratings, quit smoking, and just focus on the appreciation of art instead trying to cast and categorize it in an ambiguous fashion. When you see that first rating pop up you'll know ;)
    December 10 09:14 AM
  • demigod! just wanna say your avatar rules m/
    December 10 02:12 AM
  • GrandpaStanley Gee thanks, definitely makes me feel warm inside, you're the man :) -GrandpaStanley
    December 9 09:21 AM
  • Deviant. I would tell you to stop wasting your time, but it's not exactly a waste of mine
    December 8 12:33 AM

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