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  • Conmaniac where?d you gooooo I miss you so, seems like it?s been forever since you?ve been gone pls come back chorts!
    October 12 06:53 AM
  • YoYoMancuso miss u
    June 2 05:04 PM
  • TheSpaceMan im listening to teebs!!
    July 6 12:27 PM
  • TheSpaceMan brooo i didnt realize i never got back to you! its actually crazy cause when you shouted me I was legitimately playing thru that game for the first time. crazy as fvck coincidence lmao but yeah im doing well and trying to stay safe... howve you been?
    May 20 05:20 AM
  • parksungjoon
    February 22 10:22 PM
  • luci it's on my list for 2020 stuff to check. i wanna hold off until march but there's an AAL album next week which is tempting
    February 3 04:04 PM
  • luci
    January 25 08:08 AM
  • luci didn't think of al-90 but i can see it now, especially the post-chorus. album reminds me of dj sabrina the teenage dj (who knocked al-90 off the top spot on rym outsider house chart). both are influenced by the avalanches in terms of vocal sampling and energy
    January 22 03:33 AM
  • luci on repeat: got a feeling i've got i've got a feeling YEAH YEAH got a feeling
    January 21 08:16 AM
  • luci other than barker i found all my favs of last year in 2020 (ura, juneunit, akasha system). funny how that works
    January 15 12:09 PM
  • luci I jammed juneunit on bandcamp then bought it right away! and yessss, that portrait with firewood is so elusive, doesn't stick in memory but captivates me while it's playing. sex, waters rising, showreel and the closer all highlights
    January 14 07:07 PM
  • luci i adore the juneunit album (sherburne rec). ambient dub that reminds me of huerco s
    January 12 10:39 PM
  • luci totally get that, it took me ages to start liking it. have to wait for the click
    January 2 09:53 PM
  • luci highly recommend akasha system's echo earth, airy ambient house from last year
    January 2 01:44 PM
  • luci i've been loving djrum's portrait of firewood. has similar genre-blending and organicism as the dj sports lp, but even more freeform. have you heard it?
    December 23 05:49 PM
  • luci I keep trying that Auscultation but it hasn?t worked for me yet. Same with Moon Diagrams? Lifetime of Love. 3.5s that I should like more
    December 23 05:46 PM
  • Yotimi URA - Entertainment. Another Chortley album for ya
    December 22 02:50 AM
  • Yotimi I did! Has chortles written all over it, so I'm glad you're coming around to it
    December 19 07:24 PM
  • luci sent you a discord rec ;)
    November 21 04:56 PM
  • luci jamming it again rn, it's very solid! their collaborator pushed them to a more ambient techno sound
    November 21 03:12 PM
  • luci are you on discord? haven't logged in a while. we never chatted about the wanderwelle collab!
    November 20 09:54 PM
  • luci hello!
    November 20 08:55 PM
  • Yotimi Had no idea Deerhunter's drummer made some of the best ambient techno of the decade til peeping ur ratings
    November 15 03:40 AM
  • Winesburgohio feels like i'm picking up a subterranean transmission wouldn't surprised me if dude lives in a cave now! and don't worry i'll take u for a waltz on the ballroom floor to ballroom. P.S. if u wanna get FUKd the hell up
    November 13 09:58 PM
  • Winesburgohio tytyty!!! also man how hard does "It Should Be Us" go what a joy!
    November 11 03:33 AM
  • Winesburgohio oh babe i forgot perhaps the most important: Mike Leigh's Happy-go-Lucky is massively misunderstood, really subtle and nuanced, and really, really lovely. top-notch acting too pls consider,
    November 5 11:16 PM
  • Winesburgohio steez), and Ballast: the latter is slow, moving, rebukes big emotional moments and captures everything in glances and material surroundings. a triumph i foist on all and sundry. i hope this helps! now, if you wouldn't mind reciprocating... i've shown u mine
    November 4 10:34 PM
  • Winesburgohio darling! obviously Reprise will satiate your needs but here are most others that I really enjoy that are slow, unfurl beautifully and don't overstate things: Slow West (Western), The Spectacular Now (Teen), Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Teen), Terri (????), Beautiful Girls (Small Town dissection), State and Main (Small Town dissection but fun), Late Spring (essential; gorgeously understated), TheGoodTimesKid (mumblecore at its most moving and least snide), Marshland (for ur True Detective s1
    November 4 10:32 PM
  • unclereich :3
    November 4 06:22 AM
  • StarlessCore Veganism is dangerous stupid and unhealthy, facts
    October 28 07:38 PM
  • ShitsofRain : )
    October 18 04:30 PM
  • Winesburgohio hey darlin', rustling u up a list when they come to me yee-haw! we thank you for your patience
    October 16 10:57 PM
  • luci hedonic treadmill is the consensus favorite so not surprised to hear that. the opener, t/t and closer are my top 3... the loping dub closing the album is definitely intriguing, that took me the longest to get into. glad the album clicked!
    September 27 03:05 PM
  • Zeneren Haha it?s ok. Fancied going to the inaugural Giles Peterson curated festival We Out Here, decided not to in the end but will probably go next year. I?m seeing Perc/Ansome/Xosar/Sunil Sharpe/Hadone tomorrow, will be heavy but first time I?ve been out in ages. Giant Swan and Function have albums coming out later this year I?m looking forward to.How you Beene? Had any summer frolics?
    September 19 03:25 PM
  • Zeneren You won't believe... it got cancelled because we had 40mph winds forecasted during the weekend. My refund came through yesterday =( It was so disappointing
    September 18 03:55 PM
  • ShitsofRain New Anthony Naples is fun.
    June 16 02:33 PM
  • ShitsofRain Paul's Horizon by Ryan Elliott sounds sweet.
    May 17 07:45 PM
  • Zeneren Haha fair enough, looks like it will be a killer weekend again. Last year it rained so hoping we'll see a bit of the sun! Going to try and visit London?
    April 20 02:03 PM
  • Zeneren Houghton lineup is trickling out today, some really lovely artists both known and lesser-known
    April 17 12:03 PM
  • Zeneren Apologies for the late reply, just been in Paris for a week and I broke my phone ha! Yes, Houghton was the one! Get a ticket, I'm going again this year as well! Lineup so far not announced but sure to be great
    March 20 10:10 PM
  • L4titudes Not really unfortunately. I haven't checked too much from the year yet. Been eyein up that British Murder Boys.
    March 3 12:27 AM
  • L4titudes Sup man... you hear any good electronic stuff from this year yet?
    February 26 01:37 AM
  • L4titudes Hell yeah I'm glad you dig! He was one half of B12 if I'm not mistaken.
    January 10 02:15 AM
  • BlushfulHippocrene I love you. And it worked out!!! Your write-ups so far have been amazing. :3
    January 10 01:53 AM
  • ShitsofRain deep house diamond
    January 6 09:00 PM
  • Jom Hi there. Thanks for your interest with the Global list! While your entries were either already claimed or didn't make the top 50/10, some of the contribs have identified at least one album that's currently unclaimed but would be in your wheelhouse. Would you be interested? If so, would you be cool with e-mailing me (or vice versa) to avoid spoilers? Cheers!
    January 4 05:50 PM
  • Zeneren Young Marco was the most memorable DJ of Dekmantel 2017!! His sets were pure joy.Glad to hear DJ harvey and Job Jobse were also great, I need to check them out when they're in town. Looks like ya had a lotta fun :)
    December 17 11:35 AM
  • Zeneren Job Jobse sounds like he?d be a fun party vibe! Simply haven?t heard enough of him and sadly missed the chance to see him at dekmantel last year. Definitely report back, would love to be on them Miami beaches (if it is)
    December 5 03:45 PM
  • Zeneren Hey dude! Long time, hope you're well. Ame b2b Dixon looks like the pick of the bunch there, and do see Young Marco as you said. I saw Red Axes live this Summer and they were brilliant. I quite like the *idea* of seeing Seth Troxler but I don't think he's an outstanding DJ. I expect Tim Sweeney will have some great taste because he runs Beats in Space mix series. Not sure about the rest I'm afraid - expect you can drift about and have a lotta fun!
    December 5 12:46 AM
  • L4titudes HELL YEAH! Thanks man much appreciated. I'll try to post the review within the next few days.
    November 14 06:15 AM
  • L4titudes Floex - A Portrait of John Doe
    September 2 04:54 AM
  • L4titudes Hey dude! Been busy so not as active on here but always enough time for jams. That Seefeel album really hits the spot for me at times. Not even sure that I can think of anything in the same vein.. Been really diggin A.A.L. album lately as I'm sure you are. Anyways here's a few recs..Alex Under - La Maquina De BolasSenking - Ping Thaw (his other work is worth checkin too)Frank Bretschneider - Rhythm Blocks
    September 2 02:28 AM
  • brainmelter hey how you bean bb? I'm seriously slacking on electronic this year, and I know u the man that can. lol whenever you can shoot some tasty recs my way pls
    August 22 07:48 PM
  • luci they deliver quality on all the various aliases, hard to keep up sometimes :p
    July 19 10:28 PM
  • luci yea i'm slacking on older stuff so that realm is open. a new deepchord lp came out today btw:
    July 17 06:12 PM
  • luci dig that record, it's on the next list :-)
    July 17 05:43 PM
  • JustJoe. But I hope it continues!
    June 29 10:34 PM
  • JustJoe. I'm rediscovering a deeply latent affinity for artists of this region that I cannot properly quantify.
    June 29 10:33 PM
  • Zeneren expired I think ?
    June 22 07:40 AM
  • Zeneren hey, yeah i do! Havent been on it since i made the user. Be keen to join though, sounds cool - Username is the same as here
    June 20 05:52 PM
  • Ryus yeah man, truly beautiful release
    June 19 09:58 PM
  • luci listening now, lovely mix. i'm excited too, taking care to avoid hearing pre-release tracks. want the full immersion :~)
    June 14 12:23 AM
  • luci finally got to the dj healer mix... wow. just as good as the album. the track starting at 40 mins is my favorite thing he's done under this alias. what a creative genius
    June 4 10:34 PM
  • tacos n stuff hey buddy! Round 7 is up when you're ready to rec
    May 21 02:12 AM
  • Zeneren Boy do we get spoilt. Wish he eased us in some times with a couple of EPs.L.B. Dub Corp's new album just dropped, definitely worth your time
    May 19 09:59 PM
  • luci saw that! haven't found time to check but it's on the radar~
    May 15 11:53 PM
  • luci heads up: the new skee mask lp is awesome. he takes on a dreamy breakbeat aesthetic that sticks out from the crowd
    May 12 01:34 PM
  • commonist yo hit that new Koze lp with a review!
    May 4 07:00 PM
  • luci yeah that loidis was more surprising than the pendant, his grainy ambient style goes so well with house music. addictive release. i checked that voices from the lake / wata igarashi split and it's great, anything else by vftl i should get on?
    May 4 04:43 PM
  • commonist Hell yeah dude, I'm an unapologetic Giegling fanboy. Do you have any recos that I might like?
    April 21 03:01 PM
  • luci and wanderwelle announced a new album! ahhhh
    April 15 02:36 PM
  • luci want a link for the two new traumprinz records? they're so good
    April 15 10:15 AM
  • luci dj healer is a prince of denmark alias :o apparently he put out an ambient/breakbeat record earlier this month
    April 13 09:38 PM
  • luci i don't think you'll like the chrome sparks tbh. lots of interesting releases out this week i've yet to check (dj seinfeld, dj heure, dj healer, mr. fingers...) will tell you what's good x
    April 13 09:35 PM
  • luci the new chrome sparks is more my thing. tasty pop nuggets set to his sparkly production style. like a better flume
    April 13 08:17 PM
  • luci gave it two listens, enjoyable but won't stick to the memory. all his work peaks at a 3.5 for me
    April 13 07:56 PM
  • Zeneren I've liked the singles more progressively. God damn that kick is so weighty. All this Disco rehash business seems cheap from everyone except him. Going to close down summer festivals for sure. Can't wait for the album as well!
    April 12 10:56 PM
  • Zeneren New Koze single is 5/5
    April 12 06:12 PM
  • verdant you just deserve good things pal!! all good about discord although if i do message you i expect a response : O! jamming Koze heaps recently because i'm gonna write-up his new one, and in terms of a recommendation hmmmmm.... try Swan Songs by Post War Glamour Girls (post punk) or Weird Times by Matt Jencik (ambient/drone). keep doing ur thang x
    April 12 04:19 PM
  • verdant haelo i appreciate you so much that i am directing good will and wishes at ur face. life better be treating u well or i'm going to kick ur life's ass. thanks.
    April 12 03:03 PM
  • Jots new zlota jesien, which ppl here are hella sleep on. (saw you had other thing of theirs rated)
    April 1 08:33 PM
  • Zeneren wow you were so right that Prince of Denmark - this is not mix is unreal. can you believe all of that is him? Those mixes are like albums in their own right and all of them are straight 8/9/10s. Untouchable. I think that may also be my favourite one - just for the darker hypnotic vibe.Weirdly haven't been back to 8 in a while, but when i hear the tracks in mixes I get an instant longing.
    March 21 10:14 PM
  • Zeneren M8! Didn't actually realise either, or maybe similarly to you saw it and just passed it in thought. Will check out now on your recommendation
    March 12 11:26 PM
  • L4titudes Thanks dude! I'll be checkin those recs tonight. As far as the contest.... a tie? Haha I don't know but both albums were great. Maybe I'll revisit tonight and determine a winner...
    March 6 01:37 AM
  • L4titudes Gimmie all dem recs you got
    March 2 02:47 AM
  • zakalwe Yeah, that was the one I checked. I dig dude.
    March 1 09:24 PM
  • L4titudes OHH and check Deadbeat - Something Borrowed, Something Blue
    March 1 01:56 AM
  • L4titudes quirky DUB** from another dimension
    March 1 01:56 AM
  • L4titudes Hell yeah I do! Not all that similar to burger/ink but some have similarities....Farben - Textstar (minimal techno/glitchy/fun)Gramm - Personal Rock (warm ambient glitch)Lucy - Wordplay for Working Bees (dark brooding techno)Plat - Compulsion (IDM that's gentle on the ears)Pole - Steingarten (quirky IDM from another dimension)Seefeel - Quique (Shoegazy Electronic)Spooky - Found Sound (Percussive, cold, distant IDM)
    March 1 01:55 AM
  • zakalwe Thanks for the Efdemin rec dude.
    February 28 09:39 PM
  • L4titudes That burger/ink - las vegas does look realllly nice sitting at a 4.5 in your ratings
    February 28 04:48 AM
  • TheWrenKing o 4 f'sure is the one i'm constantly goin back to. 10 aswell, luv, luv the percussion in both
    February 21 01:18 PM
  • luci yeah I'm loving it, he knows how to take the listener on a ride. the segment from 23:00 to 28:00 is especially stunning
    February 20 03:41 PM
  • TheWrenKing yeee it's marvelous ! i just remembered to rate it. wats yr favs off it ?
    February 19 04:29 PM
  • luci yesss! masterful use of hooks that never satiate, so you have to keep listening. so glad you dig, tracks 3, 4 and especially 8 are top for me.
    February 17 04:17 PM
  • luci have a recent ambient record to rec: severnaya - polar skies. icy yet lustrous soundscapes, think you'll dig
    February 15 09:56 PM
  • Zeneren after a few more listens I think it might be quite possibly his best mix yet - close to This is Not level
    February 13 09:54 PM
  • Zeneren Only listened once but it's great isn't it? All unreleased material, delicate subtle production but jamming all the same. Def worth a few more goes - hope we get some big releases from the man this year
    February 13 11:53 AM
  • Zeneren FRESH PoD yooooo
    February 12 09:31 AM
  • luci you should check in death's dream kingdom. amazing comp from a top-class group of artists. might be my fav release of the early year
    February 5 08:53 AM
  • ShitsofRain interesting
    January 17 05:08 PM
  • TheSpaceMan Haha sweet glad you liked it. Definitely less intense and more structured but idk they've always had similarities to me
    January 14 08:39 PM
  • TheSpaceMan I'm sure theres a ton out there thats similiar, but the only thing really close off the top of my head is Faunts - High Expectations/Low Results. killer album!
    January 12 06:09 AM
  • TheSpaceMan oh yeah like flying through a void of nothing and a field of roses at the same time? idk. and she was long over-due, I've been jamming for a while now. i forget to rate things a lot lol
    January 12 03:44 AM
  • Zeneren Hah did you just check out that incredible echospace album recently as well? That would be a funny weird coincidence
    December 30 01:32 PM
  • luci have a rec: CODE-915913 by AL-90. discovered it last week and it's become all I want to listen to. outsider house with subdued rnb melodies, addictive release
    December 28 01:16 PM
  • CaimanJesus You're a winner my man
    December 25 11:25 PM
  • TheSpaceMan Merry Christmas chorts! Hope it's a good one
    December 25 04:43 PM
  • ShitsofRain last share for this year
    December 22 02:13 PM
  • CaimanJesus Ambient time
    December 18 03:05 AM
  • L4titudes Glad you like that one man... Album is such a gem
    December 13 02:59 AM
  • CaimanJesus for the s***ty genre )
    December 9 09:44 PM
  • luci terekke's plant age was the electronic release I enjoyed most this month. saw it described as "club tracks heard through a pillow" so I downloaded it right away. that's so my thing
    December 3 07:27 PM
  • luci glad you liked it! i downloaded that but haven't listened, will get to it faster now. finding that the year is winding down, november didn't have many great releases. love seeing you trawl through that sprinkles discog 8)
    December 1 05:18 PM
  • YoYoMancuso from what i've seen the taste has changed for the better! love that you dig Loud City Song
    November 30 01:43 AM
  • YoYoMancuso listenin to The Holy Bible right now, we had ourselves some times back in the day man
    November 28 03:02 AM
  • TheWrenKing omg it destroyed me too i feel ur pain. never played anything so ****in.... abyssal
    November 19 03:03 AM
  • hal1ax no waaaaaaay. i love u. good lookin out.
    November 18 04:59 AM
  • ShitsofRain liking him would be an understatement
    November 16 09:29 AM
  • Ryus dude parallel dimensions is incredible
    November 15 11:03 PM
  • ShitsofRain have another one
    November 15 09:57 PM
  • TheSpaceMan ive never owned a copy but i played thru a lot of dark souls, the environments were my favorite part. super immersive. i can imagine bloodborne is similar.
    October 28 08:54 PM
  • TheSpaceMan i agree, anything else would miss the tee and probably be a cash grab. this is coming solely through love and dedication. plus im not sure how well an actual sequel would fair. tbh i even think future perfect was a step in the wrong direction in some ways , but its still a great game
    October 27 11:18 PM
  • TheSpaceMan yeah sorta, i think theyre trying to make a game that has elements of all three, so its sorta both a remaster and a new game. its profit free and being made by fans and retired employees who work on the original games. its been in the labs for awhile but lately theyve been releasing a ton of cool 3D models and think theyre aiming for an early 2018 demo
    October 27 08:58 PM
  • TheSpaceMan yes hold onto that copy, put it in a display case with a spotlight on it and you'll get all the puss... sounds like Timesplitters: Rewind is pretty far along too!
    October 27 06:55 PM
  • Archelirion Hey fella, round 5 of my comp is up :] It's a 'rec any song' round -
    October 25 07:43 PM
  • TheSpaceMan please this aint new, i've collected so many as a kid
    October 25 06:36 PM
  • TheSpaceMan D00d I just downloaded TS2 for an emulator on my laptop. My ****ing god this game is amazing
    October 25 12:36 PM
  • luci you should check the new juju and jordash album, reminds me of dj sports
    October 24 10:38 AM
  • Zeneren Oh that's sick! Do you live in Amsterdam?? Went to Dekmantel this year and it was incredible!Let me know how DJ Tennis is. Not so familiar with how ADE works but I see there is a Perc Trax event so I hope you're going to that!!
    October 18 10:00 PM
  • luci have no idea, tried to look it up. don't think it's anyone well-known. glad you dig 8)
    October 18 09:56 AM
  • luci have to rec this cs kreme track that debuted recently, becoming one of my fav tracks this year. lush and mesmerising:
    October 17 06:33 PM
  • Zeneren Roman Flugel's new fabric mix is a worldie!! Potentially DJ Tennis Dj Kicks level, check it out when you can! Man I real need to compile all of these into a list some time
    October 13 07:37 PM
  • Dewinged Yeah man! Started a band with a friend, him playing bass and me drums and we were looking for bands doing the same line-up. I was blown away cause they are pretty wild lol we don't reach those heights of noise and utter madness though.
    October 10 05:21 AM
  • ShitsofRain this is pretty good
    October 9 06:45 PM
  • brainmelter hmmm, maybe something that has urgency, something with cool textures. or feels. or otherworldly atmosphere ha. anything! a hidden gem, something you think is special
    October 9 07:29 AM
  • brainmelter over the last couple years I've been getting into more and more electronic. since you seem to be a seasoned veteran in the field, mind giving me some recs?:D
    October 9 01:19 AM
  • Royl123 Agreed hard!
    October 7 09:58 PM
  • Royl123 Dude! The flaming lips were ****ing amazing!!
    October 7 06:47 AM
  • RaveChild most of my jams are dancefloor cuts tho but i'll rec based on ur ratings
    October 6 11:32 PM
  • TheSpaceMan That sounds perfect actually gonna check real soon
    October 6 10:07 PM
  • RaveChild i jam to more than 217 12" this year for my DJ mix alone its crazy and i don't have the energy to add all of them to the DB lol.
    October 6 09:49 PM
  • RaveChild the usual. fags n stuff.
    October 6 09:46 PM
  • brainmelter oh yeah? that's funny because I have a weak spot for guitar music. and nice dude, im glad you liked it more than mineral lol. I really like the track Sweet Pea
    October 6 06:52 PM
  • TheSpaceMan nice! they build worlds man, like youre flying through a misty alien planet on Neil degrasse's ship. you got any good down-tempo recs for me junkie??
    October 6 05:52 PM
  • TheSpaceMan not much, ever since irma rolled thru i havent setup my xbox out of laziness since i packed it away. BUT before then i got back into speedrunning halo games (im really good at it) and whoopin' ass in mortal kombat x... I also am a total geek and love to make adventure maps in minecraft lol (a passion that started from TS2's mapmaker!). i actually was inspired to make a neotokyo level and got pretty far into it. i should complete it!
    October 6 03:34 PM
  • Royl123 Haha I also bought the ticket mainly to see the lips
    October 6 02:18 PM
  • Royl123 No worries man. So how long does Mac and that other group play for?
    October 6 02:17 PM
  • RaveChild hey i was banned so this is my new acc
    October 6 09:46 AM
  • Royl123 Hey man, in the flaming lips/mac demarco concert, who performed first?
    October 6 05:57 AM
  • ShitsofRain idk. only saw an excerpt on tv and it floored me. btw, you're doing a good job spreading electronic music here.
    October 5 08:03 PM
  • luci glad to hear that. it's a morning record for me, light immersion with some padded beats to get my brain working. love the imagery it evokes and how effortless the whole project feels...
    October 4 07:18 AM
  • Cygnatti right? Its a sleeper hit round for some reason tho.
    October 3 03:00 PM
  • Cygnatti jam dis wit me ~
    October 2 11:31 PM
  • brainmelter so did ya like it? and I entered a raime song into the new round of Butchers perf song tournament hehe
    October 2 07:33 PM
  • Zeneren just been making my way through DJ tennis mix, first disc is truly lovely. Hadn't heard that huge jon hopkins track before. Why is the Bauri track (Twinkle Stars) so familiar? Reminds me a lot of Boards of Canada but sure I heard something like it somewhere before
    October 1 10:45 AM
  • brainmelter wait I just looked at your ratings and you don't really care for mineral so you prob won't care for this too much either
    October 1 07:07 AM
  • brainmelter btw you should check out Seam - the problem with me
    October 1 06:18 AM
  • brainmelter awe ye 8)
    October 1 06:09 AM
  • Zeneren Trushmix 100 - Fett Burger/Sotofett is the first I heard and was a v good introduction, quite percussive and has a great range reflecting their taste. 47 - Balearic Gabba Soundsystem is fantastic. 61 - PLO Man is a very very nice deep mix. Those are probably my favourites bearing in mind i've only heard a handful. They are very good though.I'll listen to the DJ Tennis mix today!
    September 29 07:57 AM
  • luci yea it's excellent! also a big fan of her queerifications and ruins comp
    September 29 04:22 AM
  • brainmelter of course:D and nice Raime ava
    September 28 11:56 PM
  • Zeneren Ah yess really looking forward to Lone's Dj-Kicks mix coming out on Friday! If you're interested in more mixes definitely check out the Trushmix series run by the brothers at Sex Tags Mania (Dj Sotofett/Dj Fett Burger). It's very underground but resultantly I've found such an amazing range of music on there, can't recommend it highly enough.
    September 27 11:35 PM
  • Zeneren Thanks for putting me onto Sudstadt, great vibe all round and totally agree about the first track. In fact, have you heard Leafar Legov's RA and Boiler Room mixes? Really like the deep downtempo vibe he's got going, probably my favourite in Giegling nowadays.
    September 26 04:13 PM
  • Havey i can handle boys of all sizes! sure hmu for recs anytime. btw you needed this song/album last year, but better late than never:
    September 26 10:01 AM
  • Havey a riskier rec: Felicia Atkinson, especially Comme un seul narcisse, collab w Cantu-Ledesma
    September 25 06:21 PM
  • Havey thanku for the rec, soulseeking it this instant. a techno recommendation in return: Sa Pa - Fuubutsushi, one of my favourite electronic records of the last few years (but i've been slacking so ahrd on this stuff)
    September 25 06:20 PM
  • luci hope i'm not overwhelming with recs but this minimal techno album that came out in recent months is a must-listen. wanderwelle's lost in a sea of trees lives up to its name, immediately enthralling and effortless. melodic dub techno bliss
    September 23 06:11 AM
  • luci been taking a break from bicep, still one of the best electronic releases this year tho (and finally got covered on the site!)
    September 23 06:01 AM
  • luci have to rec this experimental techno album that just dropped. jasss' weightless floored me on first listen, check it if you get the chance
    September 18 04:51 PM
  • Zeneren Oooh that one seems to have slipped under my radar actually, will have to check it out! Haven't listened to the Prince or the giegling lads in a while which is rather silly
    September 16 02:43 PM
  • TheWrenKing that puts a Big smile on my face! keep boogyin friend B ] really vibin on vtfl, so hypnotic and beautifully layered
    September 15 08:04 PM
  • luci Yeah it's an album you want to live with 'til you tap into its emotional center. Glad the first listen was intriguing :)
    September 14 08:57 PM
  • TheSpaceMan yeah i noticed the production is crazy good, esp on the 1st episode of the season. show is brilliant man... i loved the cop storyline
    September 13 08:22 PM
  • TheSpaceMan haha that must be it! glad youve been kept busy though. i just watched the new rick and morty... do you watch that show at all? that episode was amazing
    September 13 04:36 AM
  • verdant i only just remembered that the meds thread is a thing that exists. thought i'd put it to some use :p
    September 13 03:19 AM
  • luci can't overstate how essential this record is. here's my up since I've been told it's hard to find:
    September 13 01:51 AM
  • TheWrenKing also check my dig 2 if u get the chance! it's this ambient house record from the drummer in deerhunter. idk i'm vibin with it
    September 13 01:27 AM
  • TheWrenKing disco inferno - d.i. go pop [really transportive/dense listen!], baton rouge - totem [french p-hardcore/emo that's just asdfjkgs good], sex church - growing over [dope noise rock, hint of garage/psych too], helicalin - everyting so stoned... [jazzy ambient jamz] aaaaand gowns - red state [super sparse/depressive slowcore/avant-folk record, fukin Destroys me] just a few choice albs that stick ouut to me, hope u dig!
    September 13 01:20 AM
  • TheWrenKing yr a star :^* i have a couple (vftl n kicks) dl'd already, just haven't had the chance 2 listen yet, gonna give these all a bash durin the week!
    September 13 12:48 AM
  • Conmaniac oh dude join my server it has like 25 ppl and we are all p non-intimidating and we write a lot / edit reviews so you'd fit in i think. here's the link in case youre interested to peep it!
    September 13 12:25 AM
  • Conmaniac yo weird question but do you have a discord??
    September 13 12:08 AM
  • TheWrenKing yh I'm def gonna check black city. got any other teqno recs 4 me? i need inspiration !
    September 12 11:18 AM
  • luci have you heard dj sprinkles - midtown 120 blues? best deep house album. uploaded it for jack and figured i'd spread around
    September 12 07:17 AM
  • TheSpaceMan not much man how you been? im around, just gotta find me (; been jamming the swirlies a lot recently
    September 12 05:38 AM
  • TheWrenKing just startin up! took a year out 2 get my head together and now i'm enrolled in a small local tech institute ! matty d sounds dope, gonn check more from him. shellac are giggin here this month so that'll be sweeet, usually have 2 make the trip east 4 nything of note
    September 12 12:36 AM
  • luci it's great but I don't see it having long-term appeal for me. her best work however
    September 12 12:11 AM
  • TheWrenKing agreEeEE terrif year so far. i've been dece, just made the jump 2 student lyfe. sloww start so far but no bd, lots o time to catch up on all the jams i've been missin out on. wy bin up to?
    September 12 12:01 AM
  • luci you should check fp-oner's 7, lovely mix of deep house and techno. even reminds me of dj sports at times
    September 10 10:36 PM
  • TheWrenKing my mans how u been? settlin back ok?
    September 10 08:59 PM
  • FullOfSounds It's super chill dw, you'd fit in (ill make sure). either way what's ur id anyway?
    September 7 05:34 AM
  • luci Nice! Great picks. Aura and Ayaya are my favs, love how they saved the most banging track for last. Also impressed by Vale, not typically into vocal tracks on these albums but I like how they maintain tension between the instrumental and singing there.
    September 6 03:34 PM
  • FullOfSounds haven't been using the site lately at all ma dude, get a discord account!
    September 6 03:17 AM
  • cosmopazz
    September 1 10:39 AM
  • Sniff Send me an email with where you'd like me to send the sweets. I'll try to find something you haven't tried
    August 31 06:15 AM
  • luci agreed, never been disappointed by that series. will get on that release soon!
    August 27 09:37 PM
  • Sniff Second I'm afraid. But I thought I might as well do a top three thing cos you all gave such tight recs.
    August 27 09:02 PM
  • luci Bicep debut album is excellent, you'd like it for sure
    August 27 08:09 PM
  • Sniff I said you should hit me up if you'd like to claim your price from my competition.
    August 24 08:31 PM
  • luci If you're a fan of his you'll likely enjoy it. Betting that I'm the outlier here
    August 24 02:39 PM

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