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  • NorthernSkylark will do, it's been on my next list forever. did you enjoy any of my recs?
    September 9 02:24 PM
  • NorthernSkylark thanks, i've actually heard Pale Green Ghosts so thanks for reminding me. pink flag i already know.
    September 9 06:17 AM
  • NorthernSkylark you are in for a helluva ride! please rec me some you favorites too
    September 8 02:09 PM
  • NorthernSkylark don't know what happenede there, i'll try again without spaces: joni mitchell - blue, jeff buckley - grace, the zombies - odessey
    September 8 01:52 PM
  • NorthernSkylark sure, these are some of my absolute favorites:joni mitchell - blue jeff buckley - grace the zombies odessey
    September 8 01:48 PM
  • treeqt.
    August 17 07:39 PM
  • treeqt. I've been meaning to make a 2014 list for a couple weeks now, might do it later today.
    August 17 03:54 PM
  • thinbrownduke Apart from some flashes of lyrical brilliance, such as the gasp-inducingly gorgeous "Cornerstone" (which sounds like a healthy blend of Oasis at their peak and mid-'60s Lennon), Turner pretty much peaked on his debut, IMHO. Though I haven't listened to their subsequent albums nearly as often, so maybe I'm not fully qualified to judge.
    October 5 07:39 PM
  • thinbrownduke The man's history is quite incredible. He once married 27 women in a single ceremony, and declared his house an independent state. Great, great musician - I'd recommend you start with "Gentleman", "Expensive s***", "Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am" and "Zombie". Great songs that together total nearly an hour of playing time! And re: Arctics, I'd always dismissed them too... 'til I heard their debut, which (IMHO) is one of the great British records of the century. Turner was a magnificent lyricist.
    October 4 01:05 PM
  • thinbrownduke Nice! Linguistics is great. You write very well; I thought you might have been in your 20s! And by sheer coincidence, your 'recent tracks' include those from the Arctic Monkeys' debut album - to which I listened just earlier this afternoon! I'm currently digging Fela Kuti - are you a fan?
    October 4 10:38 AM
  • thinbrownduke Your English is better than that of most English people I know! Are you also a student? I'm in my third year of university, studying History (but spending much more time on music) :D
    October 4 03:27 AM
  • ChloeDoe Other Dan Patlansky songs you may like are "Daddy's Old Gun" and "Jump On".
    October 3 12:48 AM
  • thinbrownduke That's weird - have followed your instructions, but can't find anywhere that says how many others are digging the album. Maybe no-one else is. And it just says "Digging - Donald Fagen" rather than "Digging - 'The Nightfly' by Donald Fagen". Never mind, it's no biggie. Which city do you live in btw?
    October 2 06:45 PM
  • thinbrownduke I know, it's incredibly catchy and wonderfully resourceful. 'Snake guitar'! And also, how do you get that "Currently digging x by y" caption thing?
    October 1 04:40 PM
  • thinbrownduke Yes, it's exactly one of those albums that yields more with every listen. And really? I was given the chance to get a free copy of that Tamikrest album to review it for my student paper! I declined it, though, thinking that there'd be others more qualified to write about them than I. Is it any good?
    September 30 08:44 AM
  • thinbrownduke That approach would make sense given the lyrical nature of several of his songs! Perhaps he did that for his debut; I'm sure he did that in places on 'Another Green World' and 'Before and After Science'. But the lyrics on 'TTM(BS)' are just too well thought-out and cohesive (it's a concept album of sorts, filled with images of and allusions to authoritarian China) to have been composed in such a haphazard fashion. The man's genius is incontrovertible.
    September 28 10:56 AM
  • thinbrownduke I agree. Although my favourite Eno record is 'Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)'. It's hands-down the most imaginative record I've ever heard; the lyrics are consistently brilliant (if occasionally irritatingly abstruse); it's SO melodic for something so weird; and its title track is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
    September 26 12:39 PM
  • thinbrownduke For me, Side 2 of '"Heroes"' is Bowie's best instrumental work, approaching the most supernal of Eno's instrumentals ("Taking Tiger Mountain", all of 'Another Green World'). It moves me so much that I barely ever listen to it, so that every time I hear it, I get re-enchanted. But for me, Side 1 of 'Low' beats Side 1 of '"Heroes"'. Though the latter's 6-minute title track has my vote for Greatest Song of '77, 'cept maybe "Lust for Life", "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"
    September 26 12:11 PM
  • thinbrownduke Thanks for the tip. And yes, 'Lust for Life' is transcendent in places, although a wee bit patchy overall (the last track is just overindulgence). Ah, I am of the exact opposite opinion re: '"Heroes"'! The second side is so much more intricate, so finely detailed and so thoughtfully textured... "The Secret Life of Arabia", stuck on the end, screws up the effect a little, but I find the nature of the segue - and "Moss Garden" in particular - stunning.
    September 26 12:04 PM
  • thinbrownduke Only 3 for 'Lust for Life'? It is a flawed album, to be fair. But it peaks very, very high indeed. Also, d'you know how to change ratings? I gave 'On the Corner' a 3, but now I wanna make it a 4.5...
    September 26 10:36 AM
  • thinbrownduke I'm far more interested in his 1969-1975 period than anything that came before, although 'Kind of Blue' was my first Davis album, and I fell in love with "So What" the minute I heard it. Perhaps I haven't rated it because I don't really know how to criticise jazz. I know when I love certain jazz pieces, but I can't really say why, and I can't say why I don't particularly like certain jazz pieces. I'm just not yet knowledgeable enough!
    September 26 10:28 AM
  • thinbrownduke I don't usually change my critical opinions that much. Even my opinion of 'BoB' didn't change massively; my rating went from 5/5 to 4.5/5 (I regret giving it a mere 4 on this site). I never usually grow to dislike something I once really liked (except maybe certain songs, e.g. several tracks on 'Desire'). But quite often I grow to love something I previously disliked, e.g. 'On the Corner'.
    September 25 05:54 AM
  • Cygnatti all tracks transcend. to choose which 1 transcends above the others!? how blasphemous.
    September 24 12:44 PM
  • Cygnatti impossible.
    September 24 12:26 PM
  • thinbrownduke Yes, I know it's more descriptive rather than analytical - I only attached the link as a way of saying that I do indeed love the album. Also, I didn't come up with the 'Tribute' bit - the editors did! And I think I wrote that review before 'BoB' had begun to wear on me a little... wasn't really using my critical faculties at the time :D
    September 24 04:45 AM
  • ChloeDoe Yeah? Is the scene alright there? We've not got many greats here, but South African blues-rock guitarist Dan Patlansky is a legend. Had the privilege of watching him live a while ago. If you're interested, check out his single, "Bring The World To Its Knees".
    September 24 02:57 AM
  • thinbrownduke Here's a review of 'BoB' I did for my Uni paper a coupla years ago - here's a review I did of it for my Uni paper a couple of years ago -
    September 23 04:51 PM
  • thinbrownduke I think I may have commented in my own shoutbox in answer to your questions/comments; not really sure how this whole thing works... I like 'BoB' less because its flaws are greater. 'R.D.W.' can wear after repeated listenings; 'Pledging' has an irritating harmonica solo; 'S-ELotL' is, I feel, ridiculous and mannered. 'BoB' has several astonishingly good songs, and is revolutionary in its own way, but not quite as gamechanging as the '65 records, and not quite as disciplined as its successor!
    September 23 04:51 PM
  • ChloeDoe Ah. Unfortunately here in South Africa we don't get much quality music or journalism thereof. I suppose I might be reviewing a world-music compilation I recently acquired soon - Balkanology.
    September 23 02:43 PM
  • ChloeDoe They sound pretty unusual. How did you find out about 'em? I'll keep an eye out for it.
    September 23 02:34 PM
  • ChloeDoe I'm trying to stick to new-ish releases, so probably John Mayer's "Paradise Valley", whenever I can get it from a friend. Afraid it might be too soppy to spend cash on. How about you?
    September 23 02:23 PM
  • ChloeDoe Thanks for the comments! I'm new here so not sure how this shoutbox thing works, but yeah. Hi.
    September 23 01:40 PM
  • Cygnatti are these recs based on my taste b/c they is sweet.
    September 17 08:56 PM
  • Cygnatti Nice. Ty
    September 17 02:15 PM
  • Cygnatti You dig the beatles, right? So Czech out the yardbirds, the monks, and the zombies. Monks don't really sound like the beatles at all, but they're the same time period and they are really awesome. Rec me too, nig.
    September 17 01:46 PM
  • Cygnatti Dig, sir. I dig ur taste.
    September 17 01:38 PM
  • Cygnatti I ur taste, whoever you are.
    September 17 12:15 PM

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