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  • XingKing Ape of God is certainly a good starting point. I also really like Seminar III and Christmas. III is just one long ass song though, so maybe not a great starting point.
    July 17 05:23 PM
  • XingKing They are very sexy and very heavy. If you enjoy Zozobra, you will likely enjoy OMG
    July 16 02:23 AM
  • Atari I have not! Cheers for the rec man, always good to hear from u. I'll check them out tomorrow at work
    November 3 02:20 AM
  • Atari Yeah moonchild is an excellent and atmospheric opener, but the second track infinite dreams is even better imo. Glad you're digging man, album honestly earns its 5 without a question for me personally :) did I already mentioned how epic the title track is? Also, if u end up really digging the album, I highly recommend you check somewhere in time as well. It's the closest album of theirs to seventh son sylistically
    September 8 11:20 PM
  • Atari you gotta check seventh son of a seventh son man. it's the maiden album with the evil that men do and it's so epic. been listening to it on vinyl lately and it hasn't lost any of its appeal for me thankfully. it has such a great atmosphere and to be honest the evil that men do isn't even the best song
    August 31 12:52 PM
  • Atari Glad to be of service man :)
    August 30 12:58 AM
  • Atari yeah man! I think Anthony raneri learned a thing or two on his 2 solo EP's and they translated over to the new bayside album. The second half of the album is my favorite, lots of slick guitar-work
    August 24 07:29 PM
  • Atari piece of mind was actually my first maiden album. I think I was sold the second I heard the trooper. some good songs on that maiden comp for sure, but it's also missing some of their best songs ;) just take your time man.
    August 17 04:14 PM
  • Atari yeah man, maiden is the s***. my favorites are their self titled debut and seventh son of a seventh son. i have SSOASS on vinyl :] their self titled debut and killers are a different singer, and have kind of a punk sound to them i dig. even their newest album is pretty solid tbh. you may dig manila road as well since you dig maiden ... crystal logic is one of my all time favorite metal albums
    August 16 05:22 PM
  • Atari not sure if you have apple music, but if so bayside released their new album 1 week early. honestly I didn't have much anticipation for it, but it's exceeding my expectations. some of the slickest guitar work of their career on this one
    August 12 12:39 PM
  • Rowan5215 He made a deliberate effort to sing more beautifully on No Devo, although I think he was always great tbh. The No Devotion album is very good, recommend it as night driving music
    June 21 12:41 AM
  • XingKing La Dispute and Gates are total snoozefests, so just find somewhere to relax while you wait for them to get off stage before they put you to sleep
    June 14 05:22 PM
  • XingKing Daedalus and For Miles are my top two songs and they played both, so I'll die happy! They seem to be playing almost identical sets at every show this tour with the exception of one or two songs, so I guarantee you'll hear Daedalus. I think they said in their Reddit AMA that it takes several hours to form a setlist
    June 12 05:13 AM
  • XingKing They played a lot from every album (except Identity and only one from Illusion). It was the greatest set list ever. Check it
    June 11 04:50 PM
  • Rowan5215 No Dev is their last album so yeah they pretty much stayed post-hc, but got way more experimental. That album has influences from post-rock, shoegaze, pop and ambient but it still stays heavy
    June 10 09:44 PM
  • XingKing It's got a few songs that I do really enjoy, such as Black Honey or the Long Defeat. The new songs sounded great when they played them live too. I prefer Identity but this one gets a little better every time I listen to it. It was originally about a 3 for me and I'd probably give it a 3.5 now.
    June 10 05:11 PM
  • Atari yes and no lol. I like bayside, but it wouldn't kill them to change things up a bit. they're just a bit too predictable at this point. I understand the whole if it ain't broke don't fix it argument but they really need to try something a little different imo
    June 10 04:27 PM
  • Atari sorry for the late reply..that's cool man, I hope you enjoy it! Honestly I'm not sure about your question. I really doubt i'll work here for the rest of my life lol, but they have good benefits which is always my excuse for staying here. I actually have a suspicion my department is about to get laid off (and I wouldn't really mind because I'd get a good severance package and I'd have the work experience to find another job).
    June 10 12:18 PM
  • Rowan5215 you can pretty much dive straight into No Dev. It speaks for itself as one of the most inventive, beautiful post-hardcore records ever made
    June 10 06:10 AM
  • XingKing I'm slowly warming up to it but right now, I'd say it's their worst record. It has a lot of amazing moments and ideas that are immediately ruined by an atrocious chorus or generic vocal melody.
    June 10 03:39 AM
  • Atari oh wow that's awesome man, congrats! what do you do exactly if you don't mind me asking? I'm still working at the same insurance company for the last 10 years lol. job security I guess, but it does get old at times
    June 9 07:48 PM
  • Atari yeah I know haha, I'm just not as into melodeath as some people on this site. I liked the new anthrax, but haven't listened to it since it came out. I agree it's not their best guitar based album. what else is new? still working at the video/music store?
    June 9 07:22 PM
  • Atari oh I almost forgot, bolt thrower is pretty great too (especially those once loyal)
    June 9 05:52 PM
  • Atari hey man! honestly I don't listen to very much melodeath, but amon amarth is pretty cool if you haven't heard them. I'd say twilight of the thunder god is probably their most accessible album, so if you're not sold on the first track, you may not dig them. A lot of people who dig in flames/insomnium also really love dark tranquility, so maybe give them a try. Wish I could give you more recs :/
    June 9 05:40 PM
  • Rowan5215 Salt and Shadow is really lovely too. Honestly War is one of their least good albums you seriously need to give No Devolucion a spin
    June 8 09:08 PM
  • Rowan5215 it's annoying because the bad parts of it aren't whole songs, they're just bits. Like if there was entire bad songs I could just them or skip em every time, but instead it's a bad chorus here and a bad verse there and they're harder to skip. The good parts are still good though - Hurricane is prob one of my favourite Thrice songs ever. As time goes on I'm more and more a Thursday man though, Thrice doesn't do it for me like they used to :-(
    June 7 01:35 AM
  • XingKing I listened to the new one yesterday and it was solid enough. Burn and the closer were my favorites. If I force myself to sit down and listen to Disillusion or seeing the songs played live even, it's great but I never have the urge to listen to the record and after I do, I can't remember a single thing about it.
    March 21 05:41 PM
  • XingKing I wasn't really too interested but I guess I'll take a peak. Garden Window was great but the followup was pretty weak, in my opinion. If you've checked it out, what did you think of it?
    March 20 06:10 PM
  • Rowan5215 I didn't like Incarnate much from what I heard. Jesse's still an amazing vocalist but the songwriting is just so stale these days. Much prefer TOG
    March 20 04:33 AM
  • Rowan5215 Sweet, I'll have to give Incarnate a spin, wasn't really expecting much. If you want to see what I mean about Jesse's cleans check the TOG song Fight for Life. Chorus is absolutely stunning
    March 13 04:00 AM
  • Rowan5215 Ec my man! How goes it? Definitely get Times of Grace. Probably his best work as a vocalist, the clean vocals are probably my favourite in the whole genre. Adam also sings a bit which is nice. I've only heard Disarm the Descent of the newer KSE, it was just okay.
    March 12 07:32 PM
  • XingKing It was in Atlanta last year. They had a music festival and when I saw the lineup (absolutely insane), I knew I had to go. Flew all the way from Arizona too :p Mutoid definitely kills it as a three piece and they pull it off so well when performing live too
    March 9 05:28 PM
  • XingKing Check this out then. I think this version is much better since it doesn't have the cheesy guitar leads after the chorus. and seeing them both in the same day was a beyond magical experience. In fact, I saw Thrice that same day too!
    March 7 05:10 PM
  • XingKing I'm so proud of you! That was my AOTY last year and I saw Mutoid Man and Cave In play in the same day :'D What's your favorite track?
    March 4 05:05 PM
  • Atari Not yet haha but I am going to try to review more frequently :)
    February 12 04:05 PM
  • Atari Thanks buddy! Hope things have been going good for u, it's been a while
    February 12 01:04 PM
  • XingKing I'd grab both and then tell me what you like and dislike and I will guide you towards the right choices, my son
    January 24 05:38 AM
  • XingKing Good point about the label thing! Their first four records were on a different label than the other two. I mean, if you're looking to own a physical piece of a handful of songs, it's not a bad selection. I would rather scour Ebay or Amazon for super cheap copies of the full records though (if I wasn't a pirate)
    January 20 01:57 AM
  • XingKing
    January 19 08:03 PM
  • XingKing Yes and no. They are all pretty good songs with the exception of Robots and Humans, but that track selection is just weird as hell. 2 from the debut, 2 from the sophomore, 5 from their third and 1 from their fourth. If you liked Wrongdoers, listen to Redeemer and then Meridional. If you want more Botch stuff, listen to O'God and then the debut.
    January 19 08:03 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler You're right she does have a good voice, that slide is pretty cool too. Their other songs are pretty fun, probably gets better after a few beers too. I thought Devil Man was pretty sweet
    October 10 12:44 AM
  • MuhNamesTyler Agreed, I'm gonna check more of their stuff. I found a chick fronted hardcore/punk band a while back that I thought were pretty good. Tell me what you think
    September 24 04:13 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler Yeah I dig it, I'm usually not much for chick fronted bands but they were actually good.
    September 18 11:31 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler Other than a kind of monkey nah. Should I check??
    September 5 06:12 PM
  • Calc I dig the band but I don't hear the southerny-ness lol
    July 22 09:22 PM
  • Calc I don't remember but I'm def gonna check it out thanks man
    July 19 10:19 AM
  • Atari vocally, it's not really much different than bayside - but instrumentally it's more stripped down with influences that range from country to jazz and straight up pop. all those influences are pretty subtle though. if you do check his solo stuff out let me know what you think man!
    June 30 01:43 PM
  • Atari by the way anthony raneri of bayside has a new solo EP you might dig it
    June 29 12:55 PM
  • Atari Hadn't planned on it maybe if I find time haha. If u haven't heard anything outside of the singles I highly recommend giving it a shot cause there are definitely some better songs than the ones they initially released. All the songs are on YouTube I believe and my favorites are prolly dying words, my fear of an unlived life, and the title track. Dying words is easily one of their heaviest songs
    June 27 05:38 PM
  • Calc the new ongoing concept rules, no surprise. got my review ready for tuesday too lol
    June 14 05:22 PM
  • DaveyBoy My guess is that I will probably still rate it at least a 3. I always give LPs a chance to grow on me and these type of albums are made for that. Hell, even new Sleeping With Sirens is growing on me and theres so much that is wrong with that record.
    June 12 07:53 PM
  • DaveyBoy Nope. Will do eventually. I do have the new Young Guns already, so just a matter of time there. No reason for being slow other than other reviews already on the books.
    June 11 07:55 PM
  • Mongi123 If you're good at something and by some chance also have a passion for it, never do it for free. I know the joker said something along those lines but it doesn't make it any less true lol you just gotta find out what that it and try to turn that into career form.
    June 6 10:52 PM
  • Mongi123 That's good man. It's ok though, your career doesn't define you which is a common misconception. What you do is not just your career.
    June 6 07:14 PM
  • Mongi123 Hey dude! Long time no talk for sure. It's been nice dude, just jamming, liking my new job and started down the path to become a clinical psychologist. It's liberating to finally figure out your calling. How are you?
    June 3 04:15 PM
  • Rowan5215 back in Year 11 when HSC was starting to heat up my teacher said we could contact him on facebook anytime to ask questions so we wouldn't have to wait until school hours to work stuff out. I was the only person in the class (probs the school) who didn't have FB so I just caved in and got it to join the class group to get some helpful info. Since then of course I've started using it for normal facebook purposes
    June 1 08:44 AM
  • Atari the more i listen to the new emery, the more i like it
    May 28 04:44 PM
  • Rowan5215 oh yeah I was anti-FB at one point, over that now tho
    May 28 12:42 AM
  • Atari well hopefully you can get all this moving crap behind you man haha. yeah, new haste the day rules. there's a bunch of stuff i haven't heard by them tbh, i've only heard their new one and attack of the wolf king. i'm really not too picky though (as i'm sure you know). I dig almost everything lol i hardly have any negative ratings.
    May 27 07:45 PM
  • Atari so how's the move going?
    May 27 01:24 PM
  • Rowan5215 how are we not facebook friends already? My name's Jack Bowden and my DP's a guy looking really seedy with his thumbs up add me up lad
    May 23 02:42 AM
  • Rowan5215 I have no idea honestly but I do have him on facebook and hit him up every now and then so not all is lost. I'm having a great time here and I feel like I already learned more than I did in all of high school. Yeah I moved out of my childhood house last month for the last time, it's always rough, good luck with that man
    May 22 07:30 PM
  • Atari oh that's right, no rush my friend was just curious on your thoughts. hopefully you're not too stressed with moving and you can find some enjoyment/relaxation over memorial day weekend!
    May 22 07:11 PM
  • Atari yeah he's not in it as much as emery's older albums. but at least he's actually in it unlike the last album. idk though, i'm not really a big fan of the new album so hopefully it will grow on me. you still digging it?
    May 22 04:15 PM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah man, you me and Xing need to make a return in the Beggars thread some day soon eh. Since we last spoke I think I've spent like three months at uni, met heaps of new people, done some really interesting coursework. How about you bruh?
    May 22 04:00 AM
  • Atari it is gorgeous isn't it? the last few songs on the new silverstein are prolly my favorites. as far as emery, yes i've heard a few songs off the new album, but i'm still trying to form an opinion on it. used to be pretty big on them, but they've sort of grown off me over the past few years. Devin's back on vocals though, so i'm definitely hoping i'll like it more than the last album!
    May 19 07:09 PM
  • Atari late reply but good luck with your move man. hope you find a new job too since your'e sick of your current one haha. glad you dig the new silverstein too. I know you're a bigger fan of shane's screams but what do you think of the closing track toronto unabridged?
    May 19 04:14 PM
  • Atari i'm pretty good man, same ol same ol i suppose haha. you still working at hastings or whatever, and if so how's that treating you? so far i don't dig the new silverstein as much as the last one actually, but i still think it's pretty great. i must admit some of the heavier sections/screaming is pretty nice on the new album
    May 15 12:12 PM
  • Atari how the hell have you been man? any thoughts on that new silverstein album? :]
    May 14 11:45 AM
  • Calc yeah it's pretty awful....I like the music though lol
    May 5 11:00 PM
  • Calc another southerny band that has good music is lakota de kai (at least their latest), they do a heavy la dispute thing with whiny spoken word bulls*** if you're into that stuff but the music is pretty good.
    May 3 12:15 PM
  • Calc of course, they have the old underoath guy in them. never really listened to them though
    April 25 04:37 PM
  • Calc I havent given it a heavy rotation but I remember it "rocking" less if you know what I mean. It's more progressive than the last one and post-rocky. Liked it though!
    April 16 08:31 PM
  • Calc I did know about TOC's new album and song though I'm looking forward to that definitely. I dont know if i;ve told you about this band but I found them a while ago and always liked listening to them from time to time.
    March 5 07:52 AM
  • Calc this s*** rips dude thanks!!!
    March 4 11:37 PM
  • cryptside Thanks man. It's a cool feeling, I definitely like being a part of the contrib team. If nothing else, I will be able to continue to better my reviews so that's cool.
    March 1 01:57 PM
  • cryptside Lol I just needed a change, I suppose. How are you doing, buddy?
    February 28 08:18 PM
  • cryptside You'll never know! Dead and gone forever!!
    February 28 08:10 AM
  • cryptside I have heard the song Mural and it is damn near perfect, but I haven't had the chance to really delve in the entire album. I need to check it as well.
    February 3 09:23 AM
  • Calc yeah I didn't mean anything other than the album sleepwalking lol. They took a hard digger after that though. glad you enjoyed!
    February 1 02:12 PM
  • XingKing This song in particular reminds me of Thrice and this song is very mathcore both are on Wrongdoers
    January 28 04:38 PM
  • XingKing I would go Wrongdoers - Redeemer - O'God - Meridional (Bastardizer is on this record) - Bess the Child and then never touch Anti-Mother because it's a pile of s***. Their records are severely underrated on Sput and the early stuff is very Botch like and the newer stuff is almost like Botch and Thrice
    January 28 04:36 PM
  • XingKing Check out their album Wongdoers. It's their best in my opinion and it's ****ing awesome.
    January 27 06:21 PM
  • Calc yeah there was a time it worked but s***s ****ed on this site now, frost* is neo-prog and very sugary but good and lye by mistake is straight up instrumental wank but again, good. hope you like
    December 9 08:48 PM
  • Calc ec, try a band called frost* (its spelled that way) and another called lye by mistake
    December 9 11:49 AM
  • AtomicWaste I wish; most of the stuff I've encountered in that arena is instrumental. I think that's part of what makes Thank You Scientist so nifty.
    December 8 12:45 PM
  • Atari no i haven't actually. that would be an awesome tour, but honestly no good bands ever come to my town : /
    December 4 03:35 PM
  • Mongi123 Hmm never heard of them. No time to listen today cause I'll be leaving to be with my family soon but what kind of music are they?
    November 27 11:12 AM
  • Atari
    November 21 03:12 PM
  • Atari The walking wounded is probably my favorite, that album kicks ass. Let me know what u think if U check out their first 2 albums or shudder man
    November 15 02:47 PM
  • Atari i honestly can't decide between bayside's first 2 albums. I'd say you should just check them both out haha
    November 14 03:09 PM
  • Atari hey buddy, it's honestly been a long time since i've heard bayside's older stuff but i remember liking their first 2 albums better than shudder. i'm gonna listen to them on spotify right now and i'll let you know which album i like better between self titled and sirens and condolences ;)
    November 13 12:28 PM
  • Atari yeah he's been pretty poppy ever since everything in transit to be honest but even his work in something corporate was more pop oriented than most pop punk is haha. part of it is that it's piano instead of guitars. anyways did you like it or...?
    November 6 04:30 PM
  • Atari that's weird about lowcountry haha maybe it's a sign that you need to check them out!
    November 6 03:28 PM
  • Atari yeah nintendo is definitely stingy about dropping prices especially for it's popular franchises like mario and zelda. I actually have mario kart 8 and new donkey kong for wii u as well. i still haven't beat donkey kong country though lol. I also have zelda wind waker HD and shovel knight downloaded on the wii u. What i really like about Bayonetta 2 though is how it's unlike any of the other wii u games out so far. I love mario/zelda but it's nice to finally have an action game haha
    November 5 06:51 PM
  • Atari nah i haven't played hyrule warriors yet but i might ask for it for christmas haha. Don't really have money to be dropping 60 bucks on games but Bayonetta 2 was an exception. Most ridicuously fun game i've played for the wii u prolly
    November 5 06:32 PM
  • Atari you might dig envy on the coast dude but i'm not sure haha. check the song 'sugar skulls' from their first album if you have time, that's the song that got me into them a few years back
    November 5 01:58 PM
  • Atari so i've come to the conclusion that thank you scientist kicks ass :] after listening to them more i actually think the singer sounds kinda like coheed and cambria and envy on the coast. however, the song carnival does sound really similar to motion city soundtrack! gonna jam them more today
    November 5 11:49 AM
  • Calc good! finally something I rec you that you actually like lol
    November 3 09:47 PM
  • Atari i'm really not sure yet haha. i didn't dislike them by any means, but they were kind of a demanding listen so I need to hear them again soon!
    November 3 07:03 PM
  • Atari no biggie man, different stokes for different folks! I agree he shows off his better singing voice on his solo album, but i just love how emotional his voice gets as well as the depressing lyrics.
    November 3 06:33 PM
  • Atari man that surprises me lol. Bobby Barnett's vocals touch me in ways i shall not speak of
    November 3 06:19 PM
  • Atari fair enough man, there are 2 singers so i'm guessing it's not bobby barnett's voice that's bothering you but i could be wrong haha
    November 3 05:43 PM
  • Atari nice hope you had a good weekend! and no worries man, was just curious ;)
    November 3 04:05 PM
  • Atari so you still enjoying the captain we're sinking album or was that just the alcohol talking? lol
    November 3 01:39 PM
  • Calc Trioscapes are the easiest comparison but TYS are in a class of their own. All I have for you are Father Figure- Congratulations on Your Loss and probably some Miles Davis
    October 31 02:41 AM
  • Atari Lol niiicce. Definitely not a bad album to drink to, glad you're starting to like it!! Any songs in particular stand out to you?
    October 31 12:00 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah I would've posted in the Thrice or Warren thread before I went otherwise Xing would've killed me for leaving without asking his permission first. I'll listen to it just after this Devy album!!!
    October 30 10:04 PM
  • Rowan5215 Ec bro! I missed you while I was gone. And no I have not, could you jog my memory as to what they sound like?
    October 30 09:29 PM
  • Atari listen to 'a bitter divorce' or 'more tequila, less joe' off of the future is cancelled too if you have time. I had a feeling you'd like his vocals more on his solo album but those songs both hit hard and have some of his best vocals on the album.
    October 30 06:07 PM
  • Atari depending on how much you like barnett's vocals, I'd definitely recommend listening to captain, we're sinking again. It's more aggressive than the solo album, and has 2 vocalists, but it's amazing
    October 30 05:35 PM
  • Atari also, i really think you'd like that bobby barnett - little wounds album so be sure to check that out too. It's on bandcamp if you can't find it anywhere else. Be warned though, it's depressing lol
    October 30 04:53 PM
  • Atari really really lol. Pierce the Viel's vocalist might be more annoying but i think they sound similar personally. and i'll check out blue pills as well when i get the chance ;)
    October 30 04:50 PM
  • Atari the vocalist actually reminds me more of pierce the veil than MCS but I can still see where you would get that comparison. Honestly, it really is unique but it's gonna take me some time to digest due to the song lengths and the fact that i'm not used to these specific genres being mixed together haha. thanks again for the rec though man :]
    October 30 04:34 PM
  • Atari that thank you scientist band is definitely interesting lol. just heard the song feed the horses
    October 30 04:12 PM
  • Mongi123 Haha ladder theory an the only one I know are the best on there.
    October 21 10:10 PM
  • Mongi123 Cool man I'll prob try beggers next. Btw be on the look out for te beechers review. It'll be coming soon.
    October 21 09:47 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea it seems like people would look at them differently. Just asking cause in case I'd ever do a review of them in the distant future just wanted to see how you'd categorize them. I actually got a bit of a Radiohead and dredg vibe from M/M at times.
    October 21 09:26 PM
  • Mongi123 I'm actually starting to like M/M a lot more now. How would you categorize this band? Post hardcore? Experimental rock or art rock? Either way, M/M has a way of being a pretty standard rock album for me but at the same time it's still really engaging because everyone in the band doesn't just play mundane instrumentation :D
    October 21 08:34 PM
  • Mongi123 Major/Minor was pretty awesome. Had it's fair share of gems but nothing as mind blowing as Vhessiu.
    October 19 11:23 PM
  • Mongi123 Cool I'll try it soon and get back to you
    October 19 10:58 AM
  • Mongi123 Or Major/Minor rather
    October 19 10:46 AM
  • Mongi123 I was thinking on trying out Minor/Major later actually.
    October 19 10:45 AM
  • XingKing That was so gnarly that I had to listen to it twice in a row
    October 16 11:24 PM
  • Mongi123 I think I will man in like a week or so when it sinks in more. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten one yet considering how much people were raving about it in the Axe To Fall thread.
    October 13 07:54 PM
  • Mongi123 The Fourth Wall is pretty sweet dude. Ladder Theory is ****ing awesome.
    October 12 10:55 PM
  • Atari Haha nice man! What album u listening to?
    October 11 12:23 AM
  • Green Baron Greek Fire's a nice opening act.
    October 9 07:18 PM
  • XingKing I plan on listening to everything they've made cause I've been hooked on this type of stuff lately. White Silence goes through so many different sounds, it's insane
    October 8 08:12 PM
  • XingKing Finally getting around to listening to White Silence and it's glorious. I hope you gave Mutoid Man several million listens
    October 8 06:51 PM
  • Calc thats too bad...I likey them a lot
    September 30 09:04 PM
  • Calc the big dirty is i think what ur looking for to dam near perfection. also I lied there's a very unknown band called They've Shot Flanigan. They are more wild-west than southern but u may like them
    September 29 10:21 PM
  • Calc also keith buckley's side project though its a little more straightforward, The Damned Things. that's all i got lol
    September 29 10:10 PM
  • Calc every time i die- The big dirty, I heard maylene and the sons of disaster do it well and weirdly enough, memphis may fire- sleepwalking
    September 29 10:07 PM
  • XingKing Oh woah. I didn't even realize it was the same vocalist. He sounds crazy different now. I'll have to listen to it again just to let that sink in harder
    September 20 01:30 AM
  • XingKing I just got around to jamming the band you sent me because I suck and eh, I'm honestly not feeling it too much
    September 19 02:14 AM
  • Atari right on. if you check out insomnium definitely let me know what you think buddy
    September 17 03:17 PM
  • Atari also, as far as in flames goes their EP "Subterannean" is pretty awesome
    September 16 03:17 PM
  • Atari that's awesome man, if you're used to the vocals you'll be jamming all kinds of death metal and black metal in no time ;) i don't remember if i rec'd them to you before but since you like in flames you'd probably dig insomnium as well. above the weeping world is my favorite by them
    September 16 01:21 PM
  • Atari Sweet man! You listen to the whoracle yet? That's prolly my favorite album by them at this point
    September 13 10:43 PM
  • Mongi123 Still can't get into hip hop. It just bores me and I wish I could get into it cause my friends jam it ll the time.
    September 13 06:08 PM
  • Mongi123 I def wanna try out some more of their stuff. The alchemy stuff seems like my type of thing. And yea same here, I'm liking what I hear from King Crimson, but my mind hasn't been blown by a past 90s album since I've heard Wish You Were Here unfortunately. It's just how I am haha
    September 13 05:59 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea dude I love it a lot! Red Sky and Atlantic are amazing. The Jester Race is a sweet album no doubt. I'm also trying to catch up on some classics too.
    September 13 05:52 PM
  • Mongi123 I've written 8 more since then haha. Also been continuing my endeavor to get into heavier stuff and it's paying off xD what you been doing?
    September 13 05:46 PM
  • Mongi123 Yea same but I've definitely made new friends here so I have a good time here for the most part. And it's been going quite well. Made it to 81 haha
    September 13 05:39 PM
  • Mongi123 Sup man how you been? Haven't seen ya in a while.
    September 13 05:26 PM
  • Rowan5215 These are tests at the end of high school, but they will affect getting into college, the people who do better get into better colleges its that kinda deal
    August 18 06:38 AM
  • Rowan5215 I did really well in one part of the drama test, average in another part, average in Maths, great in English, pretty good in French, great in Ancient History, so overall wasn't a bad effort at all. I still have the big scary real exams coming up in September and October but then I'm DONE
    August 15 02:48 AM
  • cryptside I had their first full length for awhile and loved it, lost it along with a bunch of other cds and totally forgot about them. I need to get it again.
    August 7 10:26 PM
  • XingKing They are my friend's absolute favorite band so that's how I wound up checking them out. I'll try to jam the rest of their material again today if I can remember to do so
    August 7 03:51 PM
  • cryptside Well, it is essentially the As I Lay Dying bandmates minus Tim (frontman, for obvious reasons) teaming up with clean vocalist Shane Blay from Oh, Sleeper and releasing an album. It is pretty good, and definitely interesting for being clean vocals-only metalcore. The vocals are soaring, and the instrumentation is good stuff, varied and interesting throughout. Biggest issue with it is the album is way too long for me.
    August 7 03:04 PM
  • XingKing Given that it is your profile avatar, I expect it to be amazing
    August 7 02:51 PM
  • XingKing I have but only a couple of times and I can't remember what I thought of it. I should definitely jam it again
    August 7 02:28 PM
  • cryptside Ooh, haven't heard of them! Will check soon! Listened to Wovenwar yet?
    August 6 10:19 PM
  • cryptside Yeah, I think that their lyrics are more geared towards how they flow with the beat as opposed to standing up to interpretation on their own haha. I can definitely understand not digging it, but the funny thing is that both are very good lyricists. I think their next project together is going to be more serious, so you may enjoy that one more. I'm definitely anticipating it.
    August 6 09:58 AM
  • XingKing I look forward to you giving it a 5! The EP is just as good too
    August 6 02:54 AM
  • XingKing Have you not heard it before? You are in for a treat, sir!
    August 6 02:26 AM
  • XingKing This pleases me greatly. You might not have noticed based on the three records of theirs that I have fived, but I sort of love them
    August 6 01:52 AM
  • XingKing **** yeah you do. Check out the self titled and I can hook you up with the Ghostship Demos since those seem hard to find
    August 5 09:55 PM
  • XingKing I can't remember if you listened to them before or not
    August 5 07:51 PM
  • cryptside Hey dude, I see you didn't dig Run the Jewels too much; this perplexes me.
    August 5 12:44 PM
  • XingKing Damn, that's disappointing. It took you long enough to get around to hearing it lol
    July 20 10:07 PM
  • Atari you and me both man lol damn old age
    July 11 12:00 PM
  • Atari so how was the brand new concert man?
    July 10 04:25 PM
  • XingKing I'll Fortress a try. I haven't heard that one. Only Kezia and Volition
    July 8 11:36 PM
  • XingKing There are some cool moments but they are few and far between. I'd probably give it a 2.7 if I could
    July 8 10:50 PM
  • XingKing There's just a lot about them that I dislike. The vocals don't fit, the drum work pisses me off because for the most part I hate mindless double bass and metal style drum work and the guitarwork is just sorta bleh riffs thrown together with crazy technical stuff. I'm jamming Kezia now for you
    July 8 07:55 PM
  • XingKing I think they are obscenely boring and they don't appeal to me in the slightest. What about you?
    July 8 07:41 PM
  • XingKing The Ghostship Demos aren't an official release, so you just have to pirate it. No way, the vocalists sound nothing alike!
    July 5 02:05 AM
  • XingKing Ghostship is best, followed by S/T, Dopp and then Mani
    July 5 01:38 AM
  • XingKing The second album is definitely the heavier and more mathy of the two. The first has those poppy sort of vocal melodies here and there. Maaaan, I love Fall of Troys early to mid stuff. One of my favorites!
    July 5 01:05 AM
  • XingKing Actually I changed my mind. Their second album totally fits in to a very raw mathcore sound
    July 5 12:32 AM
  • XingKing I've never heart of it! Kinda sounds like a lawyer firm or something haha. Apparently there isn't a single one within 50 miles of me, so I guess I will never know! Fear Before's first time albums are heavier. Maybe I wouldn't call them mathcore but they kind of tread close to the tag the same way Fall of Troy does
    July 5 12:22 AM
  • XingKing Do you work at a record store, by the way?
    July 5 12:07 AM
  • XingKing Gutter is my second least favorite after their debut. It's a solid record but not nearly as good as the rest of their material, so I can understand that. Hell yeah Converge is. They can be a bit much at first too until you ease in
    July 4 11:58 PM
  • XingKing I really like the beginning of that song with the unsettling atmosphere but I picked it because it shows some diversity in the vocals for you :p Glad you liked it though
    July 4 11:41 PM
  • XingKing And here is that Name album for when you have an hour to spare. It really picks up after the first three tracks and turns absolutely insane
    July 4 11:32 PM
  • XingKing His vocals on the new album ****ing slaaaaaay. Check this out
    July 4 11:22 PM
  • Rowan5215 Awesome man, Jesse's vocals are way better than Howard's imo, his cleans are so so goddamn good
    July 4 11:17 PM
  • XingKing I can understand the ETID thing, as that seems to be a common complaint, but I love them and their new record is my AOTY so far. Converge, I would go with Axe to Fall and AWLWLB first and work backwards from there if you like those two
    July 4 11:13 PM
  • XingKing Okay one more band. Check out Internet Killed the Audio Star by the band Name. Fantastic s*** that I wrote the review for!
    July 4 10:10 PM
  • XingKing I probably should have mentioned Dillinger Escape Plan too, though they are obscenely hard to digest.
    July 4 10:05 PM
  • XingKing The Chariot, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Fear Before, The Number 12, Architects. Those are some of the better ones. Not a lot of bands live up to Botch or Converge though, so it can be tricky finding bands of similar quality. The Chariot is one of my favorite bands though and Norma's new record was my #2 for 2013
    July 4 10:03 PM
  • XingKing The only problem with that is you aren't going to find a whole lot of bands who can match their quality :p
    July 4 04:17 AM
  • Rowan5215 yaay a rowan review whew
    July 4 02:21 AM
  • XingKing I'd say Beecher has more of a cleaner post hardcore sound compared to other mathcore bands but that also makes them stand out
    July 4 01:38 AM
  • XingKing I've never used Spotify but their music literally doesn't exist on any file sharing sites or other streaming services. I only found their stuff because of soulseek, otherwise I woulda bought them. They are definitely similar but Botch and Converge are waaaay dissonant and ****ing crazy
    July 4 01:37 AM
  • XingKing It is definitely superb. It's a shame they don't get more recognition, though their music not existing online is probably to blame
    July 4 01:04 AM
  • Atari oh and what concert you going to?
    July 3 04:21 PM
  • Atari i'm a fan of all things zelda but you mentioning gorons gave me that extra push to actually stop being lazy and check the game out ;) to be honest my wife and i are just planning on having a relaxing 3 day weekend - nothing crazy planned but should be nice to get some down time from life.
    July 3 04:20 PM
  • Atari sup dude? any wild plans for the 4th? if it seemed like i was being sarcastic or short with you before it's prolly just cause i've been busy lately. I'm not sarcastic i mean come on i'm not Calc lol
    July 3 11:54 AM
  • Atari I wasn't being sarcastic at all lol. Gorons are the s*** :D
    July 2 10:25 PM
  • cryptside hey man, I dig it! :) ever heard of darkest hour?
    July 2 12:16 PM
  • Atari gorons you say? well damn now i HAVE to check it out. thanks for the heads up buddy
    July 2 12:13 PM
  • Atari Hmmm. So are the enemies related to the land of hyrule as well? ;)
    July 1 10:43 PM
  • Atari that's cool man. don't think i've ever actually played a dynasty warriors game though lol
    July 1 06:39 PM
  • Atari hey man, i haven't really been paying attention to hyrule warriors for whatever reason. Isn't it a fighting game?
    July 1 01:03 PM
  • cryptside No but I have heard of them before. Are they worth checking out?
    June 28 04:53 PM
  • Atari Hey man i know i'm slow, but i just realize ecnal is lance backwards lol ;)
    June 27 11:39 PM
  • cryptside Hey man, sorry about that. I deactivated it for a little bit. I have had a rough few weeks, and didn't want the pressure of social media for awhile. I will reactivate it later on, but my mental health has been suffering.
    June 27 09:08 AM

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