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  • Ashen word, thanks
    September 20 12:38 PM
  • Ashen i'm getting back into the swing of things and looking for a few quality blogs that are on top of new punk releases. east coast, west coast, midwest, w/e as long as it's good. looking for new s***. can you rec me some pages?
    September 17 06:57 PM
  • CoonBurger Did the album leak? or did YOU leak?
    July 25 02:04 PM
  • hal1ax oh for sure. thx
    July 7 12:44 AM
  • hal1ax yo where did u find the new sheer mag leak?
    July 6 07:21 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot where can i hear/DL that tarantula thing? the bandcamp link i found is defunct
    July 3 11:16 PM
  • Kurisu Yeah good look there too! The Flex are excellent
    April 8 07:38 PM
  • Ashen bruh, do you have a link for that new culture shock?
    April 8 03:50 PM
  • Kurisu Good insist rating those are good dudes, what other ukhc do you like
    April 7 07:30 PM
  • transgoggle only a little bit, like with that "turning novelty into a new cliche is the ACTUAL innovation guize," that's probably too inconsistent, vague, dumb iunno. but i do believe irony's fo' h**ster figs, and SCS is just a real fun, real melodic, real tight batch of tunes. the only thing that really caught my attention on Bodywar was his ride impression that popped up from time to time, and not in a good way, idk, i wanted to like it too..
    March 25 04:32 AM
  • transgoggle my dude the time for widespread critical re-evaluation of myspacecore is just 'round the corner
    March 24 08:25 AM
  • EliteTaste fredo kills it with the autotune
    February 24 08:08 PM
  • EliteTaste trapper of the year tho bruh
    February 21 04:01 AM
  • oltnabrick u got thoughts on the new lud foe?
    November 15 01:19 PM
  • oltnabrick 1738 - lmao check out this new rapper FETTY WAP!
    November 14 11:48 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot how's that new depth of reality sounding
    October 21 07:53 PM
  • YakNips absolutely, not in any band right now, i really prefer solo work anyway - https://singlesoul.bandcamp.com/album/earthly-conduct has your band released anything recently?
    September 23 05:40 AM
  • YakNips nice nice i used to know blair is the only reason i know them but i just love their old school sound that's also angular and modern
    September 22 08:26 PM
  • YakNips dude how do you know about soy babies?? they are ridiculously good
    September 21 08:26 PM
  • TiedDown93 https://wornhardcore.bandcamp.com/album/caged-ep Here's the link to the new stuff my man
    July 19 08:46 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yo what do you think of this pure disgust LP
    July 16 04:00 PM
  • TiedDown93 I will for sure! It's fast NA mixed with a little power violence and early 00's stuff like Tear It Up and Shark Attack
    May 16 09:25 AM
  • TiedDown93 MY man! I live in PA and have a band but our demo sucks so we are re-recording s*** and gonna release a better one soon
    May 15 11:27 PM
  • TiedDown93 NA or MT
    May 14 09:21 PM
  • chillin420 ballin on sput w the densest punk brain show em up aaron drop some punk knowledge on these fools
    April 3 09:03 PM
  • RVAHC13 Lol did you take the pic for the urochromes album?
    March 13 10:06 PM
  • Hep Kat https://theguests000.bandcamp.com/releases This went under my radar, but it's ****ing brilliant. "Third Coming" is basically the greatest song ever.
    March 5 03:54 AM
  • veryhandyman cool to see someone here holding down the hc! u added my band Oaf's releases, I play guitar in that group. Whats it like in KC? I hear there are lots of sick bands out that way.
    March 4 11:52 AM
  • veryhandyman my guy
    March 3 01:06 PM
  • jagride thx man, you listen to some cool s*** yourself
    February 22 10:20 AM
  • basikchanL my niggas from the 6 they live a savage life
    February 4 11:54 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot man idk why but I wasn't feeling that Waveless LP much :/ will check again. did it technically release this month?
    January 21 12:17 PM
  • chillin420 nah, im gonna just leave it. rip
    December 25 11:50 AM
  • chillin420 hi aaron its jarek
    December 24 03:24 PM
  • HepatitisK agreed whatever brains was the weirdest ****in band ever
    December 20 02:10 AM
  • WeepingBanana viva la vinyl. it's a vinyl/music forum. it seems like you add a lot of bands that are pretty popular on there like all the lumpy/katorga/NWI stuff
    December 6 04:15 AM
  • WeepingBanana do you frequent vlv perchance?
    December 5 09:00 PM
  • Hep Kat nice. i saw my cousins' band Vicious Embrace play with Laid 2 Rest and Guttersnipe along with a couple others at a pollack club in PA. I would recommend checking out all those bands, especially Vicious Embrace (delaware hardcore upstarts anchored by my cousins' songwriting) and Guttersnipe (fresh NJHC meat)
    November 21 03:01 PM
  • Hep Kat dawg ur pleasure leftists sound off hurt me soul~~~?
    November 19 05:09 AM
  • Biblius I heard them on my local radio station, but I'm in Ohio, so they must be getting big. I love their sound, Ward's voice is so unique and the music just feels so genuine and warm.
    October 1 11:25 PM
  • Biblius I'm really surprised nobody on here else has listened to Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear yet. I loved Skeleton Crew though, so kudos as the only other rating of it ahahaha
    September 22 02:04 PM
  • PappyMason Alright man, I'm not sure what to make of Populair. The footwork-inspired beat for LMB is dope but I'm not too sold on the rest. Rocks really switched up his flow...
    September 10 05:55 PM
  • Hep Kat Not typically the kind of hardcore I'm into anymore, but the new Foxfires LP is a ****in banger dawg. I was the 23rd person to preorder it, so they sent me a second preorder copy of it out of 25, and I instagram'd that bitch, so I may win a test press #stoked
    September 5 10:33 PM
  • Static np
    August 9 04:21 AM
  • Hep Kat 5684 album edits got dayum kid ur tha GOAT #madrespek
    August 4 05:38 PM
  • WeepingBanana got that uranium club s*** on wax recently. probably my favorite release this year
    July 30 11:35 PM
  • Hep Kat bumped your counterparts soundoff hard
    July 17 05:39 PM
  • Hep Kat ...fuk. jelly af
    June 20 09:40 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot stoked for that new Institute - Catharsis joint
    May 24 10:59 PM
  • Hep Kat that new remy slap
    May 18 05:19 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot what do u think of thee oh sees' newest
    May 13 09:18 PM
  • WeepingBanana how ****in dope is that new trauma harness
    May 12 11:34 PM
  • Hep Kat new sheer mag is ****in right on time as ****. really like the approach they've taken, tightening up and writing more mature stuff
    April 21 10:39 AM
  • jearoslawve i can only go so fast through all this music dawg
    April 19 03:42 PM
  • Hep Kat yeah im hood. just had some nerve damage from an old skating injury repaired, nbd. but i have mad pt ahead of me to rehab ugh
    April 3 09:07 PM
  • Hep Kat just got outta the hospital post-surgery n s***, but i'll check it
    April 3 04:30 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot new Bottlerocket isn't so great, eh
    March 28 09:35 AM
  • FourthReich http://www.audiomack.com/album/ytm216/one-big-session
    March 6 08:55 PM
  • Hep Kat i see you dug the latest new gods 7". you should check out the other one and their demo. they're both pretty solid as well
    March 1 11:03 AM
  • FrankieFrog Opinions suck right?
    March 1 04:45 AM
  • YakNips aight awesome dude, make sure to link me when it comes out
    February 9 01:25 PM
  • YakNips lol nah i forget how i came across it (i think facebook) but yea it's pretty sweet stuff dude
    February 8 07:17 PM
  • Hep Kat I hadn't heard of those, but I just bought the Durban Poison VHS single last week, so I see no reason why I can't check it out.
    February 2 07:52 AM
  • Hep Kat You jam the Sheer Mag 7"? Katorga Works is putting out another one from them soon, can't wait for it. I saw them in Philly in November, and they were spectacular live
    February 1 10:43 AM
  • RVAHC13 Aw, I got lazy with my Nonstop Feeling review and someone already beat me to it :P
    January 28 09:30 PM
  • Hep Kat good rating for the new WB
    January 27 02:53 PM
  • joshrhodes U gave Future a dang 4.0???? SUS
    January 19 07:26 PM
    December 26 05:52 PM
  • WeepingBanana no to both
    December 26 12:03 AM
  • WeepingBanana yeah i saw orden mundial there recently
    December 25 01:51 AM
  • WeepingBanana yo we have crazy overlapping punk taste, you from the boston area?
    December 25 12:24 AM
  • IAMLEGION so pumped for the new season of Twin Peaks!
    December 18 06:22 PM
  • joshrhodes U gave Chris Travis a dang 4.0???? SUS
    December 18 01:11 AM
  • Hep Kat http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=153872
    December 16 10:35 AM
  • RVAHC13 Oh no I was just wondering hahaha I just review their extended play and was thinking about giving it a shot, wasn't sure if you had dibs or not
    December 12 07:12 PM
  • RVAHC13 You gonna review the new Turnstile when it comes out?
    December 12 11:01 AM
  • Kman418 thee samedi were definitely like post punk/garage rock, idk if he ever really went anywhere with cathy outside of just a few random shows but they were pretty much straight noise rock too. actually i just remembered he was in elch too but they're noise rock also. roadside god are definitely hardcore though but theyve only been around for like 5 months i think anyways so yeah
    November 4 12:45 AM
  • Kman418 he's been in a few, that one was probably with thee samedi or cathy given the time frame. pretty sure he played guitar in cathy but im not certain, he definitely did in thee samedi tho. idk how much you know about the whole seattle scene currently but he's in roadside god right now too
    November 4 12:41 AM
  • NationalRadio Yo, just saw your post from like August on one of my lists about the place I got Pinata for 2 bucks, if you're still looking for it go to Cargo Largo in Independence. Super unorganized and kinda trashy but there's always some great finds. Went there the other day and there's still like 5 or 6 copies of Pinata for 2 bucks and a few copies of it on vinyl for like 6 bucks.
    October 27 11:15 PM
  • deathschool We do what we can with whatever it is that we uhhhh... Do
    October 19 02:29 PM
  • deathschool *shrug*
    October 19 12:53 PM
  • actually u got milquetoast taste so shush
    October 4 06:26 PM
  • Lethean cool taste dude
    September 21 04:02 PM
  • Phlegm admire u
    September 7 04:17 AM
  • jearoslawve i was thinkin about making a list i might do it
    August 26 08:32 PM
  • BMDrummer been meaning to check them, they have a chapter in Our Band Could Be Your Life
    August 18 10:33 AM
  • JazzHands333 Thanks bud, back atcha
    July 1 05:15 PM
  • Hep Kat that's just it- I love the rough aesthetic of the tape's production, and I also dig the noise influence they had. the rest of their stuff is really good, but I think AS is a hard 5. I'm just glad I bought it before they blew up, I'm sure that tape must be ebaying for a fortune now
    June 13 10:07 AM
  • Hep Kat and dude i feel like I'm the only one who feels American Specialties is parquet courts' best release. my wife likes the new one the best :'(
    June 12 04:48 PM
  • Hep Kat it's good. Third song especially rides
    June 12 04:46 PM
  • Hep Kat i added you on last.fm. I had no idea you were only 17. You have exponentially better taste in music than I did at that age like fuk. Good looks adding that cap 1 tape, that saved me some time
    June 12 01:31 PM
  • MisterTornado not generally but that grimy no master tape killed it. i'll check that out ~ thanks
    April 9 12:45 AM
  • MisterTornado come across any worthwhile hardcore s*** i should check
    April 8 02:46 AM
  • Ryanprobro Yes they have! I can't wait to catch them both next month
    March 20 08:50 PM
  • deathofasalesman I added you on Last.fm, breh. You know whats up.
    February 6 09:43 PM
  • MisterTornado You've gotta check out Framtid - Defeat of Civilization, it PUMELS
    December 5 05:01 PM
  • jackboblamont Sweet lists!
    November 26 10:11 AM
  • Hep Kat you should check out their 7"s too. the third one has some seriously infectious jamz
    November 3 11:29 AM
  • MisterTornado Will do, thanks
    October 24 06:09 PM
  • MisterTornado Just checked out every band from your "Kansas City hc/punk" list. Couldn't get into all of it, but Spine are really good and NO MASTER are incredible. Anymore newly released D-Beat you'd recommend my way?
    October 24 04:20 AM
  • NationalRadio Damn it stupid phone. Cole Crawford, not come. Hahaha
    October 15 08:29 PM
  • NationalRadio I don't think you know me, but we have some mutual friends. My best friend is come
    October 15 08:28 PM
  • NationalRadio are you Aaronrkc as in Aaron Rhodes?
    October 14 06:21 PM
  • Hep Kat did you listen to that LP the shirks dropped in february? they have a new 7" too that i havent even heard yet, but yeah, good band, you'd prolly dig em
    October 3 12:48 PM
  • Hep Kat post moar. i shall overlook the fact that u like la dispute and giv eu my blessing
    April 23 10:04 PM

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