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  • polyrhythm r.i.p
    April 23 02:03 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Did you always have Experimental 31%. I'm trying to figure out what happened with the Alt Rock tag lol.
    December 12 10:58 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Hey, random thought popped in my head and figured you'd be as good a person to ask as any: What is your take on hunting feral hogs or deer for meat when they breed massively quicker than any natural population controls in place and cause huge amounts of property damage in their respective areas? If you're against the practice, what alternatives do you favor so that they don't overtake everything around them?
    November 4 06:48 PM
  • zakalwe That Agnes album is a stunner.
    October 29 05:43 PM
  • Ryus nah aphex twin never rly tickled my fancy like i would expect
    October 28 04:57 PM
  • zakalwe Ello dude. I'm going to check Leonard Cohens new one and if I haven't offed myself Agnes will be up next. Absolutely loved her last one.
    October 28 01:25 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts You can definitely tell it's a del naja solo album
    October 26 05:33 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts It does sustain a vibe better, but to the point it is rather homogenous and songs run into each other. I still like it.
    October 26 05:33 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts 100th window is probably my least favorite tbh
    October 26 05:26 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts I love heligoland but it's definitely flawed. Still my second fav album tho and paradise circus is like their 2nd best
    October 26 03:02 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts Well I love every track they've released this year tbh so I'm sure It will be one of my top albums
    October 26 01:38 PM
  • FullOfSounds Yeah the production is pretty good, especially the bass.
    October 22 09:01 PM
  • FullOfSounds Mediocre album
    October 22 08:33 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts I watched up til about halfway through season 3 and then lost interest but it was amazing until then
    October 20 05:50 PM
  • FullOfSounds I'm excited to rip through this dude's projects. Just listened to Angel Dust's opener earlier and it was groovy af
    October 19 09:13 PM
  • FullOfSounds Comment was cut off rip
    October 19 09:11 PM
  • FullOfSounds Soooo many Patton projects.
    October 19 09:07 PM
  • FullOfSounds I've been feelin' a Patton binge coming on anyway, ever since I jammed Dillinger's Irony EP. Angel Dust looks sick
    October 19 09:02 PM
  • FullOfSounds Aight dude. I tried California once and wasn't very much into it. It's due for another try
    October 19 09:00 PM
  • 24gadjet Yes
    October 19 01:52 AM
  • ArsMoriendi I listen to music far more slowly anyway :)
    October 18 11:01 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Well I've been hyped for the new Beck album coming out in 4 days, which will probably be the next new album I listen to.
    October 18 11:36 AM
  • ArsMoriendi I'll try to give it a shot, but it probably won't be for a while since I've actually not been in much of a 70s rock mood lately.
    October 18 11:27 AM
  • ArsMoriendi Possibly. Fripp tried to get me to check A Trixk of the Tail a little while back
    October 18 09:30 AM
  • JigglyPDiddy Omg!! Thank you so much, bb. That sound off was flattering af.
    October 17 08:33 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy Here's the record: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKCMazCTcWgCsAo4GgwbQu4dvmVNkun04
    October 15 12:38 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy I have notttttt. Is she streaming it somewhere? Been working on the last tracks off my new album endlessly.
    October 14 10:34 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Make sure you check the remastered version over the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcLwQ0uXYUA
    October 14 12:54 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Also if you ever wanna go real hard check Prowler in the Yard or Calculating Infinity if you haven't. Probably too aggressive for you but I love 'em.
    October 14 12:04 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Yeah I've heard most of those but I just don't usually rate things on here. I'll check the other couple out though.
    October 14 11:52 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd "Misuse / misplacement of taxpayer money makes me furious." - If it wasn't so rampant in the U.S. maybe I'd be less ultra-right-wing economically. But when tax money being pissed away like that is the norm and not the exception, I cannot morally justify having high or even moderate tax levels. Simply put, the government doesn't need all that much money to attend to the tasks it should. Anyone who thinks the U.S. has a revenue issue and not a spending one isn't paying attention.
    October 14 11:51 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Nah, fam. Check the tape: "Snide while you are out your goddamn mind on this I gotta reassure you a bit and say that part of the reason this vote is so one-sided is cause Sput has an insanely larger than proportional number of dudes who are into dudes." Clearly me telling Snide he is crazy means I prefer butts to boobs myself, but I was saying the ratio wasn't fair cause of the number of gay dudes commenting who don't like boobs. I'm an ass man to the core.
    October 14 11:47 AM
  • DoofusWainwright I couldn't give it a higher rating than a 3.5 - too much Zappa joking around bulls*** on there
    October 14 03:17 AM
  • Drifter Sorry, I meant to reply earlier. I still hold that as the most terrifying piece of entertaining I've ever experienced. It's truly one of a kind. As for the rec on your list.... I forgot about it lol. I'll check sometime soon and tell you what I think
    October 13 11:11 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Only being attracted to women isn't conservative hahaha. I just finished law school so I'm done with school forever hopefully. As to Oregon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEb2inNby04
    October 13 04:14 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Ha, but I'm not even remotely conservative seeing as how I think four dudes and three chicks, five of them relatives, should be allowed to marry in a seven-unit family and smoke heroin that they bought at the corner store after coming home from the local prostitution house. Not exactly a conservative, am I? And I'm from the D.C. metro area. Washington is pretty lefty so you'll probably fit in just fine. At least it ain't Oregon, ****ing idiots.
    October 13 03:35 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd How did you peg me as Sput's "resident free market capitalist"? I don't recall directly talking Econ with you... but I don't mind the label hahaha. Also whereabouts in 'Murica are you gonna be?
    October 13 01:54 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd "Hahaha wow, maybe early Avril is something I need to revisit" - You really should. The world really should.
    October 13 12:25 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Soy is atrocious, never gotten into it. Had some pretty tasty vegan meals here and there but my carnivorous spirit burns strong (and dairy is my lifeblood, truly). But Iceland (which still uses fossil fuels for stuff like transportation, mind you, which means the overall energy mix is way more than 0.1% fossil fuels) is literally a few hundred thousand rich people on a volcanic island. Not a good example for the rest of the planet.
    October 13 12:24 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Everywhere you go has problems Poly. You guys are doing a pretty damn good job relatively speaking. Also, hypo: One guy has $100 and another guy has $10 vs. both of them having $5. Which is preferable and why?
    October 13 12:12 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd It was back-and-forth in shoutboxes. But feel free to creep anytime maybe you'll uncover that I genuinely honest to god think early Avril is great music.
    October 13 12:02 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd It isn't required to be a competitive athlete generally speaking, but it is 100% a biological necessity to be a performer at the utmost elite level. It was a trick question cause none of those major US sports has a single vegan (or even vegetarian) athlete that even plays in games. I'm not suggesting you need them to live (obviously), but they are proven for peak performance of the human body.
    October 13 11:59 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd BTW NZ is fairly libertarian in the scheme of things. Pretty pro-capitalism as a society and a nice place to live.
    October 13 11:52 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Yes, US figures. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/09/08/who-makes-minimum-wage/ It's very, very, very rare to see what you are talking about as a life career and would suggest language issues or some genuine disability being responsible tbh. And, as I said, I support a negative income tax for that incredibly small group that can't through good faith effort get their heads above water.
    October 13 11:50 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Also, where did that come from? You creepin' on my convo with Storm? Poly stop creepin'.
    October 13 10:11 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd My turn. Serious question... who is the best vegan professional athlete in the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB?
    October 13 10:07 AM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd The vast majority of minimum wage or sub (in right to work states) min. wage jobs are short-lived, part-time, and transition jobs. They aren't life sentences. Also, yes, some people (the mentally retarded, e.g.) would need long-term assistance, but I'm not arguing for a 100% absence of a safety net. I want a negative income tax.
    October 13 10:06 AM
  • AsleepInTheBack No worries man haha. Thanks! For modern inspiration artists like Alex pardee are a big influence, but of older stuff I love dali and van Gogh. And that sounds awesome man, would love to read it when it's finished.
    October 12 06:30 PM
  • Frippertronics Brilliant Trees and go on chronologically. An alternative, check his compilation A Victim of Stars, which covers his stuff from the 80s to 2012, including some collaborations, a remix of Ghosts, from his old band Japan, and more.
    October 11 09:38 PM
  • Ryus lmao thanks dude
    October 9 10:59 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy The day I see Björk live... Man, I'm going to burst into tears once she hits the stage. She is THE queen of music.
    October 9 01:25 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy Omggggggg, I need that in my life all too badly. -dead-
    October 9 01:09 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy Thank LordPots for a lot of those recs. Haha. His lists have helped me discover a lot of awesome music! My favorite Swans record has to be To Be Kind at this point in time, to be completely honest. It used to be White Light, then Soundtracks for the longest time, but To Be Kind just encompasses Swans in such a beautiful and mind-melting manner imo. The Glowing Man and Seer also rule. You're from Iceland?? That's amazing! How does it feel to be from the same place as my favorite singer? Haha
    October 9 12:48 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy If my writing seem's wobbly or drunken it's because I'm deprived of sleep at the moment. Haha. Goodnight and happy sputniking!
    October 8 11:59 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy ...Beth Gibbons
    October 8 11:57 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy Hey! Thanks for the lovely comments. I reckon you got mighty fine taste too based on those examples. Well, as of now I've gotten more and more into the realms of triphop, hip-hop and such. Based on Swans I can't give you much recs other than Gira's side-projects or Jarboe's solo work since they're basically the world's most unique band. (Yeah, I really love me some Swans.) Anywho, listen to some INI, Nujabes, Massive Attack, Quasimoto, DOOM, Ghostface, Eric B
    October 8 11:54 PM
  • SandwichBubble Glad you liked Deerhoof man. Definitely check out the rest of their discography :)
    October 8 06:24 PM
  • zakalwe Hi dude. Yeah I think I checked it due to his collab with King Creosote which I love but can't recall much of his solo stuff. I'll give it another whirl.
    October 8 02:11 PM
  • zakalwe 50! :D
    October 6 07:38 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh What do you think of the FLips? Yoshimi and Soft Bulletin are two of the best albums ever imo.
    October 5 04:46 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Well I honestly don't think the entire album was trying to be experimental. For instance Hard Coming Love was released as a single. Also yeah I like wacky stuff idk.
    October 4 08:18 PM
  • Frippertronics cool s*** dude, the sound on that album had its roots in his debut with "Ink In The Well". dude has a flawless discog imo, will check that album soon
    October 4 08:00 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Early* not easily. You have to remember that for the year this came out (1968) electronic rock with samples was unheard of
    October 4 06:23 PM
  • ArsMoriendi I wouldn't say The American Metaphysical Circus and The American Way of Love are superficial, the first meshed two songs together into cacophony, and the other experimented heavily with samples in a time where musicians barely had used them. The album in general is a very easily example of electronic rock (from 68 respectively) which is experimental in itself.
    October 4 06:21 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Hey, yeah I've been digging case/lang/veirs a lot. Very good collaboration between three songwriters. Great, chill chamber folk / americana vibes. Also, can't seem to put Car Seat Headrest's newest down. You?
    October 4 04:11 PM
  • ArsMoriendi If you say so, hope you enjoy my rec, it changes genres a lot lol
    October 3 12:40 PM
  • ArsMoriendi The Divine Punishment was really interesting, but also simultaneously tortuous to listen to. Man did it drone on and on and on and on and when it sounded like it was going to end it went on and on and on and on. It's cool that she was trying to raise awareness about AIDs though.
    October 2 10:38 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Wtf is this Diamanda Galas album you reccomended me haha
    October 2 10:11 PM
  • rabidfish it gets kinda same-y for me, but I dig it anyways, nice atmosphere overall
    October 2 05:57 PM
  • rabidfish I mean, it's allright... reminds me of techno animal in its cold, icy textures and minimal beats.
    October 2 11:47 AM
  • SandwichBubble All Seeing Hand album was a pretty great rec. Definitely right up my alley. A few tracks were just a bit slow, you know? Good listen nonetheless (The Claw, Empty Road were particularly great).
    October 1 10:54 PM
  • ellagos Thanks dude I'll give it a spin :)
    September 30 10:00 AM
  • TVC15 Ah k so my favs are definitely the first two tracks and the second Happiness in Slavery remix Screaming Slave
    September 30 01:45 AM
  • ArsMoriendi I reviewed Wasting, :)
    September 29 03:27 PM
  • AsleepInTheBack in truth I do enjoy learning about the law, but I like to complain about it just because I think they overwork us. But I'm sure most students think that haha. Ah nice one, I considered journalism a while back but never went down that route. Awesome that you're working on a novel, what's it about? Id always planned on being a artist/painter myself, been put on hold for my legal training though over the next few years after uni
    September 29 12:59 PM
  • AsleepInTheBack ah fair enough, sounds a bit rough. I had that to a far lesser extent when we moved from the south to the north so my dad could find work when I was 9, but still the same country so it wasn't too destabilising. Regrettably Law haha. Are you also a student?
    September 29 09:47 AM
  • AsleepInTheBack can you explain why you can't explain? or is that also inexplicable? at the moment I live in yorkshire, though I'll be moving down to Cambridge in a few years for a post-grad job
    September 29 09:33 AM
  • AsleepInTheBack The UK. I suppose we're an hour ahead of you guys as its 2:15 here now
    September 29 09:16 AM
  • AsleepInTheBack I would if I had alcohol man, I really would, despite the fact its 1:30 pm.
    September 29 08:27 AM
  • AsleepInTheBack It is indeed, and more easily done I think when you're in your early teens as I was when I first heard it
    September 29 08:14 AM
  • TVC15 Also bought the CD for $3.95 so I'm super pumped about that too
    September 28 06:27 PM
  • TVC15 Despite the fact that I've heard it a few times now, they I was in class so it was more like a 40 minute wall of noise each time through. I have a general idea of what I liked most but I'll have to listen to it while looking at the tracklisting to say which tracks I liked the most.
    September 28 06:26 PM
  • TVC15 What really makes it for me is the insane production job on all of the remixes
    September 28 04:18 PM
  • TVC15 Been listening to Fixed all day in my classes (with earbuds obviously hah). I'm so glad you got me to listen to it! Hope I could find any of the few copies of the album I've seen at the record store
    September 28 04:18 PM
  • ArsMoriendi I'm listening to the first track right now and I so far it's pretty great, might just have to listen to it all today haha
    September 20 03:16 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Ever check this: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/The-United-States-of-America/6062/ ? It's a 5 in my book and I think you'd like it.
    September 20 03:13 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist na but i just downloaded deus ex mankind divided hoopethats good
    September 19 06:49 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist ive only played 1-3 extensively. i dont have a ps3 for demon's souls and never got around to bloodborne
    September 19 05:19 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist great game series :D
    September 19 05:08 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist that bloodborne pic really brings out the pretention in you in the best way possible
    September 19 03:43 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Sounds interesting.
    September 19 03:17 PM
  • ArsMoriendi I'll give it a listen maybe soon.
    September 19 02:58 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Wonderful Rainbow was pretty good, though I was slightly turned off by how homogenous it sounded... even if every song was great in the same way.
    September 19 02:36 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Hey poly I was BlueFlame tbh I'll check those recs though thanks lol
    September 18 09:10 PM
  • BlueFlame Thanks dude! You don't know how much I appreciate these recommendations :p! When I find the time, i'll listen to them and get back to you buddy!
    September 18 04:51 PM
  • BlueFlame TALKING HEADS? Remain in light is my favorite album ever :P ! The lyrics, the singing! I also love California, but I haven't checked anything else from Talking Heads or Mr.Bungle! Shame. Thanks for the recs!
    September 18 04:42 PM
  • BlueFlame Huh? Thanks man! By the way, nice username :p I never got around to that ep though tbh. Well, I was thinking that Swans and Animal Collective sound pretty nice! What would be a good start for them? I've heard sooooooooo much about them so i'm a bit excited! Any recs are appreciated though :p And nice! Lightning Bolt is great!
    September 18 03:09 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Thanks so much! I'll get to them and tell you what I think :p
    September 17 09:02 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Hey Polly what's up? You seem to have very good taste in music if the average of your favorite albums says anything, and we agree on some things like NIN and some Radiohead. I'm trying to expand my horizons and so I was wondering if there's any album you think I should check out?
    September 17 04:54 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Well I've been enjoying Flipper's Gone Fishin' lately, though I'd check Generic Flipper (their debut) first if you're interested in Flipper since it's better.
    September 10 01:46 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Ooh that looks really interesting. I'll make sure I check it out sometime this September!
    September 10 12:48 PM
  • Gyromania iceland!? you lucky sob : P and yeah, bloodborne is for sure a masterpiece. my only real gripe is that it's a little too monochromatic for its own good. it's gorgeous in its lovecraftian design, sort of overwhelmingly dreary and homogeneous as a result. small complaint though because the game is god-tier. i spent a good 2 hours last night trying to beat orphan of kos on ng 7. what a nightmare - and i mean that in the best possible way lol. for as much as this thing pwns me, it's still a fave
    July 4 07:03 AM
  • Gyromania lol! that's hilarious. yeah i took this pic a while ago from my ps4 : P huge souls/bloodborne fan here. i'd argue they're the best games ever made
    June 15 03:42 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts not yet man sorry :[
    May 21 03:15 PM
  • ArsMoriendi You're right Antipop has more highlights
    May 17 02:18 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I know you probably had it but it was worth a try, thanks.
    May 3 08:11 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity If you're intrested in buying Of Natural History: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1040187
    May 2 04:45 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts yeah so the all seeing hand - mechatronics. mind blown.
    April 15 06:22 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts cool i will check this hard and get back to you
    April 10 09:29 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts free jazz fusion experimental stuff with throat singing ;] one of the coolest albums of the year so far
    April 6 08:35 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts wow long time no see! and yeah that sounds like something i would certainly recommend. look this up on bandcamp: Arrington de Dionyso with Gal Lazer Shiloach Lovers and Dragons
    April 6 08:34 PM
  • undertakerpt Your avatar is..... Niiicee
    November 17 07:31 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts glad you checked it out dude, you should grab his next 2 albums if you digged it!
    November 10 10:54 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Renly ftw (RIP)
    May 20 11:38 AM
  • PurpleBottle yayyy internet friends :)
    April 12 12:03 PM
  • PurpleBottle yeasiryeasiryeasir =]
    April 10 03:14 PM
  • PurpleBottle is u named after the radiohead songg???
    April 7 08:59 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers you read the books too?
    February 18 08:21 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers RIP king renly
    February 14 11:40 AM
  • ethos that first song's pretty interesting lol, lots of stuff feels ... out of place?? i guess but it works too which is kinda funny. i'll look into em for sure, they've probably got some real cool ideas i'd enjoy hearing. plus i saw a few familiar youtube faces in the comment section so that's always a great sign.. lmao the "mmMmmmmMmmmmM ; bleep: blooop" post some dude made got me pretty good
    December 23 05:35 AM
  • ethos nah bud, what should i check out by them?? (= oh, and here! world of echo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ole21ndcjpsq1s8/i listened to this in 4th grade.zip // hmm also take night shift cause i think you'd enjoy: http://www.mediafire.com/download/megke7pkdj4m0be/niTE Nite.zip
    December 23 04:11 AM
  • ethos how is world of echo treating you?
    December 22 04:21 AM
  • ashn0ted hey, if you've got an email or skype handle to send my way it'd be cool if we could have a chat.
    August 8 07:13 PM
  • Sleaper since ur a fan and all of immunity, check out moderats new LP called ii. the tracks with vocals kinda suck, but the ones without... amazing.
    August 4 06:33 AM
  • klap i have it in my itunes but haven't had a chance yet. will report back when i do
    May 8 01:55 AM
  • LilLioness Did you read my shout? I honestly really dig the sudden transition from relatively bright sounding indie rock/pop to seriously sinister s*** that occurs in the midsection. I LOVE curveballs.
    April 30 02:31 PM
  • LilLioness So I have been listening to the new Akron/Family and am kinda surprised by its reception. Is it just me or is it one of the better albums so far this year?
    April 29 11:09 AM
  • ethixx songs are incredible, i agree. abby doing something with the next one would be awesome.
    April 23 11:06 AM
  • ethixx basically tl;dr love the music, visuals are eh. anything animal collective does is genius, sooo lol doesn't really matter. fun release for them.. hope they do more of it in the future - they'll definitely improve.
    April 22 08:43 AM
  • ethixx i'm not really all for oddsac, it's my least favorite animal collective release next to merriweather. but that might have a lot to do with how much i usually dislike visuals accompanied with sound/music. just doesn't hit anywhere as hard for me as their other stuff. i like the movie itself, i just feel like the music they chose and stuff wasn't working correctly. i can't expect that from them though lol, they're musicians not directors/script writers.
    April 22 07:15 AM
  • ethixx And Prospect Hummer/People.. some of their other EPs / Panda Bear's really early stuff.
    April 18 12:11 PM
  • ethixx Yeah, I love it. Only animal collective related album I don't believe are 5s are Centipede Hz and Merriweather Post Pavilion.
    April 18 12:11 PM
  • VlacDrac SAW 85-92 needs to be a 5, though.
    January 31 02:47 PM
  • VlacDrac So, you like Mike Patton's projects?
    January 31 02:46 PM
  • Minus. Yeah man, i think Muse will have to grow on me. It's undeniable that they have some good stuff, but some of it just doesnt sit well with me.
    January 24 08:12 AM
  • Minus. I finally listened to Muse's entire collection.
    January 19 07:43 AM
  • MeatSalad thom's always got my back, what a good guy
    January 17 07:13 AM
  • MeatSalad It's just, none of them are anything better or worse than a 4, there's nothing I can do about it!
    January 16 06:37 AM

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