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  • fromtheinside how you been?
    June 25 11:54 PM
  • fromtheinside DR MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!
    June 25 03:53 PM
  • evilford cool...realistically mystic stylez is probably a 4.5 or maybe even eventually a 5...it's by far one of the most interesting hip hop albums I've heard and the style is provocative. yeah I'll def check underground
    April 21 11:11 PM
  • Cygnatti agreed, my heart goes out to the guy. :/
    March 21 02:03 AM
  • Cygnatti one day u here bby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGESP0iePmQ
    March 16 11:04 PM
  • deathschool i love you, i'm sorry
    December 21 02:40 AM
  • Cygnatti that's alright. it's the go-to avatar of all my alts now (a la Archael), altho i do believe i used it once on this acc as well x.x
    December 6 09:47 PM
  • Cygnatti btw i use that rainbow gundam avatar for A LOT of things, dude. :] it's my fav.
    December 6 09:33 PM
  • Cygnatti made a buncha accounts and s***~ that's abuse that can actually matter, unlike it does here.
    December 6 09:21 PM
  • Cygnatti how would u know!? but yesh, i'm only ratin singles over there tho since all my album ratings can work just fine here.
    December 6 09:04 PM
  • iloveyouall yah, i'm workin on it. jus have to add some s*** to the db.
    July 19 12:31 AM
  • iloveyouall it's 5 hours tho. but i'll give it a spin at some stage fosho. do you like black noise???
    July 19 12:04 AM
  • hal1ax thx pimpp
    July 9 02:44 AM
  • hal1ax Oh for sure I'll dload now. So far, flare gun has been p good. That's about it tho
    July 9 01:33 AM
  • hal1ax and ya summer is the absolute worst. i have too much nordic blood for the california heat. i need to move to the Degobah System, with the homie yoda
    June 29 12:09 AM
  • hal1ax oh dude u have to check bizarre uproar they are awesome! also , one i have been jamming a ton lately --- Magmax~Magmagenome. it is rly good
    June 29 12:07 AM
  • hal1ax oh wait ur rym link is right there lol. too blazd
    June 28 11:58 PM
  • hal1ax oh awesome man i will dload it now! and ya i have been absolutely craving noise lately for some reason lol. the summer usually depresses me and makes me want to listen to music that somewhat reflects my mood. i would rec u something but I'm not sure what u have rated :[ have u checked Bizarre Uproar yet?
    June 28 11:42 PM
  • iloveyouall switch your RiP and tGG ratings please
    May 11 01:06 AM
  • wwyd I'm only going to be hanging around for a week tbh. just popping in during my mid-sem break to see how things are going... if jom would unban my other account, I'd think about hanging around longer, but seeing as I have to start ALL over again, **** that. sput can eat a fat one as far as I'm concerned. I'll stick to drinking heaps, ****ing heaps and getting good marks.
    March 26 06:11 PM
  • wwyd how the **** could you 5 RiP? that s*** is ****ing terrible. ****ing disappointed in you homie. step your game up.
    March 25 12:24 AM
  • Jacquibim Yeah nah sorry what I've heard of Future was objectively the s***tiest thing ever of all time I'll pass
    March 13 12:47 AM
  • Jacquibim Megadeth Rust in Peace5.003.12.16 Future 56 Nights5.001.21.16 rip your taste
    March 12 10:29 PM
  • Cygnatti oh s***, no didn't back up all my files, i'm not too down about that as i always got my absolute favs with me. but laptop is officially dead and so is my life. T_T
    March 12 12:06 PM
  • Cygnatti i'm seriously considering getting a new laptop, bc it just can't handle downloading music very well anymore. rip :/ but then that's also only one of the reasons why i can't/haven't jammed as albums as i did before. rip :/ [2]
    March 7 12:01 AM
  • Cygnatti omfg yes, i had it downloaded on my garbage ****in laptop (took hours, mind u), but then it like crashed on me, and i had the entire goddamn thing resetted. and now none of my music filles are left, had to redownload errything, many things were left behind. that one included. :/
    March 7 12:00 AM
  • Ryus not enough stuff that a lot of people haven't already heard. lookin forward to your list
    February 4 09:53 PM
  • Ryus probably not . i don't think i listened to enough this year to make a list. are u?
    February 4 08:53 PM
  • basikchanL purple calling me
    January 22 09:30 AM
  • Cygnatti made a many different accounts over time, with similar ratings also genre ratings. so it's not like i've been wrongfully banned whatsoever. i'm a tad surprised it took them so long tbh. but yeah, i'm a bad person :/
    January 21 01:28 AM
  • Cygnatti nah i got cot rl hard. which is a bit surprising that they took so long. :x
    January 19 11:56 PM
  • Cygnatti ayy lmao banneded hrad
    January 19 10:54 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges yep
    December 30 06:23 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges "the other thing"
    December 30 10:12 AM
  • SachikoM Not really, but if you say so. :3
    November 29 11:03 PM
  • SachikoM it's more of a 3 but whatever, I'll allow it.
    November 29 10:34 PM
  • SachikoM for this is past must be the worst album of all time if it only gets your sput 4.
    November 29 10:12 PM
  • GooGooGajoob Nice first review. Want to keep up the reviewing streak? What about of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwmFoql0lg
    November 14 07:07 PM
  • Jacquibim Have to go out tonight (I know I have a life outside of s***ting on people's literary output) but I will ready maybe tomorrow afternoon when I'll be back home sit tight beb -less than three-
    November 14 03:15 AM
  • SachikoM lol
    October 29 05:03 PM
  • SachikoM You got mad?
    October 29 04:07 PM
  • SachikoM Maybe you can just love me for who I am, and I'll respond in kind. There is no need to hold a grudge against those so close to death.
    October 29 04:01 AM
  • SachikoM I'd help you if you were willing to be helped, but it seems you just want to remain destitute. There's nothing I can do.
    October 29 03:28 AM
  • SachikoM I'm not sure I know who you are anymore. I'm sorry, but I can't help you.....
    October 29 02:26 AM
  • SachikoM We can only hope. Sadly, I see 3s for parts of Death's discog, and can't help but to worry that it may already be too late.
    October 29 02:01 AM
  • SachikoM What a terrible phase it is indeed. I hope it gets better for you dude.
    October 29 01:07 AM
  • SachikoM Hopefully it is JUST a PHASE.
    October 29 12:30 AM
  • SachikoM I do mean it. I mean, how else could you rate primo goregrind below average dm?
    October 29 12:27 AM
  • SachikoM You are a very passionate metalhead.
    October 28 11:45 PM
  • Ryus sounds dope, thanks
    October 11 01:32 PM
  • evilf0rd yes. when boredom comes along, don't give in to the desire to do something stupid to entertain yourself. at least, when you can get banned for it :]
    October 8 06:10 PM
  • evilf0rd I got really bored so I created that "iamwhatarethetodds" user and trolled up a few threads. boredom will make you do stupid things. oh well, it was a retard moment anyways. got a couple months to think about how to not be dumb.
    October 8 06:02 PM
  • Jasdevi087 I know, don't worry dude :]
    September 9 12:29 AM
  • Jasdevi087 Well, how often do you sit down and think "****, I might show off my taste today. I know, I'll make a list on sputnikmusic?" in all fairness.
    September 8 11:52 PM
  • Cygnatti Naworries mate :] there's no rush ^_^
    September 7 02:58 AM
  • Cygnatti Has you archandroid'd yet? :]
    September 7 02:42 AM
  • Jacquibim Every time he posts, new boundaries of human naivety are broken~
    August 28 07:25 PM
  • Jacquibim So when are you going to change your display name to "Minimalism is Ambient's retarded little cousin"
    August 28 02:24 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot i think i will. based on genre tags, it looks like unfamiliar territory
    August 23 02:16 PM
  • Jacquibim fukken legendary album agrd
    August 13 01:24 AM
  • Cygnatti :D
    August 9 03:45 AM
  • Frippertronics you might as well just wait it out, because **** using anything up to date on a piece of hardware that's a decade old
    July 26 03:01 AM
  • Frippertronics Gonna go out on a stretch and say your computer is probably outdated?
    July 25 10:17 PM
  • Frippertronics OR NOT: http://soundpark.club/album/torrent-79843-ichiko-aoba-diskografiya-2010-2014
    July 25 01:49 AM
  • Frippertronics Sorry to break it to you, but you may have to bite bullet and just get soulseek. That or I can find some time to upload it to mega since the links I've been using are dead. Some sput user who messaged me on last.fm asked for a link (don't know who he was though), gonna have to hit him up and tell him I sent him a dud.
    July 25 01:48 AM
  • Frippertronics sup i heard you don't do slsk and need a dl for 0% i'm gonna hook you up https://www.asiafull.com/ichiko-aoba-0-live-album-2014/
    July 25 01:17 AM
  • Cygnatti so gorgeous, man... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Al1SvYZ3Y
    July 24 09:23 PM
  • Cygnatti fuk i can't remember specifically but it's happened at least twice on here and once on rym so it's a thing i guess!
    July 24 07:57 PM
  • Gwyn. workin', learning bass, taking all sorts of courses on language... ive been lurking here a lot this whole time but i just wasnt feeling like talking to anyone tbh bc im just tired all the time with all i got on my back so i never commented, but i recently got some things off and now i have more free time. good to see that this website is still 100% exactly the same
    July 20 02:55 PM
  • SnakeDelilah :\
    July 19 08:04 PM
  • SnakeDelilah i miss yr adolf schuldiner dp
    July 19 06:44 PM
  • SomeSayShesNaive You've never even listened to My Own Prison you ****ing piece of s***.
    July 19 02:30 AM
  • Frippertronics trve taste and you haven't heard the album goddamn nice
    July 18 12:56 AM
  • Nimb49 Yeah, I imagine that's what I will probably do... I'm going to wind down my overall sput use as rym is better for rating and, seeing as school is starting to get hectic, I'll have other things occupying my time.
    July 18 12:37 AM
  • Frippertronics that lone rating is the rightest and most pvrest rating.
    July 18 12:31 AM
  • Nimb49 Brave... I won't change my listening habits, I just won't be as scathing in my hatred of most things, I'll be more subtle and, perhaps, easy on things that I don't like... Just don't want the same outcome as my last account.
    July 18 12:29 AM
  • Nimb49 Yeah... It was a pretty blunt use of it, and a lot of people didn't detect that it was copypasta and took it seriously. There are a couple of users who reported most of my comments as well because they didn't like me. That's why I plan on being more posi with this account...
    July 18 12:23 AM
  • Nimb49 Just don't wanna get b
    July 18 12:10 AM
  • Nimb49 :[
    July 17 11:05 PM
  • Cygnatti Lmao I know right. :]
    July 14 10:33 PM
  • Cygnatti oh yes. japanese psych is like on another plane of existence.
    July 13 03:27 PM
  • Cygnatti I'm an awful person :/
    July 12 09:30 PM
  • Cygnatti them vibes tho ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc7Hny8uLr0
    July 9 05:30 PM
  • deathschool Splitting a release can be a real hype killer though.
    July 8 10:53 PM
  • deathschool You got a place to download that new Carly Rae should I gain access to a computer?
    July 8 08:43 PM
  • Supercoolguy64 not really i guess, noise for me is that one genre that you dig but not that deep into. al though lately i've been getting into it more and more
    July 5 11:56 PM
  • Supercoolguy64 nah i actually found it somewhere. even came with CD scans too! lucky me
    July 5 11:29 PM
  • Cygnatti http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=159700
    July 5 01:33 PM
  • Cygnatti artuma :x
    July 5 01:02 PM
  • Cygnatti "btw cyg are you drmaximus?" i think i need halp on this one x_x
    July 5 12:27 PM
  • Jacquibim You ****in suck tbh
    July 4 02:42 AM
  • Cygnatti i was gonna hard 4 after hearing it again but then i was like whoa then WHOA and then whoaaaaaaa. yeah like new best album i've heard in like a month or probs longer.
    July 3 11:18 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yo any potentially good upcoming sht I should know about ?
    July 3 08:37 PM
  • LivingThrowaway Nah, haven't had the time to... Might try it out today.
    June 19 06:02 PM
  • LivingThrowaway Did you know grim have released a new album this year?
    June 19 12:48 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Done... As I said, it's just a shell at the moment. I'll start rating discogs over the weekend (hopefully) and the next week.
    June 17 05:05 PM
  • LivingThrowaway Made an account :3... No ratings on there yet, I'll start rating on the weekend.
    June 17 02:56 AM
  • LivingThrowaway I was, but my account has very few ratings... Might create a new account soon.
    June 17 02:14 AM
  • pissbore https://plug.dj/demonlab
    June 4 04:05 AM
  • Ryus ah yes that one's been on my list for a while but i have yet to check it. thanks for reminding me though :]
    June 3 08:59 PM
  • Ryus boy i love me some throat singing. that album is quite enjoyable
    June 3 08:37 PM
  • Jacquibim Gonna be checking her other stuff soon cuz Ys is kinda amazing
    May 27 03:10 AM
  • Jacquibim No real problem, I enjoyed it, but I kinda feel that (like a lot of Brian Eno's work) it hasn't exactly aged too well.
    May 24 01:50 AM
  • deathschool I typed d e l e t e like five times. Will shout boxes really not allow that word?
    May 9 08:00 PM
  • deathschool You crafty sunnovabich
    May 9 07:59 PM
  • deathschool And your comment**Goddammit
    May 9 07:53 PM
  • deathschool Yeah, dawg. Hook me up. I'll screenshot the link and your comment.
    May 9 07:49 PM
  • Jacquibim Oh you my pardon don't need to be begged no beef here mang no beef only love :3
    April 23 12:30 PM
  • pissbore add me on fb bro http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 15 07:22 PM
  • demigod! will do man, thx for the rec. wanna rec you something in return, uhh have you heard toadliquor? you like sludge, right?
    April 11 01:14 PM
  • Ryus i might start doing that little by little
    April 9 07:52 PM
  • Ryus yeah, barely use it though. i'll add you now though :D
    April 9 07:37 PM
  • Cygnatti jam central whoa :o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHkhLQfTdgM
    March 19 12:47 PM
  • Cygnatti soul, i dig soul man, but like i jus dun really want it there i guess? it doesn't seem so indicative of my taste, i feel like r
    March 16 10:14 PM
  • Cygnatti looks like i actually got an ambient slice on my pastry! gotta figure out what i want the last piece to be bc i really dig the rest of em. : )
    March 16 09:39 PM
  • Cygnatti no sir, those two and mirage are up next! ^_^
    March 16 01:52 AM
  • Cygnatti cyborg is weird tho, it seems more intricate and so much more involved than irrlicht, but not as blissful in contrast. not sure, but both could be 4.0s, man.
    March 14 11:14 PM
  • Cygnatti they're about even for me right now, mirage is more consistent but goddamn Satz: Ebene is like the best ambient track ever
    March 14 10:37 PM
  • Cygnatti "The Tammys Egyptian Shumba 5.0 03.09.15" :]
    March 10 03:41 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler Sweet! Another pastafarian
    March 10 01:00 PM
  • Cygnatti maxie, rec me some good metal albums that you think i'd dig! :D
    March 9 07:03 PM
  • Cygnatti idk man, i dig some pretty bad musik!
    March 7 05:20 PM
  • Cygnatti jam pls. twee-like gazey jam of the highest degree ^o^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8MLqBcwJJY
    February 21 12:24 PM
  • FacelessMan this riff will be Führious
    February 20 07:05 PM
  • Jacquibim If I don't there will be riots
    February 7 11:40 PM
  • Jacquibim hard ;_;
    February 7 09:15 PM
  • Torontonian thanks man, appreciate the rec. might give it a go.
    February 1 02:54 PM
  • Torontonian Haha I was going off of sput. I mostly noticed records that u two have exclusively rated like cross paths. I dunno, was just curious, wasn't trying to break balls or anything! :)
    February 1 10:10 AM
  • Torontonian sup, not trying to be a dick or anything but how come your ratings are so close in similarity to havey's? i mean, it almost looks copy and pasted.
    February 1 12:54 AM
  • Chortles lol I haven't even listened yet I'm just assuming
    January 28 10:12 PM
  • Cygnatti honestly nothing! not that there won't be good stuff at all, ofc! i just can't wait to finish this list bc then i can stop caring about "modern" music for the next half year and catch up then. :x
    January 10 06:36 PM
  • Cygnatti i plan on doing so, yes. hopefully sometime soon. would've been easier or done by now if i hadn't just start listening to 2014 stuff a few months back x.x
    January 10 12:24 PM
  • Cygnatti So will you ever grace your fellow sputnikers with a sexy maxy 2014 list? ; )
    January 9 07:00 PM
  • Ryus sweet, that sounds cool. thanks
    December 31 09:24 AM
  • Ryus hahaha. thanks : ]
    December 30 11:42 PM
  • Ryus i think a thrice one. i think thrice sucks and apparently that makes me some elitist bitch heh
    December 30 11:08 PM
  • Ryus thanks hah it's something artuma said
    December 30 11:01 PM
  • Jacquibim 3.5 for LP5 smgdh
    December 29 11:04 PM
  • Ryus definitely some interesting stuff hahah. but it's intriguing, his style is really captivating
    December 29 06:34 PM
  • Jacquibim They're like deer except these mother****ers can BOX too, truly they are the most terrifying of creatures.
    December 28 12:58 AM
  • Jacquibim They're idiots who jump out in front of your car and **** your s*** up, if you lived in Australia you'd hate them too
    December 28 12:58 AM
  • Jacquibim He brought me a $30 gift card for JB Hi-Fi but I still shot him because kangaroos are assholes :)
    December 25 08:34 PM
  • Cygnatti murrrrrry xmas to u2! love ya, maxie! :D :D :D
    December 25 09:19 AM
  • Cygnatti I know I know I'm just super lazy man
    December 19 10:06 PM
  • Cygnatti unfortunately i have not. it not being on spotify has been incredibly disgruntling.
    December 19 10:56 AM
  • YakNips they do! im at the hospital but i found it at the hospital so im jamming now
    December 18 02:37 PM
  • Cygnatti i must consult him at once!
    December 18 01:13 PM
  • Cygnatti do you know if yaks digs the glow pt 2? bc he really should. :x
    December 18 06:04 AM
  • fromtheinside : )
    December 14 01:07 AM
  • YakNips lol yeah it's definitely got me interested to check the album, love the vocals
    December 5 11:37 PM
  • YakNips listening to a song off of it, this is insane lol. trying to figure out how i feel
    December 5 11:00 PM
  • YakNips yeah damn i need to check that sounds amazing
    December 5 09:15 PM
  • YakNips nah not yet! do you think i would dig?
    December 5 01:27 PM
  • Cygnatti Simultaneously hilarious and completely heartbreaking. ;.;
    December 2 08:28 PM
  • Jacquibim Which interpretations of The Art of Fugue did you listen to?
    November 28 08:10 PM
  • Cygnatti hey maxie! really not sure if i've ever heard anything by her but lakes bugged me a few years back to jam her shtuff. would i dig joanna newsom? :x
    November 25 12:20 PM
  • Cygnatti as far as psych pop/rock goes, the pretty things - sf sorrow is among my favs. most people would disagree but i dig it as much as beatles or pet sounds. come jam with me :] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaMJkQWLdW4
    November 18 09:20 PM
  • Cygnatti morgen ^_^ the drums on dat track are just hot fire
    November 18 08:48 PM
  • Cygnatti Did you know that a good man died. oh how terrible they say. But you know that's just a part of life. it kind of happens every day. No! i sya welcome to the void~
    November 18 07:52 PM
  • Jacquibim It's okay bby lets cuddle
    November 14 02:04 AM
  • Jacquibim If you actually like misery signals then i want a divorce
    November 14 01:18 AM
  • videotape its magical man check it :]
    November 13 10:10 PM
  • Cygnatti damn those were the only other two i had i mind. well i'll jam those but what a bleak genre ._.
    November 13 08:24 PM
  • Cygnatti so i must inquire you, are any metalcore albums barring jane doe that are actually worth 2 s***s or no ?
    November 13 08:01 PM
  • videotape will definitely check those man thanks! what do you think of that hecker album?
    November 12 09:56 PM
  • Jacquibim There were already a few PE reviews on the site but seeing Fetor without one hurt my brains
    November 12 08:55 PM
  • videotape also yeah i finally listened to an ambient album haha
    November 12 07:52 PM
  • Cygnatti "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88zp3O8_ahU" got a boner listening to that, is that normal ?
    November 11 04:18 PM
  • BMDrummer that's part of my problem with 5s, since i have so much stuff that i think is absolutely perfect. been trying to stick to stuff more that i think is perfect tho opposed to commonly accepted masterpieces since the less known ones generally mean more to me anyway
    November 10 10:01 PM
  • BMDrummer ah, the acad way of rating. you have a very small amount of 5s too, it's so hard for me to narrow them down
    November 10 09:48 PM
  • BMDrummer why is arrogant sons of bitches a 1 tho???
    November 10 09:38 PM
  • BMDrummer your 1s on rym damn
    November 10 09:23 PM
  • Chortles dude what a great album
    November 6 12:04 AM
  • Futures i think you might dig this but idk with you haha http://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=171496
    November 4 01:24 PM
  • Kman418 the caretaker svarte greiner
    September 29 10:30 PM
  • Kman418 there is dark ambient better than deathprod
    September 29 09:55 PM
  • Snowdog808 The irony of your picture is so obvious.
    September 26 07:45 PM
  • adr dig your 5's and 4.5's hard
    September 17 04:31 AM
  • Artuma ur welcome haha
    September 13 04:36 PM
  • Artuma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-oPibBCmkc oh yesss
    September 13 04:24 PM
  • Artuma i hope it's nothing like hijokaidan cuz that's the worst s*** my ears have ever gone through... ok checked parts of it and it sounded pretty damn sweet! will listen to the whole thing soon
    September 13 04:08 PM
  • Artuma alright will check thanks
    September 13 03:58 PM
  • Artuma no but stuff like morton feldman or gza doesn't really interest me srry. i've heard most of your 4.5's tho
    September 13 03:52 PM
  • Artuma but it's better than any of your 4.5's (except for unwound i guess)
    September 13 03:40 PM
  • Artuma why don't you have heat death 5'd dude i'm disappointed
    September 13 03:25 PM
  • Jacquibim I can't they totally don't exist
    September 12 02:13 AM
  • Jacquibim i would've stayed but i couldn't be arsed with all the smae smae tbh how mad are tho for real bs
    September 9 01:30 AM
  • Storm In A Teacup nice profile picture i laughed
    September 7 12:46 AM
  • Futures agreed so many good dudes on here like yourself!
    August 18 10:10 PM
  • Futures i know theres something wrong with me bro. joined when i took my year off from school so yeah i had nothing to do. will be on a lot less this year.
    August 18 10:02 PM
  • Flugmorph hes obviously strumming chocke on it as one can see it in his grumpy eyes
    August 16 06:45 PM
  • Flugmorph props for the nazi chuck ;)
    August 16 06:20 PM
  • Jacquibim will do but god damn i have so much stuff to jam and catch up on !!
    August 13 04:12 PM
  • aok dude u totally killed my awesome thread nd i was being awesome nd then u commented nd then the thred died. why were you born exactly? just to kill my awesome thread? ach pshhhh
    July 30 05:28 PM
  • Futures ye man it goes so hard. check artificial brain if you want some more dm. its my aoty so far. its p much gorguts in space and its awesome
    July 30 12:45 AM
  • Futures whoops sput cut the rest off. hatful of hollow is better imo. a lot of the same songs with wayyy better production.
    July 30 12:31 AM
  • Futures swee. my opinion is hatful of hollow
    July 30 12:30 AM
  • Futures nice! dude you dig the smiths?
    July 30 12:13 AM
  • Futures o swee i was actually just going to start jamming more post punk! joy division and the cure was were i was gonna start.
    July 30 12:03 AM
  • Futures but am i gonna dig it BRO
    July 29 11:59 PM

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