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  • Lakes. hey dude, how's your rpg maker game going?
    December 25 10:55 PM
    December 18 01:17 PM
  • XyphynX9 Is your post on my shoutbox supposed to be sarcasm?
    December 18 10:58 AM
  • liledman Except he never dug free-jazz, and that's why I have always had reservations about him. I get the arguments for him being most influential in jazz, as he had one of the longest careers as a player who continually mattered. The only thing about him is that while his playing can be great, it is usually his group who outshine him. His greatest talent was assembling all those fantastic groups I think. Calling him the most important person of 20th century music though is a bit of a stretch.
    December 10 11:31 PM
  • Keyblade it's all good man
    December 9 11:00 PM
  • Keyblade digging something means you're really liking it. rating it a 3 means you think it's "meh it's okay". you're just looking for a lil 'lite cred let's be honest
    December 9 10:48 PM
  • Worstof2012 lol hes funny sometimes. and hey at least i didnt put you as number 1
    December 8 09:08 PM
  • Lakes. Yeah you should definitely check it out, it's challenging by modern standards but not impossible. A lot of its mechanics are really interesting, like you have to go to a trainer in town and pay gold to level up
    December 6 04:38 PM
  • Lakes. Fantastic game, not story driven at all but the combat and character development is ace. At least play VII, the art style in that game is much better but damn VI is really fun
    December 6 04:30 PM
  • Lakes. Very much so. Also you MUST play might and magic VI!
    December 6 04:26 PM
  • Lakes. Basically there are a trinity of evil gods who want to assume control of the mortal plane and reshape it in their image, but the gods are forbidden from directly intervening with the mortal world so thy have to have mortals to carry out their will
    December 6 04:23 PM
  • Lakes. Mine involves a cult too, hahaha. It isn't revealed that they're behind until late into the story though. I'm going for a puzzle type thing where plot threads are introduced and at the end you see the big picture and it all makes sense. Redoin the beginning of the game now, it's going to be slower starting out
    December 6 04:17 PM
  • Lakes. Grimdark? Sweet.I'm trying to get in touch with some more serious themes with the main story later on. I'm basically trying to put a fresh spin on the cliche end of the world story
    December 6 04:11 PM
  • Lakes. I have party members and they're mandatory for the main quest right now. I'd like to make them optional though and add more people that you can recruit with their own personal story lines and stuff
    December 6 04:05 PM
  • Lakes. Sweet, will check. I'm expanding character creation and making party members optional soon, and rewriting the beginning of the main quest for my game. Then I have to map out the biggest city and the game and finish the second half of the main quest. Got a lot of work to do
    December 6 04:02 PM
  • Lakes. no, wait is the only way to delay between switches and other stuff. it's also useful for mob respawns if you have them on a map as events, because you can use a parallel process common event which turns off their death switches after a set period of time. wait is your friend!
    December 5 06:12 PM
  • Lakes. use wait command if you have to
    December 5 06:05 PM
  • Lakes. it should. just make sure you move the event out of the player's field of view before you make it disappear
    December 5 05:42 PM
  • Lakes. make sure the next page also has the same sprite selected!
    December 5 05:38 PM
  • MichaelSnotballs Come at me bro.
    December 4 09:21 PM
  • Lakes. there should be a "stop all" command, or you could just use a switch which turns the event into an empty event when it turns on
    December 4 05:50 PM
  • Lakes. Not sure that it's possible to make a masterpiece with rpg maker, lol. Anyway, if you need help with combat balancing just know that I can't help you, I prefer rm2k's battle system because it's easier to balance lol. Rm2k3 is a better engine though, 2k doesn't have classes or mp3 support
    December 4 12:32 AM
  • Lakes. I see. Well, I expect the resulting game to be a masterpiece of gaming. But it better not be superior to my game or I will cry, I've spent far too much time on this thing lol
    December 4 12:22 AM
  • Lakes. Lol it's fine. What is the title of your game going to be ?
    December 4 12:08 AM
  • Lakes. It should be like a drop down box
    December 4 12:04 AM
  • Lakes. In the map editor there's an option to switch between tilesets. I use inner for interior maps and world or fasade for the rest
    December 4 12:02 AM
  • ThunderNeutral21 kinda elder scrolls-ish. once we complete everything in the first town and it's outer area while having a part of the main quest you can complete there, ill prolly make a game disc for people and definitely post a copy online. its really more a story heavy/decision based game revolving around characters and plot than anything else. and figuring out the ins and outs of the combat system is challenging, don't know when that aspect of my game would be polished
    December 3 11:43 PM
  • ThunderNeutral21 id appreciate it. itd be a while till that point however. Along with a main story arc, each town is most likely going to have 2-3 quests as well as a story/situation in the town that you can tend as desired. for example the first city would contain the first 1 or 2 quests in the main story and then youd be sent elsewhere to continue it, however the town has side quests, an outer area dungeon and a 'town storyline' if it's own that you can do and ignore the main quest
    December 3 11:42 PM
  • Lakes. You should post the game on when you get a working demo going, I can give you some feedback
    December 3 11:32 PM
  • Lakes. Make a switch object that you can use limitlessly, then paste the text into a common event that comes up when the switch is activated
    December 3 11:23 PM
  • Lakes. Ah. Are you writing lore books like elder scrolls? I am, I have about 10 written at this point lol. I usually start out with bullet points and then expand on those
    December 3 11:19 PM
  • Lakes. My game is the same way lol. I don't have a single dungeon that isn't optional at this point haha
    December 3 11:12 PM
  • Lakes. nice. going to finish up this game soon, hopefully my download count will go way up then. going to start promoting it 'round the net when that happens.
    December 3 10:59 PM
  • Lakes. ah i see. is this a serious project at all?
    December 3 10:52 PM
  • Lakes. i would advise against going huge because populating it and making quests for it and stuff will take forever
    December 3 10:33 PM
  • Lakes. just mess around with the tileset. this is what one of my towns looks like for example:
    December 3 09:15 PM
  • Lakes. use the wait command
    December 3 07:42 PM
  • Lakes. auto start is the same thing as parallel process except it disable movements and doesn't allow for other events to occur. i usually put teleports at the edge of maps because it's a way of making a seamless world, you want to use a on hero touch, below hero event for that with a teleport command. parallel process events will repeat if you don't put a switch on them to turn them off after they're done
    December 3 07:11 PM
  • Lakes. Common events are basically just events that work on all maps. Variables let you check to see if someone is in the party and a bunch of other stuff. Both are essential
    December 3 04:07 PM
  • Aids haha man don't even. i met them at Sasquatch and they signed my copy of High Violet, is was so amazing. seeing Bloodbuzz Ohio live was one of my first great live music moments.
    December 3 04:10 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently I don't have a problem with you, so it's all good
    December 3 12:44 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently Don't deny the fun, bro
    December 3 12:38 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently My favourite game of all time. So so so so fun.
    December 3 12:36 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently Good for you, man. I'm gonna go enjoy Oblivion now.
    December 3 12:30 AM
  • Aids youre weird. imma jam to some Boxer, you can join if you like.
    December 2 06:06 PM
  • Aids youre so damn weird, how do you arrive at that conclusion? I mean granted the crack business isn't what it used to be, but I'm still happy deep down!
    December 2 06:02 AM
  • Lakes. keep in mind that i spend a lot more time tweaking and playtesting than adding gameplay lol
    December 1 08:24 PM
  • Lakes. oh yeah. your characters move across the screen pretty fast and it can take forever to design a really good looking map. basically most of the quests in your game will end up taking a few minutes to complete, lol. i've been working on this game for quite sometime and i'd say it has 6 hours gameplay at most and that's stretching the truth a bit
    December 1 08:17 PM
  • Lakes. rm2k3 has that problem, you can't just fill the whole message box. there's a certain point where the words get cut off, enter text a lot and eventually you'll have an instinct for when you need to put a line break
    December 1 08:11 PM
  • Lakes. the quest journal is the kind of thing that's difficult to explain, i would suggest using a common event that opens when you activate a switch, then make a switch item called journal. use variables to denote quest stages and set the variables to a certain value based on where you are in the quest/if you've accepted, then put an if/then condition branch in the common event so if a variable is set to 1 for example that means you've accepted that quest
    December 1 07:13 PM
  • Lakes. there's no function in the engine that supports that, there might be a plug-in on the internet somewhere that you can apply to the .exe but idk. you just have to manually put "so-and-so:" in every text box
    December 1 07:11 PM
  • Lakes. if you ever finish this ridiculous game you should upload it to
    December 1 07:08 PM
  • Lakes. put that in a parallel process event on the hell map that switches off once you start the new music/fade out the old
    December 1 06:22 PM
  • Lakes. use a fade bgm command and then start bgm
    December 1 06:21 PM
  • Lakes.
    December 1 04:49 PM
  • Aids wow dude you sure are projecting that "look how much of a s*** I dont give!" well, good job! (you seem to forget that I'm not a noob and remember who you really are).
    December 1 05:31 AM
  • Aids not very much at all?
    November 30 07:55 PM
  • Aids what that specific to anything or just "lol, your taste"
    November 30 02:30 AM
  • foxblood yea it gets rec'd as shoegaze a lot and it isn't shoegaze at all, it's noisy post punk. so that turns people off sometimes
    November 29 07:06 PM
  • foxblood yeah man it's so hazy. idk why they aren't that popular on sputnik. too bad you didn't like psychocandy though
    November 29 06:56 PM
  • Xenophanes I shall, boo, I shall. In due time. However, with finals coming up I hope I can get it out soon
    November 28 11:22 PM
  • SeaAnemone
    November 28 10:47 PM
  • SeaAnemone i got a zip file, we allowed to post those here?
    November 28 10:31 PM
  • none should've done it when u were a baby
    November 28 12:44 AM
  • none i hope ur mom drowns u when u get home
    November 28 12:43 AM
  • none get the **** out of my shoutbox and jump off a bridge
    November 28 12:42 AM
  • witchxrapist your fagot
    November 27 06:42 PM
  • Xenophanes I've been so curious to hear what this is going to sound like. Thank you for the heads up! I've been scouring the net for a link but have come up empty handed. The track sounds like a mix of Dec. 5 and Program and it actually rules.
    November 27 04:19 PM
  • Spec Between The Buried And Me- I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Like It
    November 27 03:19 PM
  • Maniac! They're no [insert band you like here], that's for sure.
    November 27 03:06 PM
  • witchxrapist did any1 ever tell you that youre really good at trolling
    November 27 02:52 PM
    November 27 02:39 PM
  • Maniac! Not really, but they are sentimental to me.
    November 27 02:31 PM
  • witchxrapist hell yeah, their songs are soooooooo haphazard
    November 27 09:05 AM
  • witchxrapist i see your high rating on one of my favorite albums ever
    November 27 07:21 AM
  • kount its hard to meet someone over the internet, but ok
    November 26 09:12 PM
  • Aids most definitely. the rage, it seeps through my very skin!
    November 26 02:15 AM
  • Aids i'm not upset at all and knew you'd eventually post something to that effect. it's a sign of grasping at straws and only terrible users like yourself do it. i'm not upset, but if you want to keep believing that to make yourself feel better then crack on my delusional friend.
    November 26 02:07 AM
  • Aids that is never relevant and you are pathetic for thinking it ever could be. enjoy your sad, loveless existence you alienating weirdo. (ps if that's you slowly tanking my approval rating, wow I care, good job)
    November 26 01:55 AM
  • Aids youre a moron. i like the music i like (and am intelligent enough to not blast people for the s*** they like) and dont care that you think it sucks. everyone on sputnik agrees that youre dumb as s*** (read the thread you abandoned for one, small example) and I am done wasting calories responding to you. christ, get a job or something.
    November 25 10:30 PM
  • Aids actually hold on, cause I'm curious about something. Do you actually think my taste has anything to do with our discussion on Converge? or are you just trying to piss me off? cause either way, it produces the same effect: everyone thinks you're a moron and you're left patting yourself on the back for "making me angry" which, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, you have never and could never do.
    November 25 05:30 PM
  • Aids ps thanks for reminding me that I meant to 5 the other Manchester Orchestra LP
    November 25 05:28 PM
  • Aids you're a retard and i'm done trying to have adult conversations with you. leave me alone you retard.
    November 25 05:28 PM
  • Lakes. when your bounty gets too high and the guards say you deserve death
    November 18 03:00 PM
  • Lakes. yeah, i think it's nearly impossible to do both the fighter's guild and thieves guilds to completion, but i stayed in the thieves guild for bounty benefits, since its the only way to pay off your crimes when you get the death sentence
    November 17 11:25 PM
  • Lakes. yeah, you get tasked to kill all the thieves guild leaders. you can retain your thieves guild membership if you taunt them all though, lol
    November 17 07:59 PM
  • Lakes. the story arch is essentially that they're at war with the thieves guild
    November 17 07:54 PM
  • Winrar I've got a job so i spoil myself.
    November 17 07:32 PM
  • DarthMann no
    November 17 06:26 PM
  • Lakes. yup. i think the fighters guild and house hlaalu are the only faction questlines that i've completed.
    November 17 04:36 PM
  • KILL 4nd
    October 29 01:40 PM
  • RutseyLives2 you arent worthy of my time fag
    October 28 11:35 PM
  • silentpotato transcendental bro
    October 26 09:10 PM
  • Ponton lol like i ****ing care
    October 24 02:17 PM
  • Ponton lol like i ****ing care
    October 24 01:52 PM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently it's okay.
    October 18 10:38 PM
  • bach I prefer Year of the dragon, but it's second best in my book.
    October 18 10:13 PM
  • Winrar tell me more about how they're not.
    October 18 07:24 PM
  • ViralOblivion i know we disagree on music
    October 18 02:18 PM
  • ViralOblivion and then we disagree completely on other s*** haha
    October 18 02:15 PM
  • intotheshit Hardly. You gonna start shoutbox-stalking me just like you do Maniac?
    October 16 02:13 PM
  • intotheshit Why do you feel the need to defend yourself?
    October 16 11:50 AM
  • Maniac! I meant the various threads you follow me around on, not your shoutbox message.
    October 14 02:54 PM
  • Maniac! Still not bored with trying to troll me?
    October 14 01:38 PM
  • Chatterer *chatter-chatter-chatter* (Why stop when you have the option of continuing?)
    October 14 08:00 AM
  • Motiv3 first half of at the well was boring as ****. But oh well, only first listen so no rating for me yet.
    October 14 06:38 AM
  • Motiv3 Neurosis is prolly a 3 on first listen. Only things that were really good were the 2nd half of At the Well and My Heart for Deliverance.
    October 13 06:44 PM
  • Motiv3 Salvation is at a 4 but I haven't listened to that album in time. I have Somewhere but haven't listened all the way through. Ah **** it, ill say what I think of the new Neurosis so far: mixed bag. Up to casting of the ages.
    October 13 06:15 PM
  • Motiv3 I haven't really listened to cult of luna properly tbh. I'm listening to the new Neurosis now as my headache has worn off. I'll tell you my first impressions on first listen once I've finished.
    October 13 05:57 PM
  • Motiv3 TSIB is prolly my fave, either that of EOES
    October 13 04:12 PM
  • Motiv3 That's really weird. I'm the opposite. First listen I was like this is my fave Neurosis and it's kept growing off ever since. Our ratings of the one's we've both rated are the same except Times of Grace and Through Silver In Blood are swapped.
    October 13 03:55 PM
  • KILL dude hard
    October 13 03:32 PM
  • Motiv3 I've rated 4? I think of their albums, 2 4.5's and 2 4's. A Sun That Never Set's is probs a 3-3.5, that album grew off me a tonne and I've heard half of Souls at Zero.
    October 13 03:29 PM
  • Motiv3 Well I'm not as a big of fan of Neurosis than you so who knows.
    October 13 03:25 PM
  • Motiv3 Well I'm dling it right now to see for myself. Probs won't listen till tomorrow though. Got a bit of a headache so I'm listening to lighter music. King Crimson to be precise.
    October 13 03:17 PM
  • Motiv3 New Neurosis really that disappointing? :/
    October 13 03:13 PM
  • Lakes. i'll check it out.
    October 11 09:52 PM
  • Lakes. hahahaha. hey, did you play my rpg beyond the first 5 minutes? lol
    October 11 09:47 PM
  • Lakes. i think we've already established that i'm very different from most kids my age, lol. i mean, i'm a regular poster on this website for one
    October 11 09:44 PM
  • Lakes. why can't you accept that my opinions ARE my own? is it wrong for someone my age to like older rpgs?
    October 11 05:15 PM
  • Graveyard agreed
    October 10 08:18 PM
  • Motiv3 Nah not just that. In general for a while.
    October 10 02:47 PM
  • KILL yea i know the sequel is on pc i did play a bit but i will prob play em properly one day
    October 8 11:40 PM
  • Xenophanes Hm, I suppose we disagree on this one. I've only heard it a couple of times due to it being a stream, but I mean, if you love the band then you'll really like this. It's probably a solid 4 even though there isn't one killer track which is kind of disappointing. Basically i really want to talk to someone about it but can't : [
    October 8 07:36 PM
  • Xenophanes I saw you bad mouthing the first two songs of the new Neurosis album. What gives those are some of my favorites off of the album : /
    October 8 06:44 PM
  • Thor Yes.
    October 7 03:21 PM
  • Thor I write for Metal Injection and they give me s*** way ahead of time. No, you can't have it.
    October 7 09:33 AM
  • Knott- i did...
    October 6 08:53 PM
  • KILL you mean either thrash or death or death/thrash combo, well early dm is very thrashy anywho so check out possessed - seven churches, morbid angel - altars of madness, autopsy - severed suvival, pestilence - consuming impulse etc
    October 6 05:24 PM
  • botb i liked you better when you were trying to cater to other peoples internet personas progmaster
    October 6 05:21 PM
  • Xenophanes Quit posting on my shoutbox, please.
    October 6 11:50 AM
  • aflak7 craiiiiiiiiig
    October 5 08:05 PM
  • Maniac! okay
    October 5 11:10 AM
  • Insurrection ive always loved converge yea best metalcore band, tdep is close tho
    October 4 07:45 PM
  • Trebor. New one sucked though
    October 4 04:01 PM
  • Trebor. Wearing my TDWP shirt today m/
    October 4 03:57 PM
  • botb "I bet if suddenly parts of the site started turning against Neurosis then in a years time you would stop liking them." HAHAHA
    October 4 03:38 PM
  • Maniac! new converge is really good
    October 4 12:19 PM
  • Motiv3 I bet if suddenly parts of the site started turning against Neurosis then in a years time you would stop liking them.
    October 3 07:14 PM
  • Maniac! hahaha forgot u had the iq of a squirrel what a ****
    October 3 05:39 PM
  • Maniac! okay master of numbers
    October 3 05:04 PM
  • Wizard Lol?
    October 3 03:52 PM
  • Motiv3 Kinda, to balance out all the 1's but it might actually be a 5 in time for me.
    October 3 01:10 PM
  • Motiv3 Lol why u arguing with me when I haven't exactly given it a stellar rating anyway?
    October 3 10:47 AM
  • Motiv3 Could understand why you would rate it as a 2 but I enjoyed it. Had some nice ideas and riffs but then also went back into the cliches and traps of modern metalcore a lot too.
    October 2 08:03 PM
  • Motiv3 I dunno they sound pretty similar to me.
    October 2 01:55 PM
  • greatlookingguy dont love you those rush ratings are a ****ing disgrace
    September 30 08:34 PM
  • ShadowRemains cuz ur annoying as **** surprise surprise
    September 30 02:51 PM
  • ShadowRemains the feeling is mutual now shut the **** up
    September 30 02:45 PM
  • ShadowRemains get the **** out of my shoutbox kthnxbai
    September 30 02:35 PM
  • Graveyard the bestest
    September 28 10:01 PM
  • RosaParks Dude wtf are you talking about
    September 27 08:51 PM
  • RosaParks Ur laughing on the outside but you're a scared little boy on the inside
    September 27 06:18 PM
  • RosaParks i just want to make sure you have the correct info. anyone can get aids. even u. u should get tested and always wear protection ok. you don't have to act like a 12 year old about it
    September 27 03:28 PM
  • RosaParks do u really think all gay people have aids i got tested last month and i dont have anything sorry man
    September 27 03:22 PM
  • Xenophanes Oh, they're in my iTunes as "untitled.". 5. Far and away 5.
    September 26 11:09 PM
  • Xenophanes Wat?
    September 26 10:47 PM
  • DarthMann teehee
    September 23 08:56 AM
  • Insurrection no one was a bigger btbam fanboy than me, check my if you dont believe me. you just have wrong opinions buddy, sorry
    September 21 02:32 PM
  • Insurrection no youre an idiot
    September 21 02:16 PM
  • Insurrection parallax 2 s***s on colors, just accept it
    September 21 01:12 PM
  • Maniac!
    September 15 10:18 PM
  • sonictheplumber you are a turd
    June 30 09:40 PM
  • FrankRedHot I can see you're still acting like a giant asshole, but at least you deny it, right/
    June 23 04:01 PM
  • Fluttertrank i know right! isnt it cute? kind of like how you pretend to like prog?
    June 23 12:03 PM
  • TheNotrap Make it 4 I'll probably 5 Blackout soon.
    June 6 05:53 PM
  • TheNotrap Yes I find the band and album deeply overrated, but to each his own.
    June 6 05:48 PM
  • Xenophanes ....Wut?
    May 23 02:06 PM
  • SeaAnemone agree with all of the above. one of the reasons I love them so much, too, is because they made a purely screamo album that is also 'fun' to listen to (without losing a hint of atmosphere, emotion, etc). it's bouncy and catchy and twinkly while still doing the whole screamo incredibly-emotionally-torn kinda thing.
    May 23 11:22 AM
  • SeaAnemone it's a fantastic combination of both Quiet and Heir I think... ugh the 7min closer is spectacular
    May 23 11:13 AM
  • SeaAnemone have you heard the new Suis La Lune?... now THERE's an album I feel like ya would definitely dig
    May 23 11:06 AM
  • Athom found ya
    May 21 11:30 PM
  • Athom obviously i can. and i will.
    May 21 11:22 PM
  • Athom Youre like a s***ty version of coneren
    May 21 12:17 PM
  • Athom well given that it's not even mastered yet i dunno how.
    May 20 11:49 PM
  • Kellerdeck Thank you.
    May 18 07:03 PM
  • Spec To avoid my miserable life usually.
    May 17 02:42 PM
  • Spec When you're hammered yeah.
    May 17 12:22 PM
  • Spec But yeah Northlane is pretty boring.
    May 17 12:10 AM
  • Spec Was play "Hey John Whats Your Name Again" on Rock Band tonight actually, sooo fun.
    May 17 12:09 AM
  • RosaParks ok?
    May 16 11:01 PM
  • Spec Northlane.
    May 16 06:11 PM
  • Athom defeater. i actually listen to Coloring Book on occasion.
    May 16 01:03 PM
  • Motiv3 ewww you have a seperate day for them. ****.
    May 9 01:29 PM
  • Motiv3 do you like neurosis?
    May 8 07:33 PM
  • Kellerdeck Yeah, we are now. I've always loved Avant Garde music.
    May 8 11:32 AM
  • ChuckyTruant Yeah I'm getting addicted
    May 6 02:17 PM
  • ChuckyTruant Damn straight
    May 6 12:15 PM
  • silentpotato but i am hasing so much fun
    May 3 09:07 AM
  • Relinquished lol you're still mad. you're still the one who wrote that mastodon review so keep trying to say something about me that can top that.
    May 2 05:19 PM
  • Relinquished lol you're still mad. you're still the one who wrote that mastodon review so keep trying to say something about me that can top that.
    May 2 05:14 PM
  • Relinquished u r late
    May 2 04:49 PM
  • foxxxy cole gutmeir
    May 1 09:45 PM
  • BaselineOOO If you remove your Tool ratings then I will 5 all your 5s. That's all you have to do, think about it, the offer expires in 24 hours.
    May 1 01:43 PM
  • Recspecs It's a pretty damn good excuse Craig.
    April 30 09:54 PM
  • Recspecs Lol I only use on my xbox and it can only shuffle s*** music.
    April 30 09:13 PM
  • shmowzow kk what?
    April 28 01:51 AM
  • foxxxy man you suck get on tc
    April 27 10:30 PM
    April 27 03:36 PM
  • Xenophanes What happened to your old account?
    April 27 01:51 PM

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