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  • evilford nice username m/
    March 20 01:38 AM
  • Vetimus People think im you for some reason? IDK?
    March 24 02:43 AM
  • Viraemia Hi! I just read your Rings of Saturn review and thought you might be interested in doing a review for the new CYTOTOXIN album? http://youtu.be/JSvOYSK1TiI
    June 14 07:37 AM
  • owen I saw your shameless plugYou can't hide from me
    September 24 05:06 PM
  • Psycotrip im sorry snoxley....im sorry mr piyaedu doot soodle oot oot
    July 2 05:00 AM
  • Lakes. hey man, could you maybe do the artwork for my upcoming album? figured it was about time i had some professional level cover art, lol
    June 9 02:23 AM
  • Paracletus96 hi, nice tastes mate
    June 8 03:32 AM
  • CaptainDooRight great stuff man, I replied back to you. My captaindooright@yahoo.com email has been recovered and fixed so its working now. So feel free to reply there now as that's the one I mainly check and have linked to my phone.
    May 31 12:18 PM
  • CaptainDooRight dam I just made a new email, the olds not working. here try this bro: jscaptain328@yahoo.com
    May 30 04:33 PM
  • CaptainDooRight It's still down bro, try sending it too, hameslarry@yahoo.com, let me know once it's sent so I can check it
    May 27 10:15 PM
  • Mike08 Are you a staff on Mediasnobs? Anyhow your right on the Immolation rating, unfortunately...
    May 14 12:49 AM
  • YoYoMancuso wasn't planning on stealing any dibs, i don't even listen to them that much
    May 11 11:56 PM
  • YoYoMancuso you still gonna be posting on MAR? You currently have the new Immolation dibbed.
    May 11 04:32 PM
  • BallsToTheWall I know Ive had a minor issue in the past with you but I hope you can take this all in stride and don't let it get too deep into your head
    May 11 10:01 AM
  • VlacDrac You are right with the Blood Mountain rating, to be honest it's kinda boring and I have had bad times traying to listen to the whole thing.
    May 5 03:57 PM
  • omgbecky You gave me a recommendation on my list.
    May 3 11:38 PM
  • omgbecky Gave Voivod a listen on youtube and I didn't absolutely hate it.
    May 3 11:24 PM
  • CaptainDooRight yea they've got mad connectz, sounds good pras
    May 2 11:41 PM
  • CaptainDooRight I just checked out the link you sent me. Sounds really good bro. I might have to get the album. I immediately heard the connection to Maudlin. Again, really cool stuff man, thanks for sharing. Also my captain email is down for a bit due to someone hacking my account but I'm working on getting it fixed.
    May 2 12:48 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Thanks man, u too :D
    May 2 03:18 AM
  • CaptainDooRight swee bro will check first thing tomm, gonna crash hard atm
    May 2 03:08 AM
  • CrimsonLies Will do man
    April 30 06:33 AM
  • CrimsonLies You gotta get your rating back to the 1000's so I can steal some good music from you
    April 30 06:09 AM
  • JamieTwort Hey man, just seen that dm thread, didn't mean any hostility by my comments and definitely wasn't expecting it to turn into a hate Snoxall thread.
    April 28 02:00 PM
  • CaptainDooRight same hard with your artwork bro
    April 27 01:10 AM
  • CaptainDooRight that's awesome bro! yea that's the way to do it so you have that fresh feel you know. I know it'll be sick. I've decided to through some bm into the dm mix as well so I can keep things as open as possible without loosing emotion which dm can sometimes do so the bm will balance things out. m/
    April 27 12:39 AM
  • CaptainDooRight welcome back
    April 26 11:49 PM
  • CaptainDooRight bro omg, you don't even know how stoked I am for that art you just sent me, omg hard
    April 16 01:34 PM
  • CaptainDooRight thanks for spreading the word bro, and sweet dude I can't want to see your skillz. Also we're stoked bro cuz I finished the guitar and bass and structured drums for like 3 new dm tracks already and did the vox on one of them. Can't wait to share bro. I think you'd def dig.
    April 13 02:31 PM
  • CaptainDooRight yea it is free bro its just tht bandcamp only allows 200 free downloads per month. I think it's on get metal.com per IpodMastery, my intention was toile it free for everyone
    April 13 01:21 PM
  • SlMBOLlC http://plug.dj/riffsoftruth/join me, brother
    April 12 03:07 AM
  • SlMBOLlC sweet
    April 9 06:11 AM
  • SlMBOLlC im a 40 yr old russian male
    April 9 06:09 AM
  • CaptainDooRight sounds good bro, sorry I accidentallyd ur first comment with your email when I was trying to copy and paste it using my phone. Lol my thumb is too big I guess. Here's mine: captaindooright@yahoo.com I checked some of your art. Cool stuff. I'm interested in an old school dm style like symbolics cover as my next album will be pure dm with chuck style vox
    April 7 01:10 PM
  • CaptainDooRight hey bro you're killer at artwork and I'm working on a death metal for the future and I was wondering if u have an online place where I can check the work you've done. Then from there if you're interested I may ask if u'd b interested in collating something. If not worries bro.
    April 7 05:09 AM
  • InFiction Holy jesus ****. I can't even think straight right now.
    April 5 10:21 AM
  • InFiction So I just finished Bioshock: Infinite, and to be perfectly honest I'm finding it really ****ing difficult to pick up my jaw from the floor.
    April 5 09:57 AM
  • tommygun snox my man I just got back to my parents' place after a night of hard drinkin, will make sure I get that nick cave autograph before I leave in the morning!
    April 5 09:34 AM
  • Cygnatti I did!
    April 4 12:11 AM
  • Cygnatti You gave JT's new album a 4.5/5. I think that's reason enough to trust you.
    April 3 11:15 PM
  • Cygnatti Well you know what they say, dat objectivity rating!
    April 3 10:58 PM
  • Cygnatti What's AKERSTACHE?
    April 3 10:47 PM
  • InFiction Have you finished it? Prepare for me to lose my s*** when I do.
    April 3 02:04 AM
  • InFiction I'm really keen to finish it, because I've heard the last hour or so is incredible, but I really don't want to rush it.
    April 3 12:05 AM
  • InFiction Yeah that should be good. Keep us posted if you come up with any new material. New Bioshock is the tits.
    April 2 04:28 PM
  • InFiction Awesome. At least you're keeping busy. I'm not working as much these days, so I spend my nights playing Playstation and watching Anime. I am a loser.
    April 2 05:16 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, not too bad man. On holidays at the moment so I'm just chilling. You?
    April 2 03:14 AM
  • SlMBOLlC It's ok I forgive you snoxxy let's never fight again
    April 1 07:30 PM
  • SlMBOLlC Comin from the dude that had reviewsd cause people didnt like them lolAnd I did it cause I realised you wouldn't really understand if you didn't know the people
    April 1 10:29 AM
  • kris. they entered a different bathysphere. there was another one sitting in that dock that they used. but that did just make me remember that the bathysphere with the broken circuits would've been down there anyways if jack had come through
    March 31 02:30 AM
  • kris. i mean it's a stretch and ryan immigrated from russia so there'd have to be a s***load of variables, but it's the only reason i can think as to why the bathyspheres worked other than they were already unlocked as jack had already left rapture as hanson pointed out to me but that's never said in-game. it's just a theory, but it's one i'm sticking by until i hear levine say otherwise
    March 31 02:25 AM
  • ViralOblivion Thanks man I was totally fine when I found about that Anna was Elizabeth and that was his daughter after that I got confused haha but thanks need to play again I realllyyyy wanna try to 100% this game completely
    March 31 02:20 AM
  • kris. hey hey guess what elizabeth is andrew ryan. the whole booker/ryan thing doesn't make sense due to age differences BUT. elizabeth was born in 92, ryan died in 1960. woulda been 68, the age that ryan looks in game. there's constants. and variables. the lutece twins are a perfect example. two versions of one person, one male and one female. in another universe, elizabeth was born a boy. she grew up to be andrew ryan. BOOM. YOUR MIND IS MELTED. it also explains why the bathyspheres worked.
    March 31 02:19 AM
  • ViralOblivion Damn s*** just twisted my brain
    March 31 02:14 AM
  • ViralOblivion That's what I thought and the connection to rapture and Columbia are just so nuts like Andrew Ryan/ jack are the same essential people as Dewitt/comstock and the little sisters do look a lot like Elizabeth
    March 31 02:13 AM
  • ViralOblivion Supp man I'm a TINY bit confused on the ending of bioshock lol I get it but I don't I feel like there's a lot more to it than I thnk
    March 31 01:59 AM
  • amemento http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLb33LZX4dc
    March 29 06:53 AM
  • evilford Cool just got curious there. Hadn't listened for a couple months and came back to it on a whim this week, been listening like every day, ****ing rocks even harder than I remembered
    March 15 12:18 AM
  • evilford hey snox, random question cuz I'm curious...did I read at some point that failures for gods is your fav immolation?
    March 14 06:42 PM
  • MichaelSnotballz huh?
    March 10 10:33 PM
  • MichaelSnotballz hey sexy
    March 10 10:26 PM
  • Jade If you and Insurrection really want to be promoted, you two should stop bitching at each other in every single thread I see. It's immature, and certainly does no favors for your reception on the site. Both of you are good writers with a lot of potential, but I don't even see how writers on this site would be willing to tolerate such behavior.
    March 6 10:57 AM
  • CrimsonLies Objectivity 77% percent is the way to go m/
    March 6 05:56 AM
  • DillingerEscaped You're ****ing pathetic constantly accusing every new ****ing user of being a skele alt. Quit being a vindictive little bitch, im skele as is deathpiercedme and that's it. The mods know these are my accounts. So **** off. Also if i met you in real life i would knock you the **** out
    March 5 08:06 AM
  • Jacquibim Checked my history and it turns out I found it on the Rapidgator link at Metalchesh.com, just google it.
    March 5 12:38 AM
  • Jacquibim Yeah I found it on some random blogspot, had to search hard to find it.
    March 4 11:53 PM
  • Crysis I have a promo copy so no can do with my copy. Had a link on my blog with some other rip but it was taken down.
    March 4 09:30 PM
  • atrink Hey. So I'm not sure if you were still planning on writing a review for curse's review game? You were assigned The Littler Explorers - siderali. I'll gladly take it off of your hands if you don't want to do it anymore
    March 4 11:05 AM
  • InFiction I have another friend who works at Coles, and he says the way Safeway goes about handling stock is better, but apart from that, Coles does sound better.
    March 3 06:19 PM
  • InFiction Nick Cave and the Bad Logic.
    March 3 08:57 AM
  • InFiction Pretty much. But ya gotta get paid. Slaveway's much the same.
    March 3 08:50 AM
    March 3 08:04 AM
  • InFiction Haha, okay, done deal. Unfortunately I was stuck at work for 5 hours that night.
    March 3 07:49 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, I can imagine. Glad you had fun, dude.
    March 3 06:51 AM
  • InFiction Nah, but if he did, it would've been amazing.
    March 3 01:21 AM
  • InFiction Ah, that's pretty good. I guess expecting 'The Curse Of Millhaven' is a bit much, huh?
    March 3 12:39 AM
  • InFiction Nice. Sounds awesome. Anything from Murder Ballads or No More Shall We Part?
    March 2 10:50 AM
  • InFiction Oh my god, that's awesome. Glad you had fun. Makes up for Oh, Sleeper the other weeks. Good set list?
    March 2 10:11 AM
  • InFiction Say hi to Mr. Cave for me tonight, Snoxy.
    March 1 09:50 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup You better rate the satellite years
    March 1 09:20 PM
  • SlMBOLlC Lol yeh I'm not surprised you changed it. I wouldn't want any of these retards seeing my face either :p
    February 28 05:39 AM
  • SlMBOLlC Damn! You have foiled me once again with your incredible way with words :/
    February 28 05:34 AM
  • SlMBOLlC Is that the face of the foxxy snossage bearer??
    February 27 09:34 PM
  • InFiction It's such a good closing track. I hope it gets more appreciation in the future so they add it to their set list.
    February 27 03:00 AM
  • InFiction Unfortunately not. No 'Man Into Demon', either. The only new songs they played were 'Monumental Graves', 'A Human Failing' and the title track. They did however play 'This Wake I Myself Have Stirred' which I was very happy about. Probably my favourite Hulud song.
    February 27 01:13 AM
  • InFiction Oh, it was awesome dude. They all had heaps of energy and seemed to be really grateful and excited to play for such a small amount of people. Great set list too.
    February 27 01:02 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, I'm going, but I'm not sticking around for Gallows. I saw them with their old vocalist and loved them so I don't need to see them now. Hopefully Shai Hulud are good.
    February 25 10:51 PM
  • InFiction Did you end up getting a ticket to Shai Hulud tonight, man?
    February 25 08:52 PM
  • GiaNXGX jokes aside idk why people hate you so much, I mean, come'n just look at dat nick cave holding tha cigarette! At least you're not GiaNXGX everybody hated me from the beginning.
    February 24 03:12 AM
  • GiaNXGX nice staffer position michael
    February 24 02:07 AM
  • GiaNXGX sneaky bastard
    February 23 01:43 AM
  • GiaNXGX shai hulud's new one can't be that good
    February 21 04:02 AM
  • CK Hey dude, I saw on your list that you had all hardcore albums, so I thought I'd recommend one to you. The album is Samara by The Psyke Project, and I am actually listening to it right now. It's got everything a hardcore punk / oldschool metalcore album should have. You can listen / download for free here: http://thepsykeproject.bandcamp.com/album/samara-full-album
    February 20 11:08 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, me too man. Reach Beyond The Sun is retardedly good.
    February 20 08:33 AM
  • InFiction You should! If for no other reason than **** going to gigs by yourself.
    February 20 07:25 AM
  • InFiction Decided that I really need to ****ing see Shai Hulud. Cannot stop listening to their new album. Holy ****.
    February 20 04:56 AM
  • SlMBOLlC hey snoxxy snossage you check out mah new rev pls xoxoxox?????
    February 20 01:35 AM
  • silentpotato Helms Alee-Night Terror is yer alb
    February 19 04:55 AM
  • SlMBOLlC well ****
    February 18 11:05 PM
  • SlMBOLlC this song is better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB4bl1t3omo
    February 18 07:19 PM
  • SlMBOLlC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiPXa_PrB3shey dude canberra deathcore band just released this album. Its pretty solid. Riffs sound very old school swedish dm/melodeath
    February 18 07:18 PM
  • GiaNXGX flu is nothing, one of my fingers is infected - s*** is reddish and swollen hard as ****. this is way too ugly i think i'm going to off myself if pus comes out of it :[ my dig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33iDg1O_uZo
    February 18 04:08 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, I bet Converge would've been amazing, but I'm sure they'll be back down here soon.
    February 18 12:07 AM
  • InFiction Incredible. They had a projector screen set up behind them playing all this really ****ed up imagery. In time with the songs, it either made me feel really calm or really uncomfortable. Macklemore was awesome too.
    February 17 06:08 PM
  • InFiction Maybe I will. I was a big fan of old Gallows, not really into their new stuff.
    February 15 03:06 AM
  • InFiction ****, I'd love to see Shai Hulud. Their album will be amazing.
    February 15 02:37 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, I plan on listening to it again as it's been a while. You gonna go to Converge tonight? Turns out Godspeed starts at 10, so I can't see Converge as well. :/
    February 14 02:48 PM
  • InFiction I guess I was worried that it'd just be filled with people who have only heard Thrift Shop, and bring the vibe of the show down. That happened when I saw Grimes. She was great but soooooo many hipsters. Oh my god.
    February 14 03:21 AM
  • InFiction You went to Macklemore last night, yeah? How was it? Filled with douchebags?
    February 14 01:21 AM
  • InFiction Yeah man, it'll be rad. The Broderick are supporting them. Make sure you check them out 'cause they rule live.
    February 11 05:44 PM
  • InFiction Let us know, as I wouldn't mind dropping in if I can after Godspeed.
    February 11 08:52 AM
  • InFiction I heard tickets are still available. Might be worth checking out.
    February 11 04:10 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, but going means I miss out on both Converge and Swans which are the same night. Stupid.
    February 10 07:28 PM
  • InFiction Yeah that'll be sick. I've got GY!BE on Friday, then Macklemore the day after. Gonna be amazing.
    February 10 09:14 AM
  • InFiction That's a shame. I've seen bad bands before but none that have been my main reason for going. Sorry man.
    February 10 08:15 AM
  • InFiction Holy s***, that bad huh? I don't think I've ever been to a gig where I've willingly left early. Must've been godawful. They were no good either?
    February 10 06:00 AM
  • InFiction How was Oh, Sleeper dude?
    February 9 06:52 AM
  • MetalMan97 Eh, botch is ok, not really a fan
    February 7 08:18 PM
  • Sniff http://www.atpfestival.com/newsview/1208091500.php
    February 7 08:33 AM
  • Sniff U going ATP?
    February 7 07:23 AM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass Cheers Snox. Knew I could count on you mate. Read your review and I enjoyed it. I didn't think the band would be my cup of tea and your review turned me off the album, which is the sole purpose of them (making you want to, or not want to check the band out.) Good stuff man.
    February 6 09:45 AM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass Slapped it in your inbox, let me know if you like it.
    February 6 07:04 AM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass For sure man. Link me. Can you check out a short story I wrote if I email it over? It's only 900 words bud.
    February 6 06:58 AM
  • NocteDominum it's one of the two big ones ive got coming up (the portal one's alreaady written) and i gotta wait for suffocation
    February 6 12:10 AM
  • NocteDominum Just let me get th Portal review 1st and featured before you jump on it yeah? Don't worry dude m/ on
    February 6 12:04 AM
  • NocteDominum http://www.metalstorm.net/events/new_releases.php?upcoming=1here's something for the 2013 releases. Who knows might help push that promo
    February 5 11:57 PM
  • cryptside Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I hope you get Staff; your reviews are informative and to the point, and you review bands that I either have an interest in or would be interested in. Just wanted to come show a little support!
    February 5 08:46 PM
  • SlMBOLlC How's teh foxxy snossage Any good digs for a bro
    February 5 09:01 AM
  • ViralOblivion Fo sho
    February 5 08:43 AM
  • ViralOblivion Cool thank you
    February 5 08:17 AM
  • ViralOblivion Hey I've only heard the newest bad religion where do I go from there?
    February 5 08:12 AM
  • EyesWideShut New Nick Cave dropped BRO..
    February 5 01:51 AM
  • InFiction Crap, I just remembered that I have a friend's birthday next Saturday and we're meant to be going out to the city for drinks. Sorry dude, we'll have to catch up another time. I'll make it up to you one day. No BJ's though.
    February 3 12:18 AM
  • InFiction ****ing hate hardcore dancers.
    February 1 08:18 PM
  • InFiction Okay, I'll give them a listen and see if I can make it.
    February 1 07:31 AM
  • NocteDominum Sup man, staff? Big call good luck to you bro
    February 1 06:45 AM
  • InFiction I'll check them out. Where's the gig at?
    February 1 02:40 AM
  • InFiction I'm doing an Advanced Diploma if Screenwriting. Should be good. I should save some money but it'd be cool to see Opeth again so we'll see.
    January 31 03:06 AM
  • InFiction Damn right you're my favourite! Yeah, I'm not bad. Had my uni orientation yesterday. Found out that I start in less than two weeks, haha ****. Finally finished listening to the entire Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds discography, too. Awesome stuff. Will definitely consider getting a ticket now. Still need to think about Opeth too and whether I have money to spend.
    January 30 09:17 PM
  • InFiction Sup man? How's my favourite Snoxy?
    January 30 09:14 AM
  • isthistheend whatever you say Snox. I admit i was pathetic as **** and thats why im going to a shrink on tuesday.
    January 29 09:49 AM
  • isthistheend you havent reported any accoutns recently. surprised.
    January 29 08:57 AM
  • GiaNXGX hey I'm a big fan of jazz fusion, I'll give Arcana a listen. damn ya really ****ed the spacing don't ya. haha, annoying bb code glitches.
    January 28 11:14 PM
  • GiaNXGX With a trembling heart, he's coming through your doorWith his straining sex in his jumping pawThere's a devil crawling along your floorAnd he's old and he's stupid andhe's hungry and he's soreAnd he's lame and he's blindand he's dirty and he's poorGive him more
    January 28 11:13 PM
  • GiaNXGX there's a devil crawling at your shoutbox ;]
    January 28 04:12 PM
  • InFiction Yeah, it's good man. It'll be awesome when it's recorded properly with tight production. Hit me up when you have some more recordings and I'll take a listen.
    January 27 11:29 PM
  • InFiction Yeah, the song's good man. It's got a nice feel to it. Add some kickass vocals in there and you've got a winner. Your drumming is very good!
    January 27 07:29 PM
  • bach He's set almost all of them to private.
    January 26 02:31 PM
  • bach So what's all this about skele threatening to rape your mum/girlfriend?
    January 26 11:38 AM
  • InFiction Yeah, hit me up with a link and I'll listen when I get home. Just saw Death Grips and Childish Gambino who were both awesome, and I'm gonna see Foals and RHCP. Because of the dumb scheduling though, I miss out on a handful of bands.
    January 26 02:15 AM
  • InFiction Not bad dude! Was just at a listening party for Foals and now I'm at Big Day Out. How about you, man?
    January 25 11:50 PM
  • paxman Perhaps "novelty" is inadequate. In any event, it's more that I view him as a musician above anything else and I don't feel he has a body of work that I would place among my favorites. But I definitely regard him as a talented artist, whether with music, poetry, fiction.
    January 24 10:02 AM
  • paxman Interesting. I view Nick Cave's two books more as novelties than works of literature, but Watership Down is incredible.
    January 22 05:45 PM
  • paxman I have a 400 page novel locked away in my filing cabinet. Been working on short stories and novellas. Who's your favorite writer?
    January 22 10:11 AM
  • paxman I'm trying to apply your response to my inquiry, but it's just not gelling
    January 22 10:06 AM
  • paxman You should see me with bubble-wrap. How's the novel coming along?
    January 21 11:14 PM
  • paxman Yeah, I know, it's hilarious
    January 21 02:07 PM
  • paxman Lol how am I ignoring you? Chill out, bro, I was just ****ing with you
    January 20 04:52 PM
  • paxman God you're annoying
    January 20 10:33 AM
  • bach just wondering. Noticed that you enjoyed quite a bit of folk so i thought I'd mention him. And hey, just your opinion, man.
    January 20 07:25 AM
  • bach have you ever jammed nick drake?
    January 20 07:20 AM
  • InFiction Okay cool, thanks. I'll have a look.
    January 19 06:18 PM
  • Psycotrip pea brain-2 peas in a pod
    January 19 10:12 AM
  • Psycotrip do u even lift?
    January 19 09:53 AM
  • InFiction Have tickets sold out? I'm a bit tight on cash right now, but I'll see what I can do.
    January 19 02:23 AM
  • Aids haha. i defs overreacted, and im not just saying that because it looks like you were right. sorry buuuuuuddy.
    January 18 07:20 PM
  • deathofasalesman No probs. I'm not forcing you here. ;)
    January 18 02:19 PM
  • InFiction That's ****ing funny man! I might go. Depending on money and stuff. I really want a Nick Cave ticket too. Been listening to heaps if him lately. Dude's perfect.
    January 18 10:59 AM
  • InFiction Possibly. I saw them at the end of 2011, and they were awesome, but Im not sure if I'd go again. You should definitely go; Mikael is hilarious. Although if you've got no one to go with, I'll probably come.
    January 18 08:51 AM
  • Aids aight
    January 18 03:25 AM
  • Aids but I would never, ever, EVER say that because in the off-chance that she IS telling the truth, the things you said about her are incredibly hurtful, especially considering the circumstances. I know this is sputnik, but I just like to encourage a bit more discretion when news like this happens. I get you though, and get why you think/said the things you did, I just think that you're assuming too much knowledge over this situation, which is almost certainly very, very complicated.
    January 17 11:20 PM
  • Aids and she dealt with it in a way that you would probably see as strange. Just because you know someone means literally nothing. You have no idea what it is like to be raped (unless you do, in which cause wow I am really sorry about that) and it is completely unfair for you to be calling this woman manipulative or anything else, even though she might be, because you don't know the situation at all. I actually agree with you and think she is full of s*** and a complete bitch for doing this,
    January 17 11:18 PM
  • Aids Michael, you're misunderstanding what my issue is here. When you say "it's not something someone has been raped does" you're probably right for 99% of women. But you can't ever know for sure what one individual person might be thinking. My gf didn't tell anyone (literally no one) until she finally told me 3 year after the fact. Someone else I knew started posting facebook status about it right away (and the guy is now in jail, multiple witnesses confirmed her story). My mum was raped, twice,
    January 17 11:16 PM
  • Aids but in the chance that she isn't, and she had her reasons for releasing the information the way she did, you absolutely cannot make those accusations against someone unless you know for sure. What if she was raped (it's a long shot, but bear with me)? how awful would you feel for having said those things about her?
    January 17 06:02 AM
  • Aids "I have no doubt in my mind this bitch is just seeking attention. "first of all, don't play the "I know someone" card. I dated a girl for four years who had been raped. It was a huge part of our relationship, and I'm the last person on earth to take these things lightly. I'm just saying that there are some ****ed up people out there, and you can never be certain what has happened. You don't know these two people or the situation at all. Very likely she is just trying to grab attention.
    January 17 06:01 AM
  • TRMshadow Hate cancer, but also hate my mother... so I'll put this here.
    January 16 10:27 AM
  • InFiction Honestly, it's been ages since I got them, so I'll just upload it for you. What's your email again?
    January 16 12:34 AM
  • JokineAugustus Pleasant greetings to ya! Seems you and SIMBOLIC are having a rough time. What's with the hate?
    January 15 04:25 PM
  • Rail That's great, thanks! I'll try to get a review written in the next week or so.
    January 15 01:56 PM
  • Rail I'm having trouble finding that Illzilla album for the reviewing game. Care to hook me up? (I'll try to do it justice in return)
    January 15 07:06 AM
  • SlMBOLlC lists are subjective!!! ;)
    January 15 06:14 AM
  • SlMBOLlC i thought you had my back nigger broskies
    January 15 02:22 AM
  • bach he kind of resembles like the worms from Tremor.
    January 13 06:27 AM
  • bach Yeah, this is my new favorite. http://www.htbackdrops.com/v2/albums/userpics/10016/Devin_Townsend.jpg
    January 13 06:21 AM
  • bach The link is ****ed up.
    January 13 06:15 AM
  • bach lol http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/30041499/Devin Townsend Project yes.jpg Second fav devy picture.
    January 13 06:03 AM
  • bach I've tried to mimic it in the mirror before. How the **** can he do that with his neck?
    January 13 05:57 AM
  • bach lol. isn't it lovely?
    January 13 05:48 AM
  • bach death core vs. death metal: featured.
    January 13 05:39 AM
  • Jacquibim Lol, I know, I think I've got your humour worked out by now. But I think you just need to understand how you come across to some people, sarcasm can sometimes be a little difficult to decipher over the internet, especially on a site riddled with elitists like this one.
    January 13 04:54 AM
  • SlMBOLlC yeh i havent been on teh sputnik much recently. still trying to think of an i album i wanna review :/
    January 12 06:49 PM
  • GiaNXGX check my comment on intense s***
    January 11 10:38 PM
  • InFiction Awesome. As always, let us know when you've got one up and I'll read it over!
    January 9 08:36 AM
  • InFiction I wish I could dish them out as fast as you can. You don't muck around.
    January 9 07:14 AM
  • InFiction Haha, old times indeed! I actually already started a review for Vertikal. Should get back to it.
    January 9 05:45 AM
  • InFiction Truant is good but probably one of his weaker EP's. Don't expect another Kindred.
    January 9 04:38 AM
  • InFiction Dude, that's an awesome haul! Grace on vinyl rules hard. And I was tempted to get Doolittle once but I got Surfer Rosa instead.
    January 9 04:15 AM
  • InFiction I still think it's better than anything though because I'm a huge CoL fanboy.
    January 8 02:15 AM
  • InFiction That's a valid point. I think the breakdown of some tracks are odd. Disharmonia is good, but at less than a minute, it being its own track is slightly baffling.
    January 7 09:15 AM
  • chambered99 completely agree w your cult of luna soundoff :]
    January 7 07:01 AM

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