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  • OmairSh Where you at Em?
    May 29 10:26 PM
  • OmairSh Eternal state of bliss eh
    March 2 05:32 AM
  • Artuma if you didn't notice yet, i dropped the third part of my top 200
    August 7 01:16 PM
  • Artuma yeah it took some time to really reveal its greatness too. however i felt pretty dumb when i fell in love with that album since the most incredible moments are, in fact, quite immediate
    July 10 07:01 PM
  • Artuma thanks for the appreciation man :] of course my taste is not all too similar to yours (you 3'd sunbather) but we share a huge amount of similar taste and favorite bands
    July 10 06:24 PM
  • Artuma hey dude have you enjoyed the songs that i had on my lists?
    July 10 04:47 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Yeah, never dug FF9 myself, and always found FF7 to be overrated.... http://www.squallsdead.com/A fun theory --though easily torn apart if you really look into his thoughts -- and a great read if you have time.
    June 19 04:26 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Awwh, mate. That game is perfection in everyway. Shame i don't have the time to complete it again anymore. But, yeah, the soundtrack is amazing!
    June 19 03:48 PM
  • mandan I've only heard De-Loused and Frances. Need to jam 'em again to rate 'em properly.
    May 29 06:22 PM
  • mandan I sometimes need to get the s*** out of my system man, but otherwise you're right.
    May 28 09:23 PM
  • mandan Sputnik discussions sometimes bore me tbh. People always say "this band was better because they were more consistent", "this is their best song", "this album is the best". Things just kinda keep going in circles, it feels pointless to me.
    May 28 08:47 PM
  • BigPleb No worries! Song is a jam.
    May 28 04:29 PM
  • BigPleb http://myzuka.ru/Album/506682/Mastodon-Chimes-At-Midnight-2014 available for streaming dude :]
    May 28 04:14 PM
  • osmark86 BigPleb knows a link for the new Mastodon tune. hed it from my chat though, so I don't have it meself.
    May 28 02:48 PM
  • mandan Dude, even though we may disagree with regards to Opeth and PT's discogs, I think we both agree that both bands are superior to DT.
    May 25 03:42 PM
  • mandan They have done their s*** though, but I won't get into that.
    April 28 12:03 AM
  • mandan Not everyone likes Empire though, some seem to find it too watered down in comparison to Mindcrime. And that often seems to be the issue with Queensryche on this site, Mindcrime sticks out so much in their discography that everything else the band did tends to get looked down upon in comparison.
    April 28 12:02 AM
  • mandan Either Rage or Empire. Rage has a far proggier vibe, but some people tend to have issues with it, prob because it feels rawer than Mindcrime. Judging by your tastes, I think you should check Empire next before getting into the band's earlier stuff. It might click with you more.
    April 28 12:01 AM
  • mandan I see Mindcrime is the only QR you have rated. Have you tried any of the others (Rage, Empire, Warning)?
    April 26 07:44 AM
  • mandan Dude, I hope you don't take my comments personally. I can give the wrong impression sometimes, but you don't have to pay attention to what I say. Yeah, I do have my musical views and can seem a bit opinionated at times, but I'm not gonna force anyone to like this or that. I'm well aware that everyone has different taste.
    April 4 06:57 PM
  • OmairSh Dem vocals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJwSZIajEvI
    March 18 08:18 PM
  • Atari went to go buy it at my local game stop over the weekend and that s*** was sold out : / could get it elsewhere but i have a giftcard to game stop lol. glad to hear it's good though
    March 10 05:48 PM
  • Atari so did you buy the south park game man?
    March 7 05:02 PM
  • mandan Dude, I share your issue with Dream Theater. I used to like them, but they kinda grew off me. I def like Porcupine Tree a lot more.
    March 7 06:42 AM
  • OmairSh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njljG4y2E-g, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkkNwzv73ac LISTEN TO THAT ORGAN, my God it's gorgeous
    February 14 03:29 AM
  • OmairSh If you like SW's mellow music you need to check out No-Man's Schoolyard Ghots, and Returning Jesus. No-Man is SW's first band, really great stuff, and there's some very different material you might not expect from SW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UADTMPqqOE, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icDr0XfVmuk
    February 10 01:00 AM
  • OmairSh Riverside brah! ADHD is such an incredible album, I know you'll enjoy it when you give it a few listens, it's a real grower. The first song is off of SLS. Have you checked the album out? Yeah I love the 3rd song as well, it progresses very nicely. And what did you think of Last Chance off of XMII? It's faster than the album version and I think the pace feels more natural
    February 9 06:05 PM
  • OmairSh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soWnOSgfqwY, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqvyCygtXkk Egoist Hedonist from ADHD, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnK8DEYWxKs
    February 8 09:27 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts hey bud
    February 7 12:48 AM
  • OmairSh Btw my favourite Riverside album is ADHD, immense album. If you don't get bored of their first 2 then perhaps you might want to check ADHD out. It's heavier, more prog metal, but very very tastefully done, no DT rip offs here.
    January 31 05:58 AM
  • OmairSh Uh oh..... (gulp)
    January 27 10:52 AM
  • OmairSh Glad to see you've finally reached Riverside. Check out their first 2, their latest is their weakest imo
    January 23 11:51 PM
  • mandan Do you consider yourself a big PT fan?
    December 14 06:05 AM
  • Minus. I responded to your comment, but anyway I didnt mean to come off as rude or anything bro. I wasnt mad at all.
    December 13 04:20 PM
  • JokineAugustus Ahh ya. The Opeth bandwagon is long and wide. Still life is a jam, thats for sure. I'm gonna check out In Abstenia today. I'll let you known what I think.
    October 20 09:21 PM
  • JokineAugustus Trivium grew off me a lot, especially since listening to dillinger, converge, and obviously the best band ever Zao. I guess Porcupine Tree is your favourite band?
    October 19 11:32 PM
  • OmairSh And yeah I really liked Eluviums Copia, loved the mixture of ambience with the piano
    August 29 11:22 PM
  • OmairSh Yeah I bookmarked that list a while back :P, thanks though. I don't know how the **** people get the time to listen to 2000 albums :P
    August 29 11:21 PM
  • OmairSh I haven't listened to much pure ambient, but I love ambient elements in music that I listen to. I've heard Carbon based lifeforms, solar fields, Hammock, shpongle etc. Any rec's?
    August 29 12:25 AM
  • OmairSh Yeah I know what you mean when it comes to rating albums, people here rate albums after 2 or 3 listens, I need around 10. I love ambient, especially when you're in that right mood, almost nothing beats it.
    August 27 09:03 PM
  • OmairSh I've been meaning to listen to music for airports for a long time, should get round to it but I have to get in the right mood first otherwise ambient albums are lost on me. Leprous takes a few listens to get into and Bilateral is their most difficult album, so you might get turned off after the first few listens because it seems very haphazard
    August 27 08:09 PM
  • OmairSh Also Riverside - SLS, another brilliant relatively newer prog band
    August 27 07:31 PM
  • OmairSh High violets a brillaint album.
    August 27 07:30 PM
  • OmairSh F ucking hell I still haven't listened to any Eno album, how retarded am I? Been jamming some Floyd. Dude you should check out Leprous, brilliant prog metal band, very refreshing. You can start with TPS, but bilaterals their best imo.
    August 27 07:30 PM
  • OmairSh Yo Emyay what up?
    August 27 08:03 AM
  • SIMBOLIC woah idk about a 4 for mirage and symbolic but at least you have your head screwed on right!
    August 24 06:46 AM
  • SIMBOLIC sweet. good work on knowing how to music properly
    August 24 06:45 AM
  • SIMBOLIC yeah fair enough. I dont like meshuggah much but its good to see another user on the site that isnt ignorant of the chugging-sucks-unless-its-by-meshuggah deal lol
    August 23 02:42 PM
  • SIMBOLIC What I was saying is that BOo takes a lot of cues from meshuggah and does a lot of similar stuff especially from the guitar perspective. So when meshuggah fans complain that boo chugs, it seems very hypocritical considering meshuggah chugs more than any band. Like they complain about boos breakdowns but would call them riffs if meshuggah had done them if that makes sense
    August 23 01:37 PM
  • jmnewcomer18 http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=885684
    March 20 03:03 PM
  • jmnewcomer18 http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?mode=1
    March 20 03:02 PM
  • DominionMM1 i do have friends and family down there though. spent a fair amount of time in LA.
    February 27 07:11 PM
  • DominionMM1 born in little rock, arkansas
    February 27 06:35 PM
  • OmairSh Voyage 34 is pretty heavy psychedelia, if yuo're not in the right zone you'll probably get bored of it, but the Sky moves sideways is good
    February 18 05:03 PM
  • jmnewcomer18 hey man im about to check out opeth where do you suggest i start
    January 30 04:07 PM
  • souleater Trust me you dont its horrible over here. what sorta stuff you like then bro
    November 14 02:53 PM
  • BloodandRainbows did you get a chance to listen to Lapsus? if you do, check the lyrics too (DarkLyrics.com is best). also, **** yeah Brent Hinds.
    September 26 03:12 PM
  • conesmoke listen to neurosis - through silver in blood, Melvins - stoner witch, and high on fire - death is this communion. They're all pretty influential to the mighty don.
    July 26 05:00 AM
  • conesmoke hahahahahahaha! that's classic
    July 20 02:55 AM
  • conesmoke hey man, i want to quickly thank you for sharing this "I sounded like a huge douche. I was filming on phone, had to the video bc I ruined it"lol it gave me a quick laugh.
    July 19 03:12 AM

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