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  • CaptainDooRight naw 'byrdz'
    January 7 03:14 PM
  • CaptainDooRight where's the brydz
    January 7 03:11 PM
  • ramon. absolutely punted my boong
    January 7 12:58 AM
  • Shadowmire hey you too buddy. gonna jam it right now i think
    December 28 03:57 PM
  • ramon. what's good stinky ponehttps://youtu.be/5KGKlumX8-c
    December 25 07:23 AM
  • Atari why didn't you vote for your top 25 :/
    December 21 12:37 PM
  • Xenophanes Metal brother, get your AOTY list up m/
    December 10 07:35 PM
  • SteakByrnes Where are you fren
    December 5 02:21 PM
  • Papa Universe "I don't think Papa likes me very much" did we even ever interact?
    December 1 05:57 PM
  • BigPleb Yeah, never ever thought I?d see you dig an album like that...
    November 21 01:06 PM
  • BigPleb Is that Black Tongue rating legit?
    November 21 10:30 AM
  • M0onwtR Joyous Scream'Confounded'in agonizing PainN; Fire oF pleading for a StoP( /noT) to the Elder of MadnEss' ?°HhhHhaaaaAaaa ?°HhhH´aa ?°°Hhhaaa`Aaaa UuuuooOoAaaaaAaaagghhHhh ghhhAaaaaAaahhhHhhhhh AaaaHhhhHh AaaeeeeKkkHhh AaaaA HhAaaaaaEeeeghhhhhHhhh×××××× aghhhh,,, EeeeeeGhhhhhhhhj HuuuuueeeeHhhhhgghh , GleeGhjheehhHh??? aaaaAaahhhhhHhh aAaafgghhh GLeeeghhhjjEehh~?`?. hh''UuuuuUuuueeEeghhhhhH , Aheewhhkk*! GruueeJjhhHh HhzHaaaaaaaaaA'''''::::::''''::::?°
    November 19 06:07 AM
  • Kaiwaz https://discord.gg/XgV5ba
    November 11 11:26 AM
  • Kaiwaz why did you leave?
    November 10 06:17 PM
  • BigPleb But?we?re the non-musical Hoggard and Merat. We can?t throw that away!
    October 30 10:03 AM
  • BigPleb Nuh uh! I'm just spreading the sylosis rules vibes ahrd elsewhere atm.
    October 30 09:53 AM
  • BigPleb Got a new phone so don't have it :[ rip
    October 30 09:41 AM
  • BigPleb Damn, that's more metal than Lovecraft m/
    October 30 06:47 AM
  • BigPleb YOU GOT A PROMO COPY?!?!?!
    October 30 06:38 AM
  • BigPleb Are you ready for Oblit to drop the AOTY on us?
    October 30 06:22 AM
  • Kaiwaz got your role saved toohttps://discord.gg/gzjk4j
    October 28 12:04 PM
  • Kaiwaz https://discord.gg/gzjk4j
    October 28 12:00 PM
  • Kaiwaz i miss you
    October 28 11:54 AM
  • Kaiwaz I want to invite you back, but I don't want drama in there
    October 21 12:51 PM
  • Kaiwaz miss me yet?
    October 21 06:00 AM
  • Kaiwaz can't take a joke? duly noted
    October 18 10:59 PM
  • Kaiwaz https://discord.gg/5g3V6e
    October 18 10:02 PM
    October 18 09:59 PM
  • pissbore https://imgur.com/s3zml1I
    October 18 06:45 PM
  • dannyboy89 I took a peek at your 'Peth ratings (at least some), and 3.5 seems to be the most you give an album of theirs.
    October 18 01:43 AM
  • pissbore already got one m8
    October 16 05:58 AM
  • Trifolium Cool, I'll go chronologically then. Thanks!
    October 15 03:14 PM
  • Trifolium Hey man, I've been wanting to check Ulcerate for a time now. Any recs for where to start?
    October 15 02:17 PM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    October 14 02:10 AM
  • pissbore Jam?
    October 12 08:18 PM
  • pissbore Http://dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    October 7 12:34 AM
  • pissbore let's blasphgerm8 jahgreeeed3ded
    October 5 01:56 PM
  • pissbore chr0ttttttttttttttttttt
    October 5 01:56 PM
  • pissbore Bro when are you going to review Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors?
    October 4 12:13 PM
  • pissbore jam whEn
    October 2 08:00 AM
  • pissbore hAllo
    October 2 12:36 AM
  • Gameofmetal on another note, I'm at 99 reviews with new Horrendous and Cultes Des Ghoules out right now. WHICH DO I CHOOSE FOR THE BIG HUNNERD?
    September 27 12:28 PM
  • Gameofmetal Wonder how it?s gonna be cuz it came outta nowhere and the art seems a little odd next to their other stuff at a glance.
    September 27 09:21 AM
  • Gameofmetal so the new zealotry leaked and I didn't even know they had a new one coming out lol
    September 26 07:52 PM
  • pissbore blaspheremkdiatte9j
    September 26 06:05 PM
  • ramon. new obliteration dude omg
    September 25 11:23 AM
  • ramon. the best defence is a good offence brother - HH
    September 24 10:27 PM
  • brainmelter nice tetsuo av
    September 24 09:57 PM
  • fromtheinside i only live for u
    September 16 07:07 AM
  • fromtheinside hey bae
    September 15 03:55 AM
  • hal1ax ohhhhhhh scriabin! mwaeh. how is it ???
    September 13 10:30 PM
  • pissbore col0rizeD wh3n???
    September 12 05:49 PM
  • pissbore sm0nk
    September 12 02:36 PM
  • pissbore hAllo
    September 11 03:50 PM
  • Doctuses hah! so you liked it then
    September 11 03:25 PM
  • Doctuses https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/9eqdyp/the_cutest_bird_ive_ever_seen_turn_sound_on/?st=JLX4PWN9
    September 10 11:02 PM
  • BigPleb It was proper orrible hahaha. You good Jac?
    September 9 09:13 AM
  • Kaiwaz Starting with Autechre now.
    September 8 05:47 PM
  • ramon. Big love pone, yea I?d already checked everything on your last classical list, keep me coming because those lists are ****ing gold. I?ll be sure to check out the lassus interp, as well as sei and stile. Cheers noob
    September 8 02:55 AM
  • pissbore hamLo
    September 7 04:15 AM
  • pissbore hAllo
    September 7 01:14 AM
  • ramon. noticed you had a gesualdo rendition 5'd, remembered digging the **** out of an interpretation of miserere a while back and hot fuken dam son this thing slaps ASS, any other madrigal s*** ya boy should check out?
    September 5 05:54 AM
  • pissbore blasphermate?
    September 3 10:34 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I work a lot l8ly and am also making more music. so no lol
    September 3 06:55 AM
  • pissbore Just color hydro and the hat separately and then scan them separately and send them my way
    September 2 06:43 AM
  • pissbore fren czech U inbox on dA
    August 31 06:00 AM
  • Egarran The goat humps your hind leg. How do you react?
    August 31 05:13 AM
  • ramon. if u keep these shenanigans up ill purchase this domain name and load it up with pictures of jorn lande photoshopped into the background of parliamentary debateshttps://imgur.com/a/BBIslbP
    August 31 05:00 AM
  • ramon. suppositories. preparation h. my foot. just a small list of things imma put up ur focken ass in a minute. ill return ur equestrian ass to the geriatric ward with the speed and efficiency of a colony of e coli upon room temperature beef
    August 31 04:59 AM
  • ramon. whats up "jacques" notice how i put "jacques" in quotation marks as nobody on the entire ****ing planet knows what your real name is and ur too pussy to reveal it to record labels lest they inscribe your goofy ass irl name into the annals of "lmfao look at this wingnut asking for the new setentia" hall of whack bet ur name is some s*** like "John" or "cerebral palsy" ill take u out for ramen and accidentally spill my entire carbonised beverage into ur tonkotsu broth
    August 31 03:48 AM
  • ramon. what's up "staff" and or "poser", notice I put "staff" and or "poser" in quotation marks 'cause your quality of opinion fluctuates harder than the quality of a "3.0, solid debut, band has a lot of potential" i want colin marston to suck me you limp dick recondite banshee
    August 31 03:29 AM
  • zakalwe I?ve gone full on brat mate. Mind has finally been nullified.
    August 28 11:35 AM
  • Frippertronics You disgust me, how hateful.
    August 24 11:55 PM
  • Frippertronics if you're the neighborhood benj, why haven't I seen you before?
    August 24 10:25 PM
  • Frippertronics blocked
    August 22 02:46 AM
  • Frippertronics yoshi
    August 22 02:27 AM
  • Frippertronics go get cucked by becky, ron you stinky bird
    August 20 03:57 AM
  • evilford I don't even know what discord is lol
    August 19 04:07 AM
  • evilford Oh sweet. Uhh been k. Jammin assuck on the daily. Need to come around here more. How u been
    August 19 03:53 AM
  • evilford Huh?
    August 19 03:49 AM
  • evilford Hi
    August 19 03:38 AM
  • Cygnatti supreme
    August 18 03:10 PM
  • Frippertronics for me, it's the emptiness of the heart which consumes my very being
    August 12 11:46 PM
  • Frippertronics feel like s*** just want parallels back
    August 12 04:19 AM
  • mindleviticus 35 minutes of aggressive tech goodness
    August 9 06:12 PM
  • mindleviticus :D
    August 9 03:09 PM
  • mindleviticus it is actually amazing
    August 9 02:47 PM
  • mindleviticus https://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=292077#185367 yo review this
    August 9 01:54 PM
  • Winesburgohio did i mention the albums i was brought up on in a state of inebriation again
    August 7 11:30 PM
  • Cygnatti "Another lonely night | Stare at the TV screen | I don't know what to do | I need a rendezvous" ad infinitum
    August 7 01:26 PM
  • Winesburgohio how have i incurred your wrath now
    August 7 02:23 AM
  • Rigma ah? Ua!
    August 6 08:19 PM
  • ramon. Sorry for the delay, yeah man gig was incredible as usual. Super stoked for more material getting recorded. Sound at The Bendigo was pretty good though the kick overpowered a lot of the more intricate riffing in lower registers but all in all another banger. How was the gig your end?
    August 6 06:20 AM
  • Kaiwaz come chat plz
    August 4 12:46 PM
  • Kaiwaz It's just a small server with people from MX, friendly server no drama and some of your friends are in here.
    August 4 04:15 AM
  • Kaiwaz hey if you ever want to come chit chat with us in our server, you're always welcome.
    August 4 04:09 AM
  • cojamneko just to make sure, you arent a furry right?
    July 30 04:51 PM
  • tommygun Bants :D
    July 29 04:42 AM
  • tommygun Ey bb same old stuff innit just getting old and haggard like zak and butterballs. How you doing?
    July 26 01:50 AM
  • YakNips they good i?d write a review of l?ordure if i was literate
    July 24 03:15 AM
  • ramon. ill put mah ****en dick in the owl
    July 22 08:09 AM
  • ramon. ****en mon then ya ****
    July 22 08:09 AM
  • ramon. looka you ya fat betch
    July 22 07:34 AM
  • ramon. shut up you grape looking slut
    July 22 07:33 AM
  • ramon. go back to the commune ya hippy
    July 22 07:32 AM
  • hal1ax hehe. ballade??? i'll strongly consider it :]
    July 21 11:36 AM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    July 20 02:52 AM
  • pissbore hAllo
    July 20 02:47 AM
  • pissbore http://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    July 19 04:51 AM
  • pissbore http://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    July 16 05:43 AM
  • pissbore it has been unStored fren
    July 15 10:52 PM
  • Winesburgohio dude YES THANK YOU i live for these liszts / there's a new rendition of Drumming by the Colin Currie Group that I really like, although i forget where u stand on minimalism
    July 9 08:48 PM
  • BigPleb Sup Jac! How?s things in the lovely land of Straya?
    July 9 12:26 PM
  • ramon. i have no one to suck my pixie dick anymore ://
    July 9 03:47 AM
  • pissbore http://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    July 9 12:05 AM
  • Darius the Great same old jac tho
    July 8 02:09 PM
  • Darius the Great awful new avatar
    July 8 01:27 PM
  • pissbore ready 2 rock???
    July 8 12:31 PM
  • J() Alexander Sure thing. I'll rate and add more classical recordings this weekend, proabably some Webern.
    July 6 10:21 PM
  • pissbore com bak
    July 4 06:51 AM
  • pissbore haml0 U jus missed me fren come bak 2 blasoheudnkmoikm
    July 4 06:47 AM
  • pissbore hall0
    July 4 05:07 AM
  • pissbore ayyy bruv i got a surprise 4 ye
    July 2 01:17 AM
  • pissbore omg now i am didnt see dis until nao
    June 30 06:15 PM
  • Aiwaz check this when you can bro. https://youtu.be/Bz4h3_QF29Y
    June 30 05:16 PM
  • pissbore hAllo
    June 30 10:28 AM
  • Mentasm 3 means good
    June 22 02:44 AM
  • pissbore ello fren doth liveth thou???
    June 13 01:29 PM
  • pissbore YO COME JAM we are ropckin out hjaaard
    June 13 02:44 AM
  • pissbore com 2 blaspjernmi9at0n
    June 12 02:49 AM
  • pissbore henl0
    June 11 04:47 PM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    June 4 10:01 AM
  • Gyromania Oh man... Can you imagine? How ridiculous
    June 4 09:40 AM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    June 4 04:32 AM
  • pissbore e3 is rite around the corner m8
    June 4 03:41 AM
  • DatBeefPudding the artwork is... yeah IDK what to say about it, but hope you enjoyed nonetheless
    June 4 01:18 AM
  • Flugmorph https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/321332173661798400/452824242057117706/1524500841203.jpg this birb is very tired
    June 3 09:24 AM
  • DatBeefPudding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-NmIrwgBEg review this
    June 2 02:32 PM
  • Flugmorph https://twitter.com/xeropls/status/999043774876614657
    June 2 10:08 AM
  • BlackwaterPork Ay cvnt have you ever listened to naked city?
    May 29 04:58 PM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation v https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    May 29 09:46 AM
  • pissbore omgggg com 2 blapshemidimaito0n
    May 29 09:43 AM
  • Mentasm O s*** you're right
    May 29 09:21 AM
  • Mentasm Hey, Jac should I go with original recording release or US release date?
    May 29 07:19 AM
  • pissbore bruh
    May 28 12:54 AM
  • myeyes14 I do have slsk. What's your username?
    May 25 11:43 PM
  • myeyes14 Hi, just saw your comment. Do you have a better rip of Shrines and is there any chance you could send it to me?
    May 25 11:11 PM
  • GhostB1rd I could have spent tireless nights rifling through a thesaurus and not come up with a more apt word. It was perfect. It was art.
    May 23 05:21 PM
  • GhostB1rd Some variant of fag/****. Can't recall which atm.
    May 23 05:13 PM
  • pissbore https://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/77115/Garroted-Of-Damnation-and-Abyssal-Terrors/
    May 23 03:36 PM
  • ramon. are you trying to one-up me ****erhttps://imgur.com/a/1mSfonL
    May 22 01:20 AM
  • ramon. if i were the horse in that situation i wouldnt even be mad, gotta hand it to the panda for the dedication
    May 21 08:15 AM
  • ramon. ily bubshttps://youtu.be/smAt5zt2R0s?t=26
    May 21 02:25 AM
  • Mentasm I've been to this steakhouse called Outback a few times. Turns out it was owned by an American company.
    May 20 08:46 AM
  • Mentasm Will I ever meet you in the real world?
    May 20 12:31 AM
  • Mentasm Hey, you're the man Jac. Also, did you ever start checking out Rage Against The Machine?
    May 17 08:49 AM
  • Darius the Great Thanks for recs.
    May 16 07:15 PM
  • Darius the Great Other than ulcerate who is your favourite modern dm band(s)? Maybe give me one os one and one disso one?
    May 16 06:59 PM
  • Rigma what the heck!??!!!?
    May 16 01:33 PM
  • Mentasm Is MX still alive? I never know who handles all the codings and maintenance on this site. and yeah Jac, that would be gucci. srsly I almost lost it when Jom said it doesn't matter where the VA recordings should be put under. I already typed "well you should erase your ****ing db" but it's near Ramadhan, the month full of forgiveness, and I don't wanna get permabanned for the third time.
    May 16 11:55 AM
  • Mentasm Oh yeah, s*** man, the classical catalogs on this site is atrocious too. Thank ****ing god you added Philharmonia Orchestra / Chorus to the DB since I love most of their recordings. We need to push this man, not only the VA stuff but the classical shizz too. I mean, yeah Mozart wrote the ****ing Requiem, who ****ing cares; I never heard him playing his own s***.
    May 16 11:49 AM
  • Mentasm I have nothing else to do until June. I already asked Jom a week ago on the meds and he referred me to you, that's why I haven't touched any of the VA stuff until I got the green light, and a help from the staff and mods to inform the community about the overhaul and possibly create a new guideline. Insya' Allah I will get it done if I have the support from the higher-ups.
    May 15 08:24 PM
  • Mentasm I think it's easier to put VA albums under the label that releases them. Deviant did the same thing with hundreds of VA electronic comps, so did Gian and other RYMers. Oh, albums and comps that were released under Rhinocervs and Black Twilight Circle also being put under the label band page.
    May 15 03:53 AM
  • BigPleb Nice! How are you anyway man? Life all good?
    May 15 01:06 AM
  • BigPleb Sup jac! Hows life man? Just bogged down with work so music has kinda taken a backseat! Got any good 2018 recs for me?
    May 14 06:11 PM
  • Mentasm Anyway, I've been meaning to discuss the catalog system on this site with you since Jom don't know s*** about any of it. the VA catalog has been bugging me for a while. Most site also use Va but the differences are, like RYM and discog, also have entries to label and classification, so it's easier to navigate albums and comps under the VA entry. What do you think?
    May 13 09:14 PM
  • Mentasm dang nice anecdotal observation
    May 13 09:02 PM
  • pissbore Hello fren, greetings from Georgia fren, met Artificial Brain last night in Tennessee with sonic the plumber fren, u can see video at http://www.youtube.com/OrganicSludge
    May 13 07:42 PM
  • Mentasm how did u know, r u a wizard
    May 13 08:35 AM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation
    May 9 10:39 PM
  • pissbore Chrottt
    May 7 08:30 PM
  • pissbore When will I get to see my draggOm fren
    May 7 10:53 AM
  • pissbore dost thou liveth
    May 5 06:07 AM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation my fren
    May 1 04:41 AM
  • pissbore one day remain fren 420 blaze9
    April 29 02:38 PM
  • deathschool You'll regret the day you crossed me, bird pony
    April 28 03:23 AM
  • pissbore Fren only 3 dayz of 420 remain fren
    April 27 08:02 PM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/blasphermation join us my fren
    April 26 09:57 PM
  • pissbore fren
    April 26 02:58 AM
  • ramon. ur server reminds me of my estranged father i would NEvER youre welcome pone
    April 26 02:02 AM
  • pissbore come 2 blasphermasduhin
    April 24 12:36 PM
  • pissbore sweet, review it bro
    April 23 07:50 PM
  • Winesburgohio closed the tab as soon as saw intervivo so low, blocked u on goodreads, wrote a letter to my congressman,
    April 23 07:43 AM
  • pissbore chrootttttttttttttted3edgh
    April 23 03:06 AM
  • pissbore https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/sput
    April 23 03:05 AM
  • pissbore bruh
    April 22 08:30 AM
  • pissbore Dude we gotta act quik, there's only 9 days of 420 left
    April 21 10:15 AM
  • ramon. New profile pic looks sick pon appetit
    April 21 08:11 AM
  • pissbore bro live broOo
    April 20 02:37 AM
  • pissbore gettin ciggs will be back in 10 min but plz come bakk 2 blasfermashunn
    April 20 01:30 AM
  • pissbore 420 blazeit blath0 ommm
    April 20 01:19 AM
  • pissbore my bad m8 was in the middle of an intense mario kart 64 championship with money on the table
    April 20 01:18 AM
  • pissbore riffin all nite m8
    April 19 10:07 PM
  • pissbore yoooo come 2 blasphermashunnn
    April 19 09:32 PM
  • Doctuses and the voices always take precedent, as they should. Very fine piece.
    April 5 02:31 PM
  • Doctuses hey there Jacquimib! So I'll start by saying that tbh I've never particularly enjoyed Cantatas. I don't have anything against them, but I typically find them severe. With that said, Bach is as Bach does and in my opinion 75 was quite nice insofar as the genre allows it to be. I much preferred part two because it's a bit more instrumental. Anyway, I agree with much of what you said about the review regarding this particular recording. The instruments are bright, the counterpoint isn't overbearing
    April 5 02:30 PM
  • pissbore chrotttt
    April 4 01:39 PM
  • pissbore come 2 blasphermation m8 i got a proposition 4 ya
    April 3 12:47 AM
  • Doctuses Will do
    March 31 04:24 PM
  • parksungjoon yea ill just ****in do it, thanks
    March 30 10:11 AM

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