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  • Titan Nice job bro!
    April 26 01:49 AM
  • Mythodea Hey, how was it?? The Leprous live, I mean! Such a shame I lost them on Februrary 2020 when they passed by here... P.S. I promise, promise, my Porcupine Tree bass tracks are on the way!!
    April 13 07:06 PM
  • Titan Yessssssssss.....will be checking fo sho!
    April 10 07:42 PM
  • Torontonian Sorry for the super late response bro. Mood to listen has been hitting me in waves. Honestly I'm just looking for anything which sounds exciting at this point, which admittedly isn't that many things. Right now i'm really enjoying the new Fleet Foxes album. It's been on repeat for the last few days for me.What recs do you have for me? :-D
    March 22 03:42 PM
  • Titan My wife and kids are doing well. We've been fortunate to remain healthy so far. How are you doing?
    March 22 12:06 AM
  • Titan Sup bro! Haha 2000 ratings - all of which are true. More importantly, congratulations are in order for your CONTRIB! I had no idea as I haven't been on too much lately. These kids are battering me!
    March 18 01:01 PM
  • Mythodea We are not allowed, no. Our government truly is in the dark with Covid planning, some of the worst in Europe. There's also much political tension, there's so many things going on rn, I'd bore you, honestly. But, yeah, I hope tommorow I'm getting my hands on a bass! We are not jamming in particular, we're composing *some* material, heavy prog style. We are having some ideas, but we are still on the organizing phase.
    March 12 05:45 PM
  • Mythodea Yes, man, I have no excuses! I'm still trying to get hold of a bass, since I left mine in another city(!)... I left it where I study thinking the lockdown wouldn't last long when I returned to my town, and I'm still blocked here, trying to borrow one from a friend... s***ty times. I'm strumming an acoustic guitar though, that's something, haha. I usually play everyday, because we have rehearsals, but as you can imagine, now it's been a while I'm not as consistent.
    March 11 05:58 PM
  • Mythodea Things in the country are generally not going well, and we're in our fourth consecutive month inside. We do everything inside. I enjoy the classes, although I'm sick of the online process. I haven't met my own classmates yet, I can't find books in the library - ugh... I'm entering the second semester out of four total, now. Hope next year isn't online. But I guess that's only a small problem compared to taking acting classes online! How's that possible? How are you liking the guitar so far???
    March 9 07:14 AM
  • DivergentThinking lol, thanks man. I don't want to be TOO productive though, to the point that my reviews suffer because of burnout. I've had that happen before too :]
    March 8 03:46 AM
  • DivergentThinking Congrats on the contrib tag dude! Well deserved
    March 6 01:27 AM
  • Mythodea Better late than never, I say. Good thing is we're gettings on the beautiful sounds of Pakistan on a steady basis now! Now, concerning my exams, I think I've done moderately well. It's a Master's Degree on Political Science and Sociology. Although I'm a psychologist, I'm trying to expand my field, perhaps work in the academia... Orfanoudakis is cool? I always thought is sounds too awkward! Not very commercial :P What are you up to? I guess acting/improv classes have stopped duo to COVID?
    March 5 08:05 AM
  • Mythodea hey beautiful bastard! Congrats on the contributor tag! So moving to see the community grow :')I just finished my exams, so expect a vieo response soon!
    March 3 09:04 PM
  • Nocte Yeah i just passed my 10 year anniv. I also didn't mean to be so productive, but lately it's been good.
    March 2 10:43 PM
  • evilford Congrats on contrib!!!
    March 2 05:06 PM
  • SitarHero Lol, I have no clue man. One of the earliest things I learned about Sput is not to question the reasons behind things and happenings, cos there are rarely any.
    March 2 02:07 AM
  • LeddSledd broooo congrats on the promo
    March 2 12:01 AM
  • Nocte Welcome to the team!!
    March 1 11:09 PM
  • Dewinged Congrats Omair!
    March 1 09:25 PM
  • TheNotrap Thanks Omair, and congrats to you too, it's super cool to see you as a contributor ;)
    March 1 08:36 PM
  • manosg Congrats dude!
    March 1 07:24 PM
  • SitarHero Brooooooo! Look at that shiny new contrib badge!
    March 1 06:07 PM
  • porcupinetheater Omair, contrib!!! Just rolls right off the tongue, and so deserved, congrats!
    March 1 05:24 PM
  • Mythodea Heyyy dude! Passionate soloing all around! It was so cool watching you playing! And what's that sexy drawing of you on the side? Self-portrait or a gift? I'll be answering back as soon as my finish with exam-season (on Wed.)! (full name is ''Emmanuel Orfanoudakis'', but everyone calls me just ''Manos'' because f*ck that big name!)
    March 1 07:50 AM
  • bloc Daaaaaamn that was dope, good find
    February 28 03:00 AM
  • Mythodea It asks for access permission, so I sent you a request! Curious to see what's behind the internet-wall ;)
    February 27 05:22 PM
  • Jom Greetings! This is the discussion week for the two groups, so the go-live date is March 1st. The time is TBD since everyone is in disparate time zones geographically, but they all know I did not want this dragged out for longer than one week. Cheers!
    February 24 02:39 PM
  • GamamJ Hey dude! Been ages! I have been crazy into Brand X, RtF, Mahavishnu (especially Birds of Fire) and Weather Report (Sweetnighter era). Got any similar recs?
    February 18 04:16 PM
  • Torontonian What new music have you been listening to? Does prog rock still make up most of your listening palette?
    February 18 01:37 PM
  • Torontonian Thanks man. It is certainly a tough job, and the system has failed the students. The average reading level for my students (high school) is 4th grade reading level. I've found that it's important to find the balance between caring too much and not enough. As for acting, I could totally see why it feels amazing. It's gotta be an amazing emotional release. I'll have to check out your videos on insta :-D
    February 18 12:20 PM
  • OllieS hey dude, sorry for the late response, I don't check my shoutbox often haha. But I really liked your message, I'll check them out for sure. I was kinda blown away by some of Bayaan's songs, never really listened to stuff made outside of Europe/North America before, so it was a nice eye opener. Do you live in Pakistan?
    February 13 08:29 PM
  • Torontonian Teaching is good man. It's what I went to school for. I'm teaching in a city school (what they call a "high needs" district) which has opened me up to a whole new world. Teaching these students is a challenge but I'm enjoying the relationships I've established with many of them. That's sweet bro -- I want to learn how to play the piano but the learning curve can be disillusioning, almost defeatist. Where did you get a passion for acting?
    February 5 07:57 PM
  • Torontonian And how have you been bro? How has life been treating you, or how have you been dealing with quarantine?
    January 24 05:31 PM
  • Torontonian Sorry for the late response bro. I just graduated from uni this summer and started my first job teaching high school U.S. history. It's a great job but the students are really struggling with the virtual stuff. We start in-person soon and frankly its a much needed change, lol. As for music, it just kind of sounded like noise to me for a few years. Now it just started sounding good again for reasons I don't quite understand. Been listening to more metal than ever.
    January 24 05:28 PM
  • Mythodea Okay, I really don't know what to think of DJ Frenzy's remix, but I accept the gift! I appreciate your kind offering! Dude, if you're up for some Fates Warning-meets-Nevermore greek prog, you might as well check my review on Need's latest album!
    January 22 08:51 AM
  • Torontonian Tell me about it bro! I've adapted to life in quarantine and am holding up pretty well. Makes me see all the things I've taken for granted. I took a really long break from music and now I'm on a big kick again. What have you been up to man? Last I remember you were job hunting in Toronto lol. Must feel like forever ago
    January 19 04:42 AM
  • Mythodea Dude, thanks for the recs. I still haven't got the mind to check them properly, but I never forget or ignore :)
    January 17 10:17 PM
  • GamamJ I am! However, I am not enjoying the state of the US or the values of the people, so I will probably go back to Norway (where I lived 15 years) to finish my degree. I am guessing you did some sort of banking or finance.
    January 9 06:30 PM
  • GamamJ Well. Damn. I just realized that was a (quite obvious tbh) joke that totally flew over my head. 32??? No way! You look like you are in your early 20s! Yes, I am a freshman hahah. Doing kinesiology in Arizona.
    January 6 08:44 AM
  • GamamJ Thanks! Happy new year to you too! By the way, are you 18? Checked the gram and you are going to Uni now, yeah? That begs the question... What major and potential future career?
    January 5 07:40 AM
  • GamamJ Hi, I am here just to say that as expected, the new Vanden Plas sounds exactly like the last 6 albums hahah
    December 30 12:56 PM
  • Mythodea My bad, it's actually called ''Song of the Day''. It's the monthly list that every user submits a song according to the chosen category and we rate each one every day. The user that wins the highest rating gets to host the next month.
    December 18 08:03 PM
  • Mythodea Yeeeeees, it's awesome!! I also suggested it for the song of the month 2020 (non-english song category)
    December 18 02:56 PM
  • Mythodea I made a list with some 2020 picks. Maybe you're going to find something you like ;)
    December 16 07:19 AM
  • Mythodea woooohhh, that's hot! Thanks a bunch dude... I'll pick my guitar and see what I can learn off it, seems great!
    December 16 07:14 AM
  • TheSpaceMan yooo omair whats up bro!
    December 14 06:05 PM
  • GamamJ Oof, where are you located actually? Awesome! Well hey, good luck, and I expect to see some vids of your progress ;) I play myself, and am still kinda trash, but I try :D :D
    December 12 07:14 AM
  • GamamJ Also read your convo with Mythodea about getting a guitar and getting to 1k! Yes, we (or at least I) do rate after one listen. It might make my ratings quite inaccurate overall, but I also use Sput to track what I have heard, and then it is interesting to see how much ratings can change over the first 5 listens especially. As for the new guitar, that is awesome! What guitar, and what are your first songs you wanna learn?
    December 10 01:30 PM
  • GamamJ Just saw your soundoff on the new Vanden Plas and I am thinking exactly the same hahah. Everything since Christ 0 basically sounds the same! How are you doing btw? Long time!
    December 10 01:26 PM
  • normaloctagon ayyee much obliged. will do
    December 9 08:40 PM
  • DePlazz I did actually enjoy the last Fates Warning for the greater part, thanks for pointing it out!
    December 9 02:23 PM
  • Mythodea As a bass player, I'm down!
    December 5 10:37 AM
  • Mythodea Welcome to the 1k club, dude! I really don't know how other users rate 1k albums IN A YEAR! Anyway... Well, what made me get bored of the guitar was that I became so self-conscious about my playing and so eager to PROVE I could play, that I just lost interest after years and years of this attitude... When I turned to bass and guitar was just another instrument I could doodle with, that's when my playing improved, weirdly enough. Don't sweat over mistakes and slow progress, is what I'm saying ;)
    December 4 09:20 AM
  • Mythodea It's awesome to find your voice in an instrument. I was so shy on guitar, always feeling inferior to friends' playing and my fingers just couldn't stand how tiny the frets were! When I switched to bass (funnily enough to fill a gap in our band), it was just what I wanted! Hope you have ultimate fun with your guitar, and maybe incorporate it in comedy sketches and improvs for us to see ;)
    November 30 08:19 AM
    November 28 02:37 PM
  • Mythodea 6) Play your favourite songs and bands, improv on them, doodle, don't take it too seriously. It's a good way to have fun when you get tired of pracitcing. You can always be THE rockstar when playing in a dark room alone!7) For Youtubers, I don't know many for guitar lessons, I'm mostly looking for bassists. BUT, check out Paul Davis, he's got amazing lessons for guitar, and Adam Neely for everything music related.
    November 28 02:36 PM
  • 5) Practice with a metronome. It's pretty self explanatory, and it will give you better sense of rhythm.
    November 28 12:51 PM
  • 4) Play with an amp and with a clean tone. It will show you if you sound sloppy and make mistakes that are buried in the fuzziness of effects, or don't appear at all when you're playing quietly.
    November 28 12:50 PM
  • 3) Try humming your solos. Another important advice that sounds weird, but it's going to get you a long way when improvising.Matching the music you think to the music you ''order'' your fingers to play.
    November 28 12:46 PM
  • 2) Learn to play by ear. You'll always be tempted to look up for tabs, but don't. I relied too much on tablatures and Guitar Pro, and it was like memorizing phrases off a language I don't understand. The only good thing I got from that was that my fingers were still learning, but I didn't know how to play ''the music in my head''
    November 28 12:44 PM
  • Oh, I have a love and hate relation with guitar. I started playing but never took it seriously, relied too much on my self and that didn't go very well. When I turned to bass things clicked easily, and bass actually taught me a thing or two:1) Get in a band. You can't even imagine how important this is and how tremendously better you'll get once you challenge yourself and play with others. Besides, your bandmates would probably suggest songs outside your comfort zone, and that's a plus.
    November 28 12:39 PM
  • Titan I don't enjoy the vocals, just not my cup. Im enjoying Psychotic Waltz though. But none of their albums have sunk in yet...
    November 28 02:16 AM
  • Mythodea Hear only some of it, probably only the first twenty minutes or so, and it was okay background music.
    November 27 11:46 AM
  • linguist2011 Might not be able to review it until the new year with work ongoing and that, so if you wanna review it feel free :) Definitely one of my albums of the year though
    November 26 11:42 PM
  • DePlazz Thanks for the rec man, will check!
    November 26 02:40 PM
  • LunaticSoul no tbh I think I have roooughly 3000 discs in my collection. My lazy ass and my constant amends of how I feel ratings should work (e.g. I now give a lot of 4s I wouldn't have given years ago) doesn't really help keeping the profile tidy. how's life man all good with this quarantine? I'm moving to Denmark soon for work, I want the MINK COVID-20 version lol
    November 17 09:33 AM
  • LunaticSoul loooooooooooooooooooooooool consider it done. tbh I forgot to rate I think 3-4 years worth of music listening in the last 8 years of sput or smth like that
    November 16 09:16 AM
  • Bedex Haha yea let's face it his accent is half the appeal :] But I do enjoy his modern take on older styles. Discovered him through completely random bandcamp browsing, I was surprised that he even had a sput page! Started with Life in the Flesh first then just worked my way through his other albums, there is good stuff I do think it's getting too little attention from sput
    November 16 12:10 AM
  • Bedex Cheers lmk what you think!
    November 15 01:34 PM
  • Bedex heyo I saw you say you were in a hip-hop mood in Trif's sb so check this from the UK, he's got lots of bangers across his discog :]
    November 14 11:05 PM
  • Mythodea What the heck maaaan, Scars rulsss. I love the chorus.
    November 14 10:20 AM
  • Trifolium Nice yeah! Totally get that, this wouldn't really work during a hip hop phase at all I think. And the same to you bro, hope you and yours are ok!
    November 14 07:30 AM
  • Trifolium Hi bro! I'm not at all sure if this would be something you'd enjoy but I think it's lovely! That t/t dude!
    November 13 09:29 AM
  • Dewinged Just heard the first track but yeah it sounds really good
    November 12 10:45 AM
  • LeddSledd I'm unfamiliar with FW's material, so I'll give it a whirl later tonight!
    November 11 09:47 PM
  • Mythodea The bass tone and position in the mix might be my favourite this year, no other prog band has come even close to it.
    November 11 04:17 PM
  • Mythodea I totally get the love/hat relation with Einar... When a band means so much to us, expectations are hard to meet and there's always tension. I've been quite disappointed by most of my favourite bands this year, Haken, Katatonia, Pineapple Thief, because I really wanted the release to be what I wanted and right now I can't appreciate the albums because of that. LDGN is a beast, however. I don't really dig some tracks (3,4,6 don't do much to me, they seem kinda filler-ish), but the rest is great.
    November 11 04:16 PM
  • Titan dude Matheos has been on fire since Sympathetic Resonance....and i'm serious bro, i think the new one may be a tad stronger, as a whole, compared to Theories
    November 10 11:57 PM
  • evilford Nice will check soon
    November 10 08:52 PM
  • Gmork89 Ill check it out for sure, thanks man!
    November 10 08:50 PM
  • evilford fates warning?
    November 10 08:33 PM
  • Titan Yeah I love Willy.....but he mailed that one in loool
    November 10 06:57 PM
  • Titan Bro. Can't believe I'm saying this, but.....this is better than Theories (*head literally explodes*)!
    November 10 05:31 PM
  • Titan Those folks 3ing it cant be big Fates fans. The record is incredible.
    November 9 08:15 PM
  • Titan It has the potential to be another 5 for me, certainly no lower than a 4. I really like the sound bro. Easily my album of the year.
    November 7 07:34 PM
  • e210013 Thanks for the info bro.
    November 7 11:20 AM
  • Titan You should review it too.
    November 6 07:37 PM
  • Titan I like the sound. Need a proper listen though. I like what I heard. And remember, if it's middle of the pack Fates, that's still excellent.
    November 6 07:25 PM
  • Titan jamming now, thanks bro!
    November 6 11:47 AM
  • Mythodea It's annoying when there's a band so much appraised and you can't really see what the fuss is all about! Sieges Even is an amazing band, but don't sweat over it, it will either click or it won't ;) I hope the new guitarist being an official member will push the envelope a bit (I think I liked his solo stuff) and I believe he has the chops to put some flair on their sound. But~! Einar is love to me
    November 6 08:50 AM
  • Titan Yeah bro, i appreciate the recs, but I didn't like the song. It's those ridiculous vocals that ruin it for me.
    October 28 10:35 PM
  • Titan Duuude. Im surprised you like that, would've never thought it. The cleans are sweet and so is the band, but I'm just not into that sound anymore...
    October 27 10:54 PM
  • Mythodea Also, I second GamamJ's advice to give Sieges Even's music another go. Sense of Change and The Art of Navigating... are both spectacular albums! (sorry for eavesdropping!)
    October 26 07:42 AM
  • Mythodea Yeah, I saw it... Damn, Piotr was such an amazing and distinctive figure in prog. I miss him so much. I feel like Mariusz has taken over Riverside and I've started to get annoyed by him and his linear approach to melody!
    October 26 07:36 AM
  • sonictheplumber Nah man I'm behind
    October 12 02:26 AM
  • GamamJ No worries! Better late than never ;) Yeah, every time he has a guest-spot I instantly recognize him. He manages to put such subtle but amazing to a trained ear technicalities nuances into his beats, and his fills are super unique and tasty. Yeah, Sieges can get somewhat wanky (but to me that's a huge plus hahah), so maybe that's not your thing. Still, their stuff from Change and on is more melodic and less pure tech.
    September 27 09:09 PM
  • GamamJ Hey Omair! Throwing a rec right back at you with Sieges Even's A Sense of Change. A hugely overlooked prog masterpiece which sounds a lot like peak Fates Warning. Melodic and tasty, but always complex!
    September 26 07:28 PM
  • Titan got em bro! and no, i'm not on FB
    September 26 04:25 PM
  • GamamJ Yup, that was awesome! Thanks for the rec. Reminded me of the golden days of FW at times!
    September 21 01:37 AM
  • GamamJ On Ethereal Winter, and my god is Bobby's drumming truky mindboggling. What a guy.
    September 20 10:05 PM
  • Spag Distant Bells finally grew on me, and well you saw I bumped my rating for that whole album. I... wish I could 4 it, just not that that into it but it's definitely better than I originally thought, haha. Oh, and some day soon I plan to do a giant list of cool s***, still gotta plan it out, though. It'll be a long list and I suck at articulating myself, heh.
    September 17 07:58 AM
  • deathschool Reported
    September 17 03:14 AM
  • GamamJ Appreciate the rec though! Was not too fond of their debut, which I frankly found a bit boring. However, you are saying heavy, and I?m seeing guest spots from Thomas Lang, Sean Malone and Steve DiGiorgio? No two ways about it, gotta check soon for sure.
    September 16 02:23 AM
  • GamamJ Just now forst saw your message! Will check!
    September 16 02:13 AM
  • Yazz_Flute Man, I totally missed that you posted in my shoutbox a few months ago lol.Yeah I'm managing under COVID - I've obviously been largely inactive here since 2015 or so but the extra time the pandemic has given me has made me check back here every once in a while.
    September 10 05:39 PM
  • Titan Listen to those songs a few times. They both clock in at 10 minutes. Incredible stuff mixed in there.....
    September 8 01:06 PM
  • Titan Try listening to specific songs first rather than an album. Their material is quite diverse. They do have a lot of clean vocals. Listen to the songs, The Proverbial Bellow, and Disease Injury Madness. As an album, The Great Misdirect is probably your best bet. The music video for Obfuscation is pretty great as well.
    September 8 01:05 PM
  • TheNotrap Cheers Omair, we can request it at the Community Forum - Flag/Feature Requests
    September 8 09:08 AM
  • Titan Can I try to get you in to Between The Buried And Me?
    September 7 05:20 PM
  • Jethro42 Hello, there...Man I feel sorry, but nothing is new under the sun (or under the site). You sure animate well and give a good athmosphere, a good energy to the site...Keep it up, man...You're the first person I'd have to chat with if ever I make a return. For myself, I leave in Montreal, so it's not that far, so who knows if we can meet up. It would be an honour. Till then, let's prog hard P/
    September 5 02:16 AM
  • GamamJ Noce slam btw hahah. Especially considering you have not seen WoWS
    August 28 10:42 AM
  • GamamJ Still the wrong link, but I found a "Jazz Fusion jams?" or something along those lines list, so just assuming that's where I find the recs :D
    August 26 03:30 PM
  • Titan definitely has a darkness vibe to it, i agree, it's going to be similar to that record.....i do think we will have a couple long songs though.....can't wait!
    August 25 11:48 PM
  • GamamJ Hahah. Will check the vid! As for the recs, heave heard my personal god John Petrucci talk about the dregs, so had them on the to listen list already. Listened to Freefall, and loved the fusion parts, but I cannot stand Country, so the huge country influence unfortunately ruined it completely for me. As for the list of recs, it just takes me to the acting vid. Also already have the Pakistani band on the to-listen as I saw you reccing it to Jethro hahah.
    August 25 06:19 PM
  • GamamJ Hey dude. Seen you on a lot of prog stuff. I'm struggling to find more 70s Mahavishnu, Brand X, Return to Forever esque fusion. Got any? Also Indian or generally asian based stuff like Shakti or even pure traditional music from there would be very nice to get into. Have any recs? Also, keep keeping on! A great contributor to the site.
    August 23 01:04 PM
  • Mythodea I'll keep you clean from an pre-impression. You've avoided singles for too long for me to spoil it. Meet me at the review thread ;)
    August 23 08:59 AM
  • ArsMoriendi That's awesome. Great impression haha
    August 23 03:03 AM
  • Mythodea Omair, bro, I don't know if you're into leaked albums, but I just checked out PoS's Panther and I'd really like a thought. Btw, never responded on your Antimatter suggestion, but be sure I'm still checking it out and swallowing it ;)
    August 18 10:17 AM
  • sixdegrees dont worry, he gave me permission to use his iconic avy
    July 23 12:55 AM
  • Mythodea My impression as well. I guess it was a list of ideas that wouldn't go anywhere and wouldn't fit under any of his other two projects, so he just released them under his own name as a small gift to us, and as a way to relieve himself from their ''burden''
    July 14 10:04 PM
  • Mythodea With the way things are progressing, I wouldn't be surprised if a new listening cycle begins sometime soon! But yeah, if you're digging elctronic music lately, you should give it a spin.
    July 8 09:25 PM
  • Mythodea no, it's not. It's weird electronic stuff. I think the right mood to listen to it is two months in quarantine haha
    July 8 06:54 PM
  • Mythodea wait, that's huge! How awesome is it??? And it's just a climax on a basic idea and two notes! Michal proving he's an amazing artist once again. Did you listen to Mariusz's new solo album?
    July 8 07:20 AM
  • ReefaJones yo just saw that you posted in my shoutbox a while ago. Took me a while to see it haha but thanks for the rec I will check it out
    July 7 03:42 PM
  • kalkwiese yesss, I've seen that one! Amazing performance. I got chills when the heavy riffs kick in
    July 6 10:10 AM
  • bloc Thanks bro :)
    June 26 10:33 PM
  • Cormano oh that's cool, don't think I've ever listened to any artists from Pakistan, I don't really liisten to any instrumental music unless its post or some math rock but I'd def recommend them
    June 25 12:09 AM
  • bloc That sounds great man, I will let you know. And trust me, if you ever came to Ottawa downtown you would get the shock of your life. I bet our Friday nights are less busy than your Monday nights lol
    June 24 10:06 PM
  • bloc Damn you're at Yonge and Bloor?? Someone's rich! Haha but seriously, I am not into the downtown Toronto lifestyle at all. It's just way too loud and fast paced for me. I was in Scarborough, and since the TTC system is crap I would loathe commuting to downtown every single time. Ottawa is just a fraction of the action and I prefer it so much more. It's definitely a lot more boring, but that's just the way I like it lol. My wife LOVES Toronto, so she's still getting used to it haha
    June 23 09:49 PM
  • bloc Oh shiiiiit, that's sweet. Eglinton and where?
    June 23 01:22 AM
  • pizzamachine Well you don?t have to worry about that, cause music is lit ?
    June 21 04:00 PM
  • C3llarD00r I've only been back once during christmas, I usually got plenty of work to do, I'm a PhD student working with development of mountain ranges so plenty of field work coming up this sommer ^^ its pretty interesting still, so yeah I enjoy it.What are you doing? :)
    June 21 10:24 AM
  • C3llarD00r I see, never been to Canada but heard it has many really beautiful places to visit in nature, especially the lakes and mountains. I sure did, I have noticed its always a bit difficult for me to get into music where I dont understand the lyrics, I think I am a very vocals-focused listener which is also why I struggle with listening to e.g death metal or growl vocals in general. Seems you are also very prog-rock focused, thats cool, still my favourite genre :)
    June 21 10:22 AM
  • LeddSledd Thanks for the recs, dude. I'm def into branching out into foreign takes on genres that I enjoy. I wasn't aware you were from Pakistan, I'm glad you're sharing music from there : )
    June 19 04:41 PM
  • RangerTaffles Nice reviews yaar, I need to give those albums a proper listen. Keeray Makoray are way more funky and groovy than I remember.
    June 18 04:42 PM
  • Cormano hey I checked out the band you posted, they sounded great on headphones and everything's pretty tight tho that style it's really not my cup of tea tbh, still thanks for the rec. are you involved in that project at all?
    June 14 09:18 PM
  • C3llarD00r Cool, since when do you live there? Are you regularly heading back or are you just staying in contact with the culture from afar? Yeah, definitely keep doing it if you find motivation, more diversity is always good :)I'm from austria but live in norway since a year now, I work at the university :)
    June 14 08:33 PM
  • C3llarD00r Hey :) Are you from Pakistan or live there perhaps? Sure, maybe you'll enjoy it ^^ Haha, actually it was a random album I clicked on when listening to an album on yt, I liked how the cover looked and it turned out I also liked the music, lucky find haha.
    June 13 07:01 PM
  • LeddSledd Thanks for the kind words :) and right back at ya, nice lookin chart you got there
    June 9 06:32 AM
  • Jethro42 Hello my buddy...Just to say I don't forget about your recs...I'm gonna be in in a few moments. Glad to see you so active...It proves you're getting your usual good energy. Keep on rocking, dude!
    June 7 10:45 PM
  • C3llarD00r Hey, thanks for recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out. I don't know anything about Pakistani music which is a shame but I guess you can only check so much stuff. I actually just discovered a new band called Sisters of... and I really enjoyed their stuff on first listen, its almost excusively instrumental, perhaps you like it: need to give a couple more listens to the new RTJ album, only heard it once thus far.
    June 6 10:38 PM
  • TheNotrap No it doesn't. Try this one out: [Y]hC6a_X6r9bk[/Y]
    June 3 07:49 PM
  • TheNotrap It works for me, but try this out: [Y]6XCr5cJbSmw[/Y]
    June 3 07:39 PM
  • TheNotrap Sorry for the late feedback, but it looks like you managed to work it out ;)
    June 3 07:14 PM
  • TheNotrap Maybe I can help. What's the link/URL?
    June 3 04:39 PM
  • Observer Thanks man! Yeah funny thing about that debut is the band really hates that production since they were using cheap equipment, but I love it too. Ive listened to their others, but that's my favorite set of songs from them. "Change" and their guitarist rips.
    June 3 04:32 PM
  • RangerTaffles The bands I recall favorably are Dionysus (doom/prog), Downfall Humanity (breakdowns) and Necktarium (Post-black metal) and like you mentioned Takatak (kinda milder now though). Like all local metal bands these were underground and had those hallmarks with diy production and releases. I grew out of them and currently listen to more hard rock outfits like Bumbu Sauce, Mauj and Malang Party, though they're not as active too.
    June 3 03:07 PM
  • RangerTaffles Not sure about the release date, but it's probably this year sometime in summer? Keeray Makoray are cool and knowing Asad Ahmed is still making music is such a great lift for the scene. Actually I am also not too familiar with the ongoing metal scene, but I was really into its underground wave in the late 2000s and early 2010s. I think the first legit local metal song I heard was ISI's (I See Insanity) False Gods and it still holds a special place haha
    June 3 02:56 PM
  • C3llarD00r Hey :) sorry, for the late answer, although I've been using this site for music recommendations since maybe around 7 (?) years, I almost never comment or login haha. I did but I struggle a bit with the vocals, I do like the instrumentation though. I have to check the female version (so far only listened to the new, male vocals)
    June 3 07:36 AM
  • FR33L0RD Im adding it to my toget/to play list.Bookmark done.
    June 3 06:16 AM
  • bloc Wooo they are both on Spotify, that makes things very easy for me. Thanks brother
    June 3 02:59 AM
  • FR33L0RD ...if you like Fusion/electric jazz, you can check John Scofield - PickHits Live. I think that Blue Matter
    June 1 09:59 PM
  • Observer Magic Pie and Wobbler are retro prog, and yes! that debut album from the prior is top notch. The most recent from Wobbler is a kick ass album too and very Yes-inspired. Barock Project is much more modern prog rock-sounding, but they have a great singer and totally slay on their instruments. Check Detachment first from them. I should also throw Echolyn, The Tea Club, and especially Phideaux onto that band list.
    May 31 09:07 PM
  • Mythodea And I wanted to ask if Omair and Umair are similar names or pronounced the same!
    May 31 07:38 PM
  • RangerTaffles That was a great writeup. I'm looking forward to your impressions and review of Faraz Anwar's upcoming album. Also you into the local metal scene? It's been more underground but the musicianship of some of the bands is incredible.
    May 31 04:28 PM
  • LunaticSoul I'm all up for some Pakistani prog man. Will check. Btw Martin Grech is a rock auteur from the UK. He was on Tesseract's Polaris (on Hexes), and he did a djenty art rock disc that I'd describe as "Kayo Dot went Djent". It's really cool and deserves way more eyes on it
    May 31 10:22 AM
  • MrSirLordGentleman Oh yeah I hear you, I finally changed my library from iTunes to MusicBee and I think I've downloaded hundreds of albums these months
    May 31 06:40 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Yeah same here! Got some biking and basketball in today with the fam and some close friends. I did marry her indeed!!!
    May 31 04:17 AM
  • Titan Yeah man good tune, especially the part where it takes off! I just don't understand the lyrics :(
    May 30 11:54 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Good bro how about you!! I have found the perfect nostrils!!!
    May 30 08:34 PM
  • Observer Been really digging the work of Magic Pie, Wobbler, and Barock Project, modern prog wise. Im not sure you've come across those or not.
    May 30 08:16 PM
  • Mad. Yeah man, I'm still lurking! Haven't done a review or anything in years though lol. Still check the site pretty much every day for ratings etc. though - been mostly busy with life stuff. How about you man? What you been listening to recently?
    May 30 06:05 PM
  • LunaticSoul Actually, let's talk about important stuff. Why the hell is sputnik sleeping on the last Martin Grech? best prog of the year
    May 30 05:05 PM
  • CugnoBrasso Hey thanks a lot man, much appreciated! I quite enjoyed the Mekaal Hasan Band, I'll check this one out!
    May 30 03:26 PM
  • LunaticSoul yeah I mean there hasn't been much to do aside listening and playing music as social activities lol. where you based??
    May 30 09:55 AM
  • MrSirLordGentleman Hi m8!. Extremly boring tbh, doing my job on the pc, playing on the pc, watching series on the pc, socializing through the pc... you get the point. Kinda worried bout my parents since they are old but so far so good for them thankfully. What about you?
    May 30 07:47 AM
  • TheSpaceMan sup my dude!
    May 29 07:27 PM
  • KjSwantko I did see it, brother! Thanks for the heads up still though - gonna be dope!
    May 29 03:13 AM
  • pizzamachine Ah lovely, I?ll check it out when I have time, many thanks :]
    May 28 06:57 PM
  • Observer Nice! Yeah I havent heard that one. The others you mentioned Ive heard once or twice but havent formed an opinion on.
    May 27 04:59 PM
  • SuzyC I've been a huge Dregs/Steve Morse fan since about 1985. I can't believe I hadn't rated them before.
    May 27 01:17 PM
  • Mythodea Oh s***, that's great. I've known of Kingcrow for more than a year and I was pleased by what I heard, but never actually gave them any chance. I'll be checking your review. Be sure to shoutbox me when you drop it, as I may not be very active these days.
    May 27 12:05 PM
  • LunaticSoul Hey man! Yeah sort of. I live in Milan, center of the EU outbreak. And I sell smartworking solutions for a living. It's probably the s***tiest combo of them all :p but family is fine. Loads of collagues though have lost family (loads of colleagues from the Bergamo area, probably the highest death per capita rate in the world for covid).
    May 27 08:23 AM
  • Observer Thanks! I know those though.
    May 26 03:19 AM
  • Mythodea I see you've returned to the review habit, dude!
    May 25 10:35 AM
  • wildinferno2010 Mahavishnu orchestra is neat because it intersects a bit with progrock, though. Also, speaking of Anathema, did you ever listen to Dan Cavanagh's album from a couple of years back? Underrated release imo
    May 25 01:27 AM
  • wildinferno2010 That video was great, man, they're a killer live band. I've never really given Anathema's death/doom stuff a good listen, but I do like what I've heard. I like their mid-period, but I don't dig Judgement nearly as much as most people seem to. Their uplifting post-prog stuff is where it's at for me. I like some jazz fusion, jazz and jazz-adjacent stuff is hard because there's so much of it and it requires more "active" listening, but I do like the styles loads.
    May 25 01:26 AM
  • wildinferno2010 Checked your ratings btw. Good call on Weather Systems, it's one of my favourites too, but We're ere Because We're edges it out just slightly. Inner Mounting Flame too - nice.
    May 23 12:40 PM
  • wildinferno2010 Hey man - yeah, count on it. Giving Pleasant Shade of Grey my second listen, like the sound of it a lot. Reminds me of the vaguely grungy thing DT had going on Awake, but moodoer and less theatrical. Good stuff. I guess I am sort of a proghead in that I lean more towards "proggy" music, but I also tend to be really critical of it too. Suppose that's why they say you're harder on the things you love. Really, I just have a massive soft-spot for a nice melody and weird rhythms.
    May 23 12:36 PM
  • wildinferno2010 Oh, so *that's* how this shoutbox thing works - thanks for the heads up man! I' dunno if I'd call myself a prog-head, but I listened to so much DT as a teenager that it's a big part of my musical taste now. That said, I've actually barely listened to Fates Warning, just a few songs here and there and Awaken the Guardian ages ago, which I found a bit too... Queensryche at the time. Got Pleasant Shade of Grey and Theories of Flight lined up tho, so I'm hoping I'll love it!
    May 22 08:33 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell thanks so much man!!! and no worries, we're still waiting on one more i had a v boring placeholder written for anathema (which is going straight in the bin now ;])
    May 20 11:31 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Heck dude, so sorry to hear it got that rough!! Dw about it - we're waiting on a couple of other blurbs anyway, and if it comes down to it I can always fill in for an Anathema album ;] Take care man, hope you shake it off soon
    May 14 03:43 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell oh s*** man, sounds grim :[ no worries at all, sometime in the next couple of days would be fine! hope your bug clears up quickly!!
    May 9 04:50 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell haha, glad to make you return to it ;] and say, by Saturday?
    May 4 06:31 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Oh nvm haha - discord is a chatroom that a lot of people here use for snappier communication, but if you don't have it could you just write on a gdoc and send me a link (950-characters max including spaces :'[) ?
    May 4 04:36 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell this is for the sput user-voted AOTD list! so semi-official stuff I guess. if you're down for it, are you cool to work over discord?
    May 3 03:44 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell whbwh!
    May 3 03:41 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell my dude, you down to write an AOTD blurb on an anathema alb?
    May 3 01:00 PM
  • Mythodea Nah, I don't use social media, only platforms for direct messaging. I was thinking about creating an Instagram account, but I'd suck at it and it would be only a distraction
    May 3 07:28 AM
  • Mythodea Please, keep them coming. I've learnt quite some jams from you, from Clint Mansell's The Fountain OST, to Leprous Bilateral and I guess I've taken your opinion into account other times as well! So no worries, you're a certified consultant! I'll check the song(s) and keep youd... Hope you're still using the site next decade :P
    May 2 08:35 PM
  • Mythodea Oh dude, you have reccomended me so many things and I feel guilty for not checking, from your second improv videos, to Pakistani music, Michael's improv videos and now fusion jazz. They all sound lovely, and I am checking them out, just felt the need to assure you! Also, would you say Obscure Sphynx could be for me?
    May 2 04:14 PM
  • porcupinetheater And things have been alright, considering. Everyone's on the same thin ice these days. How're you holdin' up?
    May 1 08:15 PM
  • porcupinetheater I?ll check out the Melaka Hasan Band release, thanks for the heads up! Jazz fusion mood?s starting to hit, too, so timing?s perfect. I ain?t gotten around to the new Pure Reason Revolution, but I never got to into their past stuff, even the first record, does the new one kind of step outside that a bit?
    May 1 06:01 PM
  • SitarHero *that's probably why you're aspiring towards an entertainment side-hustle.
    April 30 10:20 PM
  • SitarHero That's cool man! I've know you're a silly ****er ever since you pulled that prank on me about the Pak diplomat hottie in Delhi but I didn't know you were an out and out aspiring comedian. I was under the impression that you had some boring desk job as a chartered accountant or something...although that's probably why.
    April 30 10:19 PM
  • Flashmobba of course! It's called Music Maker JAM (weak title but powerful utility lol). No problem man take your time, it's a languid and atmospheric track so hear it whenever you think you'll dig it the most haha. Dang, this whole virtual class thing is really strange for me, on one hand I like how convenient it is but I also dislike it for the same reason because I don't feel like studying as hard anymore yknow? Anyway, have a good one man, stay safe
    April 30 06:29 PM
  • parksungjoon uhh alleycat is the one that got me to start adding their missing albums and i quite enjoyed it
    April 29 05:23 AM
  • parksungjoon awesome gonna keep that in mind!
    April 29 12:14 AM
  • parksungjoon u should check the couple bands i put on ur list, theyre legit recs not trolling
    April 28 11:48 PM
  • Source cool i'll give it a listen, thanks
    April 28 10:04 PM

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