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  • Spec I wanted to dig them tbh.
    February 25 08:16 PM
  • AaroN911 You sir need to check out Kardashev!
    February 15 04:47 PM
  • Spec Jamming the new Hands tracks hard. Also the song Red by Everything In Slow Motion is becoming one of my favourite songs of all time.
    February 14 10:09 PM
  • Spec You find any good junz lately?
    February 14 09:47 PM
  • Dancedrewdance I've managed to end up on that list multiple times by accident so I had to know lmao
    September 25 12:40 PM
  • Dancedrewdance Did you ever get that job at mcdonalds two years ago ?
    September 24 01:12 AM
  • Intothepit Chucky boy!
    September 15 01:34 AM
  • DotEight I'm back brother
    September 5 10:10 PM
  • wacknizzle For sure dude, it'd be awesome to hang. Haven't met anyone from sput in real life yet
    May 14 08:14 PM
  • wacknizzle Sweet dude, we're playing in Florida in July. Hopefully it's close to Pensacola, I'll let you know when I find out
    May 6 02:51 PM
  • wacknizzle Thanks man, I'm glad you dig it. Can you remind me where you live in-case we play a show nearby?
    May 5 08:46 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey man, how's it going? Have you heard my band yet? If not I really think you'll dig it., Climatic reviewed it on sputnik if you wanna check that out and comment
    May 4 11:46 PM
  • Wizard Ok Ok, sometimes I take things a little seriously but **** it, I give people such a rough time around here that maybe it's a taste of my own medicine. Cheers dude!
    March 6 07:23 AM
  • Wizard Do I know you or are you one of the 14 year olds who tries to give me a hard time around here?
    March 5 09:43 AM
  • fr33convict The f is for fixed bridge. Ibanez naming is stupid, sorry. :D but yeah I've been eyeing that 121 for a while.
    March 4 08:51 PM
  • fr33convict The QMF is fixed bridge actually! But yeah I'm definitely looking into getting into the prestiges, but my problem tends to be with the neck profiles. I like round and can't do the 17mm neck thing most older Ibanez have. I'm a Fender man at heart, really. 19-21mm in a nice round C is where it's at.
    March 4 08:46 PM
  • fr33convict Yeah Ibanez rule. I picked up an RG927QMF a few months back. Highly recommend that guitar if you're into both Ibanez and extended range guitars. It's a bit on the pricey side for an Indonesian guitar ($1000ish retail but I picked it up for 6 through a GC hookup) but they're doing a brilliant job with the premium line right now and it's hands down the best 7 I've played under 1500 new. Just figured I'd let you know. :P
    March 4 08:38 PM
  • wacknizzle hey man check my new review for crydebris!
    February 10 08:36 PM
  • Pndi Of course I know this site is full of trolls. I don't think you know what elitist means because I definitely didn't act like one and you seem to have missed my point. Let's leave it at that.
    February 10 10:13 AM
  • Pndi We share the same age judging by your lastfm profile. By the way, you do know lastfm isn't representative of music taste when scrolling through the "overall" list right ? I can't take you seriously if you really think you can judge people over their music taste. While we're at it, my original comment wasn't mean to be taken seriously. It was more a jab at all those users who rate everything before the albums long before the albums are out and without putting at least a funny soundoff.
    February 8 08:05 AM
  • Pndi Waste of time, just use common sense.
    February 6 12:07 PM
  • Pndi Yes. Rating an album before you have even heard it made me think you were a dumbass. However, attacking my musical taste (out of nowhere, how original), then writing a second useless comment on my shoutbox, and not understanding how lastfm works confirm my thoughts.
    January 31 03:49 PM
  • Wizard Whoa whoa dude, no need to get all excited. Just wondering how you think you know me.
    January 23 06:06 PM
  • Wizard Please do! I can't wait until you release it as a bestseller. Are you Mappy by any chance? All is forgiven if you are.
    January 22 08:17 PM
  • Wizard Calling me out when you named yourself after Johnny Truant! Just look at your love of metalcore s***.
    January 21 07:54 PM
  • wacknizzle That's tight, 8 string right? I'll have some better recordings for sure once we have some more songs done, I'm trying to write an album
    December 26 11:12 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey dude, check out the new song me and my band wrote
    December 26 10:16 PM
  • chemicalmarriage Hey saw your guitar list and thought I'd throw this your way. I have some riff/structure ideas up at You may not dig all of it but you might like some. Keep jammin. Cheers man
    October 29 11:37 AM
  • Eunuch ur still a scenie weenie kid
    October 27 05:57 PM
  • Chesse o okay have fun with that
    October 5 11:05 PM
  • Chesse what?? lol
    October 5 09:24 PM
  • FearThyEvil
    September 23 09:04 PM
  • IbenizGEO1 okay
    September 15 05:10 PM
  • JokineAugustus I thought you'd have some Zao 5's prepped after our discussion on Symbolic?
    August 17 12:45 AM
  • amemento k i guess 13 yr olds dont get it sorry
    August 16 08:11 PM
  • SlMBOLlC Lol
    August 16 11:09 AM
  • TheNexus100 not a 5 anymore
    August 12 02:33 PM
  • TheNexus100 5.0 classic7 Angels 7 Plagues Jhazmyne's LullabyArchitects Hollow Crownnot a 5 anymore. still ****ing awesome and nostalgic already but has worn offCoheed and Cambria From Fear Through the Eyes of MadnessCounterparts The Current Will Carry Us
    August 12 02:19 PM
  • TheNexus100 oh proggy stopyou still are the laughing stock of the site
    August 12 02:10 PM
  • KILL wtf you 5'd red? didnt even know you listened to kc
    August 10 12:39 AM
  • KILL lol you against downloadin or somethin?
    August 9 10:12 PM
  • KILL check camel dude for real ur a guitarist you'll 5 em first listen
    August 9 10:06 PM
  • KILL old music lives
    August 9 02:06 PM
  • SlMBOLlC k i guess 13 yr olds dont get it sorry
    August 8 07:45 PM
  • SlMBOLlC notice how i never said "meshuggah suck" or anything like that everything has been my opinion and i was asking cause I'm actually curious cause i dont understand and if then i get all the s*** so yeh whats with the name calling i just wanted a genuine discussion
    August 8 01:35 AM
  • SlMBOLlC yeh i have wondered why so many people like meshuggah thats why i've listened to a lot of their stuff.Also I never said BoO was better, I said I personally prefer BoO subjectivelyand steady decline jac is referring to my dumb recent reviews and the fact that he thinks boo is s***.
    August 8 01:33 AM
  • SlMBOLlC and you didnt really say much except the generic omg time signatures and they have good leads and they used to have fusion i specifically mentioned the leads and the time signitures in my comment and you're the one that cant hold an argument and throws insults straight off the bat so gj
    August 8 01:23 AM
  • SlMBOLlC how did ignore it i adressed specific parts of your argument in my next comment h
    August 8 01:20 AM
  • SlMBOLlC "good job understanding what i said dumbass"you mean "**** you for not conforming to my opinion"What did you actiually mean then??
    August 8 12:35 AM
  • IbenizGEO1 only one i havent really played much guitar since college started
    August 5 06:24 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Cheers man, I'll investigate. Out of curiosity, did you ever try Bare Knuckles? My friend was praising them pretty highly
    July 31 08:39 PM
  • Spec Yeah you got this sheeit.
    July 31 01:07 AM
  • Spec A little yeah.
    July 31 12:00 AM
  • Spec Yeah dude I think you might dig that Night Verses album. It's different but in the best way possible.
    July 30 11:57 PM
  • amemento nice
    July 30 09:19 PM
  • amemento playing adventure quest bro wbu
    July 30 09:07 PM
  • amemento lol
    July 30 04:46 PM
  • Recspecs Living life man trying to enjoy my time left on this plizzanet
    July 30 11:41 AM
  • Recspecs I miss you man
    July 30 01:49 AM
  • VlacDrac Did you take lessons or did you learn by yourself? And, does age matter? I'm already 18 and I'm worried about that.
    July 29 01:25 AM
  • VlacDrac Did you find really difficult to master the instrument?
    July 29 01:22 AM
  • VlacDrac Thanks for the advice, I really apreciate it.
    July 29 01:17 AM
  • VlacDrac What should I do and what would be the best in order to learn how to play the instrument?
    July 29 01:08 AM
  • VlacDrac Hey man, since you know a lot of things about guitars, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I wante to play an electric guitar when I was 14 but my parents keep telling me that if I get some acoustic guitar lessons they would by me one, I was happy when I started with the lessons but three months laters I was already fed up and I didn't come back. Recently I was thinking of getting an electric guitar and taking some lessons but more from books and internet tutorial.
    July 29 01:08 AM
  • johnnydeking29 Hey dude, I just had a flashback of you saying that you modded your Ibanez RG7321; which pickups to you use? I'm broke atm but am still interested in upgrading
    July 24 01:48 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode I'd better check it out then.
    July 17 12:43 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode Oh yeah how is the new counterparts?
    July 16 07:30 PM
  • JustinKing By the way, I saw your list about your new guitars. It made me miss my Ibanez 7-string so badly. What kinda tunings do you normally play in?
    July 16 07:17 PM
  • JustinKing I've always enjoyed Architects' material, even their more stripped down stuff. Never got the hate they received. But they've really got some technical chops, that's for sure.
    July 16 07:00 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Have you been listening to anything else lately?
    July 16 04:58 PM
  • TheBible Thank you.
    July 16 09:58 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode **** yeah! they dont waste a second. every song is amazing and i daresay i like it more than controller. shadows and depths man... ooo gonna jam it again
    July 16 02:49 AM
  • JustinKing You and I do the exact same thing to write music. I basically took Martyr AD's American Hollow main riff, twisted it a bit, went off of that, and that ended up being my band's first full song. Now I'm influenced by a lot more Misery Signals, Elitist, and the like.
    July 16 12:47 AM
  • TheBible Do whatever makes you happy.That is the most important thing of all.
    July 15 06:57 PM
  • TheBible It is the people that misquote me and commot unforgivable acts in my name that are the problem.And that's why God left you to fend for yourselves.It's so easy being a book.You should try it.
    July 15 06:22 PM
  • TheBible Nietzche - get some originality son.
    July 15 06:14 PM
  • loveisamixtape i never saw that sb post lol sorry but did you get it?
    July 15 02:11 PM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass Check Very Fast, Very Dangerous man. One of my favourite albums of that genre.
    July 15 11:24 AM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass have you heard any Reuben bro? I think you'd dig
    July 15 11:20 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode what do you think about the new mis sigs album?
    July 15 02:32 AM
  • bloc Bah, you can wait for your physical copy with me!
    July 13 08:04 PM
  • bloc I do have it. Apparently there was a little problem with my order, and they apologized about it but they also sent me a link for the download. Not sure if it's a coincidence or what.
    July 13 07:36 PM
  • Curse. good luck dude
    July 12 11:35 PM
  • Curse. message them on facebook about it
    July 12 11:31 PM
  • Curse. unfortunately I signed up on my college e-mail which I no longer have access to :(
    July 12 11:29 PM
  • PunchforPunch whoop his ass
    July 12 01:50 PM
  • Curse. I'm over in Melbourne
    July 12 08:42 AM
  • Curse. where in Florida?
    July 11 04:30 PM
  • TheCollectiveFacade i already downloaded it off rapidgator man
    July 11 02:52 PM
  • Curse. I live in Florida so I know how that feels
    July 11 02:31 PM
  • Curse. haha I feel the same way
    July 11 02:19 PM
  • Curse. When Controller came out, I was in a really bad place, and I listened to it constantly as I pulled out of them, so I felt like I owed them
    July 11 02:14 PM
  • Curse. Yeah I bought the deluxe pack with the making of DVD and everything
    July 11 02:08 PM
  • Curse. Gotta support fellow Mis Sigs fans haha
    July 11 02:03 PM
  • oltnabrick hi chuck, please have a listen to this if you do?
    July 11 12:34 AM
  • wacknizzle Dude, Chuck. Thanks for showing me that because that's exactly what I was looking for. $1300 for that Custom 24 is a reasonable price range. I'm definitely gonna save up for the grey/black one. Made my day.
    July 9 10:12 PM
  • wacknizzle You should really check out mewithoutYou. They're an amazing band. Christian actually but either way their music and lyrics are absolutely amazing. I just hope when you get the chance to get Catch For Us The Foxes, A to B Life, and Brother Sister whenever possible. Whether or not you still have beliefs I find they've fulfilled me more than any other band. They have such amazing music, unlike anything else. They get heavy at times but it's mostly heavy indie. Start with Catch For Us The Foxes imo
    June 29 03:06 AM
  • wacknizzle Joanna Newsom, she's an amazing folk musician. She shreds the harp, and just so happens to be absolutely gorgeous as well even though you'd never know it through her music.
    June 29 12:17 AM
  • wacknizzle Yeah Les Paul's sound amazing but it's like wielding a 50 pound sword from the middle ages. You can shred on them a bit but it has it's limitations, it's not even 24 frets.
    June 28 11:48 PM
  • wacknizzle Yeah I'd love to have one. No other guitar has leashed out my full capacities like that guitar. The 24 fret and 25 inch scale neck is just perfect, especially since it's almost ibanez thin-ness too. And the sound is like mix between a tele and les paul, I love it. It can do anything I'd want it to do.
    June 28 11:41 PM
  • wacknizzle Well that's sweet to not have any guitar need worries, very cool graduation present. I still don't have a good enough guitar and I'd like to upgrade to a better amp or atleast a cab too.
    June 28 11:32 PM
  • wacknizzle Dude that's gnarly, where you get all the money for those! Damn. Those are all really nice guitars, 2 of them are prestige series, the RG550 is just pre-prestige and of that quality. I had a RGA121 once, I borrowed it from my friend for a year, that guitar was great! You're so lucky, give me one!
    June 28 11:21 PM
  • Gyromania ;D
    June 28 10:25 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Hey man, I thought you might be interested in hearing my new album (
    June 27 09:45 AM
  • johnnydeking29 Cheers man, I'll check them out
    June 4 03:23 AM
  • joshieboy12345 I'll check those bands out I haven't heard before in your Melodic Hardcore music list. Thanks for the shoutout.
    June 4 12:32 AM
  • J0ckstrapsFTW You 5'd it u ass hat and u havent heard it? haha
    May 31 05:33 AM
  • J0ckstrapsFTW Dude chuck u listened to the new mis sigs?
    May 30 07:24 PM
  • oltnabrick i say no offense so that way i can say whatever i want tbh
    May 29 10:39 PM
  • oltnabrick o meant butthurt srry
    May 29 10:31 PM
  • oltnabrick OMG IM HURTING MY BUTT
    May 29 10:29 PM
  • oltnabrick Dude, you're probably the second biggest troll on Sputnik (after skele). No offense.
    May 29 10:23 PM
  • oltnabrick
    May 29 09:54 PM
  • DotEight I'm back my brotha.
    May 9 12:06 AM
  • Spec i knew u were trouble wen u walked in
    April 20 03:21 PM
  • Spec LIYW rawks. Nicely done.
    April 15 09:44 PM
  • halloway Nope, but I have a close friend who is. Not sure about the username though...
    April 13 02:57 PM
  • slipnslide :]!!!!
    April 11 09:41 PM
  • slipnslide dude ur a freaking newb dont even adress me please
    April 11 05:41 PM
  • slipnslide lol who the f uck am i? WHOI THE FUACK ARE U??????
    April 11 05:39 PM
  • NeoSpaz HOLY **** AHHAHA
    April 9 03:35 PM
  • Relinquished idk what hardcore you listen to that makes you believe it's different, it's as close to hardcore than anything. check out blue, it's more metalcore than no ghost with more chaos and metalcore chording but less awesome riffs
    April 8 10:43 PM
  • Relinquished did you ever check out capsule?
    April 8 08:17 PM
  • CaptainDooRight m/
    April 2 01:51 PM
  • CaptainDooRight album is done:
    April 2 04:28 AM
  • Iluvatar rush
    April 1 12:24 PM
  • TheNexus100 northlane the calling
    March 19 10:20 PM
  • TheNexus100 Periphery 1196 plays
    March 19 06:30 PM
  • TheNexus100 What
    March 19 01:24 PM
  • KILL haha i get it XD thehe XD haha chodes skele livez zxx skele nmever diez dev suckz
    March 16 04:22 PM
  • KILL funi XD thehe chodequeefss but yea listen to heathen it might make a man outa ya
    March 16 04:21 PM
  • KILL their first 2 records are top tier thrash, gathering is awesome too, apart from that they are pretty average, you still havent even heard victims of deception have you poser bitchass
    March 16 04:17 PM
  • KILL the only people who say that have only heard like 5 thrash bands gj :D
    March 16 04:12 PM
  • loveisamixtape thank you so much dude! so ****ing excited to listen to this
    March 16 04:00 PM
  • CaptainDooRight dam mods aborted ur list lol
    March 14 06:17 PM
  • CaptainDooRight did u ur list?
    March 14 05:48 PM
  • Fluttertrank well i like 4 songs from the band. but i think this new album might actually be good.
    March 3 01:31 AM
  • Fluttertrank nope, only that one song Shadow Moses, which was pretty good, i liked that one.
    March 3 01:15 AM
  • Fluttertrank oh damn m/
    March 3 01:10 AM
  • Fluttertrank hmm that's very understandable, i too thought god existed when i was very young but never got any answer or some kind of sign, so i gave up on that when i was around 9 or 10. Not to mention i lost faith around the same time cause people have been doing stupid things like that shooting since the beginning of time.
    March 3 01:06 AM
  • Fluttertrank yeah? hmm, why so? did something bad happen?
    March 3 12:36 AM
  • wacknizzle That's interesting man tuning the B to A, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks man.
    March 2 04:45 PM
  • wacknizzle True, but I'd probably feel best if I tuned the lowest string to E. So I'd be like drop d on a six string converted to E on an 8.
    March 2 04:42 PM
  • wacknizzle I've played an 8 strings it's definitely super fun, but just getting used to the notes and how to use em in unison with the 6 strings I already know will be the tricky part.
    March 2 04:36 PM
  • Trebor. It's no Underoath but it's good
    March 2 04:28 PM
  • wacknizzle Lol that'd sweet. I probably will just make the jump to an 8 string if I do.
    March 2 03:53 PM
  • wacknizzle Yeah I'd like to have a 7 so I could play super low. I'm probably still gonna do my sludge-core band on a 6 string though.
    March 2 03:44 PM
  • wacknizzle That's cool. Are you able to not djent on a 7 or does it just happen? That's why I never bought one.
    March 2 03:35 PM
  • wacknizzle Yeah but never played one and haven't heard about the company or their products in years. Anything kewl?
    March 2 03:31 PM
  • Trebor. Yeah talk about an early leak. I wonder if they'll stream it at some point
    February 28 12:15 AM
  • Trebor. ehhh only two songs are over 4 minutes, I'd say more atmospheric but not really post-rock
    February 28 12:13 AM
  • DotEight My 7 string is the Ibanez S7420.
    February 28 12:03 AM
  • Trebor. It sounds a lot like Lost In The Sound era Underoath
    February 27 11:56 PM
  • Trebor. yeah it's great
    February 27 11:54 PM
  • Trebor. Did you hear that the new BMTH is actually good!
    February 27 11:50 PM
  • DotEight Yeah it took me a little bit to save for it and the Blackstar amp. But it's so worth it, you can literally just press 2 buttons and have it set to whatever tone. My music room isn't huge and I don't have sound proofing so it's unnecessarily loud.
    February 27 11:41 PM
  • DotEight Axe FX II. I just got it about 6 months ago.
    February 27 11:32 PM
  • DotEight I've got a Blackstar HT-60W amp that I use for just about everything. When I feel like playing djent or using my 7 string, I'll hook it up to my Axe FX.
    February 27 06:10 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler Your name got me to check out Johnny Truant and you ****ing rule for that
    February 3 10:03 PM
  • Pennywise_M Hey man check this band. A user from this site plays guitar/sings in it (Wogger69). If you do fancy some Metalcore, im sure you'll find it interesting.
    February 1 08:12 AM
  • wacknizzle no prob
    January 21 12:33 AM
  • SgtPepper I just looked the song up on youtube. It's ingenius. The atmosphere of it really got to me, the music has a mellow mood to it, but his guitar playing is very dynamic. He's a very impressive musician, I need to check him out more. Thanks for telling me about him.
    January 20 11:45 PM
  • wacknizzle Not sure if you remember the band Acoda? I uploaded the ep if you want it, couldn't find a link for it anywhere so I bought it, it kicks ass.
    January 20 11:20 PM
  • SgtPepper Hey, mate. I know of him, but I dont think I've heard any of his stuff. Coud you recommend a song?
    January 20 08:55 PM
  • Fluttertrank hey man i reviewed the Mis Sigs EP if you want to check it out
    January 20 08:48 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey well I got my main account back so message me if you want.
    January 19 01:47 AM
  • angrypittsburghdad1 Hey man, sup? Glad to see you still come on sputnik, missed ya bro.
    January 17 01:17 AM
  • johnnydeking29 Thought you'd dig, this is crazy s***
    December 27 11:10 PM
  • wacknizzle Where ya been bruh?
    December 23 03:30 AM
  • evilford dude help me complain in meds thread if you disagree with sonic's banning. thanks.
    December 15 11:40 AM
  • SgtPepper Thanks, Chuck, as always.
    December 10 02:16 PM
  • DotEight If anything just listen to Skies In Motion, they have some tasty-ass riffs.
    December 2 03:35 PM
  • DotEight decent stuff I've found browsing bandcamp. Thought you might like some of it.
    December 2 11:53 AM
  • wacknizzle Porter(the singer) thinks it's post-hardcore which it is, but I'd say later underoath is still pretty metal ya know what I mean. Either way I hope it wasn't a mistake and it all works out for the better, besides i have my own musical agenda and I'd probably wanna do something heavier.
    November 29 12:44 AM
  • wacknizzle Yeah the heavy parts are good. I don't like Jake's(the blond guitar player with the really high singing vocals. If they put more work into the heavy parts and let Justin(the other guitar player with dark hair) do the cleans they'd be alot better. His singing is like butter. I had a chance to play with them when their old guitar player quit but the singer Porter said he didn't wanna be metal and that turned me off lol, it felt too restricting.
    November 28 10:01 PM
  • wacknizzle Haha yeah I know Maesion, I'm good friends with the dudes in that band. They've gotten pretty damn good in the past 2 years. We used to hang out alot when The Cascade Atlantic was still together, we played alot of shows with them, and used to book shows together.
    November 27 02:29 PM
  • Fluttertrank hey man if you wana check out my review.;-Hope/
    November 24 10:37 PM
  • Deviant. It's just kind of lacking in all the stuff that I used to love about him. Outside of the second half of 'Ishimura', it's all just run of the mill aggressive dubstep, with nothing really standing out. Production wise it sounds the shizz, but it's just a little been there done that, which is a shame when I considered him to be an actual visionary of sorts
    November 21 01:33 AM
  • J0ckstrapsFTW Dude check out freethinker by Change of Loyalty. I'm fairly sure u will dig it
    November 20 03:28 PM
  • bach Long time no see brah. What've you been digging lately.
    November 18 11:53 PM
  • wil311 Hello ****
    November 18 04:48 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey man check out my latest review for .Crrust, I think you'll really be into it. It sorta fuses Glassjaw, The Bled, Dillinger Escape Pan, and Poison The Well but definitely has it's own sound.
    November 18 03:14 PM
  • DotEight Can we find a way to kill ThunderNeutral21? Let's coerce a plan.
    November 14 08:30 PM
  • wacknizzle Sweet, thx man, I decided it deserved it anyway. The review is up! so check it out if you like, it's long as **** tho hahaha
    November 14 07:19 PM
  • wacknizzle Do you think it would be fair giving Harlots - Betrayer a 4.5 in a review? I don't wanna give it a 4 lol i love the damn thing, but i want it to be fair and repectable.
    November 14 05:52 PM
  • wil311 How many burgers did you flip today?? bahahahaha!!!! Loser!!!!!!
    November 13 06:08 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey bro have you heard And The Hero Fails? If you haven't check out Empire Smile, it's some good s*** imo, I've been into em for a while now. Metalcore jam of the day!
    November 13 02:37 PM
  • wacknizzle Yeah those songs definitely do have bamz influence, I love the way they turned out. I'm trying to write an album with those songs. I'm not sure what my sound is gonna be like after. I'm working on alot of styles right now, I'm looking forward to what I might be able to create with them. I'm gonna try and put an album together with the news sounds I have going but I'm planning on creating separate facets for each to an extent.
    November 11 12:50 AM
  • Fluttertrank oh yeah man, i saw that. will check out.
    November 10 02:10 PM
  • FearThyEvil I noticed you said you haven't heard Circle of Contempt-Artifacts in Motion. I'd say check it out. It's pretty damn good. Very technical without over doing it.
    November 10 12:38 AM
  • Deviant. Dubstep, trip hop and jazz
    November 5 11:43 PM
  • SgtPepper You got some pretty sweet taste yourself, mate. I also see youre really digging Niechec.
    November 4 10:15 PM
  • CaptainDooRight bro check my recent list, new song is deone :]
    November 1 12:54 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey man, I'd appreciate it if you check out my latest review or well first in a long time lol, I had to force myself, i need to start reviewing more. It's this crazy math/grind/sludge band called Destroyer Destroyer from the mid 2000's, they rule but they're not well known.
    October 31 09:44 PM
  • wacknizzle Hey you should check out my newest list. Has some bands/songs/albums I think you'd be into. Just check out the youtube links I put.
    October 29 07:02 PM
  • Fluttertrank Hey man, if you want to check out my review
    October 26 12:29 AM
  • DotEight When did you change your name? At first I was like "who the hell stole chuck's name?"
    October 25 09:45 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode thats what ithought but just wanted to check.
    October 24 07:40 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode what site do you buy your cds from dude?
    October 24 07:31 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode i mean i dont adore it like #12 but its pree coo 4 shurrr
    October 24 07:28 PM

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