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  • MotokoKusanagi chune! grabbed the EP. got me in the mood for some acid
    November 6 06:47 PM
  • MotokoKusanagi smoooth as **** nice one. gotta snag some stuff from his discog, i'm unfamiliar. here's one for ya
    October 9 04:12 PM
  • MotokoKusanagi right on, i neglect that album in favor of Doggystyle.. i need to revisit
    June 13 08:45 PM
  • MotokoKusanagi what u jammin lately bruh
    May 4 02:15 AM
  • parksungjoon
    February 22 09:04 PM
  • foxblood yeah that was good
    February 21 09:10 PM
  • Relinquished that s*** is bumpin
    January 16 01:54 PM
  • Relinquished I wanted to add it but I forgot lol, yea it's a real ****in shame. the people who hyped stuff like that years ago have disappeared it seems.
    December 10 06:51 PM
  • Chortles hypee. get this in the db!
    October 23 09:23 PM
  • foxblood no I haven't, will check. thank you for the rec!
    July 28 10:47 PM
  • PunchforPunch Thanks bud, I'll check those out for sure.
    June 29 10:34 PM
  • PunchforPunch any good 12" that I should know about this year?
    June 27 10:05 PM
  • PunchforPunch nice as in what? good to see you're still here btw.
    June 27 09:57 PM
  • anarchistfish yall got a digital version
    June 19 11:52 AM
  • Chortles bangers! good stuff. martinsville morning is a keeper
    May 20 04:09 PM
  • Jots will review that Paula album i guess. gulp
    May 6 01:33 PM
  • MotokoKusanagi dug both of those, although i liked Feel My MF Bass a bit more. how's the ghetto house genre these days or was it mostly a 90s thing?
    February 27 01:57 AM
  • Chortles diamonds are forever. love it, especially those crispy hi-hats
    January 7 11:38 PM
  • Relinquished dude fuuck yea
    December 20 03:08 PM
  • 99e4x1aic5jm8k3kf5p3 ;* :black_heart:
    September 7 10:00 PM
  • Mentasm you still active dude?
    April 29 03:51 PM
  • Jots new pleasure model on the way
    March 14 11:35 PM
  • Relinquished the sound of feet breaking it down in real time.
    January 29 03:04 PM
  • Chortles i would say 1) why does this exist and 2) this is pretty cool so it's fine
    January 25 05:19 AM
  • Jots I will reconsider : ) )
    December 27 10:58 PM
  • Jots don?t suppose there?s any December gems worth peepin
    December 27 09:56 PM
  • Chortles the king of YT links. love it. skipped around a bit but i'll have to listen to the whole thing soon
    December 24 08:01 PM
  • Chortles ooooooooofffff
    November 17 11:41 PM
  • unclereich I love that you still have that as your favorite bands
    November 16 12:13 PM
  • Chortles that bangs dude. on my radar now. btw, you like theo parrish? he's all i can listen to lately
    November 16 05:10 AM
  • nocuffin
    October 18 01:44 AM
  • Chortles u weren't kidding. that track was fantasticccccc
    October 10 01:41 AM
  • Chortles aw man. i'm blushing. it really is massively under represented here but i still got a lot to learn, feel free to toss me some of the good recs any time my dude
    October 6 03:39 AM
  • Chortles so was bonobo worth it orrrrr
    October 5 03:50 AM
  • nocuffin yeah i feel that. i just trawl because i've got the time to these days (had to defer uni for a bit because of the addiction//depression and all that). i've gotta be honest, i REALLY need to brush up on my detroit techno//ghettotech. i've been slackin for way too long.
    October 3 10:25 AM
  • nocuffin holy s*** that's some heeeat (also lol @ sput censoring the link). not sure how much you're keeping up with the new wave rap s*** these days, but the new killy x 16yrold track is catchy as ****:
    October 3 09:59 AM
  • Relinquished very chill, really dig lot of what label has. u ever checked Akasha System?
    August 9 07:20 PM
  • Relinquished new biogen was cool. veeeeeery TRIP worthy if that makes sense, I've been listening to enough Bjarki that it does. speaking of the label, Nina Kraviz is not a good producer.
    July 17 11:13 PM
  • Relinquished ooof yea... that was nostalgic and massive as ****... I remember my sis and I diggin mixes like that in the early '00s
    July 15 10:15 PM
  • Jots he's everywhere in the annals of great jazz
    May 21 07:39 PM
  • Jots any good new s*** doing it for you?
    April 15 08:16 PM
  • Relinquished nicee find
    April 6 03:42 PM
  • Jots what's that e saggila do
    February 19 09:59 PM
  • Jots tbf Won James Won is more than bandcampcore tbf
    February 19 07:19 PM
  • Jots and agreed MacBook Pro is a good track
    January 25 09:03 PM
  • Jots it is basic maths
    January 25 09:02 PM
  • Jots that new Schwefelgelb looking promising ?
    January 24 10:40 PM
  • Jots checked folamour and elmo crumb and both were quite nice
    January 24 12:20 AM
  • Jots anything good out this month?
    January 23 03:01 AM
  • Jots a 2? ooft
    January 23 03:01 AM
  • Jots w8 nvm i see it
    December 27 08:36 PM
  • Jots is it streaming somewhere
    December 27 08:36 PM
  • Jots now it has a fighting chance!
    December 12 11:44 PM
  • Jots was banking on a pleasure model nod from you tbh. grown off a bit?
    December 12 09:08 PM
  • Relinquished **** yea that track was awesome. had that album on the list and that one did remind me of Untilted-Quaristice era AE.
    December 8 02:04 PM
  • Jots only heard bits of it so i can't exactly praise it yet but yeah
    December 3 06:27 PM
  • Jots Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam collab
    December 3 06:15 PM
  • Jots shrug emoji
    December 2 09:50 PM
  • Relinquished mmm description is right, the MC does his thing at the right time
    December 2 01:52 PM
  • Jots new Ben frost
    December 2 02:20 AM
  • Phlegm yyyyikes, give me a taste of your reality, what is g o i n g on out there in that crazy rainworld you call home
    November 23 07:07 PM
  • Phlegm beyond satisfactory man, how has the greater scheme of things been treating ur tortured existence
    November 23 06:58 PM
  • Relinquished yea surgeon is really hit n miss
    November 19 05:23 PM
  • Jots aiiiiight will give it the ol college try
    November 12 08:00 PM
  • Jots soo good, albeit a teensy bit long but w/e
    November 3 08:01 PM
  • Jots sick, good for him. beautfiul interview
    October 23 10:08 PM
  • Jots and new Marco Zenker is supposedly great
    September 16 02:20 AM
  • Jots oh. I mean it's industrial techno tbh with some ambient too (?). check the track "helicorde"
    September 15 09:06 PM
  • Jots their style in general or this EP specifically
    September 15 08:20 PM
  • Jots new Oake ep is stealing my heart
    September 15 04:01 AM
  • Jots yeah that suburban knight is good, i remember someone reccing him to me a while ago
    August 21 07:30 PM
  • Jots new lnrdcroy is sounding tasty
    August 21 03:41 PM
  • Jots maybe I'll beg
    August 19 03:47 PM
  • Jots idk it drops in sep
    August 19 11:04 AM
  • Jots whoaz new Zomby
    August 18 10:50 PM
  • Jots camping lmao. I'm hype for some releases this month tho. hbu
    August 14 02:10 PM
  • Relinquished that was hot sh!t. you heard of dj jeffee?
    July 5 12:21 AM
  • Jots new Francisco Meirino is good
    June 25 11:05 PM
  • Jots hot dam*
    June 24 01:41 AM
  • Jots what's sounding good
    June 18 08:35 PM
  • Relinquished cheers dude, I checked some of his other stuff after too, he's good
    June 12 03:34 PM
  • Jots I'm liking this new Oliver Coates thing so maybe that. Or new Haino/O'Rourke/Ambarchi. Or the new Varg collab. idk yet - busy week for me IRL
    May 31 03:06 PM
  • Jots been slacking on new music due to moving to a new house etc etc but I need to get back on the horse soon
    May 21 02:18 PM
  • Jots that's huge.. : ]
    April 18 07:22 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts link isnt really workign for me, what is the song
    April 9 05:45 PM
  • Jots whoa that looks wild
    April 9 01:59 PM
  • Jots this Potions album (not on database yet) from SILK is pretty disappointing coming off of how good Pleasure Model was. and dooooope i'll check that, good looking out
    April 5 08:29 PM
  • Jots is it leaked or anything yet?
    April 3 01:45 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts this is v nice bruh
    April 1 01:03 AM
  • Jots is it similar to the Cyclist?
    March 19 10:41 PM
  • Jots not sure how you'd feel about Boliden but i loved it - fuzzy, layered ambient techno
    March 11 12:11 AM
  • Jots new dax j
    March 5 07:10 PM
  • Jots yo what's some good stuff on the horizon? new Voices from the Lake might be dece
    March 3 03:22 PM
  • blatho blatho.
    February 26 12:24 AM
  • Jots
    February 24 11:08 PM
  • Jots my thoughts are it doesn't have the same focus as Shred, and tbh it's a bit messy. idk. I checked it twice and then kinda forgot about it tbh. it's ~ok~ but not great
    February 18 07:40 PM
  • basikchanL ahh fuk. at least it's not permanent.
    February 18 12:07 AM
  • Jots don't suppose you have a DL for new Skee Mask eh
    January 27 04:26 AM
  • Jots if u could take a quick read of my lumisokea review i'd appreciate any feedback... : 3
    January 25 09:10 PM
  • Jots hyyyyypppe. yah i can count one 1 hand the number of users that'll rep this but w/e
    January 25 08:59 PM
  • Jots oh fack ya, nice lookin' out
    January 25 08:34 PM
  • Jots i actually have it bookmarked already : ] but yeah i'll listen
    January 23 04:59 PM
  • Jots aiiiiight. gonna review this Lumisokea. it's fascinating
    January 23 02:57 PM
  • Jots "one of my favorite releases so far" but only 2.5/5? : /
    January 23 01:43 PM
  • Jots oh nice, is Sciahri's other ep as good?
    January 22 01:02 PM
  • Jots this also kinda bangs . some of the effects kinda rub me the wrong way but for the most part I vibe with it. (techno.)
    January 22 12:05 AM
  • Jots did it leak already?
    January 21 12:31 AM
  • Jots I meant the thing I reviewed from December but I'll check whatever you linked me
    January 20 08:21 PM
  • Jots this new Shapednoise is cool. industrial techno with some noise.
    January 20 03:48 PM
  • Jots this darage bang - exxo album is very nice, i think you'd appreesh
    January 2 06:47 PM
  • HepatitisK I approve ya bish
    December 20 08:52 PM
  • Yotimi Nice. I do dig that early 90s ambient techno vibe
    December 15 05:08 PM
  • RadicalEd JA STIMMT!
    November 24 07:32 PM
  • qwe3 thanks you too, but not too much luck
    October 27 09:59 PM
  • basikchanL so lucky youve seen dettman live (i think?)good track.
    September 25 09:52 PM
  • basikchanL
    September 25 07:55 PM
  • basikchanL i luv u
    September 25 07:10 PM
  • Jots
    September 24 04:11 AM
  • Let That's a banger for sure, i here a 3-6 mafia sample in there but i can't remember which song
    September 23 09:09 PM
  • Let Dude that dig looks promising. Especially with Ski Mask Troopas under similar bands. s/o to Memphis
    September 11 06:13 AM
  • Jots maybe if I have time this weekend
    September 4 12:46 PM
  • Jots new Helena Hauff : ]
    September 4 12:22 PM
  • Ebola goat semen
    September 3 11:35 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts oh bud u know exactly what i like to hear
    August 29 11:19 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts oh haha. ye.
    August 24 01:46 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts about what
    August 24 01:43 AM
  • Typhoner yeah, I always like my artist pages tidy :-)
    August 21 12:22 PM
  • Typhoner track's a total banger, it's amazing
    August 21 12:21 PM
  • Cygnatti something that I usually find lacking in mainstream hiphop (nigga, pussy, nigga, nigga, money, I am better than "you" (who?), party/smoke hard). This guy has quite original takes on these topics which comes mostly from a more "mature" style of writing rather than sounding like you never left the first stages of puberty.
    August 14 06:23 AM
  • puntugruhm right?!(05) ****em
    August 14 05:07 AM
  • Let Yo thanks so much for showing me that yearofmixtapes blog :). I'm digging the rave mix atm
    July 7 04:00 AM
  • Valkyrion sick tracks
    June 29 11:00 AM
  • Valkyrion vry qt
    June 27 12:56 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts ill dl and let u know!
    May 26 01:34 AM
  • Hep Kat
    May 22 02:14 PM
  • Hep Kat sKkkKRrrRreEeEeEEeeeeee
    May 20 02:34 PM
  • Deviant. I honestly just haven't gotten around to digging something new yet. And the new EP is good, not his best work though. 'Ghost' is a tune though
    May 13 08:47 PM
  • Phlegm yeah i heard about this, didn't realize it was getting released so early!!!! sounding good so far
    April 25 11:18 PM
  • Phlegm new Jouem vibes
    April 24 11:00 PM
  • Let In the Mornin...In the Evenin...Take me higha, baby baby ba-BABY
    April 23 10:48 PM
  • Phlegm Hell yeah! Thanks for putting me onto that brah, gonna cop
    April 17 11:26 PM
  • Let Yo have you ever listened to Frankie Knuckle's Live at Ministry of Sound mix? It's is ****ing glorious, best DJ set I've heard thus far.
    April 8 10:16 PM
  • Let Dude I think I'm in love with her. I really didn't expect to like it so much
    April 6 06:32 PM
  • Let yo dude, I asked Phlegm for some juke/footwork recs and he said you'd know a lot more than he did. Do you have any good recs you don't mind sharing mang?
    March 20 02:38 AM
  • Phlegm ffffffffff
    March 18 04:02 AM
  • Jots lol yeah it wasn't too impressive
    March 16 04:17 PM
  • Jots yeah tree was saying it was pretty w/e. haven't heard yet but hopefully it's dece. dunno if you're into Prurient but Dominick Fernow has a new project out this week under his 'Exploring Jezebel' moniker, might be your kinda jam
    March 16 12:09 AM
  • Jots u heard the new Felix K?
    March 15 10:07 PM
  • Phlegm beautiful man, so many killer tracks running thru there
    March 14 09:33 PM
  • TMobotron I'm glad she's mixing it up with this - I REALLY liked "Can't Hide The Way I Feel". Don't like this one as much but it's solid.
    March 8 07:10 PM
  • Let That comp sounds all kinds of wacky, Imma dl it and give it a full listen
    March 5 05:17 PM
  • Phlegm so ****in high
    February 20 12:20 AM
  • Deviant. Nah, not yet. I've got a whole folder of files I'm slowly working through, and I'm doing it alphabetically. Gonna be awhile! There's a full tracklist though, you could do it though
    February 18 06:43 AM
  • TMobotron Yeah I saw that. Definitely gonna have to get my hands on that as well.
    February 14 01:09 AM
  • TMobotron I did and love it. Might review it if I get time. Junkies on Hermann Strasse floors me every time.
    February 13 07:55 PM
  • TMobotron Word I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know if I come across it.
    February 6 07:53 AM
  • TMobotron This sounds really ****in good man, you wouldn't happen to have a link to a DL would you?
    February 5 01:00 AM
  • TMobotron Lol I don't, I dug that though.
    February 2 11:51 AM
  • Brostep Yep, super excited to listen. I think it's on Exit, which almost never disappoints either, so it should be a good'un
    January 24 05:36 PM
  • Phlegm appreciate it
    January 18 01:35 AM
  • Phlegm v coo l photo
    January 18 12:59 AM
  • Phlegm tru
    December 25 10:44 AM
  • Deviant. Oh god. Give me some time and I'll throw some recs together
    December 23 03:59 AM
  • Phlegm yo do you know any chilled ass generic deep house you can rec me? kinda similar to this -- just need some summer lovin' vibes
    November 29 10:09 PM
  • Deviant. I might have exaggerated when I said "the next day or two" but I'ma do it!
    November 27 07:03 AM
  • RadicalEd Do you also have a 16 year old sister with a s***ty taste in music =D
    November 25 07:31 AM
  • RadicalEd I'm from germany and I actually have to listen to their stuff on a semi-regular basis. No troll rating.
    November 24 04:55 PM
  • Deviant. Nope, but I'm probably going to cut it myself in the next day or two so I'll upload that for you if nothing else leaks in the meantime
    November 21 12:04 AM
  • Phlegm good looks thxfam
    November 18 10:51 PM
  • Deviant. Prefer 'Nothing But Pleasure' tbh
    October 11 01:28 PM
  • Phlegm why are u... so... e llllllli t e(?)
    October 11 12:12 AM
  • Phlegm soprrrreeeee
    October 9 09:05 PM
  • ShitsofRain yes, thank you ^^
    October 9 04:35 PM
  • ShitsofRain amazing pie chart
    October 9 04:35 PM
  • clercqie Yep, noticed it. Seeiing them live, together with Recondite later this month. Ghent ftw! :]
    October 4 12:31 PM
  • Phlegm i can see ya digging the new Cakedog ish -- you got any ambient-like-techno/****ed-up-house recs from 2014 that you think i'd like?
    September 14 12:22 AM
  • laughingman22 yo thanks for the rec
    September 6 08:38 PM
  • Phlegm do u have Just A Taste on physical? ****kkk U
    August 29 10:11 PM
  • Phlegm automated response: Phlegm is current away on holiday and will be back in (8) days, all messages will be processed and advanced to him to read upon his return home. Many thanks
    August 27 09:35 AM
  • Phlegm sweet find ^_^
    August 24 09:00 PM
  • treeqt. 2014er reihe komplett geladen gestern
    August 20 02:08 PM
  • Phlegm sorry post-midnight anxiety made me do it
    August 19 10:20 PM
  • YakNips i think i have one but i never use it
    August 18 07:21 PM
  • exitsense i don't have it :/
    August 17 04:12 PM
  • aok very mystery. such intrigue. wow
    August 15 12:48 PM
  • aok best pie chart well done . wow. so diverse. mesuperjelly
    August 15 12:46 PM
  • YakNips ah alright, look forward to seeing ur list at the end of the year
    August 14 10:56 PM
  • YakNips lol sweet, what are some ur fave 2014 things?? i'm not even sure what u like anymore
    August 14 10:45 PM
  • YakNips lol yea most of it is just me arguing/being dumb/posting random s***e, but i told Futures i'd race him to 10k (he's beating me, has even lower posting standards than i do)
    August 14 10:39 PM
  • Phlegm nice let's write a collaborative review on it
    August 13 04:01 AM
  • Phlegm u heard a singular continent? ow is et
    August 13 02:28 AM
  • Phlegm nowhere else i'd rather b
    August 13 02:26 AM
  • Phlegm fyyhhghhhhhhhhmhm87888
    August 7 02:21 AM
  • TooLateMonkey Höre grad Ocoeur - A Parallel Life.Was genau für Deep House Alben? Hast du schon Luomo - Vocalcity gehört?
    August 6 11:54 PM
  • TooLateMonkey was geht?
    August 6 11:39 PM
  • PunchforPunch really? it must be my port cuz i hit zero
    August 6 01:54 AM
  • Phlegm will have my opinion formulated by the time you wake up tomorrow .. (: sweet dreams
    August 4 12:52 AM
  • Phlegm have you heard that Air Max '97 album from this year? is it any gud
    August 2 02:02 AM
  • Phlegm that's pretty cool, but of late i've actually been preferring the more lo-fi groovy side. i honestly really new to techno so i don't know much yet ^_^ i've been digging this a lot lately though:
    July 30 09:43 PM
  • Phlegm oops 2 late
    July 28 11:08 AM

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