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  • EaglesBecomeVultures sup ya limp dick bitch
    September 23 04:23 PM
  • Chrisjon89 ok links didn't work, i'll post them into your list
    July 22 08:50 PM
  • Chrisjon89 glad you liked it man. the whole Nara Leao - Dez Anos Depois album is in that vein. arrangements are generally not much more than her voice and an acoustic guitar. the Milton Nascimento
    July 22 08:49 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode So youre not into music as much then? i mean you could chat with me about music man. ive been getting into a lot more s***, like The Blood Brothers finally clicked with me and ive been into These Arms Are Snakes a ton.
    May 6 06:00 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Y nawt m8?
    March 22 02:48 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Did you die or do you not just Sputnik anymore?
    March 7 02:23 PM
  • TMobotron Hey dude, best grime album that's not Boy In Da Corner?
    December 15 05:44 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode cunninlynguists mos def gorillas avalanches wutang ugh etc yea
    November 6 11:57 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode So I've been into electronica and hip hoo lately. I figured you could hook me up with some recs. I finally found that avalanches album! It rules so much.
    November 3 04:50 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Dammit I posted in my shoutbox... But happy birthday and I've been alright just bored. Moving out and starting school soon.
    September 23 08:34 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Wtf I just noticed the comment I put before the last didnt show up. I said kid a is better than ok computer. But sup dude? What music have you been into lately?
    September 22 04:17 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode It's awesome dude...
    September 14 05:39 AM
  • ConcubinaryCode Dude! Kid A
    September 4 07:34 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Damn that's right... Hmm message me on Xbox!
    July 12 02:22 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode alright man. when youre ready send me a text. (970-799-3016)
    July 11 05:34 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode We should turntable again soon.
    July 10 01:43 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode That ****ing sucks dude. The last concert I went to was pretty disappointing too.
    July 8 09:16 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Nice. Any cool bands?
    July 6 08:54 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Can't complain. Finished high school, got a job, got a decent car, and will likely move out in a few months. Ive actually been into the CunninLynguists ever since I downloaded their albums off their site for free. And I'm still into massive attack of course.
    July 5 10:47 PM
  • Calc i like to consider myself moderately progressive and open to new sounds lol. I don't take a band's earlier work to compare their newer work too
    July 5 02:58 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode The re-rates seemed more appropriate than my previous ones. I've been loving everything I've gotten into recently though. What's up with you man?
    July 5 12:24 PM
  • omnipanzer bonjour mon ami ca va
    July 5 07:40 AM
  • Calc prolly DTBM II then happiness. As long as will swan and matt mingus are in the band i will listen forever lol
    July 5 03:19 AM
  • IdiotequeCigar some good s*** there
    July 4 02:20 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode Pretty good. Finals this week and if I pass I don't need to go anymore past Friday. Got a job waiting for me when I turn 18. That's really it. You?
    May 7 05:16 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode whats up dude?
    May 6 08:46 PM
  • Ire what happened to ur comments bro
    May 2 06:42 PM
  • RosaParks brutal jash thread
    April 19 07:41 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode pssssh... no such thing
    April 19 06:42 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode ive been listening to godspeed!-east hastings and sikTh-cant we all dream
    April 19 05:33 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode i built a ship this afternoon. im going to sail it to the mooooooooooon.
    April 19 05:05 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode nice. congrats on all that fun stuff. you should show me that music video when its done btw.
    April 16 05:13 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode pretty damn boring. like 4 weeks left before i graduate and i just want to finish it already. dont have anything to do other than that. what about you?
    April 14 09:24 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode suuuup?
    April 13 07:50 PM
  • Graveyard xoxoxo
    April 3 06:09 PM
  • Graveyard We are. Does TheVoiceAndTheSnake ring a bell?
    April 1 07:44 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode drugs are bad!
    March 25 09:12 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode dude...that like 3 months away.
    March 20 04:47 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode so pretty ****ing pissed and disappointed. spent one hour driving to the venue. got there like an hour early and we were like the only one there so we (my friend and i) were pretty pumped being the first ones. then the time the doors usually open no one was still there so we were like maybe it just starts later. waited anothner 45 mins before we actually walked up to the door and saw that the concert was cancelled and i wont get to see them til june 27th.
    March 18 11:22 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode lol. just waiting for my friend to pick me up in like an hour. listening to Fake History and Ex Lives til then.
    March 18 04:40 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode heh heh shower...but i shall!and i meant day 54. and how come Sputnik censors swears in shoutbox but nowhere else. thats fvcking stupid.
    March 18 01:51 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode TDWP, ETID, letlive, and Oh sleeper. so ****ing pumped. i leave foe the concert in like 3 hours. im hoping the bands play their newer stuff. if letlive plays day 5 and TDWP plays zombie in entirety ill be so happy.
    March 18 01:39 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode bad and good. the important thing is i go to a concert tomorrow night.
    March 17 01:08 PM
  • ConcubinaryCode how do you do sir?
    March 16 02:40 PM
  • omnipanzer I'm great, par par bogey bogey par par son.
    March 15 08:24 AM
  • omnipanzer hello
    March 14 07:35 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 Wtf. I'm sooooo jealous it brings me to tears. Well almost. Check out my review too. Quite proud of it. Also made a new profile cause I don't like this ones name anymore. ConcubinaryCode is my new one.
    March 14 06:06 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 i figured. i listened to some of id and it was pretty boring. im hoping for a new Cure record. been 4 years
    February 23 02:01 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 i think i made list on it.cave in, TDEP,katatonia,the cure and misery signals and no i didnt. not too big on deathcore. is it any good?
    February 22 10:30 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 thats sweet. what have you liked so far? i have to get my wisdom teeth taken out friday and thats really all thats going on for me. also got some cds a few days back. been listening to those.
    February 21 09:28 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 sup?
    February 21 09:20 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 lol nice
    February 9 06:04 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 thats a bummer. you should just download the albums anyway. im only about a third of the way into your list. :/
    February 9 04:26 PM
  • Auschwitz ahh, no, cant say i do.
    February 2 09:16 PM
  • devious You got an issue mate? Reese Hughes lookin' punk ass bitch, go listen to electronica. Best music ever made.
    February 1 07:13 PM
  • Shuyin hi. who are you?
    January 30 12:47 AM
  • Divine Not much bro, just got of off work. How have you been, lately?
    January 29 10:28 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 aw alright then tell me what you think though.
    January 24 10:12 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 i could only find their last album the blood bros. its good but idk if ill listen to it like everyday. i ****ing loved fall of troys EP though. waaay better than Doppleganger. How have you liked my tunes?
    January 24 03:59 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 mines 'jaws as crowns' i think you adding me will just be easier
    January 16 05:18 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 i checked out the a few red chord songs and theyre very sweet. youre xbox tag was too long too by one character :(
    January 16 05:15 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 do you have an xbox profile or something? and give norma jean a listen if you haven't. not The Anti Mother though try the song A small spark VS a great forest. that got me into them
    January 15 08:23 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 thats going to be a problem since i dont have a facebook account but thanks for the recs man. ive already heard some but ill tell you what i think afterward.
    January 15 07:46 PM
  • theashesfromautumn01 do you havve any more recs like the ones in your mathcore list?
    January 15 01:23 PM
  • bill1711 Yesterday I listened to the album. (The Maccabees).. =]
    January 10 05:01 AM
  • Deviant. Alright, look into Skalpel, Xploding Plastix, Funki Porcini, Robotobibok, Nostalgia 77, DJ Food and Quantic. Again, these don't sound EXACTLY like The Avalanches but if you check them out you'll see why I rec'd them
    January 5 07:41 AM
  • Deviant. Just saw your post now, sorry man. In terms of the whole "we sample everything" thing, there really isn't anyone like The Avalanches. But if you just want some stuff that has a similar sort of "retro" vibe to it I have some recs
    January 4 04:08 AM
  • omnipanzer To you too bro.
    January 3 11:20 PM
  • Pentagon YOU TURNIP
    January 1 05:45 PM
  • Pentagon BRING IT THEN
    January 1 05:45 PM
  • DarkNoctus it's quite scary :]
    November 15 11:27 AM
  • DarkNoctus what is that avatar of yours?? :]
    November 14 09:46 PM
    November 9 12:36 AM
  • br00talkid96 isn't that gross? ew
    October 28 12:58 PM
  • br00talkid96 Let's be BFFs.
    October 27 10:06 PM
  • DoctorPencil it is not
    October 25 03:37 AM
  • Deviant. Grime is a form of hip hop (as in delivery) so you can't have instrumental grime
    October 24 09:35 AM
  • silentpotato :)
    October 7 09:21 PM
  • psykonaut
    September 28 05:06 PM
  • JJmcJizzle I do my best.
    September 27 06:24 AM
  • Restrikted Happy late birthday sweetie ;)
    September 17 04:16 PM
  • silentpotato forgiven
    September 15 07:04 PM
  • Deviant. Yeah I heard. That plus the Kuedo album should be prime releases
    September 14 01:11 AM
  • coneren rim pirate
    September 13 06:52 PM
  • Deviant. Would have been up earlier but the site has been down. It'll be up tomorrow
    September 13 10:27 AM
  • Restrikted It's fine lol don't worry. I've been bored of it for a long time now. I might get a PS3 too. I'll be on Xbox this weekend though
    September 13 07:37 AM
  • jefflebowski that was just the start. DJed might now be my favorite post-rock track ever
    September 12 06:46 PM
  • jefflebowski Having listened to it on and off for a week or so, I just had a tortoise-related epiphany
    September 12 04:10 PM
  • Restrikted dude is it also not letting you sign in to It's not letting me
    September 11 06:11 PM
  • LumpSum thanks!
    September 7 05:52 PM
  • static2dope you from the boston area?
    September 6 11:11 PM
  • IndiePorn I love boc, and ham on my sandwiches.
    September 6 02:55 PM
  • aok yo, fb me mann -- cause you like mezzanine and i like mezzanine and there's a crew for that
    September 5 06:56 PM
  • Divine Just pretty much any solid RPG you can find. You can go to, search for either ICO or SOTC, click the icon, and you will see other releated games ppl bought along with that game. You can also go to and stuff. Hope this helps ;)
    September 4 11:35 PM
  • theacademy the sounds ofa playground faving
    September 4 04:45 PM
  • Spec Haha thanks. The Internet is a fantastic thing.
    September 4 02:10 PM
  • Ovrot **** Yeah *cattle decapitation high five*
    September 2 12:52 AM
  • jefflebowski Their latest is actually pretty easy to get into for a Swans album, it's got more of a post-rock feel to it. 'Soundtracks' is also good, it's a bit more sprawling/ambient though
    September 1 08:01 AM
  • jefflebowski Cool, I'll be checking that out over the next few days then, along with the newest Swans album, which sounds epic from what I've heard. Thanks for the rec!
    August 31 09:43 PM
  • jefflebowski Will do! Am I correct in thinking Millions Now Living... is the place to start?
    August 31 09:23 PM
  • Polymath I'm gonna beat Rev to it and say Neon Genesis Evangelion, best anime/tv show I've ever seen. Makes you think nigguh. And yes Champloo is amazing, so much fun.
    August 31 05:35 PM
  • Rev Depends on what you feel like watching (something actiony, dark, funny, drama, etc). If you want something similar to Bebop check out Samurai Champloo
    August 31 02:45 PM
  • AliW1993 Yeah it was High Violet that I started with. Took a few listens but after that I was completely hooked and got the discography.
    August 30 03:26 PM
  • AliW1993 It's almost impossible to pick between Alligator, Boxer and High Violet because all are amazing and good starting points. Check out a few songs like Mr November (Alligator), Apartment Story (Boxer) and England (High Violet) and decide from there.
    August 30 03:16 PM
  • omnipanzer Then I shall never set my gaze upon you again, hard as that may be.
    August 30 02:27 PM
  • omnipanzer Hate that pic.
    August 30 01:57 PM
  • Deviant. Yessum. I like xxxy is finally getting some recogntition, he was floating around on bandcamp without anyone checking him out for far too long
    August 24 12:57 PM
  • omnipanzer ohhhhh, bad joke is bad ;^)
    August 24 12:50 PM
  • omnipanzer I was at almost 3k and all my ratings got wiped so when I find a discog that needs re-rated I just hit the whole thing. ;^)
    August 24 08:33 AM
  • Divine It's good stuff man, reminds me a lot of Aphex Twin.
    August 23 11:30 PM
  • Divine Thanks for the recomendation......i'll put them on my need to do list.
    August 23 11:02 PM
  • F0RBES oic
    August 23 04:07 PM
  • thumbcrusher haha cheers, moss is awesome :D
    August 23 01:22 PM
  • F0RBES who dis?
    August 23 12:48 AM
  • Ire ham is great in a cheese sammich
    August 23 12:30 AM
  • Ire ??????
    August 23 12:27 AM
  • Crymsonblaze he's funny
    August 22 07:36 PM
  • Restrikted thought u said it was GURPS??
    August 22 04:49 PM
  • Rev I have no idea, I just uploaded it and it worked haha
    August 22 04:04 PM
  • Rev FLCL avatar yes!
    August 22 01:51 AM
  • Deviant. You'll get it at the end of the month (along with July)
    August 21 11:47 PM
  • TheOrigamiKiller analbeads
    August 21 07:10 PM
  • Restrikted u play xbox? my gamertag is EvolvedAsOne if you wanna add it
    August 21 06:33 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Hey I just noticed your shoutbox message, what's your gamertag?
    August 21 06:23 PM
  • Restrikted oh thats hot
    August 21 01:36 PM
  • Restrikted hey cutie. i see you like penis
    August 21 01:29 PM
  • sehguh my winkle looks like a huge loaf of bread
    August 21 01:17 PM
  • coneren im 3 inches hard
    August 21 01:17 PM
  • toxin. haha nice. And so ham
    August 19 10:39 PM
  • sehguh I just posted on my own shoutbox derpa derp
    August 19 10:36 PM
  • sehguh Couliflower, that got permabanned too haha
    August 19 10:36 PM
  • toxin. dude that was the one legit one of the 5 retarded ones too. were you ham? I think the accounts got perma-banned
    August 19 10:34 PM
  • toxin. Your list lol
    August 19 10:30 PM
  • Jozh You have started a major trend here.
    August 19 09:36 PM
  • I wish it were that easy
    August 19 06:03 PM
  • I know man this is a war i cant win
    August 19 05:56 PM
  • TheHam GUMP
    August 18 10:55 PM
  • PurpleBottle from inside ur ****
    August 18 05:58 PM
  • plane idk
    August 18 02:35 AM
  • Restrikted Say do you by chance know if Building Nothing out of Something is any good? I'm thinking about getting it
    August 2 06:45 PM
  • Scoot yeeeeehhhh
    July 31 04:48 PM
  • Megadeth cool
    July 31 04:44 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler Yeah, dude is a definite creepster for sure. Good movie though
    July 28 06:25 PM
  • MuhNamesTyler ...Thank you?
    July 28 03:51 PM
  • HelplessnessBlues Thanks, its good to be here :]
    July 26 07:48 PM
  • Acanthus Haha still gets me man
    July 25 11:29 PM
  • YetAnotherBrick Hell yeah, dude. That song ruled so hard. Thanks a ton for rec'ing me that haha
    July 25 10:31 PM
  • Butkuiss I prefer the guitar work of Boba Reinhardt, to be perfectly honest.
    July 25 09:18 PM
  • BallsToTheWall
    July 25 03:23 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum but more importantly do u like my sox?
    July 24 09:58 PM
  • DarkZX Lol I trolled Ke$ha in a s***ty review I made last month xD
    July 24 09:29 PM
  • DarkZX I'm not trolling it, I don't think she has talent because I just don't see any range in her voice whatsoever. That might just be me though.
    July 24 02:24 PM
  • DarkZX Ya, wanted to have a little fun xD, it was fun while it lasted.
    July 24 01:53 PM
  • kris. [quote] [/quote]
    July 23 03:48 PM
  • aok long day of work and i couldn't remember how i knew you, so my bad. were we talkin about atp before?
    July 23 03:40 PM
  • Gene Never Ending Math Equation is so good as of now
    July 23 09:06 AM
  • Gene Scuse me..Compilations ;)
    July 23 08:35 AM
  • Gene Haha Oh I get it alright man I will. I don't think I've checked into Modest Mouse's EP's that much
    July 23 08:35 AM
  • Polymath No worries man. I love Death, I used to metal a lot back in the day. Atheist is pretty good too but nowhere near as good as Death, check out Unquestionable Presence by them, and last but not least check out Focus by Cynic. Tech-Death ****ing rules!
    July 22 08:32 PM
  • Polymath I live in Dublin but I'm moving back to Houston in a couple of days!
    July 22 05:10 PM
  • omnipanzer Oh, it was way more fun than your subject matter. Don't get pissy.
    July 22 04:54 PM
  • sehguh :}
    July 22 04:48 PM
  • aok hello. i'm andy. what is your name?
    July 22 12:41 PM
  • Polymath Were ya from MAN
    July 21 06:51 PM
  • LysergicLollypops doesnt seem to work for me
    July 20 09:54 PM
  • LysergicLollypops how do i add favorite bands?
    July 18 01:03 PM
  • Polymath Great choice man! Hopefully one day you'll unravel to be an AnCo man like myself. But you might not, I hated them with a passion but then my life (musical) changed when MPP clicked.
    July 17 03:04 PM
  • Polymath One of my favorite songs:
    July 17 02:12 PM
  • pizzamachine but... but... YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR :[
    July 16 08:53 PM
  • silentpotato haha its cool man, u obviously just have good taste
    July 16 06:02 AM
  • Understanding In a Crash A long, long, time... I join'ed here when sputnikmusic didn't even exist.
    July 15 05:49 PM
  • CtrlCCtrlV Thank you so much dude :)
    July 15 03:37 PM
  • FatChickIrl It is out but its been gettingd of a bunch of sites, btw sweet avatar
    July 15 03:32 PM
  • FatChickIrl Thank you so much dude :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    July 15 03:25 PM
  • FatChickIrl dood help me look for a place to dl this album Unthanks - Last , I cant find it anywhere :(
    July 15 03:11 PM
  • FatChickIrl hi :()
    July 15 03:05 PM
  • Antipunk still makes me chuckle every time i look at it.
    July 15 12:35 PM
  • LysergicLollypops yo
    July 14 10:21 PM
  • MutnikSpusic yo mon!
    July 14 06:20 AM
  • dinahmoe yhoo ghey
    July 13 06:49 PM
  • MassiveAttack Oh, I'm stupid lol.
    July 12 08:31 PM
  • MassiveAttack Ratings what? =P
    July 12 08:29 PM
  • tokeymonsta Thank you! Been lurking for a while but decided to actually use the site now.
    July 11 08:49 PM
  • climactic if you're wondering, just read the review haha
    July 11 05:46 PM
  • Deviant. My name only appears at the bottom there because back in the day I was helping out with the database; working off a list and slowly filling in things like band pics, bio's etc. So I've never actually heard the group, sorry. I'll see if I can find you a link though
    July 6 08:03 PM
  • Deviant. - that's Kode9. Check my latest list, relatively comprehensive list of all the important dubstep/garage releases from the year so far. There's links for just about every entry so feel free to look into it and see if you dig any of them
    April 30 07:50 AM
  • MaskAtTheMasquerade macbook pro dont get no virus
    April 8 05:44 AM
  • sehguh u guyz shuld get of my profile quik coz ul get virusis
    April 6 10:24 AM

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