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  • TalonsOfFire Hey dude, your last few lists had some pretty insane content in them. Just wanted to say hope things are getting better for ya
    March 8 03:09 PM
  • AnimalsAsSummit C if u dig my new album :) -
    July 19 12:54 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars Glad to see someone else loves that Talons' album as much as I do.
    May 28 09:49 PM
  • Greem Hi! my new record is out, i hope you'll enjoy it.
    May 24 02:26 AM
  • Comatorium. You son of a bitch you ruined my takeover of the soundoff page
    April 28 09:01 PM
  • Astral Abortis thanks man, that really means a lot to me. I'm gonna listen to your EP tomorrow, it's too late for me to focus on it right now. But I loved your other two albums so I'm sure i'll dig this too
    March 29 11:26 AM
  • Greem your last album is really good.
    November 2 12:00 PM
  • BMDrummer Awesome man, gonna review more Oxbow btw
    August 1 02:29 AM
  • BMDrummer I see you like Oxbow, awesome man. Really sorry to hear about what happened to your gf's dad btw, must be awful for her
    July 31 02:15 AM
  • YakNips yo would u ever be interested in a collaboration at all?
    July 24 07:38 PM
  • Greem great taste, man
    June 22 02:15 AM
  • oltnabrick i notice you
    March 13 02:24 AM
  • Hovse Sup House2
    March 10 06:05 PM
  • RoyalImperialGuard Last time I went to Colorado I was at The Hungry Bear and it was god damn delicious.
    March 3 04:27 PM
  • PunchforPunch holy mother of god, howling dogs, the spirit of rock n' roll thank you so much!
    December 4 02:52 PM
  • PunchforPunch where did you get SORNE new album breh?
    December 1 05:00 AM
  • Blind no problem!
    November 27 03:55 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Awesome! He and I work together with music. Hit me up!
    November 25 06:03 PM
  • Blind
    November 21 06:07 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Hi! You're a friend of solongatlast, right? (In real life, I mean haha.)
    November 11 10:39 PM
  • JokineAugustus Where you from btw?
    October 2 12:07 AM
  • pribosse
    July 12 11:32 PM
  • FelixCulpa Cool of you to add frustator, was about to do it myself!
    June 5 11:28 AM
  • solongatlast It's a full-length. It's on his bandcamp.
    April 22 12:18 AM
  • solongatlast Hey, have you heard the new-ish Handwrist?
    April 20 03:43 PM
  • solongatlast Wow, thanks. Ya, I'm actually using a Tascam digital recorder. It's somewhat limited but it works quite well, and it totally suits my purposes.
    March 3 03:28 PM
  • solongatlast hey, so I recorded a few songs a while back and I'm curious what you think of them, because you have awesome taste. I'm really just looking for some feedback, so tell me honestly what you think:
    February 28 03:51 PM
  • GiaNXGX you're welcome man, hope you have fun [:
    January 9 08:26 PM
  • solongatlast Totally agree. And I'm happy All The Empires of the World agree as well. :pMan...debates around here get hot fast.
    December 24 10:02 PM
  • solongatlast ya... I used to feel guilty about always putting in 0, but now I'm just happy most of the good music in the world no one has heard of and a few pay for.
    December 18 01:13 AM
  • solongatlast Ya, probably like 80% of my music is free downloads. That's like, the main reason I became a fan of indie music in the first place.
    December 17 01:06 PM
  • solongatlast Like a joke review? Man, I would definitely do that, but I don't want to get banned. Woah, your page is like a haven for amazing free music. Nameless Coyote is intriguing.
    December 15 10:01 PM
  • solongatlast Ya, that's awesome. I haven't given the album a complete listen yet, but it is deserves one from what I've heard. Just the type of thing I've been into of late.I joined about a month or so ago, but I've mostly just rated albums.
    December 15 08:08 PM
  • solongatlast Hey, it's ricky f. I go to rock solid. I didn't know you made music, so needless to say I was surprised when your album showed up on the front page.
    December 15 07:44 PM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently Hope you continue making music, man.
    December 14 09:09 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently Holy s*** dude, I'm listening to your full album now and it's amazing.
    December 13 01:25 AM
  • BallsToTheWall Youll find some cool ne-folk on RYM man
    December 12 07:20 PM
  • Evreaia Yeah it's really good, so far top 5 from this year for me.
    October 15 03:41 PM
  • Evreaia None the less it's really great stuff, if you're a fan of patton and experimental music be sure to check it out. Since we both 5'd naked city I have a feeling you might enjoy that album too.
    October 14 07:34 AM
  • Evreaia It's on tzadik label (not sure what his importance was), but he isn't mentioned playing any instrument (oh the record has Patton vocals!)
    October 13 06:43 PM
  • Evreaia Yeah heard templars)in sacred blood? (it's released under zorns name, but he actually didn't work on it). Also some very good stuff.
    October 13 05:46 PM
  • Evreaia sexy dig my friend
    October 13 09:25 AM
  • growlancer I rike yo tastes. :)
    September 25 06:44 PM
    August 26 03:53 AM
  • StagnantWords If you liked day without dawn, listen to the postman syndrome - terraforming. Its the same band, just different name, and its easily 4x better
    August 23 10:08 PM
  • BLUEOmni Well, then, you'll love Mouse on the Keys. Mouse on the Keys' and Toe's drummer are one in the same.
    August 22 12:55 AM
  • BLUEOmni You should check out Mouse on the Keys and Toe if you like Jizue's music.
    August 21 05:59 PM
  • Skrapyard Sup bro, I see you have rated Alberich's "NATO..." box set. Any chance you can upload the album and send me a link?
    August 13 12:27 AM
  • Graveyard You seem like a cool guy and not bad of a taste you got there also!
    August 12 01:23 AM
  • SgtPepper If you ever want to talk more, here's my email:
    July 22 02:05 AM
  • BLUEOmni I agree with pseudo-RosaParks. The fact that you're a fan of Jizue, especially on Sputnikmusic, makes me so happy
    June 21 03:46 PM
  • RosaParks u r sso beautiful i wish u wood empty ur bowels into my mouth
    March 31 10:56 PM
  • macadoolahicky I see what you're saying. It has some of their best songs on there, especially "floating away in every direction".
    March 16 10:06 AM
  • CaptainDooRight random music bro, cool stuff, psyche trip
    March 15 11:53 PM
  • macadoolahicky Hammock is my favorite band and it's my least favorite album by them. Minus their latest EP, but still. Raising Your Voice had some serious flow issues.
    March 15 07:47 PM
  • CaptainDooRight cool bro will check
    March 12 03:30 PM
  • CaptainDooRight also what's ur band camp page address?
    March 7 02:56 PM
  • CaptainDooRight dude that's awesome!! i play guitar and bass. I wanna build connections with sput users for collaborating and making music together as a hobby. If you have any recording equipement i'd love to collabe with you bro. I can record stuff and if you can we can send stuff back and forth until we finished a song. then we can post it on sputnik and even have an ep reviewed if we get that far
    March 7 11:36 AM
  • CaptainDooRight do you play any instruments? if so, what? do you record too?
    March 6 08:03 PM
  • silentpotato ive been listenin to it man! its ****in solid, not as good as the last one imo but stull really really good. made me even more stoked to hear their earlier stuff..
    March 1 09:47 PM
  • mvood hey you have (one of) the best musical taste on this site
    February 22 03:26 PM
  • crandynewman haha that it does! what an ironic little twist of fate!
    February 4 01:42 AM
  • silentpotato yeah ive got blessing dl'd and on queue
    January 28 08:01 PM
  • silentpotato yeah dude... ive heard the other album/eps lack the vocals but those ****ing screams are chilling
    January 28 05:02 AM
  • silentpotato yeah man its the only one ive heard actually, and saw your 4.5 there
    January 27 12:12 AM
  • silentpotato all the empires of the earth... so sick
    January 19 12:59 AM
  • Stokes I was listening to BBF3 on youtube and thought I saw a name I recognized in the comments. Nice baby goats. ;)
    December 8 10:37 PM
  • scissorlocked ok man,I'll give it a shot.Thanks!!
    November 21 05:58 AM
  • scissorlocked I've heard that Kattoo pretty much slays? Is it wort checking? ( just saw your dig)
    November 20 07:10 PM
  • Sanders Cheers for the non-ugly support pal!
    November 16 03:22 AM
  • silentpotato yee ill probably browse through your 5's and 4.5's and check out what i haven't heard. especially seeing your recent Master Musicians and The Body 4.5's haha i love both of those albums. but yeah, I'm having a toss up between new Jenny Hval, SORNE and Collin Stetson for aoty, they are all so ****ing unique i don't even know what to do.
    October 16 09:06 PM
  • Restrikted No problem man ;) stay gorgeous
    October 16 01:21 PM
  • Restrikted by the looks of it you're gorgeous irl
    October 16 01:10 PM
  • silentpotato dude the best thing i have done all ****ing year is read your review of House of Stone and then go listen to it. Holy ****... you sir have incredible taste, if you have a moment to throw some of the best of the best of recs my way, please do. I will surely be raiding the s*** out of your ratings page soon enough.
    October 12 03:34 AM
  • PorkchopExpress Hey, since you're the only other person to give the album a rating, here's a place where you can stream the new Siskiyou album, which comes out next Tuesday. It's really good.
    September 27 10:22 PM
  • ThyCrossAwaits Thanks man, much appreciated.
    August 22 05:57 PM
  • FelixCulpa Man I'm glad I checked your you list which in turn made me visit you profile and check your rating and then checking out some stuff I haven't heard and thanks to me doing that I dl the Sorne album which sound really cool and silent land time machine which just sound awesome. And you made me realize I should dl Jacobs Solace again. So thanks!
    August 17 08:31 PM
  • Sanders Dude, was that your broken collarbone in your avatar?
    August 3 05:55 AM
  • DiceMan yo have you ever listened to Set Fire To Flames?
    July 29 06:19 PM
  • fsharptrit0ne I mean yea, I can see why people would find it boring, but that's shels style. One thing is for sure is that isn't generic...
    July 3 02:44 PM
  • fsharptrit0ne Lmao, you should've given it a 2. I wonder how people would've reacted to that
    July 3 02:03 PM
  • fsharptrit0ne Was probably a good idea, yea. At least you're exposing them to some people
    July 3 01:14 PM
  • fsharptrit0ne New one is awesome! You changed your rating though haha :p
    July 3 01:07 PM
  • fsharptrit0ne Like I said either way, but absolutely, very consistent. I hope they blow up a bit with this release, but it's probably wishful thinking
    July 2 02:11 AM
  • fsharptrit0ne I was going to review it too =) but either way man, I just want to share the greatness that is this album.
    July 2 02:03 AM
  • fsharptrit0ne Dude, new shels is like the best album I've heard in like 3 years
    July 2 01:59 AM
  • Obfuscation24 tbh you gotta get in dat tinychat more often
    June 27 01:12 AM
  • Obfuscation24 smallchat
    June 8 01:22 AM
  • wyankeif1337 if you didn't know already...
    May 31 06:38 PM
  • lancebramsay tunnel blanket is amazing
    May 4 04:58 AM
  • DiceMan Eraserhead ****ing rules
    April 19 08:45 PM
  • JWT155 Do I at least make a little sense in that thread?
    March 31 07:54 PM
  • Strider pretty kewl
    March 31 07:25 PM
  • Strider do you have a blog for your pics?
    March 31 04:01 PM
  • Strider Would you hate me if I told you that a phone would be sufficient? :p
    March 31 03:49 PM
  • Strider the originals must be immense !
    March 31 03:40 PM
  • Strider you photoshop your face? lol weird :p why do you always put up blurry pics. you should try another filter =)
    March 31 03:22 PM
  • Strider Yeah, it's actually kind of creepy lol
    March 31 02:43 PM
  • Strider your pic has you looking like some dark-ambient-folk-Black Metal artist :p
    March 31 01:31 AM
  • Scoot well anything I can do to entertain my fellow users right
    March 30 02:38 AM
  • Scoot haha I know, makes me feel like an attention whore
    March 30 02:12 AM
  • Adabelle For no reason I checked out the Tad Piecka album you rated the other day. It is amazing. Thank you.
    March 29 02:27 PM
  • Strider Cool, I'm feeling it's a bit underrated here though. I was expecting a higher average for it
    March 29 11:58 AM
  • Strider Yeah, I like it a lot.
    March 29 03:05 AM
  • Strider I'm on Emery right now, I guess :p and suddenly, new DGD got really good too
    March 28 04:30 PM
  • Strider still on light bearer dude?
    March 28 03:45 PM
  • WeepingBanana your album is Pearson Sound and Ramadanman - FabricLive.56
    March 28 12:33 AM
  • FilupLees Yeah Okkoto are great. They obviously have no desire to fit into a little genre "box."
    March 21 05:36 PM
  • FilupLees I owe you for Okkoto, so here is a band that I love. The guitarist is my friend and he said they were basically trying to rip off Gospel, but they are very different (I think). We Have A Problem
    March 20 08:37 PM
  • Dethtrasher Lmao, don't bother reading all my reviews... Waste your life on something else....
    March 18 08:01 PM
  • North0House2 Pffff, still banned from my old account...
    March 16 07:16 PM
  • Strider I'll do my best to spread the love too
    March 15 08:19 PM
  • Strider Me knowing it doesn't give much credibility to the album (since I have very bad taste haha). You should go to people's houses and force them to listen to it.
    March 15 07:25 PM
  • Strider We're like the only two people on this site who know about Light Bearer haha, like secret society s***...
    March 15 02:32 AM
  • ButcheredChildren yah
    March 14 06:38 PM
  • ButcheredChildren I didn't either, thanks for teaching me lmao
    March 14 02:08 PM
  • ButcheredChildren you should make an alt specifically for pulling that kind of s*** on sputnik with
    March 14 11:54 AM
  • ButcheredChildren have you checked to see if you are unbanned yet?
    March 13 07:52 PM
  • whywontyoudie it was for a joke review, right? mods are taking this a little too far.
    March 13 12:53 PM
  • whywontyoudie how are you still banned?
    March 13 12:48 PM
  • North0House2 In my rating's chart, it says that Souvenir's Young America is metal. Wut?
    March 6 05:05 PM

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