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  • BlazeWilson What's up
    March 9 09:14 PM
  • BlazeWilson F U C K You Tahm Bout nigga
    January 31 07:49 PM
  • BlazeWilson **** You Tahm Bout nigga
    January 31 07:48 PM
  • BlazeWilson I'm in freaking all of them with Corey, it's awesome
    August 18 11:59 PM
  • BlazeWilson It's been pretty sweet so far, I have 4 computer classes and I love them
    August 17 03:20 PM
  • BlazeWilson Wut up mang
    August 15 11:46 PM
  • BlazeWilson Well damn, that sucks and it was good, it had some pretty funny parts and I enjoyed it
    May 29 06:49 PM
  • BlazeWilson We saw Epic, what did you watch?
    May 28 05:31 PM
  • BlazeWilson I saw you yesterday!
    May 27 03:07 PM
  • Pennywise_M Hey mate, my band debuted last 12th, i've already shown it to the peepz around here but you might have missed, so i was wondering if you could check it out! Would love to have some feedback from a Deathcore aficionado. The EP is up for free download.
    May 19 09:02 PM
  • BlazeWilson What up nigga! I've been pretty good for the most part, how've you been yo?
    May 1 06:14 PM
  • Incision That was sick that breakdown at 2:19 is unreal. Those dudes hit hard
    April 6 03:11 AM
  • Incision Bro check these out. Local DXC band for me. Think they might make some waves in the scene soon.
    April 4 09:02 PM
  • Incision K checked it and its dope.
    March 17 04:01 AM
  • Incision I need 2013s cores brah
    March 16 09:09 PM
  • BlazeWilson I shall
    March 9 12:24 AM
  • BlazeWilson I downloaded it from the link you posted in the group, I've listened to the first song and it was sweet but I haven't listened to the whole thing yet
    March 8 10:32 PM
  • BlazeWilson Of course I am! I have one already made, I put together another list of 100 of my favorite albums like the one I made last year
    March 8 07:46 PM
  • BlazeWilson Tomorrow is my 2nd year of sputnik yo, I'm excited
    March 8 07:35 PM
  • Kman418 Just cause it's like all metal and then 10% pop punk, looks so out of place, lol. Pop punk rules tho so it's k
    February 27 06:35 AM
  • Kman418 Wow you have the oddest pie chart I think I've ever seen
    February 27 12:51 AM
  • Incision Dude thanks for the recs. I Declare War, Float Face Down, Fit for an Autopsy and King Conquer are the exact kinda bands i was looking for.
    February 18 06:22 PM
  • jwyles4 You have to listen to The Royal Thousand by Glass Cloud it is fantastic.
    January 25 06:20 PM
    January 25 06:01 PM
  • Pennywise_M Apparitions, you rec mate?
    January 4 09:03 PM
  • Pennywise_M Btw, did you really like Infant Annihilator that much? From the demos i've heard it seemed poor to me.
    December 18 11:27 AM
  • Pennywise_M No doubt, everyone says the same, there must be really something wrong with me haha. Didnt you fancy any of Emmure's albums??
    December 18 11:26 AM
  • Michichachi HEY
    December 17 04:59 PM
  • BlazeWilson Dicks
    December 17 01:31 PM
  • BlazeWilson HI
    December 17 02:04 AM
  • jwyles4 thanks dood
    December 12 05:16 PM
  • jwyles4 if you could dropbox some Northlane - Discoveries that would be pretty rad
    December 12 03:22 PM
  • jwyles4 What's our dropbox folder called?
    December 11 02:13 PM
  • jwyles4 Don't worry about City Lights, I youtube to mp3'd all of it. But if you want to dropbox 1812 that would be cool, and i'll send you tgi
    December 11 02:12 PM
  • jwyles4 Please dropbox me some City Lights - In It To Win It... That's literally all I want to hear right now... I'll dropbox TGI's new album
    December 11 01:42 PM
  • BlazeWilson 3 MEANS GOOD. But yeah, there isn't really anything bad about them, I just didn't find it to be anything special and I've heard a lot better stuff in the genre. I'm not sure though, you may enjoy them
    December 10 05:31 PM
  • jwyles4 I've had that album rated for a LONG time now
    December 10 05:27 PM
  • jwyles4 It's pretty ****ing sweet. Jeremy McKinnon sings cleans on the album.
    December 3 02:31 PM
  • jwyles4 You're pretty beautiful. Not gonna lie
    November 28 02:16 PM
  • BlazeWilson Because I can
    November 14 03:59 PM
  • Balerion thanks man. i stumbled upon thy art is murder and read some of your comments and figured you listened to alot of deathcore. I don't listen much but when i do in small doses i really enjoy it. Idk if you have heard of Hester Prynne, you probably have, but if not check em. They should be right up ur alley
    November 11 07:04 AM
  • Balerion Hey dude, can you rec me some good deathcore?
    November 11 03:47 AM
  • jwyles4 Self titled is definitely better than your world on fire
    November 9 01:55 PM
  • jwyles4 Silas gave IFAF a 3.5? Good work
    November 8 02:31 PM
  • jwyles4 Chelsea Grin guitarist commented on my original status, and called me a piece of s***.
    November 2 01:06 PM
  • jwyles4 RIP Mitch Lucker, he did the best Pterodactyl impressions
    November 2 01:04 PM
  • jwyles4 Mitch Lucker dies and you start to listen to Suicide Silence hardcore.
    November 2 12:40 PM
  • jwyles4 wut?
    November 1 12:40 PM
  • jwyles4 I heard Tony Danza's new album was ****ing terrible.
    October 26 07:07 PM
  • jwyles4 bby
    October 16 01:02 PM
  • jwyles4 Your heart's invested in feeding everyone lieeeeees
    October 12 04:28 PM
  • Shuyin yea, what a surprise!! i had viatrophy rated a 4 for like a year
    September 14 07:55 PM
  • jwyles4 Hey dude, you should dropbox me the new periphery album.
    August 28 12:39 PM
  • BlazeWilson I hate you. **** me right now
    August 25 05:20 AM
  • jwyles4 Let me love you
    August 22 05:01 PM
  • jwyles4 I miss you
    August 20 04:19 PM
  • BlazeWilson Nah man it's so great
    August 1 10:30 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Haha yeah, I came to realize that pretty early
    June 29 09:41 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Dude I don't understand your love for Signal The Firing Squad. Checked out Abnegate. 2/5
    June 29 02:50 AM
  • xStayxTruex Where you from bro?
    June 3 04:08 AM
  • Shuyin ah cool, im always goofing around for music blogs and i found that one. i thought you deathcore guys would prolly like it.
    May 29 04:01 PM
  • Shuyin i think you'll find allot of stuff you may like in here
    May 28 11:50 PM
  • jwyles4 Travis Russell said that Rise Against are a s***ty spinoff of Bad Religion
    April 17 03:26 PM
  • jwyles4 The story so far - 4? Very good, young grasshopper.
    April 12 03:38 PM
  • jwyles4 Do you know anyway i can get Fear Before The March Of Flames - They Always Open Mouth?
    April 12 03:06 PM
  • BlazeWilson I got around to listening to Substructure a couple of weeks ago and they're really amazing. I haven't listened to Structures yet but I have them in my iTunes so I'll get around to it soon
    April 11 06:23 PM
  • BlazeWilson
    April 2 03:23 PM
  • Psycotrip and for that, apology accepted.
    March 31 03:24 AM
  • Psycotrip I don't know what happens at night. But i turn into a fart monster.
    March 31 03:24 AM
  • Psycotrip just wondering what its like to fart so much until your whole body withers away and your house is fumigated from methane propane dopamane on the train?
    March 30 04:05 PM
  • jwyles4 new list, check it yo
    March 30 03:36 PM
  • jwyles4 N166er5
    March 29 01:51 PM
  • jwyles4 So I'm listening to Meshuggah right now, and this is nothing special.
    March 26 07:12 PM
  • jwyles4 It didn't have anything to do with that. I was just saying it because i thought it was funny.
    March 26 01:24 PM
  • jwyles4 look at your number one musical neighbor
    March 26 01:14 PM
  • jwyles4 I like one song by that band... Downloads their whole discography.
    March 26 01:03 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV hat is bread
    March 24 11:21 PM
  • ChuckyTruant i made the list
    March 24 04:17 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Yeah I knew you like some dm, just not really any old school stuff if I'm not mistaken. But I'm glad you liked it dude. I have a feeling I might be able to find some stuff you'd dig, maybe we could turntable sometime
    March 24 01:15 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Do you think you could get into some dm if it's really groovy? I mean I'm no expert on the genre or anything but I've been really digging this and wondered if you might
    March 24 12:03 AM
  • jwyles4 I don't feel like listening to whole albums
    March 20 04:07 PM
  • jwyles4 Rec me some Carnifex songs.
    March 20 01:28 PM
  • jwyles4 ****ED AND LEFT FOR DEAD! jun jun jun
    March 19 01:43 PM
  • jwyles4 i can't connect to any of the rooms on turntable. it says it's like a firewall protecting it.
    March 19 12:59 PM
  • Shuyin better riffs, last 2 songs are the best core thing ever
    March 17 03:39 PM
  • BlazeWilson Goddammit, it's not working. It tries to load it and then it says it can't connect to turntable for some reason.
    March 16 03:42 PM
  • jwyles4 The one in Immaculate Misconception is pretty sweet to
    March 16 03:24 PM
  • jwyles4 Oh yeah, FFAA- The juggernaut
    March 16 03:22 PM
  • jwyles4 Parkway Drive- Romance Is DeadFit For An Autopsy- The JackalBMTH- Diamonds Aren't ForeverLike Moths To Flames- GNFThe Word Alive- Like Father Like Son... You probably won't use any of those but whatever.
    March 16 03:22 PM
  • jwyles4 I have to log in to facebook
    March 16 03:14 PM
  • jwyles4 I feel like s*** today.
    March 16 03:00 PM
  • Shuyin the EP is better
    March 16 06:24 AM
  • jwyles4 Ok, so i just made a metalcore/post hardcore alphabet list, and i don't have a q,x,y, and z. and i put rise against for r, i know they are neither of those but i guess that's close enough
    March 15 01:34 PM
  • jwyles4 Ok Devin...
    March 14 05:57 PM
  • jwyles4 Listening?
    March 14 02:43 PM
  • jwyles4 Seth's dropbox
    March 14 01:55 PM
  • jwyles4 Listen to I See Stars new album, you might (i stress the might) actually like. It's fantastic.
    March 14 01:21 PM
  • Spec Just get drunk all the time. Everyone used to hate me and now... okay now they still hate me but I just don't care.
    March 14 04:31 AM
  • Spec You're a good fellow. Don't let 'em Sputnikers get to you!
    March 14 01:03 AM
  • BlazeWilson Jesus man. Although I suppose it's better than having like a million 5's like so many people do
    March 10 04:52 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Haha just start liking the good deathcore and join me in not liking Signal The Firing Squad and By Blood and Iron
    March 9 05:09 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER If it makes you feel better I'm listening to deathcore right now though; I'm jamming The Acacia Strain
    March 8 10:46 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Dude, they're not good
    March 8 09:09 PM
  • jwyles4 A yo the fliest motha ****a up in the room yeah you know it's me, bitches hatin on him cuz he started out here locally.
    March 8 02:34 PM
  • jwyles4 I hate to toot my own horn, but my new comment is hilarious.
    March 7 02:56 PM
  • BlazeWilson Wait what, you did? I don't recall this at all. Goddammit I'm retarded
    March 7 12:01 AM
  • BlazeWilson Holy ****, I just found out that Ian Bearer is the new vocalist for Rings Of Saturn. You probably already knew this though, I'm just out of date on everything goddammit.
    March 6 11:55 PM
  • BlazeWilson Wut
    March 6 06:08 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown i gave it a listen and holy ****. Thats one deathcore album thats gonna be hard to beat.
    March 6 01:41 AM
  • BlazeWilson Yeah he does sound like JFAC's vocalist, their fast vocals are pretty badass. Also, aww yeah symphonic death metal \m/ srsly though, I must agree that they are pretty cool
    March 5 07:50 PM
  • jwyles4 I'm in wright's and she is making us do work, fml.
    March 5 07:42 PM
  • BlazeWilson I listened to a few songs off of it a couple of hours ago and it sounds pretty sweet. Oh and I still listen to metal but my tastes have been expanding and so I've been listening to other stuff for the most part
    March 5 07:33 PM
  • jwyles4 I'm listening to dillinger's first album right now.
    March 5 04:17 PM
  • jwyles4 Yeah I'll get it.
    March 5 04:06 PM
  • jwyles4 Awh s*** nigga I'm one of yo musical neighbors \m/
    March 5 02:40 PM
  • jwyles4 That's right nigga, Jom hates yo punk ass.
    March 5 02:38 PM
  • jwyles4 I hate people of other races than myself
    March 5 02:08 PM
  • jwyles4 I don't like the random ass parts in their songs where like everything sounds like pure chaos and nothing works together. But otherwise i really liked it, the cleans remind me of mudvayne.
    March 2 06:10 PM
  • jwyles4 Believe it or not i like Dillinger, will listen to again.
    March 2 05:12 PM
  • jwyles4 Are you at school today?
    March 2 03:12 PM
  • jwyles4 Brand New! Yes!
    March 2 02:28 PM
  • jwyles4 Of what? lol
    March 2 02:28 PM
  • BlazeWilson I know. I should just kill myself right now
    March 1 01:50 PM
  • jwyles4 I need to stop giving so many 4's out. But I have listened to so much "excellent" music lately. REC ME BAD ALBUMS!
    March 1 12:53 AM
  • jwyles4 title of this song made me think of you
    February 29 09:50 PM
  • BlazeWilson I planned to do that, but I realized that my anniversary is next friday and we don't have school that day, so I'll have to make the list the day before and I feel like a bitch
    February 29 08:17 PM
  • BlazeWilson There's only 9 days left until my 1 year anniversary thing on Sputnik. It doesn't seem like it's been that long
    February 29 06:39 PM
  • jwyles4 @ShinXetsu, it's not that I think it's the "hottest s*** ever," it's the fact that I'm going through a deathcore phase and I'll be out of it soon because I'm already moving into death metal territory like I said earlier. Also, when I listed Job for a Cowboy I was referring to Doom because that's their only deathcore album.Once again Spirit, I'll have to wait until I get home to download Defaced Creation because there are no zip files at all to download for them.And I downloaded Contortionist
    February 29 04:56 PM
  • jwyles4 About the woe, is me thing. I was complaining to someone about that one day. Ih well, I guess there's not really a better way to separate the bands than commas.
    February 29 07:58 AM
  • jwyles4 Homesick is definitely better than WSMFY, get out of here.
    February 28 06:16 PM
  • jwyles4 Lol a 2 was the lowest you could give kindred
    February 28 03:05 PM
  • jwyles4 Why Walk On Water When You Got Boats \m/
    February 28 02:42 PM
  • jwyles4 Fair
    February 28 02:33 PM
  • jwyles4 I also lol'd at their attempts at screaming in 'What It Takes.'
    February 28 02:32 PM
  • jwyles4 I'm almost finished with In It To Win It, either 'Where You've Been' or 'I Made A Song On Garage Band And All I Got Was A Lousy Record Deal' is the best on the album.
    February 28 02:29 PM
  • jwyles4 I don't give a ****, about the way you're feeling!
    February 28 02:27 PM
  • jwyles4 Lol i agree.
    February 28 02:26 PM
  • jwyles4 Deathcore/Death metal/Metalcore list
    February 27 09:10 PM
  • jwyles4 New list
    February 24 06:20 PM
  • BlazeWilson Happy 1 year anniversary Silas I love you
    February 24 02:21 PM
  • jwyles4 Happy 1 year anniversary. Keep tearing that s*** up nigga.
    February 24 05:59 AM
  • jwyles4 Burial - Kindred = Best EP ever
    February 22 02:36 PM
  • jwyles4 If you're going to come out with an album that is 20 minutes long gtfo
    February 21 03:01 PM
  • jwyles4 Have you listened to Veil of Maya's new album yet?
    February 21 02:33 PM
  • jwyles4 Lol i saw that.
    February 17 04:12 PM
  • Jom I will gladly tell you why all your articles are being rejected: they're not articles. You're just link-sharing without any context or hyperlinking. You have no exposition or text or explanation outside of your title and you don't seem to grasp vBulletin code. Have both and I'm sure it'll get put through.
    February 16 06:25 PM
  • jwyles4 Both my news articles were approved. \m/
    February 16 02:19 PM
  • jwyles4 Y'all don't know what I mean when I say elbow macaroni BIIIIIIIITCH
    February 13 02:30 PM
  • jwyles4 Hey how do i upload a commenting photo?
    February 11 11:51 PM
  • marilynknotborgir you know a proxy?
    February 8 03:17 PM
  • jwyles4 Everyone knows that you got me, right where you want me to be.
    February 8 02:13 PM
  • jwyles4 Lol, I just got around to listening to it this morning.
    February 7 03:00 PM
  • jwyles4 Dude, The Victim off of The Hollow by Memphis May Fire is really good.
    February 7 02:27 PM
  • jwyles4 Finished my list, check it out
    February 7 01:56 PM
  • MadMikeLove oh hai.
    February 2 05:31 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown
    February 1 06:58 PM
  • C7P Hi Silas.
    February 1 04:23 AM
  • C7P Hi Silas.
    February 1 04:21 AM
  • jwyles4 Hey bruh, check out The Fame by Lady Gaga some pretty sweet pop by a very VERY sexy artist.
    January 29 01:37 AM
  • jwyles4 I love the succulent taste of mens erect genitals in my salivating mouth, I will begin to suck his testicles with a great amount of force till he ejaculates in my oh so willing mouth.
    January 23 03:09 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Bumped my dear chap!
    January 15 11:23 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers I only spun Earth Harvest once, I'll give it another shot. Maybe 2.5 is a little low, it would be a lot higher if I was rating it within the whole genre of deathcore.
    January 15 11:07 PM
  • jwyles4 Coming from the nigga with no 5's
    January 15 04:24 PM
  • BlazeWilson Hello my good sir
    January 3 04:20 PM
  • Pharoh
    December 9 11:01 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown no i've never heard of it actually.
    December 9 08:24 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown I checked out a trust unclean. band is really good.
    December 2 06:38 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown glad you like it. As i find new bands i'll send ya the links!
    December 2 06:32 PM
  • witchxrapist yeah dude, so stoked you can hear the bass haha
    November 24 12:36 AM
  • witchxrapist Lorna Shore?! Hell yes.
    November 23 08:48 AM
  • jwyles4 they blocked that s***
    November 14 08:23 PM
  • jwyles4 what was the proxy you were using?
    November 11 05:20 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown Yeah its pretty good. Album drops on the 11th.
    November 4 08:55 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown
    November 3 06:13 PM
  • sonictheplumber you think that's bad? in 6th grade i got in trouble for wearing a misfits shirt to school cause the skull is "frightening"
    November 2 08:58 PM
  • jwyles4 i found out how to download zip files at school, if you're using google chrome
    November 2 07:50 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown already did. Pretty insane stuff
    November 2 05:49 PM
    November 2 01:15 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown Whats up man.
    November 1 11:40 PM
  • jwyles4 I'm so pissed right now bruh
    November 1 04:12 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Alright I won't reveal that you're MusicAndPromotion on youtube
    October 30 04:39 PM
  • marilynknotborgir is all of your s*** saying that the servers are down? i think hines is intentionally blocking my stuff.
    October 28 02:18 PM
  • marilynknotborgir it is pretty metal, but its not cool. when i get home she's getting 4 days in the coffin.
    October 28 01:01 PM
  • marilynknotborgir im sorry i couldnt get a bus note, my mom is being a **** and no matter what i said she wouldnt write it. i will try to get her to drive me over if i can.
    October 28 12:46 PM
  • botb haha im not sure who they are but that's really cool
    October 22 04:54 PM
  • botb You might haha. that's one of two songs we've released. They're just self-recorded demos until we go somewhere legit to do an EP sometime soon. The other one and some live s*** should be in related videos.
    October 22 01:08 AM
  • botb haha i was just curious. my band is friends with those guys and have played with them, just was curious if you lived around here or something.
    October 22 12:45 AM
  • botb how do you know the band villiska?
    October 21 11:42 PM
  • jwyles4 what did mr reed say to you?
    October 20 05:02 PM
  • marilynknotborgir dood! they censored my foul language...SO ****ING METAL!
    October 20 12:47 PM
  • marilynknotborgir dood, seriously. i was like court yesterday for beating the s*** out of my mom, and then i broke my probation by smashing my school mac and ****ing the ****ing metal.
    October 20 12:45 PM
  • DarthMann I want your babies, if you will
    October 14 05:31 AM
  • DarthMann HOW IS LIFE
    October 13 11:25 PM
  • DarthMann HI
    October 13 09:30 PM
  • marilynknotborgir dood
    October 13 04:21 PM
  • BlazeWilson That's a ****ing lie.
    October 13 02:46 PM
  • BlazeWilson Yes.
    October 13 02:35 PM
  • marilynknotborgir what do you want me to listen to?
    October 11 04:13 PM
  • marilynknotborgir how did you like that orange juice?
    October 11 01:13 PM
  • marilynknotborgir cock
    October 10 07:23 PM

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