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    December 6 11:21 AM
  • BaselineOOO repent, please!
    February 21 05:42 PM
  • Graveyard I hardly ever use it but here http://www.last.fm/user/TVATS
    December 8 03:48 PM
  • Graveyard I just remember not really enjoying it at all, but I'll def agree they are way better bands within that realm from the Irish scene. Do you still want a copy of that cl/na split? If you do what's your email?
    December 6 11:08 PM
  • Graveyard those vocals rubbed me the wrong way duuuuuude
    December 4 05:27 PM
  • Havey ye i am well aware of that (tho i'd like you to tell me why you feel that way)
    December 2 07:56 AM
  • Graveyard sweet. ill think about it ;)
    November 20 12:33 AM
  • Graveyard hhhhhhmmmmmm what will u give me in return?
    November 19 04:25 AM
  • Graveyard did u like da cremation lily / natural assembly split that came out dis year?
    November 17 12:39 AM
  • BaselineOOO I do not understand.
    June 15 07:14 AM
  • Graveyard Bloodstreamruns rulz
    June 7 07:46 AM
  • Graveyard it's better to be an individual than a sheep
    June 6 07:10 PM
  • Graveyard EVERYWHERE
    June 6 01:00 PM
  • Graveyard don't listen to the haters ;)
    June 6 07:23 AM
  • Graveyard Yea and it looks like we have somewhat similar tastes too, got any recs for me?
    June 4 05:02 AM
  • H61 ????
    June 3 07:18 PM
  • Graveyard You seem pretty cool. Sup?
    June 3 03:57 AM
  • Eclecticist Yea but think about what a horrible community sputnikmusic would be if everyone did what you do and neg'd people's reviews because they disagreed with the reviewer. If you disagree with someone you talk to them in the review thread, there is no reason to be a dick and bring down people's approval and disregard the amount of time and effort they put into their review.
    May 19 09:37 PM
  • Eclecticist of your own and contribute your own cognitive surplus. Way to go bud.
    May 19 08:41 PM
  • Eclecticist lol that doesn't make any sense. If you disagree with what I have said then write your own review expressing why you think it isn't as I had argued it to be. All I am doing is arguing one side, you can't express it as being wrong because you disagree with my opinion because you cannot prove that what I am saying is illegitimate. However, if you feel strongly about an opposing point of view then you in-turn express it. From what I gather you neg'd me as an easy way out of having to write a review
    May 19 08:40 PM
  • Eclecticist It's hard for me to really get at you though because I respect the fact that you listen to Cremation Lily. I was actually listening to Infant a few days ago on my bus ride home from the university.
    May 19 08:27 PM
  • Eclecticist in*
    May 19 08:26 PM
  • Eclecticist Also, I didn't write my review in a way that make it hard for people that have never listened to Carach Angren unable to understand my critique simply because of my references. If one has not yet listened to Carach Angren and doesn't understand my references it gives them something to look for and keep in mind when they try the band's music out. I really get this sense that you look for uniformity it the way that reviews 'should' be written.
    May 19 08:25 PM
  • Eclecticist Just because you disagree with me does not mean my review was poorly written. It means that you have the freedom to exercise your own right to rate the album. The rest of your reasons for neg'ing my review say more about you than they do about me, especially since you happen to be the only person that thinks so. If I lack 'flow' it is because I write in a manner different than that which you are used to.
    May 19 08:22 PM
  • Eclecticist Why did you neg me? I have no problem with it really as long as I actually deserved it.
    May 19 07:39 PM
  • Eclecticist Hey buddy, did you neg me?
    May 19 05:00 PM
  • DarkNoctus well would you know it, i disagree. :]
    April 15 06:54 PM
  • DarkNoctus sorry bro! :[ i just didn't like it, the sound was really strange and the clean vocals bugged the HELL out of me. but i tried a song from rain upon the impure and it was a lot lot better so i'll try that soon. :]
    April 15 05:14 PM
  • AngelofDeath Haven't had any luck finding links either, but I will try and re-up it to Mediafire in the near future.
    April 9 03:15 AM
  • rasputin they've got some decent material but the majority of their discography is average
    November 22 04:39 PM
  • BaselineOOO I have alot of books about paintings and I've seen all of the painters you listed in that thread. But none of them have Francis Danby, his style is so beautiful. Thanks!
    November 21 08:47 PM
  • Voivod Oxi oi geitones einai mia xara, apla logo douleias, leipo apo to spiti kai eimai en kinisei sxedon oli tin mera, opote giauto akouo apo to mp3.. Kai exo Sony, to opoio exei kaliteri apodosi apo kapoia kala kasetofona. Alla sto spiti, den exo gia tin ora kalo ixosistima, opote...
    November 19 08:12 PM
  • Voivod Nai, mono apo akoustika akouo, alla mono 1-2 ores tin mera kai se xamili entasi.
    November 19 07:59 PM
  • Voivod alla mono apo to mp3-fono mou :-D
    November 19 07:45 PM
  • Voivod malista. Ego an kai eimai grammenos sto last.fm (VoivodianGR, auto EINAI athlio username!!!), stin ousia eimai anenergos giati den akouo mousiki apo ton H/Y...
    November 19 07:44 PM
  • Voivod o allos sou logariasmos efage monimo ban, ipotheto... Ti akous auton ton kairo? Ksereis/exeis akousei ena norvigiko black metal sigrotima onomati "The Konsortium"???
    November 19 07:03 PM
  • Voivod ti leei re patriotaki?? To avatari sou ta spaei!
    November 19 04:39 PM
  • Adash Bookmark a site called Filestube, Jacaszek says hi- http://www.wupload.co.uk/file/1975408412/Ja
    November 15 11:48 AM
  • Deviant. Bookmark a site called Filestube. It had 58 links for Swarms, here's the top one: http://www.wupload.com/file/43096237/Swarms-Old_Raves_End-
    November 1 10:51 AM
  • TheSpirit that's totally what i meant, sorry dude got my mc's mixed up. anyways why the change in name and lack of activity here? you got some nice tastes, it'd be cool to see you posting a bit more again.
    April 27 07:13 PM
  • TheSpirit You used to be Mclovin right?
    April 27 06:51 PM
  • scissorlocked aaa,ne,ayto to ban, me tus Leviathan nomizw. ki egw imun mesa! komple tote man, ade kali sineheia
    April 17 11:44 AM
  • scissorlocked hahaha! Ela re den to ixera, su rixan ban sto proigumeno account e? kai vlepw arhises kai kritikules! mia hara!
    April 17 11:38 AM
  • scissorlocked op!! gia su man!! Den se ehw xanapetyhei sto site, eisai kairo?
    April 17 11:28 AM
  • Thanntos Its the album art to Locrain - The Crystal World, and my forum avatar is a photo from its booklet
    April 15 12:43 AM
  • ButcheredChildren thanks, that was some pretty cool bm
    April 3 10:40 PM
  • Polymath Yes man, you've got the perfect balance. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
    March 24 07:34 AM
  • Polymath You have the most interesting musical taste ive ever seen in my life
    March 23 10:13 PM

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