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  • ferociouslettuce selimuoykcuf your new username yet?
    February 17 07:32 PM
  • ferociouslettuce sup little brother? when you visiting?
    February 17 07:32 PM
  • Casablanca or better yet 'selimuoykcuf'!!
    April 9 02:32 AM
  • Casablanca why isnt your name '****youmiles' ?
    April 9 02:31 AM
  • Ire sup samosa
    April 9 02:16 AM
  • wabbit :D
    March 26 01:54 AM
  • foreverendeared I rarely get on sputnik anymore :(
    October 4 12:46 AM
  • foreverendeared oh hai!
    September 1 08:33 PM
  • SpaceCunt sup bud still listen to that faux intellectual hipster garbage lol wut r u unique? lol
    August 8 11:39 PM
  • silentpotato haha sweet dude yeah we should totally get that goin one night, spark up fat
    August 2 12:07 AM
  • MisterTornado Howdy
    July 31 09:05 PM
  • silentpotato thanks dude! yeah its all me minus a few features and my buddy max helped me record/produce/master
    July 31 05:42 PM
  • silentpotato ive missed u too nagrodamus! u should sput more :[
    July 30 06:07 AM
  • Sleaper yeh, and new flying lotus will also be ****ing epic. too many to name..erhh **** it. what can i say dude.. anyone with the same taste as me is simply awesome.
    July 27 01:14 AM
  • Sleaper hola amigo, well u decided to get back into it at the right time.. going to be a ****ing epic 2nd half of the year arghhhhhhmygod.
    July 26 10:56 PM
  • Rikardur ****, I don't know, haha. I told my friend who equally disliked the show to grab the beers for me. And oh god, The Seer is all I ever wanted *tear*. I don't think I have a favourite song, the whole thing (aside from The Wolf) is beautiful to my ears. Recently though, I've had "IN AND OUT AND IN AND OUT...AGAAIINNNN" from Mother of the World stuck in my head all day. How about you?
    July 24 07:09 PM
  • Rikardur Well I was full of s***ty $5 beer last night, if that counts. Agalloch show. Never been more bored at a show in a long time.
    July 24 12:14 PM
  • Rikardur I'd have to agree with that sentiment. Swans, indeed!
    July 23 07:43 PM
  • Sleaper ahh haha i thought u bailed, hadn't seen any posts from u. Whats ur fav releases of 2012 so far? releases have been pretty meh from what we have seen.
    April 29 09:11 PM
  • Sleaper broooo what happened to you? i miss the animal collective lovers club! u get kidnapped or sumthin?
    April 29 04:49 PM
  • aok y u no sputnik nemore??
    March 18 07:01 AM
  • Urinetrouble http://www.mediafire.com/?g7d6jvezmnhsytn
    March 9 10:56 PM
  • balcaen i think i'm sexy too sometimes so it's nice to know i'm not insane or anything
    February 24 08:42 AM
  • Xenophanes lol I don't care. Apparently you're known for it so I feel like it was a right of passage : )
    February 24 05:51 AM
  • Xenophanes Awesome profile pic
    February 23 04:14 AM
  • balcaen I KNOW DUDE. he thinks he can beat me at smash bros too i mean wtf
    February 23 04:08 AM
  • aok cool story bro
    February 8 12:38 PM
  • Trebor. Nice Of Montreal soundoff
    February 8 05:19 AM
  • aok dude - i have almost as many comments as you now. 2cool2sputnik these days?
    February 7 06:05 PM
  • silentpotato i got a bunch of pics ill post them on deviant or on tumblr sometime
    January 9 05:18 AM
  • silentpotato ive been mostly working on my record art (i take cheap ass random records and spray paint and then draw on them and tack them up around town) but i have a few digital projects on queue that i want to do too
    January 9 05:14 AM
  • silentpotato little bit here and there. i will do a hell of a lot more once i have a good camera
    January 9 04:53 AM
  • silentpotato lol good choice
    January 8 06:59 AM
  • silentpotato dont even get me started
    January 8 06:56 AM
  • silentpotato haha oh dude i am well aware that my music taste is ****ed. its weird as **** electronic minimal weird ****in weird as ****. its only a 24 minute long album so even if you dont like it it wont be a huge waste
    January 8 06:34 AM
  • silentpotato the dead virgin one
    January 8 06:04 AM
  • silentpotato sure am. yeah man ****in Texas. well it'll come soon enough and you can go wherever the **** you want! check out the album i just rated man..
    January 8 05:51 AM
  • silentpotato haha yeah man there is nothing quite like it :] you'll have fun. its been really good man, im lovin my new home. had an amazing new years, got a hot date tomorrow, and start school on monday! how about you?
    January 8 05:32 AM
  • silentpotato found it at the record store for 20 bucks :].
    January 8 05:07 AM
  • silentpotato oh yea and the glow pt 2 is absolutely genius, i love phil
    January 8 05:04 AM
  • silentpotato yeah i dont see u around as much :[. ofc dude i love Grizzly Bear. got Yellow House and Veckatimest on vinyl. i like Veckatimest better tho, just cuz it was my first Grizzly Bear album and i have heavy nostalgia attachment. Southern Point makes me so happy.
    January 8 04:59 AM
  • silentpotato http://pseudatpseuga.tumblr.com/
    January 8 03:36 AM
  • Trebor. Nice dig m/
    November 30 03:54 AM
  • silentpotato yep :). I did everything. Thanks man! that and Sickly Moon are definitely my favorite of the 3. Patchouli Sonata I still like but it was my first solo song ever so it makes sense that its not quite on par with the other two. The versions of the 3 songs I put out a while ago were incomplete too, I finished them all. Sun Drips now has some more vocals. I'm assuming you are talking about the first version i put out like a month or two ago right?
    November 19 06:00 PM
  • psykonaut the picture? it's from the movie stalker
    November 19 04:45 AM
  • psykonaut i don't even know man
    November 19 04:41 AM
  • psykonaut eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh?
    November 19 04:04 AM
  • silentpotato lol ya pornstar couple gets pretty mad at us sometimes cuz we party every weekday. it has been really fun, im lovin it, im excited for school too. first night i got here we dropped acid, second night we played beer pong all night, and third night was one of the guys birthdays so we did mdma and played beer pong and baked him a big dick cake. i think we are doing acid and tie-dying tonight
    November 8 09:47 PM
  • silentpotato i now live in Victoria with 3 girls, and another dude and another girl who are both just visiting and leaving next week. its a double duplex and everyone in the complex hangs out and parties. the couple underneath us 'pornstar couple' keep to themselves and have wild super loud sex. the one next to us is 3 chillin dudes and a girl, and underneath them is a coke/m dealer. pretty much everyone is students and all round the same age. its pretty ****in boss.
    November 8 03:22 AM
  • silentpotato :] im here honey dip, just been movin
    November 7 09:40 AM
  • silentpotato ill have to check them out again. sputnik seems to like them. and yee i can hook u up fat man haha. for now check out form destroyer by skullflower. ill send you some more recs in a few days, but im just finishing packing and then moving tomorrow so im a bit ****ed on time. I'll check out Berzerker, it better be as badass as it sounds ;p
    November 4 02:24 AM
  • silentpotato read ma review poly brahh
    November 3 12:49 AM
  • silentpotato i tried to dl when u first told me to listen to it and couldn't find a good link, ill try again. how are you enjoying mewithoutyou?
    October 31 11:32 PM
  • silentpotato i dont remember i've only listened to them once actually
    October 31 11:27 PM
  • silentpotato i love everything ive heard from cynic :]. focus is a mega 5
    October 31 11:00 PM
  • silentpotato but you like it too?
    October 31 10:42 PM
  • silentpotato how come?
    October 31 10:18 PM
  • Deviant. Culprate - Colours, Klatu - Mutual
    October 31 03:09 AM
  • Deviant. The external hard drive I had at work died on me and I just finally got round to getting another one, putting all my music on it and bringing it in, so i decided to start again.I didn't lose any music (I have everything backed up on another external which doesn't get moved and my main comp), but I just never got around to buying another external until now
    October 31 02:59 AM
  • Deviant. Ah right, well I'll take it
    October 31 02:55 AM
  • Deviant. Why, because I know how to use a program like Goldwave to split up mixes? haha
    October 31 02:48 AM
  • Deviant. It was like 5 minutes for me. And yeah, just sucks that because it's a mix album the download is only one big ass file with no cues. But I split it up myself
    October 31 02:40 AM
  • Deviant. you need to bookmark nodata, seriously. best blog ever
    October 31 02:10 AM
  • Deviant. http://nodata.tv/29028
    October 31 02:07 AM
  • someguest I'd like to but I have to follow website policy. It's okay to wait.
    October 31 02:07 AM
  • someguest It's all good. And the review is finished so I'm just waiting for a stream now.
    October 31 02:03 AM
  • someguest "Box Up My Bones" is incredible.
    October 31 01:49 AM
  • someguest Word. If you listening to the new Cynic EP, let me know what you think. I think it's really great.
    October 31 01:27 AM
  • someguest I thought so too.
    October 31 12:52 AM
  • silentpotato thanks honey dip
    October 30 01:09 AM
  • silentpotato then my face is all yours baby
    October 30 12:53 AM
  • silentpotato only if u cook it up real nice
    October 30 12:24 AM
  • silentpotato another new one up for ya :p
    October 24 05:46 AM
  • silentpotato haha it would definitely be a nice piece to come home and trip on
    October 23 10:47 PM
  • silentpotato haha serious?? i would be so flattered. it's awesome knowing that someone would even be interested in buying some of my art
    October 23 07:53 AM
  • silentpotato well the cool thing about that site actually is that you buy prints and the majority of the profit goes to the artist. they'll frame it however you like and everything. nobodies bought anything off me from that site yet though lol, it's definitely not a place to expect to be selling your art a lot but its still a cool idea, one day i could just log on and randomly have some extra scrilla haha.
    October 23 03:33 AM
  • silentpotato i just put up another new one that i made when i came home high on acid while listening to All I Need
    October 23 02:58 AM
  • silentpotato haha thanks man. Sun Drips is actually a picture i took of some tilework and concrete at an elementary school near my home. you wouldn't be able to tell once i was finished lol. i just physically manipulated the colors on the image, then distorted and mirrored it upon itself, added some text, distorted that, then ran it through several filters to add textures and certain stylistic qualities. hopefully one day i can get my art out there enough for that :]
    October 22 12:09 PM
  • silentpotato http://sudatsuga.deviantart.com/ bam, ill watch that trailer when i get homski
    October 22 12:03 AM
  • silentpotato i have 2 new arts for u Jollyposh!
    October 21 09:39 PM
  • silentpotato haha awe yee. and i will, i liked their last album
    October 18 11:04 PM
  • silentpotato experimental noise music that sounds like it was made in india. wind's poem is blackened folk with Twin Peaks melodies. At war with walls mazes is beautiful IDM made by a composer. House of stone is an album made out of found and home made instruments that makes Puscifer look like a steamy pile of dog s***. and solace is one dude playing western guitar with a s*** tonne of eastern instruments doing crazy mother****er folk tunes.
    October 18 10:56 PM
  • silentpotato i cant pick the best 3 they are all too different. ill give u a lil descrip and u can choose. Songs of experience is like if DJ Shadow made Endtroducing in the late 1960's. Felt Mountain is like if Portishead was even more stee as ****. Burning off impurities is instrumental post metal with foreign instruments and the most epic climaxes you'll ever hear. For your own special sweetheart is THE ultimate nostalgia album. Against the Day is a Canadian group that plays
    October 18 10:53 PM
  • silentpotato you should give it some more time, i swear to god it is amazing im not crazy. David Axelrod-Songs of Experience. Goldfrapp-Felt Mountain. Grails-Burning off Impurities. Jawbox-For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Land of Kush-Against the Day. Mount Eerie-Wind's Poem. Son Lux-At War With Walls and Mazes. SORNE-House of Stone. Xavier Rudd-Solace. All 5's.
    October 18 10:47 PM
  • silentpotato just a 3 for Hawk Medicine :/
    October 18 09:42 AM
  • luci Nice to see you liked Pinkerton so much. It's the kind of album you take with you through life and lean on when you need it :).
    October 14 12:36 PM
  • silentpotato both of mah new tracks are in dis list in the comments. ones at the top then my newest one is further down http://sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=269939
    October 9 09:37 PM
  • silentpotato http://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/Above-the-Graves/21314/ yes lakes makes music. he makes a lot of music.
    October 9 03:43 AM
  • silentpotato and by that i mean songs i just put another one on there
    October 6 10:41 AM
  • silentpotato well, i just uploaded a new piece. just a poster for my solo project, a photo i took while i was hitchiking, and good ol photoshop. on the deviant art site. also while your at it go to my list and check out my new song :)
    October 6 03:16 AM
  • silentpotato :] thanks man i really appreciate that
    October 3 02:49 AM
  • silentpotato i dont know what the last uve seen of my photomanipulation projects was but there should be a couple u havent seen yet here: http://sudatsuga.deviantart.com/ i had to upload pictures of a bunch of my physical art too for my portfolio, so ill upload those some time soon and link you :)
    October 3 01:16 AM
  • silentpotato ahhh the big T! my good ol buddy grew up there, moved back a couple years ago and instantly got addicted to oxy's. yee the art walk, visual and fine arts.
    October 3 01:08 AM
  • WashboardSuds sounds like a blast. I always wanted to be inside the video game world of Skies of Arcadia
    October 2 02:56 AM
  • WashboardSuds :P so did you really listen to taste while playing oblivion?
    October 2 02:50 AM
  • UrAssIsMyHat Awesome
    October 2 02:36 AM
  • UrAssIsMyHat I told Kevin I was you
    October 2 02:31 AM
  • silentpotato its goin aight man, got a lot of s*** goin on with school/moving plans been a bit overwhelming. hows it goin cross sea buddy?
    September 30 05:46 AM
  • Lakes. wait didnt you have it as a 5 at one point?
    September 21 03:17 AM
  • Lakes. anyone who has both MPP and age of adz at 5's is cool in my book
    September 21 03:13 AM
  • Lakes. just chillin broski. nice recent plays btw
    September 21 02:53 AM
  • Ire http://turntable.fm/doctors
    September 19 11:57 PM
  • Sousa I was wondering if you could send me a link to a full size version of your forum avatar (man with broken face). my last fm is poopuree, email is kkfsousa@gmail.com
    September 15 02:41 PM
  • psykonaut you corny nigga
    September 14 01:33 AM
  • sehguh yo dawg I got 5 episodes of Bepop left, first time watching it and i've really enjoyed it. Only anime I watched before this was FLCL and some of those Ghibli films. Where should I go next?
    August 31 04:44 PM
  • Olson prepare your body
    August 29 10:50 PM
  • Olson fight me
    August 29 10:29 PM
  • Olson wuddup it's sehguh new account
    August 29 04:35 PM
  • TheOrigamiKiller Sarah, the nine year old orphan you adopted and repeatedly raped in your tool shed.
    August 26 04:22 AM
  • TheOrigamiKiller why did you touch her like that?
    August 23 10:34 AM
  • IsItLuck? sup brehzz
    August 19 02:50 AM
  • aok flickering i roam
    August 18 02:31 AM
  • AggravatedYeti I still am :' )
    August 15 01:30 AM
  • AggravatedYeti by a strange turn of luck and a series of unfortunate accidents.
    August 15 01:20 AM
  • silentpotato haha. pretty decent man not many complaints. you?
    August 13 10:04 AM
  • silentpotato its a sexual subject :)
    August 11 09:15 PM
  • silentpotato mmhmm :)
    August 11 09:09 AM
  • Rev lol yeah. but i cba to change it
    August 10 07:01 PM
  • aok http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.148753099.jpg
    August 1 09:05 PM
  • Tyrael Haha, thanks brother ;]
    July 24 02:31 PM
  • Tyrael Not much, I've been trying to write a new review for some time now but it seems I've lost it :/ Oh and it's my birthday today but nobody on sputnik knows so yeah :] How about you?
    July 24 02:13 PM
  • Tyrael A friend of mine is a music journalist so he got a promotional copy... But you can listen to the whole album on youtube :]
    July 24 01:54 PM
  • silentpotato ya its pretty ****ing tight
    July 23 09:22 PM
  • DocSportello Enter the Wu...? Nah. But Cosmogramma is sweet.
    July 23 02:20 AM
  • sehguh yeah man Cynic are awesome, got that all downloaded now.
    July 23 12:49 AM
  • sehguh thanks for the death rec, by any chance do you like Atheist? gonna check them out too just don't know what album to start with there either
    July 23 12:18 AM
  • sehguh awesome bro
    July 22 09:21 PM
  • sehguh from the UK MAN, you?
    July 22 05:07 PM
  • silentpotato so much resent. i could see shabazz 4.5'ing
    July 22 09:31 AM
  • silentpotato i ****ing hate it man. i just ****ing absolutely hate it.
    July 22 02:30 AM
  • daIceman yo really True musicians ... I want see them live badlyeargasm guaranteed hehe
    July 21 09:21 PM
  • daIceman did you see that "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djFrCb03-OI"what can I say about this video "Hi my name is Paul, and I am addicted on shabazz KEXP live performance"Free press and echo are so dope SO DOPE
    July 21 08:59 PM
  • daIceman yo EPs are so sick... i love beat on "blastit" that is so ****in NICE song.shabazz ruled hard on every song.
    July 21 06:52 PM
  • Realm yo nigga
    July 20 11:55 PM
  • aok 'Cause I know we met before but I cannot place itI don't know if there's any real dangerBut I'm alright if you're alrightI'm alright if you're alright, man
    July 19 09:25 PM
  • sehguh nice, my favourite AC is probably Fireworks
    July 17 07:01 PM
  • sehguh what is your avatar from dude? looks cool
    July 17 06:08 PM
  • psykonaut i'll take that as a compliment.
    July 17 05:07 PM
  • luci Shabazz Palaces is your 100th rating. ily
    July 15 01:36 AM
  • DocSportello lol harry potter. order of the phoenix was my 6th grade jam.
    July 12 09:03 PM
  • DocSportello Are we referring to Hissing Fauna?
    July 12 04:20 PM
  • silentpotato listen to lazarus yet?
    July 11 09:58 AM
  • Trebor. You gave ATLiens a 4 as well
    July 9 09:58 PM
  • Stokes Coneren told me it was you anyway ;)
    July 5 10:49 PM
  • chambered89 depends is it from u
    July 5 05:33 PM
  • coneren listen to.....fuuck i dont know i sjhould still be imn bed fuuck this working thing
    July 5 03:44 PM
  • coneren hey friends sup bro, that alt rock needs to go up man lets party hi wopooo
    July 5 04:05 AM
  • aok http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/8764/Coil-Horse-Rotorvator/ listen yourself
    July 3 11:48 PM
  • silentpotato not super long. a good length. i dunno haha.
    July 3 09:36 PM
  • silentpotato haha ya nothing like anco, way more more authentic old school sounding
    July 3 09:34 PM
  • silentpotato sweet 2 ratings now haha
    July 3 09:28 PM
  • silentpotato 2007
    July 3 09:28 PM
  • silentpotato its psychedelic low fi folk. im the only person on this site who has the album rated and its a 5 so im trying to get it out there a bit more
    July 3 09:25 PM
  • silentpotato http://www.divshare.com/download/3188901-a3c lazarus hawk medicine. hopefully works that was a hard ass mofuggin dl to find
    July 3 09:07 PM
  • Ulsufyring where'd you go kid
    July 2 06:21 PM
    July 2 05:58 PM
  • Essence nm niggawub, sup wich you
    July 2 05:49 PM
  • Deviant. Lol, D instead of T
    July 2 01:02 AM
  • psykonaut OMG THANKS BRO!!11
    July 1 05:19 PM
  • Deviant. Already got The Chain, but I'll look into Kidnap Kid. Thanks man
    July 1 02:43 AM
  • AggravatedYeti Eye Contact is their new record. Just pick it up. They remind me of AC and not so much that they sound a lot like them as they have the same emphatic ****-all approach to pop music.
    June 30 11:28 PM
  • chambered89 woudl love to my friend but i am going to an interview i will be back tho, stoned and ready
    June 30 04:16 PM
  • Deviant. Told you so
    June 30 12:49 PM
  • Deviant. Haha, ep is good as well though
    June 30 11:16 AM
  • Deviant. I might later on, gotta add some albums to the database for the next devstep list
    June 30 09:13 AM
  • Deviant. I was on just before in the sput room. You on now?
    June 30 09:09 AM
  • Deviant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8k2yNdepIo - I think it was that one
    June 30 09:07 AM
  • AggravatedYeti I'm a Feels man myself, but don't get me wrong MPP is some srs s***. You ever heard of Gang Gang Dance?
    June 30 01:05 AM
  • Deviant. Off the top of my head, I played: Submerse, Sorrow, The Crystal Method, Elite Force, Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers, Joy Orbison, Distance, Phace.....that's all I can remember man
    June 30 12:39 AM
  • silentpotato steee song n trippy vid. i dig
    June 29 10:32 PM
  • silentpotato looks ****in dope! dl'd an album
    June 29 09:18 PM
  • AggravatedYeti What would you like to talk about? Also Eno is purty chill just so you know; as far as your neighbors go.
    June 22 09:18 PM
  • Electric City thanks brah. and i havent listened to mezzanine in years, maybe its time for another go.
    June 20 11:50 PM
  • psykonaut i dunno man, i just felt like it
    June 20 05:31 PM
  • psykonaut oh dude i dig it, switched the pokercat to my avatar so now in threads it looks like two pokercats having a conversation GOD DAMN i'm a genius
    June 19 11:56 PM
  • psykonaut yes, catbros4life. google image search "cat playing poker", second result. score
    June 19 12:28 PM
  • silentpotato ...
    June 19 10:08 AM
  • silentpotato omg dont even
    June 19 08:59 AM
  • psykonaut happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!111
    June 19 04:27 AM
  • silentpotato yah man im a cat person. chillin in vic, you?
    June 15 08:41 AM
  • Ire can't dl stuff for a while. will youtube the album in desperation
    June 12 10:09 PM
  • PacificWest yeah i just did that cuz im getting through a lot of my favorites. i still have a lot of s*** to rate
    June 11 01:26 AM
  • aok There's no one, no one... To say meow, kitties! Meow, kitties! Meow, kitties!
    June 10 01:33 PM
  • DarkNoctus i love you :]
    June 9 11:31 PM
  • ScrotieMcBoogerballs don't worry I'm not out to get you. Yes, I am an alt that has been banned numerous times. Yes, I will be banned again. I looked at your ratings and see that you listen to bands that I've never listened to and I am willing to broaden my horizons. I don't know much about the electronic stuff so that would be tits. Basically, anything you think is cool while I still have this account.
    June 9 06:46 PM
  • ScrotieMcBoogerballs if it's cool rec me something that you think is the s*** and that more people should listen to.
    June 9 04:47 PM
  • aok really really really bad acid trips consume you for a couple weeks but i'm stable now and since finishing school, my spirit has been lifted greatly
    June 9 10:52 AM
  • psykonaut yeah man. these beats are fresh.
    June 9 12:16 AM
  • aok i'm all good now. call me if you're state-side or good with skype
    June 8 09:13 PM
  • psykonaut this is...ridiculous yet amazing. can't wait to roll the windows down and cruise through the city blasting this like a cuban gangster or something
    June 8 07:05 PM
  • silentpotato yee will do over time
    June 8 06:52 PM
  • silentpotato yee ive been takin pics here and there. got some cool ones of some sick graff i found in the towns i stopped in and took some of weird places i found and the rituals ive been performing
    June 6 03:41 AM
  • silentpotato its been absolutely amazing man. i dont even know where to begin. ive been trying to find a good dl for donuts for ages, ive heard bits and pieces and loved it
    June 5 07:34 PM
  • demigod! ill check that out dude thanks for that rec
    June 5 05:09 PM
  • silentpotato im hurr homie, i'm in british columbia, i hitch hiked to the coast so i didnt have internet, im on vanc island stayin with some fam for a bit then some friends in victoria and then heading back
    June 5 01:34 AM
  • CelestialDust i will proceed as you wish
    June 2 08:14 PM
  • CelestialDust who's that in radiohead mountainland? brand new?
    June 1 10:40 PM
  • demigod! dude, oh comely is probably my favourite on the album. it was also the first song i heard, soo... yeah. It's in my top 5 albums, Aeroplane. just so good. people say it's overrated but meh, i love it to death; same with Spiderland. best post-rock album, i think. and yeah, i really do gotta give Endtroducing another try. i don't have it downloaded on my computer anymore, though, because my main computer crashed, and i may have lost most of my music :( but ill re download it when im in the mood
    May 30 06:31 PM
  • demigod! ntm bro just kind of chilling i guess. nice dig, i really need to listen to that Jame Blake album. guessing it's good?
    May 30 12:29 AM
  • aok 'toy like people make me boy like boy like'
    May 29 12:27 PM

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