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  • Ire come back baby
    February 15 12:41 AM
  • kitanaisbeast duuuhhh..everyone dies dumb ass
    November 13 08:37 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers sup cell
    November 9 09:38 AM
  • seedofnothing its that time again. although I mainly write metal, I enjoy writing other softer styles of music as well. with that said here are 3 new ones at www.youtube.com/seedofnothing. "Blisters in Gold"(all keyboards- classical style), "Alter"(only bass and delayed guitar-darker jazz), and "Divide"(odd timed bass and guitar only-blend of classical and jazz). I highly value your feedback. Enjoy my other side!
    November 4 04:00 AM
  • Samshine The fuhhh? Where'd you hear that one from?
    October 23 01:37 AM
  • Ovrot true fact
    October 18 08:21 PM
  • bloozclooz genocide
    October 16 02:42 PM
  • foreverendeared Today, I'm going to try and find France. lol I bet you'd love Charley the Unicorn
    October 16 12:48 PM
  • UserJosh shouldn't you be hating like everyone else?
    October 16 12:27 PM
  • UserJosh what do you want
    October 16 12:13 PM
  • foreverendeared I love Salad Fingers!
    October 16 11:51 AM
  • Hyperion1001 ya i liked it
    October 16 12:53 AM
  • foreverendeared Who said that! Is this me? Who? WHERE AM I?!
    October 15 11:49 PM
  • Hyperion1001 You mean post glam speed folk or salmas boobs? Both are pretty awesome i think.
    October 15 01:34 PM
  • ToMMyMiL116 Basically, its like the actual metal is in the background.
    October 13 09:24 AM
  • ToMMyMiL116 Thanks for the list cuz. Already dont like wolves in the throne room. I mean wtf is that s***? I cant even hear the music
    October 12 04:00 PM
  • Ovrot i am brutal as ****
    October 10 09:56 PM
  • ToMMyMiL116 thanks bo.
    October 7 08:59 AM
  • Ovrot yes it is.
    October 5 06:58 PM
  • Ovrot sup
    October 4 10:50 PM
  • Yazz_Flute I liek ur style
    September 25 01:44 AM
  • taxidermist No prob. Hope it worked. Also, you don't have to worry about viruses with macs ;D
    September 20 07:49 PM
  • taxidermist I'm pretty sure this was the one I got a while ago. It should just install and not ask for any kind of password or anything. Also, remember to never it. Make sure you have utorrent. Idk if you know how these work, but I'll help you if you don't. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6076827/Microsoft_Office_2011_Retail_-_[Mac]-[CyberPiraten]
    September 20 07:21 PM
  • mynameisjosh It appears that way, sorry.
    September 18 02:29 PM
  • mynameisjosh No, my name is Josh.
    September 18 02:26 PM
  • mynameisjosh Josh*
    September 18 02:23 PM
  • Restrikted I will today dude. Haven't got a chance to actually listen to it yet
    September 13 07:36 AM
  • Restrikted DON'T YOU MOCK ME
    September 12 06:37 PM
  • Restrikted obv
    September 12 04:09 PM
  • Restrikted yo dude what Tool album should I get first I can't decide.
    September 12 12:17 PM
  • Ire embrace bailamos
    September 10 09:54 PM
  • bailar14 dont mess with the syn
    September 10 09:36 PM
  • Ire nope im pretty sure i am. enrique too
    September 10 09:32 PM
  • Ire u rated a zappa album. u are not worthy of his superior awesomeness
    September 10 09:26 PM
  • Restrikted lol that is me irl
    September 8 08:22 PM
  • DarthMann lol, what the **** is a gastrophysicalits combining an illness with physical
    September 6 06:27 AM
  • DarthMann gastrophysical regurgitation
    September 6 06:22 AM
  • Ovrot it is from my band, only tabbed and transposed to 8-bit
    September 5 07:25 AM
  • Ovrot ok D:
    September 5 07:18 AM
  • Ovrot http://mattandtheband.bandcamp.com/ i made an album
    September 5 06:57 AM
  • silentpotato che dog
    September 4 09:42 PM
  • Deviant. Well you don't have to be overly specific or anything, just always keep in the back of your mind that you should be writing about it as if no one has heard it (even if that might not be the case). Compare it to someone else/another album to ground it a little and make it seem a little familar. Take a few moments in the album and touch on them; why do they stand out, etc
    September 4 09:29 AM
  • Deviant. Well it's entirely up to you but I think you could go into some greater detail with the album. You don't really touch on anything overly specific, you kinda just give a brief overview of the whole thing. Which is fine, but it doesn't really justify your score or impress someone enough to go and check it out. A positive review is like you trying to sell the album to the reader etc
    September 4 08:39 AM
  • PistolPete pretty chill song, wouldn't have expected that from a black/death metal fan lol thanks bud!
    August 29 11:31 AM
  • taxidermist Yes. I am a fatchickirl, lol.
    August 29 03:19 AM
  • coneren oh hell yeah show that prick who is the boss round those parts
    August 27 03:12 PM
  • coneren but im just drunk ok but ill do another
    August 27 01:43 AM
  • coneren what did i do
    August 27 01:39 AM
  • illmitch seersucker shorts n a polo t-shirt what about u
    August 26 09:16 PM
  • illmitch woo woo swag
    August 26 06:10 PM
  • Scoot flames suck
    August 26 04:38 AM
  • PistolPete worth a look?
    August 24 09:07 PM
  • PistolPete what's up big guy?
    August 23 02:28 PM
  • witchxrapist UFCK
    August 22 07:04 PM
  • WeepingBanana strange. should one of us change?
    July 31 11:15 PM
  • WeepingBanana wait... do we actually have the same first name and last initial?
    July 31 10:56 PM
  • FilthyBorgir actually I feelthe same with Mirror of Retribution as well.
    July 20 02:50 PM
  • FilthyBorgir oh shniznit!
    July 20 11:58 AM
  • FilthyBorgir the chthonic album is really good actually don't pay attention to that review.
    July 20 09:53 AM
  • silentpotato ahahaha. ill check it out
    July 19 11:07 PM
  • silentpotato quick links, submit a review
    July 19 10:37 PM
  • silentpotato wassup buddy
    July 19 10:14 PM
  • sehguh cheers bud
    July 15 03:37 PM
  • sehguh was hard to find, is it not out yet?
    July 15 03:27 PM
  • sehguh go on slow download, wait 30 secs, then do the captcha, hopefully it works :)
    July 15 03:18 PM
  • sehguh http://www.filesonic.com/file/1225816391/gF-2011-Last-Unthanks-The_Sparhawk.rar
    July 15 03:17 PM
  • sehguh hw r u
    July 15 03:07 PM
  • sehguh Hi
    July 15 03:03 PM
  • FilthyBorgir ****ing nig I read your comment like 4 days later
    June 19 04:07 PM
  • Deviant. Plus i'd be more than happy to edit/look over a review of yours if you wanted
    June 17 03:35 AM
  • Deviant. how you perceive the music; well, for me electronic music is very image based (mainly because 90 percent of it is instrumental. If you've ever read any of my reviews I tend to talk about what images it evokes, or how the music seems like...... Like in my Kode9 review I talk about how a certain glitchy synth line sounds like digital rain washing over the beat. Just write about what it makes you feel. you can't really go wrong describing the actual instruments: percussion, bass line, synths etc
    June 17 01:49 AM
  • Deviant. Well I can't tell you how to review an electronic album because of different interpretations etc. In terms of naming them correctly (genres) all I can really say is do your research. Any official website will tell you what specific style they play. LE are drum and bass (the actual sub genre is liquid funk but you don't have to go that far into it, and Ima is a house album with shades of trance
    June 17 01:46 AM
  • Hyperion1001 Yup, i'd be happy to look over it.
    June 17 01:42 AM
  • Satellite oh yeah haha. thank you kind sir.
    June 17 01:42 AM
  • Satellite elaborate...
    June 17 01:41 AM
  • FatChickIrl kk thanks ill be sure to let u look over it
    June 17 01:37 AM
  • Hyperion1001 Dude my avatar's tits could stop world war 3. And yeah the best thing you can do is just write. You don't even need to post it on the site and get negged if it's not that great. Let other people look over if first if you think you need some pointers.
    June 17 01:35 AM
  • Deviant. With?
    June 17 01:33 AM
  • Hyperion1001 Well, as you can see, i don't write too often. But, when i review i only review for something that i've got a good idea for. I don't force it, i wait for a good idea and then go from there.
    June 17 01:27 AM
  • Maniac! Also, your 'Low End Theory' rating, while .5 too low, still makes me happy.
    June 10 09:37 AM
  • Maniac! Indeed. You should check out In a Flesh Aquarium, which I also reviewed.
    June 10 09:36 AM
  • breesuschrist he's definitely at a walmart
    June 8 05:09 AM
  • Relinquished no
    June 1 09:26 PM
  • Relinquished cancer is shoutboxing me. will now ignore
    May 31 10:34 PM
  • ButcheredChildren it's what I do bro.
    May 30 01:38 AM
  • handoman wut do u mean
    May 25 10:22 PM
  • Ire ur meen
    May 24 07:47 PM
  • ButcheredChildren because I am an obvious troll? lol
    May 22 10:11 PM
  • ButcheredChildren lol obvious trolling dude.
    May 22 09:59 PM
  • savagecabbage Positive attributes I have: I can do 3 chinups in 8 minutes. I can throw a javeline 17 meters. I've saved starving babies from burning buildings while blasting my quads. I can read peoples thoughts and see their souls to judge true character, which is why I don't own a mirror. Can Eharmony offer this? nope, no they can't. I won't bother you anymore, I just wanted you to know that I'm a ****ing physical specimen who is available for parties and sexy sex.
    May 20 02:30 PM
  • savagecabbage I can powerhump to blastbeats, for the record. sexy time.
    May 20 03:15 AM
  • Polymath I'll give it a try..
    May 17 04:20 AM
  • Polymath Just listened to it, I really, extremely dig the riffs and the songs in general but I can't dig the vocals. I just ignore them when I listen and just focus more on the instruments, but yeah the album is ****ing awesome.
    May 13 02:26 AM
  • Polymath Tech Death, sounds good to me man. I'll have a look into it and I'll come back with results.
    May 12 04:04 PM
  • Polymath Uh maybe later, how about reccing me something else.
    May 11 04:05 PM
  • Polymath Alright fill up my tank with recs then.
    May 11 09:54 AM
  • Polymath Yeah dude. DEATH. METAL. What about it?
    May 11 02:12 AM
  • kris. it is forbidden
    May 10 07:01 PM
  • Ire nigger stain
    May 2 09:27 PM
  • Ire yo
    May 2 09:21 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:27 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:26 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:26 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:25 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:25 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:25 PM
  • Ire shut up fag lol btbam u fag ur dad beat u when u were little didnt he u were abandoned everybody hates u ****
    April 29 10:24 PM
  • Aids yeah I can't find it anywhere
    April 23 04:26 PM
  • Hawks Haha that's where I got it from. Just gotta keep searching.
    April 23 12:34 AM
  • Hawks Just go to Google blog search and type it in.
    April 23 12:32 AM
  • Hawks Haha with what?
    April 23 12:28 AM
  • lancebramsay cocaine
    April 4 10:08 PM
  • lancebramsay Chuckie Cheese: "**** cheese, give me some of that candy that will make you dandy!"
    April 4 06:36 PM
  • AngelofDeath Oooohhhh, ok. Cool man, I was just curious lol.
    March 31 08:51 PM
  • AngelofDeath Huh?
    March 31 08:20 PM
  • ButcheredChildren sorry bro, women only
    March 30 08:53 PM
  • ButcheredChildren 50/50 it varies50% think I look rediculous, 50% want to suck my cock
    March 29 07:01 PM
  • ButcheredChildren idr dude
    March 29 06:54 PM
  • Bitchfork ok
    March 27 10:35 PM
  • DarkNoctus it's okay :]
    March 27 09:40 PM
  • ButcheredChildren oh rly sir, how so?
    March 27 09:33 PM
  • Bitchfork die/idk what i said before/die
    March 26 02:05 AM
  • ButcheredChildren absolutely sir
    March 25 11:22 PM
  • Dethtrasher Please take a look at the comments on my Thyrfing review. There you have a very clear reason why I don't review s*** at this site anymore. Almost everyone is a ****ing asshole... Everything they care about is the ****ing grammer. Yea I'm swedish, I don't speak or write perfect english by but I'm pretty damn tired of people who flames you just becuase you're not american.
    March 18 07:18 PM
  • Polymath You are the sex
    March 18 08:04 AM
  • Counterfeit its what i gofor
    March 17 08:07 PM
  • JarethCutestory lol sup bff
    March 15 10:02 PM
  • BallsToTheWall HOW U DOIN BIG BOY
    March 15 09:24 PM
  • Deviant. Look into Limewax, Katharsys, Cooch and Current Value
    March 12 04:45 PM
  • Deviant. Start searching filestube
    March 11 07:13 PM
  • Deviant. It's drum and bass
    March 10 10:39 PM
  • Deviant. Ah right, glad you like it
    March 10 10:20 PM
  • Deviant. What did I do?
    March 10 09:43 PM
  • lancebramsay your picture is win
    March 10 08:06 PM
  • Willie Second or third week of this month.
    March 7 09:46 PM
  • FilthyBorgir lolz... maybe.
    March 2 06:23 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Wow your not fat at all.
    March 2 07:22 AM
  • FilthyBorgir Bro you got a facebook? I finally made one.
    March 1 09:25 PM
  • Hawks You gave Pierced from Within a 2.5? The hell is wrong with you?
    March 1 03:33 AM
  • ShadowRemains pierced from within a 2.5 wtf
    February 28 10:06 PM
  • Samshine I'll give it a shot, thanks.
    February 28 06:16 PM
  • Samshine Haha, will do! Any suggestions?
    February 28 12:05 AM
  • SeaAnemone ha no problem dude I woulda never guessed looking at your ratings, but thanks for saying so
    February 27 07:51 PM
  • Samshine ah, cool cool.
    February 27 07:28 PM
  • FilthyBorgir You shouldn't.
    February 27 07:14 PM
  • Samshine sup ****
    February 27 07:08 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Converge sucks monkey dick. Probably one of the worst metal bands out their. Sputnik overrated Jane Doe big time, I rather listen to DoomThrone.
    February 27 05:33 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Alright dude I'll check it out. But Sputnik doesn't like anything that isn't Opeth or ****ing overrated Converge.
    February 26 11:37 AM
  • bab808 that retard pic completes me
    February 22 03:48 AM
  • FilthyBorgir Talked about a delay in commenting (3-4 days), Na it's same old same old, Idk but I'm starting to listen to mainstream metal for some reason, the kind of s*** that I use to listen too before getting on sputnik.
    February 21 07:25 AM
  • mcac2 sup
    February 19 11:43 PM
  • FilthyBorgir What up nigga.
    February 18 07:59 PM
  • Dryden nice u gonna get fukd up this weekend? called some bitch on the phone and flushed the toilet and hung up
    February 17 07:21 PM
  • Dryden sup
    February 17 06:27 PM
  • bloc Haha, thanks man. I love it too.
    February 16 07:56 PM
  • Ire map
    February 16 06:58 AM
  • Leviathan8937 thank you very much
    February 14 06:25 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Okay.
    February 12 10:57 AM
  • FilthyBorgir I second that. Along with District 9.
    February 12 10:39 AM
  • FilthyBorgir Dances with Wolves, how about you?
    February 12 10:27 AM
  • FilthyBorgir Its like they always bulls*** movies just to make some money! Movies like Princess Bride or any other classics are awesome to bad a classic only comes out like every few years, which is very depressing.
    February 11 10:31 PM
  • FilthyBorgir True dat most movies suck. Like I saw a commercial during the SB and it showed this movie commercial called Cowboys vs. Aliens. The title alone makes it sound gay, which results people like me about movies avoid it.
    February 11 10:09 PM
  • FilthyBorgir I heard it was great, but idk I'm not a huge movie person cuz most movies disappoint me. But I might look into it if I'm in the mood for it. What can I say I'm weird.
    February 11 10:02 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Never seen the movie, and I have no intentions to do so either any time soon. And Avatar the band is from ****ing Gothenburg, and one of the newer wave of melo death bands that doesn't suck.
    February 11 09:48 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Well start listening to them again. Also that spam shout on the movie list, you should actually give it a try, they're pretty good.
    February 11 09:05 PM
  • FilthyBorgir http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n0vJbANIgk
    February 11 07:30 PM
  • FilthyBorgir I've seen that before http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyMXYE_50Ts
    February 8 07:41 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Your welcome :) ........you whore. (jk)
    February 8 07:33 PM
  • Bitchfork Deathprod-Morals and Dogma JLIAT-The Nature of Nature Thomas Koner-Permafrost Teargas
    February 7 12:39 AM
  • FilthyBorgir http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfukZyVi9Hk
    February 6 02:35 PM
  • Wolfhorde Alt, fake, whatever - same s***.
    February 6 01:04 PM
  • FilthyBorgir New Children of Bodom song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtqLploWTPY
    February 6 10:03 AM
  • Bitchfork like what kind there are lots of ambients
    February 5 11:19 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Dark Fortress-Seance
    February 5 03:08 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Hey!
    February 5 02:36 PM
  • FilthyBorgir http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prgm4eKq6d4
    February 5 01:46 PM
  • Strider Wooah, that's a long time ago, I don't remember what he said, why?
    February 4 09:52 PM
  • Ire i'd be much happier if u would just pretend to be mappy cuz me and mappy are tight n sht
    February 4 07:56 PM
  • Ire yr mappy. i kno it. do i get a cookie?
    February 3 11:52 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Highly disappointed in most of your In Flames ratings.
    February 3 09:58 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Okay bro.
    February 3 09:52 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Is that your album list or did you find it? Btw there were some albums I recognized.
    February 3 09:37 PM
  • FilthyBorgir If a fat chick did do that, then you know they have a sense of humor, and don't give a rats ass.
    February 3 09:16 PM
  • FilthyBorgir lol idk maybe cuz your name and your avatar on the review threads. Maybe that's what sparked my insanity.
    February 3 08:42 PM
  • FilthyBorgir How much do you weigh?
    February 3 08:07 PM
  • FilthyBorgir I know you are. I was playing too. :)
    February 3 07:23 AM
  • FilthyBorgir That was uncalled for.
    February 2 10:03 PM
  • FilthyBorgir There were some boring parts for me, but I'm gonna give it another listen to see if it's a solid 4 or higher. It was based on my first listen.
    February 2 09:18 PM
  • FilthyBorgir His creativity was stolen by the ghost of that man he killed!
    February 2 08:52 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Hell yeah man AA new song is also keeping my hopes high as well. With Fallen that was my first Burzum experience so.... I really can't judge it like that, for I haven't heard the other s*** yet.
    February 2 08:26 PM
  • FilthyBorgir New Amon Amarth song http://www.mediafire.com/?9809on4vu2rsj3i
    February 2 06:48 PM
  • TheyTookErrJobs Ummm what?
    January 31 08:15 AM
  • ShadowRemains u mite be rite,
    January 30 12:48 AM
  • wyankeif1337 hey sexy how u been
    January 29 06:18 PM
  • ShoeSoup u fat bro?
    January 29 12:03 AM
  • FilthyBorgir I'm Gipper!
    January 24 07:32 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Glad you liked it.
    January 24 07:14 AM
  • 37er00 i think ur lying, can i get another angle?
    January 23 02:08 PM
  • FilthyBorgir Download this bitch and listen to it. I think you might like it. http://thesuncameupupontheleft.bandcamp.com/album/and-the-dreams-so-rich-in-color
    January 23 09:49 AM
  • 37er00 how fat r u bby
    January 22 10:19 PM

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