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  • Jade y u no review lately?
    September 3 12:21 AM
  • Brostep most excellent
    June 1 02:40 PM
  • Brostep we have a standing request from theacademy to either change your Pacific Rim soundtrack rating to a 4.0 or it altogether so that the ratings chart can look like "a perfect bird-flip." feel free to disregard this but the future rests on you
    June 1 01:57 PM
  • aok r u rly azn irl???
    May 20 05:10 PM
  • Jade Haha I know right? The singles were very meh to me, but as a whole? Man, this s*** is unreal. I wouldn't be surprised if it grew on you some more.
    May 9 10:18 AM
  • Jade plot twist Pink Lemonade may be my AOTY thus far
    May 8 10:26 PM
  • Calc the new save us from the archon release is pretty neato thanks for bringing it to my attention good sir
    April 15 02:14 PM
  • cryptside Ha well yeah man. I've just never seen one so high before. Btw, I like your review style man!
    April 1 09:42 PM
  • cryptside Dude, your objectivity rating is through the roof. How you do that?!
    April 1 03:38 PM
  • treeqt. you done great
    March 19 06:47 PM
  • treeqt. lol name
    March 18 03:15 PM
  • xxm Your welcome!
    March 13 02:14 PM
  • xxm Love your reviews though I don't agree with some of them. But you're a nice guy so I like you.
    March 13 01:32 PM
  • NocteDominum wrote back again, what you're seeing is my particular tastes
    March 9 10:29 PM
  • NocteDominum just bounced back your email, sorry for the delayed response, life has been rather nuts
    March 7 02:20 AM
  • ferociouslettuce ur srsly not huang?
    February 28 10:34 PM
  • Sniff Nah it's quite accessible
    February 17 03:46 PM
  • ferociouslettuce r u will huang?
    February 17 02:45 PM
  • Sniff List is top 5 atm: Cult of Luna - Somewhere along the highwayMoloken - Our Astral CircleAmenra - Mass IIIIRussian Circle - EmprosLight Bearer - LapsusAlso try: Betrayal at Bespin - Rains
    February 17 01:19 PM
  • Sniff Need more post-metulz
    February 17 12:09 PM
  • Sniff Thx for that interwebz
    February 17 11:02 AM
  • Sniff Judging by your 5's we need to talk
    February 17 11:02 AM
  • NocteDominum It's usually the artist or the genre and the negs just 'appear' if you get my drift? You just need to polish the review, embellish less. If you want email it to me at
    February 16 09:04 PM
  • Sniff Are we the same person?
    February 16 04:42 AM
  • Trebor. Tonedeaf indeed
    February 15 05:14 PM
  • SharkTooth Zimmerman is a retarded dips***
    February 5 03:27 PM
  • Frippertronics you up for me reporting the MMLP2 thread? This has gone on long enough.
    January 16 07:56 PM
  • Jade eh hard to say, man. two other staffers consider it around a 3.5 but idk if that's enough leverage to even place it on top 100. the record'll just be our lil secret for now
    December 18 07:25 PM
  • conesmoke No...not at all, Drubbi. Your review was just abysmal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sooo good.
    December 18 10:50 AM
  • Jade no specific threshold- contribs are promoted bc they write fairly consistently and do it well. they also seek advice on their writing, and prove themselves to be respectful / insightful users of the site (at least in my eyes)
    November 22 12:46 AM
  • Jade i def like your writing, i'd just like to see more of it
    November 21 07:10 PM
  • mindhelix Totally agree with everything you said about A Lot Like Birds. I f***'in HATE how they are one of those trendy-to-hate bands literally for no logical reason, ESPECIALLY when the hate is coming from DGD fans.
    October 30 07:56 PM
  • Nocturnal You think I'm trollin son?? Wait till me and the AA! STREET TEAM come kick your butt!
    October 28 08:10 PM
  • Nocturnal You got a problem with my digs punk? I'l be lifting until you reply bitch
    October 28 03:45 PM
  • Cygnatti Agreed with everything you just said.
    July 20 10:29 AM
  • Cygnatti azninva, you said you don't like imagine dragons, which is fine because most of the s*** sucks, but check this song out:
    July 19 07:31 PM
  • Crymsonblaze say anything and... whatever you like for the second
    July 10 11:48 AM
  • andcas it was pretty cool
    May 30 07:34 PM
  • DragonHeartstring Thanks for being honest at least man. When you were saying i was negging your reviews i honestly wasnt man, i only negged that 1 i commented on , to get you back for negging me.
    May 30 07:30 PM
  • DragonHeartstring ok bro, now that we are past all that, WAS it you that was negging all my reviews on skele accuont?
    May 30 07:25 PM
  • DragonHeartstring Hey bro just wanna say thanks for the nice comments youve put. Im not gonna lie i used to honestly think you were a prick, and i know i was a diick, but hopefully that wont happen no more?
    May 30 07:21 PM
  • andcas I just hate that term and think that album is such a downfall from the last.
    May 30 07:15 PM
  • andcas it's garbage, not catchy, and there's no such thing as easycore lol
    May 30 06:52 PM
  • andcas second album sucks and they're about as pop punk as saosin
    May 30 06:25 PM
  • oltnabrick why did you 1 the whole brokencyde discog?
    May 29 02:35 PM
  • chemicalmarriage Imagine yourself suspended by the phallus from the decaying arm of an ancient oak atop a volcanic uterus somewhere deep inside the rancid vagina of a haggard crone. You are surrounded by horrifically revolting Golem-esque organisms that are oddly reminiscent of a leprosy victims scrotum tightly wrapped around a dank ass heap of urine yellow turkey bones. As you observe these filthy sphincter rejects vomit into each others mouths you realize that you are soon to become a part of some sick and twisted crack head forest ritual in sacrifice to the God of Vaginal Blood Feltch Mountain. As you are slowly lowered into the center of this pack of convulsing rectal snakes, you catch a momentary glimpse into the third brown eye of Vaginal Blood Feltch Mountain's God. Half deer, half wolf, and half cheetah walrus or something, this great blue god sits cross legged atop its festering crone vulva volcano while intently torching some holy rock out of its divine crack pipe. Its throbbing veiny antler, heavily adorned with cold sores and shmagma, is purposely poised and ready to disembowel you as you helplessly flail in the air by your steadily elongate and tearing genitalia. In a fit of panic you grab your handy hunting knife and cut yourself free of your manhood in one quick clean slicing motion. Now a eunuch, you cascade into the slobbering vomit drenched puddle of diseased scrotum flesh below. The revolting creatures gum at a your inner thighs and try to subdue you, but you are able to backstroke your way out of the mound of pubic putty and scramble down the face of Vaginal Blood Fart Mountain safely. As you rip through foliage and claw your way out of the surrounding forest to safety, you hear the holy crack deity let out a piercing cry that can only be described as the sound of a thousand robotic orcs gargling vaginal blood in the back of their throats. Free at last you take a moment to cauterize your gaping groin hole before continuing your long journey home to the land of tolerable music. Unfortunately, you are famished, you will not make it home unless you ingest something soon. Mistaking a pile of zoomers flourishing on a large mixed pile of human excrement and entrails for some harmless white mushrooms, you ingest a feces and intestine covered handful and carry on. Not long hereafter, the valley begins to bend and distort. Just before you are about to peak and have some nice harmless psychedelic fun a crack head bear rips out of the woods and sodomizes you in the skull until you die.
    May 14 11:52 PM
  • PotsyTater add me again i declined cuz didn't know who u were
    May 14 08:10 PM
  • andcas also check out a brighter life - move on
    March 11 09:54 PM
  • andcas
    March 11 09:51 PM
  • andcas sure have. rip.
    March 11 09:45 PM
  • nononsense I honestly only had 800 comments three weeks ago. I just have a lot of time to waste and I spend most of it here. It can get pretty entertaining every now and then.
    March 10 08:07 PM
  • nononsense I don't spend enough time on here to become staff.
    March 10 08:02 PM
  • nononsense I don't even look at mine. Lol. I just review music that either dont have a review or are not that popular around here. I could care less about my approval rating.
    March 10 07:58 PM
  • nononsense I read through and pos'd them all. I enjoyed them.
    March 10 07:52 PM
  • nononsense I like your reviews. They are all pretty well written. This whole arguing thing is seriously getting old, to be honest.
    March 10 07:46 PM
  • skeletorissatan I haven't been. Keep that insulting crap up and im reporting you again.
    March 10 12:46 PM
  • kingsoby1 sure
    March 10 11:40 AM
  • kingsoby1 approval rating doesn't matter. if you want help with your reviews, make sure to link them to active staffers in their shoutboxes. we dont always catch all reviews.
    March 10 11:18 AM
  • kingsoby1 i used to write a little more formulaic. i still wrote less than most others, but i only reviewed hiphop for the most part and split it up into an intro paragraph, vocals or beats para, another vocals or beats para, then conclusion. i dont really write like that anymore. if you can review a record in 1 or two paragraphs, people will be way more likely to read it
    March 10 10:55 AM
  • kris. nonono i'm talkin bout the new one. apparently a better quality copy leaked
    March 7 07:12 PM
  • Atari i'm open minded to just about anything i'll check them out later
    March 7 04:48 PM
  • Atari oh cool album art. i actually haven't heard that band
    March 7 02:18 PM
  • Atari hey man what's your profile picture from?
    March 7 01:49 PM
  • rate10000albums I work as a session musician, attend college, play guitar for my band and do vocals, I write quite a bit. My main is banned hard atm cuz of you.
    March 7 09:56 AM
  • Cygnatti I dunno, this don't sound like a person who's only out to get money.
    January 30 08:51 AM
  • moshpotatoes Did you really give number[S] a 2.5 and Palisides a 3?? Please explain?
    November 4 12:08 AM
  • Bro, look at my avatar in posts, its the IcyTits album cover, set it to be your avatar in memory of this amazing night
    October 24 01:02 AM
  • I'm sorry we got in that argument =[
    October 23 10:14 PM
  • Link me bro, i'll add ya
    October 23 10:05 PM
  • JAXETA we made it!
    October 23 10:05 PM
  • Bro you have facebook?
    October 23 09:30 PM
  • Jomd IcyTits. I can't believe we haven't been banned yet
    October 23 08:32 PM
  • Keep hope man, we might not get banned
    October 23 08:27 PM
  • faux please remove your latest list or i will have to ban you for 1 week
    October 7 04:34 PM

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