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  • Rowan5215 amazing bandcamp name lmao. will give her a spin
    March 8 04:17 AM
  • Rowan5215 Invite them all to your gigs and **** em all
    May 27 05:02 PM
  • Rowan5215 I dig it dude. Who did the album artwork? that's some lovely s***
    May 27 07:59 AM
  • torts you're my new fav user
    November 16 01:28 AM
  • Rowan5215 Capaldi's reaction to not finding Gallifrey where Missy said it would be though. Holy ****ing s***, my heart hurt watching it
    November 9 02:33 AM
  • Rowan5215 Made me forget all my doubts about Dark Water not being what I expected it to be (although I still wished we got more of an explanation of the whole Heaven dealio than just "it was a data cloud", but that's a nitpick). Clara will definitely be back though, there are too many questions around what she was trying to say to Danny last week for them to leave it unresolved (yeah I know, it is Moffat). Also how can you not like Nick Frost do you even Shaun of the Dead
    November 9 02:32 AM
  • Rowan5215 That finale, ****
    November 9 01:46 AM
  • Rowan5215 Don't get me wrong Donna is ****in awesome but she fit as the companion who for once didn't have an awful lovey relationship with the Doc. If she was the Doc herself it would've been awful, she doesn't fit the 1000-year-old dark past deal in any way. Also, Rory and Ace are the best, man. S1 is just packed full of the best ones, Dalek, Empty Child, Father's Day, Bad Wolf, it goes on and on
    November 5 06:48 AM
  • Rowan5215 The dream thing just totally cheapened what was otherwise quite possibly the best scene Moffat had ever written. It was just such an incredible let-down. It should've ended with Clara actually destroying the seven keys and then the Doc pulling another key out of his jacket and saying something like "if you think I'd ever travel without my own personal key you don't know me at all" and then entering the TARDIS like a ****ing boss. S1 has Dalek which is the best episode ever probably
    November 5 12:04 AM
  • Rowan5215 I totally thought she was Romana when she mentioned being left for dead by the Doctor so it was a welcome twist that she was the Master in my eyes. And yeah exactly, I don't really care about the gender of the actor/actress, just that they're perfect for the part. Not like, Catherine Tate as the Doctor or some s*** like that. Of course he's hammy as all hell but that's what makes him so brilliant
    November 5 12:03 AM
  • Rowan5215 And yeah, this series has been superb overall. A lot rests on Death in Heaven for me. If it expands on what I felt were some of the flaws on Dark Water (great as it was it wasn't a perfect episode - the reveal that the Doctor/Clara confrontation was just a dream made me want to throw something at my TV) and gives us a satisfying end to the Clara story then this might be the best season ever. If DiH doesn't quite live up to all that, S1 will remain in the top spot for me. Still, Listen tho
    November 4 11:37 PM
  • Rowan5215 Not sure which comment about Forest you're referring to but the Doctor has been making references to being a father for quite a while now although usually not in a super-serious way. And while I did enjoy parts of the End of Time (parts of it were awful) I don't see why RTD should kill off a character who's been coming back since the early 70s. Why end his story when the show goes on?
    November 4 11:36 PM
  • Rowan5215 Damn haha, wasn't expecting that much of a response but I did ask... alright here goes. I can see what you mean about casting her just for shock value but personally I'm here hoping she keeps recurring across Capaldi's era like Delgado did with Pertwee. However I also think Moffat might be pulling a sly one on us with revealing her identity so soon so we'll see with that. I really wouldn't mind if either the Doctor or the Master changed genders but I know the Doc being female would be chaos
    November 4 11:34 PM
  • Rowan5215 Thoughts on Missy pls
    November 4 09:00 AM
  • Rowan5215 Agreed I'm still free of the cynicism but it threatens every day, its a never-ending fight ;_; I feel you, I occasionally head over there for some fun creepypasta but otherwise **** it. That's why you come to the sites with the decent people bro
    October 6 09:59 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah you're a bastard agreed. I don't use reddit (lol gay) and the site is use is almost entirely full of the cool fans so I get to avoid the ****wits
    October 6 09:18 AM
  • Rowan5215 It was a 9/10 for me but the Doctor Who fanbase is never satisfied. There's like 60% who are awesome people, 20% who only watched the show cos Tennant is hot and then 20% who are straight up ****s who complain and bitch and moan about everything
    October 6 06:31 AM
  • Rowan5215 I know its ****ing crazy! A war is coming, I can feel it. Loved the episode personally, some logic and science flaws which I could overlook for the brilliant character development, Capaldi being a ****ing badass and Jenna being the most talented actress they've ever had in a companion role. You?
    October 6 02:21 AM
  • Rowan5215 Listen is one of my favourites ever right now, Deep Breath was fantastic, Time Heist and Robots were great silly fun with flaws, and Into the Dalek was average. So all in all a pretty damn strong start and from the descriptions I've heard the next couple of episodes sound really fantastic - it would seem we have both a claustrophobic horror episode eg Midnight and a game-changer coming up
    September 21 07:34 AM
  • Rowan5215 Damn, 5.30? I will admit that is dedication. So far I haven't liked it any more or less than all of Smith's seasons (which is praise because I loved all three) but Listen is the best episode in ****ing YEARS
    September 16 08:24 AM
  • Rowan5215 Come at me **** also you better have watched Doctor Who last night you bitter old hag
    September 15 06:58 AM
  • dimsim3478 HYPED
    August 13 12:16 PM
  • dimsim3478 as wonderfully wonderful as this news is i'm sure that i would have no chance of seeing them, either for geographical reasons or for age reasons
    June 7 01:59 PM
  • dimsim3478 well s*** it is only $6 but with the Aus shipping it adds up to $19 so yeaaaa bit pricey
    May 3 09:49 AM
  • dimsim3478 yo dude did you pick up a Love American tape?
    May 3 09:41 AM
  • Rowan5215 I'll reserve proper judgement for now then, but cheers for the. Keep it real
    April 26 01:09 AM
  • Rowan5215 Rockin' a sweet look there bud. Yeah I enjoyed it but like it says in the description, the sound quality was s***ty. Couldn't even hear the vocals so I can't say whether I enjoyed them or not but the guitars were nice. I'm looking forward to a studio version.
    April 26 12:59 AM
  • Rowan5215 Jamming it now. Which one of these fine-looking fellas are you?
    April 26 12:48 AM
  • Rowan5215 Ahaha ****in well done! I'll listen to er tomorrow man.
    April 25 02:01 PM
  • Rowan5215 What is it?
    April 25 12:42 PM
  • Rowan5215 Cheers mate, I'll make it.
    March 25 11:59 AM
    March 11 11:48 AM
  • Rowan5215 Just getting that now, are we? GIMME TURO GIMME SOME MORE
    March 11 10:09 AM
  • tempest-- started watching Mad Men every time Ali comes on I'm like :DDDDD but holy s*** Jon Hamm is like the best dude ever and the dialogue is fantastic and I've only watched 5 eps so far wow!!
    March 10 04:15 PM
  • Rowan5215 The few songs I've heard of her solo stuff are ****ing terrible so we skipped it, no regrets. That bit in If I Had a Tail was amazing, hahaha. And also THAT lead in from Feel Good Hit to I Appear Missing.
    March 9 05:27 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah I Appear Missing was god-tier, must've been what, 10 minutes long? Shiiiit. I skipped Brody Dalle and deliberately arrived late, which I'm thankful for.
    March 9 05:21 AM
  • Rowan5215 Ah that's nice, I was about halfway down the seating area. I loved the NIN set except for the Hesitation Marks songs, I was amazed how good Trent sounded and how much energy he still has nowadays. If you don't think Hurt was the best song of the night, you're deluded mate.
    March 9 05:05 AM
  • Rowan5215 How ****ing good........ where were you at?
    March 9 04:52 AM
  • XingKing **** YEAH SLOTH!
    February 23 04:33 PM
  • Rowan5215 Who's that?
    February 22 09:33 AM
  • Rowan5215 Dude I'm so jealous. Nearly went to the DEP/Glassjaw show but no money and no-one I knew wanted to go, plus Monday nights would be brutal for school the next day. Think of me when you're moshing in the pit and all though. I might think about KSE too actually because Jesse is my god and (apparently) flawless live.
    February 22 01:18 AM
  • Rowan5215 Awesome, see you there! You end up going to the DEP/Glassjaw show?
    February 22 01:12 AM
  • tempest-- yeah man, good band! not usually my type of music but i give em a spin every now and again :D
    February 12 06:05 AM
  • ChadMuska wuz good
    February 11 09:28 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts haha Sudatsuga? yea i got a new album coming up and i also have several other projects on the go now
    February 1 07:39 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts hi :]. i missed yew buddy
    January 31 08:39 AM
  • climactic got a song for you to do vox on if youre still interested! shout me your email or fb or something
    January 26 09:09 PM
  • XingKing Thanks man. I really appreciate that. I'm actually doing this collab with a friend and we're gonna write a three song EP. I might be interested in some guest musicians if you've got a soundcloud or something to listen to any of your stuff
    January 22 05:12 AM
  • Wizard I love your sense of humour dude! hahahaha I agree to it's application around these parts.
    January 5 02:41 PM
  • Wizard I have to ask why your avatar has porncom and a black man on it?
    January 5 02:14 PM
  • Trebor. lol sweet
    January 1 02:46 PM
  • Rowan5215 I've only heard two of them: The Light at the End, which obviously I heard because it had Four through to Eight in it, and the Chimes of Midnight, which I was told was ****ing awesome (and it really was). Loved both of them.
    December 30 10:54 PM
  • Rowan5215 I completely agree about Eight being the Time War Doctor though, and I would have loved him to be the one to appear because McGann is a talented actor who would've worked well. I also wish to God that Eccleston had appeared in the 50th, but he is a stubborn one. I'm still happy with the way things worked out though. Yeah the Statue of Liberty plot point was pretty bad but other than that I love the episode, the human battery farm idea was terrifying.
    December 27 07:41 AM
  • Rowan5215 Runaway I would give like a 1.5/10, only scoring points because David Tennant is a great actor. There is absolutely nothing redeemable to me about the plot, script, dialogue, whatever, it's just horrible. Victory had some terrible moments but on the other hand, Smith going bats*** crazy and whacking the Dalek with a wrench was one of my favourite moments ever. The resurrection in Keeper of Traken actually made sense though, unlike the ****ing awful "Potions of Life and Death" excuse for a plot.
    December 27 07:39 AM
  • Rowan5215 Doesn't change the fact that Tennant, Simm and Dalton were absolutely fantastic but you know. I don't think Moffat put Hurt in simply to do the regeneration thing, I think he put Hurt in because he couldn't imagine McGann being the Doctor who fought in the war, and Eccleson refused to return. Whether it was justified to make another Doctor or not is up to you, but I don't think that's why Moffat did it. Also seriously, what's wrong with TATM (except for Rory's lack of a proper farewell)?
    December 27 04:49 AM
  • Rowan5215 I dunno I feel like the time jumps could've been handled in a better way. It would've been a lot more effective if we'd seen Clara travelling in the TARDIS back to Trenzalore all excited to see the Doctor, and she gets out and finds that he's old and weak, rather than just using narration to explain what was happening. I dunno I mean the End of Time isn't the worst episode ever (the Runaway Bride gets that title) but some parts of the plot were just so cringeworthy, especially the resurrection.
    December 27 04:48 AM
  • Rowan5215 Oh and, I'm glad it was a damn sight better than the End of Time, which was the episode that disappointed me the most in the history of the show.
    December 27 04:23 AM
  • Rowan5215 Overall, I wanted a lot more Weeping Angel action that I got and the sudden time jumps of 300 years or so were a bit off-putting, but I have few complaints with it. It was action-packed and emotional by turns and the perfect sendoff for my favourite Doctor. So yeah.
    December 27 04:22 AM
  • Rowan5215 I'm glad you liked it and yeah, I'm so happy Moffat tied up all the plot threads with Smith's departure, it felt right. Yeah it would've been cool to see a story arc about the regen cycle but if you think about it, Smith would've had to stay another season for that to happen because this was his last regeneration otherwise. It made me smile when Capaldi said "do you know how to fly this thing" to Clara, it'll be interesting to see where that goes with his first episode I think.
    December 27 04:21 AM
  • Rowan5215 Ah cmon, it was funny. I have faith in Capaldi, he'll do great. Did you like the episode at least?
    December 27 03:19 AM
  • Rowan5215 RIP Eleven ;(
    December 27 02:13 AM
  • XingKing Well I hope it tickles your fancy!
    November 26 05:25 PM
  • Rowan5215 Woops, I accidentally pressed on your second comment there, but I get the picture of what you're saying. I think it would've been nice to see an in-depth moral examination as you said, but it would've been trying to cram too much into too little time. It almost seemed a bit rushed already with both the three Doctors and the Zygons plot going on (both of which were Moffat giving the fans what they were asking for) so it was almost like he didn't have time to stop and look at the morality.
    November 24 08:54 PM
  • Rowan5215 Oh well. I think we're destined to never agree.
    November 24 10:31 AM
  • Rowan5215 The Power of Three was written by Chibnall, by far the s***tiest writer in the show. It's not a retcon at all; because Hurt and Tennant don't recall the events of the special, that means that nothing has changed in the way they dealt with it during their time and only for Smith has it changed things. As for the End of Time, that obviously occured before the Doctors put Gallifrey in suspended animation, because if it had happened after they would've been dead because of the Moment.
    November 24 10:29 AM
  • Rowan5215 Damn, I'm sad you didn't like it. I thought that the way he examined the Time War from different viewpoints (eg from Hurt's viewpoint, struggling with it as a current thing, to Tennant and Smith struggling with it as a traumatic memory to Clara struggling with the effect she sees it has on them) was brilliant though. And yes, T. Baker was brilliant as usual, and I'm so unbelievably glad that Piper wasn't playing Rose because my god do I hate Rose.
    November 24 10:26 AM
  • Rowan5215 Oh, are you going to see it at a cinema or something? That's awesome, I just got up at like 5:30 to catch the first broadcast. I still think Series 5 has some of Moffat's best work ever and it's overall close to being my favourite series, as I think it has the least filler. There aren't many plotholes that get resolved in the Day of the Doctor, but from the trailer of the Christmas Special that's been put up, it looks like that is where everything is gonna come full circle.
    November 24 04:29 AM
  • Rowan5215 Believe me, for once Moffat wasn't exaggerating when he said this would change the show forever. Its mindblowing. I agree that a special like that would be amazing but I don't think Eccleston is ever gonna agree to return, which makes me very sad. If I were you, I would be avoiding the internet completely because if someone had spoiled it for me, I would go on a rampage : ). Catch the Five-Ish Doctors when you can, it's quite hilarious.
    November 24 04:24 AM
  • Rowan5215 Moffat definitely gets it REALLY right when he gets it right, I think it's just the time difference between him writing one episode per year in the RTD era and like 6 a year now. Considering he's had more than a year to work on the Day of the Doctor, I have no qualms with calling it his best work yet. Seriously, if it has the same effect on you that it did on me, there's two parts that will leave you grinning from ear to ear and the end will knock you to the floor. Show gets changed bigtime.
    November 24 04:07 AM
  • Rowan5215 Agreed that the episode wasn't Gaiman's best, but Smith's performance left me with my jaw hanging on the floor on that one. Completely agreed about the Night of the Doctor although unfortunately I had it spoiled for me that McGann was coming back, it was still a delight to see him. And I really liked the Last Day, not ashamed to admit that some parts scared the s*** out of me.
    November 24 04:04 AM
  • Rowan5215 Ok sweet, yeah Smith has really been pulling his weight recently. Did you see Nightmare in Silver? His performance as both the Cyber Planner and the Doctor just by changing his body language was ****ing incredible. As for the special, well, it's everything I hoped it would be, and I'm immensely satisfied with it. Without revealing too much, I can say you won't be dissatisfied with how many Doctors appear in it.
    November 24 03:53 AM
  • Rowan5215 So, you see the DW 50th or have you given up on the show completely?
    November 23 10:05 PM
  • Rowan5215 Ok so should I expect grayscale cover art with pictures of dead birds and writing and a black metal band logo written in ballpoint pen?
    November 18 09:49 AM
  • Rowan5215 Do you have anything up for listening yet?
    November 18 05:41 AM
  • tempest-- I am so sorry but she is perf, I have to express my love somehow!
    November 16 03:29 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Don't you dare start an American Football pun war. If you even think of starting one, you'd better STAY HOME.
    November 10 04:53 AM
  • Athom what's yr email address
    November 10 03:51 AM
  • BallsToTheWall 4 EVER!!
    October 28 12:23 AM
  • dimsim3478 RIP Chopper
    October 15 01:06 PM
  • conesmoke "Blade Runner metal and the world needs more of it"too ****ing right man.
    October 9 11:41 AM
  • 72haha72 http://joliette.bandcamp.com/album/principia
    September 15 12:14 AM
  • 72haha72 Hi :) . This is the link where you can listen to our new album. I hope you like it
    September 14 08:35 PM
  • Nocte http://www.facebook.com/robert.garland.16
    May 29 01:44 AM
  • Captain North Which Karl John, there are quite a few haha
    May 27 03:24 AM
  • Captain North I actually thought both bands were better last time I saw them, but still great. Yeah I missed Hyro thanks to my dumb ex, but I wasn't that keen anyway. As for me, I'm learning guitar (still beginner) but my talent lies in words. I write some pretty good poetry I want to make into lyrics. I was asking because I wondered if you'd be interested in forming a band? I have a bassist friend and we've always wanted to get one together. Finding a drummer would be difficult though
    May 26 07:26 AM
  • Captain North Yeah I missed Hyro as well. Letlive were nuts, Jason is just a madman. Deftones were unsurprisingly awesome, even though they skipped two of their albums. I was watching from up behind the stage, it was a pretty awesome spot haha. Btw do you play any instruments?
    May 26 06:17 AM
  • Puzzles Hah, I'm with you there - the problem comes when the journey is so frustrating and you just want to finish it, then you get to the end and you're like, "oh, well that's that. I'll just move on now." That's kind of how that music video was for me. Anyway, I'd be hella interested to read your material if you're keen, give my interpretation etc. Don't feel obligated but if you want to send stuff through, my email is tom.lilley01@hotmail.com
    May 14 09:17 AM
  • Puzzles Yeah I know what you mean, the hardest thing ever is resuming something you haven't been in touch with in a while and realising that you think nothing of it. It's always easier to cut your losses and start fresh. Don't worry about it though man, you'll eventually come up with something that you'll want to stick with and at the end of the road you'll be proud of it. You've just got to push through the dirt and s*** to get to the diamonds.
    May 11 07:44 AM
  • Puzzles What kind of stuff do you write - is it along the lines of short stories/articles and stuff or screenplays/novels? I had an intense streak of inspiration where I had a synopsis after less than two weeks, followed by a writing spree to 50 pages, then I slipped into that overanalytical, impure creative mindset so I haven't written anything in a couple of months. By the way, how was Deftones? It ****ing ruled, I bet
    May 10 05:26 PM
  • Puzzles You're right in a lot of ways, and from a creative standpoint, that's the most productive and purest outlook to have. I still can't escape the ambitions that I have in terms of music/writing/filmmaking but those ambitions are much more in the background now than, say, two years ago. Yeah far out, the Annandale's pretty iconic around Sydney, at least from what I've heard. I'm insanely jealous you're seeing Deftones, so bummed to have missed out
    May 8 11:07 PM
  • Puzzles I know what you mean, I used to do it a lot but sort of got sick of it, plus the only bands worth seeing around here cost a fair bit. Seems kind of s*** spending 60 bucks to see a band alone that I'll only half remember, but that's just me lol. What's the scene/venues like around Sydney?
    May 5 09:05 AM
  • Puzzles Ah man, that's pretty cool to hear - I appreciate it. You're right in pointing out the contrast between intent and interpretation. It'd all be cool if more than 20 people had heard the record, but oh well lol. By the way, I just came across this insane relic - it's a record of Nick Drake's mum singing and playing piano in their living room, recently remastered. She has a beautiful, soulful voice and it's well worth a listen http://mollydrake.bandcamp.com/album/molly-drake
    May 5 08:45 AM
  • Puzzles Nah dude I haven't seen too many bands of late - I saw alot of indie bands earlier in the year as well as DZ Deathrays and Twelve Foot Ninja but I haven't been inclined to spend all my cash on bigger shows (Converge/Godspeed/Tool). Problem is the few good mates I have are pretty indie-centric and I don't particularly enjoy going to gigs by myself hahah. Pretty bummed about missing out on Deftones tickets though :(
    May 5 06:52 AM
  • Puzzles so I've reached the point where I'm just going to make the music I want to make, with no expectations and without targeting any audience. I was in a hurry back then to achieve some sort of success, so after losing those delusions I don't really care at this point - I just want to make the record I want to make - and what's the point if a bunch of people like something you did and you're not 100% behind it?
    May 5 06:47 AM
  • Puzzles I suppose it was a little less derivative by comparison but looking back, it was like with the first record I was just making the music I wanted to make and I was really into it - the second was like I was making music I thought would appeal to a certain crowd, sort of trying my hand at making pop music. I had expectations going into it which is why it sounds dishonest to me. At the same time, with the first record, it was still a bit contrived to a degree -
    May 5 06:44 AM
  • Puzzles Woah man, you actually dug the Aviator? I was into it at the time but in retrospect it wasn't particularly 'honest' and it's kind of a black sheep to me. I love Trampled Underfoot, but there isn't anything else on there that interests me looking back. I'm glad you're into it man, I'm keen to hear some of your material. I'll sit tight
    May 4 08:30 AM
  • Puzzles I've had a revelation - you know how the Cog guys took to the name? I think I'm going to rename the project as Venusian. Seems like a pretty good option to me, what do you think? I could ask the guys to change the name, but grovelling to musicians I admire isn't exactly one of my favourite past times
    May 2 06:00 PM
  • Well Colonel Butkuiss, it's about time. Presenting... the bane of my existence, the Damoclesian Sword that lives above my head - enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3DvjNSZy84
    May 2 03:41 AM
  • Puzzles Lap steels are the s*** man, I'm considering amazon'ing for one. No worries bud, I'll hit you up with a link when they're done. I've got to go out and buy some universal adapters because the bloody power plug on the EHD I just bought is Chinese on the hard drive I just bought... Can't do any work on the vid on account of my hard drive being filled up ahha
    April 27 07:12 AM
  • Puzzles Basically two music videos - 1 is for 'Ipse Captivus' running into 'Nos, Liberi' which I did last year just for the sake of it, it's fairly straightforward. The other is for the demo I showed you a while back, which has obviously been re-recorded and fleshed out since you heard it - I filmed the video sporadically through four weeks last year and filmed a little more a couple of months ago. Editing has been a nightmare but it's 6 and a half minutes long so all will be revealed hehe
    April 25 08:41 AM
  • Puzzles I know how it is dude, I'm working my way through a list of gear to get, basically a full band's worth so I don't have to rely on people for gear (because most people don't have much in the way of gear, and if they leave, you're ****ed) - so far I've bought Studio Monitors, an external hard drive, that preamp, a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI foot controller, but I'm saving up every week so that in a few months I'll have about 2 grand's worth of gear. All of it I'm getting off Amazon ahha
    April 25 08:37 AM
  • Puzzles It's tricky trying to balance spending with sonic limitations... Sometimes, spreading the butter thinly works out but every now and then you try to persist with something that just isn't working (ie that s***ty mixing console I was using). Those bastards! Ah well, I've still got the better variation of the name (who needs 'the') and once I put out these first two music videos next week or so, I'll be set in some level of legitimacy (albeit very little legitimacy).
    April 25 06:01 AM
  • Puzzles Hahah dude it was hardly worth mentioning, it was just a fun exercise in singing that I knocked off in a couple of weeks. I don't even know why it's up there tbh, it's pretty s***
    April 24 02:15 PM
  • Puzzles It'll make things way easier. I know what you mean, have you been in many bands before? Dude I've got a few mates doing Science degrees at UQ and it's always the same story - an insane workload, 4 or 5 days a week, just constant pressure and hard work. Are you digging it? I'm doing a bachelor of international studies for the meantime, majoring in international relations and french. It's great given that I've met a few people that are really into what they're doing and they're really on the ball
    April 24 02:13 PM
  • Puzzles I'm mad keen to hear some stuff man - it's always good fun mucking about with different guitar tones and what not. What gear are you using? I can make a few suggestions if you want, I've recently become accustomed to plugging my guitar and condenser mic into this little Behringer 5 input preamp (whereas before I was using a $100 mixer which had s*** loads of hiss) which has been brilliant - no feedback/hiss whatsoever, it's pretty small, great sonics and about $60 off amazon
    April 24 02:10 PM
  • Puzzles Far out dude, sounds sweet, can I hear a track or two/rough demo? I'm keen to hear your weird bass stylings - I've only got 2 days of uni dude :P you'll find you're a lot more productive when you have less time do make music. I've had heaps of free time the last couple of months and haven't done s***. It's only since I've gotten really busy have I been inspired ahha
    April 21 12:44 PM
  • Puzzles hey dude, how are things? Have you gotten around to any recording/writing recently?
    April 21 11:38 AM
  • kingsoby1 yeah i think it was an alright review, but i was way too harsh. felt wrong after writing that sadistik review. i might go back and do it again, we'll see
    March 16 01:37 AM
  • kingsoby1 you mean eyedea? i retracted it, too harsh and borderline wrong
    March 16 12:54 AM
  • Gwyn. that you jaskier
    February 4 04:33 PM
  • TRMshadow YA RLY
    December 3 05:42 PM
  • TRMshadow Like your O RLY Owl.
    December 2 12:49 PM
  • ButteryBiscuitBass Legend you got it!
    November 29 12:28 PM
  • DarthMann alright man, i forgot to shoutbox you earlier sorry lol, anyway, if you're still interested it'd be cool if you could give everyone your skype and we create a group convo where we discuss s*** with everyone else? only if you're still interested though haha
    November 4 01:31 AM
  • bloc Love the avatar dude, hilarious
    October 28 04:20 PM
  • ChadMuska yo sup, thanks bro i got mad cash from lil aces like you. you still skate homie?
    October 25 12:55 AM
  • Ignimbrite haha, glad to know someone remembers that time.
    October 24 05:31 AM
  • Ignimbrite Indeed, I am wyankeif.
    October 24 05:13 AM
  • Captain North **** yeah, good to not be alone in liking those aspects! I think it kinda got panned cos they were full on hardcore before that record so it was too much of a departure people to handle
    October 19 12:58 PM
  • silentpotato dude, real tough question. haven't even begun picking the top of the heap. Contenders would be new Why?, Flylo, Mount Eerie, DFRNT, Four Tet, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Om, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Russ Liquid, Brian Jonestown, Sidi Toure, Mount Fuji, XXYYXX, Moss of Moonlight, The Herbaliser, Polica, Bonobo remix album, Ilyas Ahmed, and Kayo Dot. lol... yeah. its been a good year. what about you?
    October 14 09:57 AM
  • Puzzles I reckon I'll get that before Allelujah!, it sounds pretty damn promising. Yeah I suppose so, though I don't have the mad production that Chino does. I'm still keen to hear your material man, keep in mind that if you can make a little progress you can make a lot. Music is a fun journey like that
    October 14 12:32 AM
  • Puzzles I haven't heard the new Godspeed record yet but I just got Skinny Fists and am already a big fan of F#A# infinity so I'm getting pretty keen. You ought to try Amplitube, it's considered to be the best software amp modeller around and every customisation option you could ask for!
    October 4 07:27 AM
  • Puzzles I'm totally ruined on guitar tones man, I'm just trying and trying to get one I like the sound of. Yeah, I'm actually working on my voice at the moment and trying to find my own distinct style. Silentpotato made the point that I do sound a bit like those tech metal band cleans which I had a feeling I did, so mortified as I am I've realised that I need to find my own voice. Technicality-wise I'm a really strong singer, but I've fallen into a rut in terms of tone.
    October 4 07:26 AM
  • Puzzles Also, presenting my latest aural misadventure... http://soundcloud.com/occupantsband/venusian
    October 1 09:29 PM
  • Puzzles Damn, I'm insanely jealous. I should probably listen to more Defeater. Love Sufjan Stevens, especially the Age of Adz and Illinoise (to a lesser extent). I've heard GY!BE are amazing live, and had no idea they were touring - I think I'll get tickets actually seeing as I'll be 18. Dude, the best thing you can do for yourself is to develop a strong breathing technique, like pulling in your stomach as you sing. There should be some good stuff if you google it
    September 29 05:51 AM
  • Puzzles Argh, no worries brah, sorry to hear it. Yeah, nothing related to hardcore has ever been kind to one's health ahha (except straight edge, I guess). It sounds like you have the same attitude as me man, I'm stoked to hear what you come up with. What are ya listening to these days man?
    September 28 10:19 AM
  • Puzzles I can still pull off some interesting stuff. I guarantee 100% if you have a goal for yourself and work towards it that you will reach it. It was a matter of realising things overnight and one day I can't sing anything above a G4 and the next day (literally) I can easily hit D5s. It'll be the same with you man, you just have to set that goal and let the technique reveal itself to you.
    September 7 10:06 AM
  • Puzzles That was my perspective then, anyway lol. Sounds ridiculous now. That was mid-way through 2010 that I started, and I'd only thought of myself as a Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan type (that the music was important and singing was just a necessity) and if I shrouded everything in distortion then people wouldn't notice how bad I was. I took lessons and really worked my ass off with technique and I'm more of a singer now. I've still got so much further to go, but...
    September 7 10:04 AM
  • Puzzles Far out man, that sounds nasty, especially if you're off your feet. Screaming incorrectly does **** up your voice haha, what's it done to yours? That whole first EP I wasn't screaming correctly at all. That was all a combination of doing things I'm not supposed to and vocal distortion, like Chino. I was trying to make that screaming sound by just grating my voice, and half way through I figured out that if you shouted a high note really loudly it would sound like a scream.
    September 7 10:01 AM
  • Puzzles Yeah, I had something like that around the end of last term, my voice was all raspy for a couple of weeks so I couldn't speak let alone sing. How long have you been singing for, man?
    August 30 02:19 AM
  • Puzzles "equal parts hardcore, post-rock, and a bit of metal filtered through whatever weird indie I'm listening to this week." - Sounds like all kinds of awesome to me, you've got to send something through man, at least a track! Yeah switching from Cubase was weird - I wasn't aware of the concept of the actually program having a MIDI grid and so it freaked me out when I realised it wasn't built into EZDrummer, which was what I was using at the time.
    August 17 09:13 AM
  • Puzzles You beauty!! That's good stuff, man, can't wait to see what you come up with. If ever you need a hand with mixing, you can certainly send whatever you have through and I'll mix/EQ all of it (hopefully my s***ty job with Uno is no discouragement). How's Logic working out for you? First time I got it, it was really overwhelming with the MIDI grid and what not. It gets easy pretty quickly though
    August 5 02:29 AM
  • Puzzles Have fixed the trebly problem twofold by adjusting the multi band compressor. It sounds much better now!
    July 23 10:33 AM
  • Puzzles There is still a lot of me in there. That's the reason for the intro and outro tracks and the lyrical content. Trampled Underfoot is still my favourite track! Love and Protest is meant to be a dance-y pop song (or at least my best attempt at one) minus the lyrics, I guess. Its major key-ness isn't for everyone!
    July 22 02:53 AM
  • Puzzles This is something I noticed too, about the production - I changed a couple mixes quite considerably last night and tweaked the mastering. I'd give two reasons for it being trebly - the headphones I'm using to mix with and my hearing loss in the upper frequencies, but I'm doing my best to smooth out by using a reference CD. I toned down a bunch of reverb and fixed it up a lot! I was too eager to put it up on Bandcamp, I think. In any case, it's a concept record, like a narrative, but..
    July 22 02:50 AM
  • Puzzles I'm really interested to know what you didn't actually like about it, probably more so than what you did! ahha
    July 21 05:50 AM
  • Puzzles (one of which is an NTA-1, that one's mine, the other two were borrowed to mic the piano), a shock mount and pop filter for the vocals, Superior Drummer and a Cort steel-stringed acoustic. I mix and mastered in Logic. I'd run everything into the mixing console and then from the mixing console straight to the Mac. It's lightyears away from what I had on Uno (there's a reason that record sounds like s*** - I didn't know to to record, mix or master and did everything pretty haphazardly).
    July 21 05:49 AM
  • Puzzles Right on, man! Glad you're digging it. It's funny that it came off as weird and eclectic, considering I'd set out to make a really conventional pop/rock record. I guess my voice has a depressing quality to it, and there's a lot of reverb on it as well. Can you give me a bit more detail about how the production came across to you? My setup is pretty simple, for this record I used a Macbook Pro, Logic Pro, a Yamaha MG102c mixing console, an Ibanez guitar, a Yamaha piano, multiple Rode microphones
    July 21 05:45 AM
  • Puzzles Far out man! It took me a little over a month to record, mix and master but it's done! It's just a sidestep, really. The LP that's coming alone at the moment is heavy, but in a different, weird sort of way. It's got the odd time signatures, but I want to stay as far away from 'djent' as possible. Anyway, here you go! http://occupants.bandcamp.com/
    July 20 10:55 AM
  • silentpotato haha theres tonnes of random s*** on there man... mandolin, jew harp, recorder, thumb piano, electric bass, acoustic bass, keyboard, guitar, djembe, bongos, monkey bracelet... think thats bout it!
    July 16 09:18 AM
  • Puzzles Nearly finished mixing so here's one track for ya: http://soundcloud.com/occupantsband/the-tallest-man-on-earth. Not sure about the name but I'll figure something out.
    July 15 03:26 PM
  • silentpotato thanks for the birthday wishes dude and the kind words, im really stoked you liked it that much and thanks for showing your friends! any highlights for you?
    July 15 02:26 AM
  • silentpotato "cuddly gypsy swagging sexy man bear you" lol i love you. let me know how u like it!
    July 13 09:29 AM
  • silentpotato yo i finished my lp! http://sudatsuga.bandcamp.com/
    July 13 04:12 AM
  • Puzzles Hahaha, you said it. I shall, man! I suppose I share that fear, but then again, I don't care how much of an asshole someone is, if he wants to tour and play this stuff, that's good enough!
    July 12 03:49 AM
  • Puzzles I guess so, finding good enough players who actually want to play and tour is a fear of mine. Then again, I never know who I'll meet tomorrow. You've just got to be in the right place at the right time. So anyway, link us up to some material man! Everyone's self conscious about their own work to a degree!
    July 6 01:38 PM
  • Puzzles Yeah but in terms of playing live, if you've got material, you have a selection of people who'd be able to play your stuff. My biggest challenge in taking this thing the next step further is finding people who will actually be able to play it and have the desire to tour. Drummers are the worst, especially given my age and the complexity of the stuff I program for drums (in terms of time signatures and techniques and such). And it helps if they're not assholes lol. Have you recorded anything?
    July 5 09:12 AM
  • Puzzles I was initially going to jump straight into the full-length but found myself with a bunch of material that didn't fit, which I really dug. Plus, I need to be working on several things at once because otherwise I'll hit a brick wall with one set of material and have nowhere to go. That kills creativity, man. Tell me more about this thing you've got going on, now that you got me interested lol
    July 5 07:59 AM
  • Puzzles Ahha, we're the same age man! I thought you were twenty-something, given your insane writing. You're lucky to have so many musicians, especially with such a variety of taste. I go to this upper-class, conservative as s*** school, so you'd figure I don't know anyone with more than a vague interest in music. I guess there's one or two people, but they barely play. Anyway, I'm no Cloudkicker - I finished recording that EP in 2011 so I've been pretty slack.
    July 5 07:57 AM
  • Puzzles The single (or double A-side) will be after that and will be the heaviest yet and eclectic as I said. s*** yes!
    July 5 07:06 AM
  • Puzzles Ah s***, forgot to mention that this EP will be a pop concept record. It'll be six tracks (only four of them being full length songs and the other two being 'filler' tracks like something on NIN's Broken or a Tool album). I'm experimenting a lot with harmonies and vocal-centric tracks so it's hella melodic, like a cross between The Jezabels and OK Computer era RH. It's called 'The Aviator' and I did the artwork myself again.
    July 5 07:04 AM
  • Puzzles I'm pretty much the same, I only dig Muramasa, Ragnarok and MTD. I was actually really stoked for the album after hearing Muramasa and MTD, but so let down when I heard the whole thing. Meshuggah can pull off the small-progression-but-mostly-the-same vibe from album to album but with these guys, it just sounds cheesy as hell. s***, those are two things I didn't know about you man - that you're at school and have a band. What do you play? (I hope you haven't already told me and I've forgotten lol
    July 5 06:27 AM
  • Puzzles Nah not at all, I think it's a flaming pile of horse semen. Seems I'm the odd one out though, the large majority of their fans seem to be loving it. It's just too bland and repetitive for me, and the melodic sections are even cheesier than before. What do you reckon? Also, the new EP will be finished in a week and a half man, then a single in a few months!!!
    July 4 09:38 AM
  • fr33convict Haha getting suddenly massive off of our EP the average song length is like six and a half minutes would be pretty m/ thanks dude :3
    June 29 03:48 PM
  • fr33convict Things are good dude. We've had some great shows recently and have some incredibly exciting opportunities coming up. There's been a comedy of errors delaying in the recording process for our ep lol but hopefully we'll be able to have the thing out by mid-July or August.
    June 12 05:30 PM
  • Puzzles Hahahahaha! Very nice, mate. How sick is that new Periphery track?
    June 5 07:20 AM
  • Puzzles Ahha what do ya mean
    June 5 04:21 AM
  • Puzzles Oops, finger slipped. Oh, what's this? A DZ Deathrays review?! http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/50094/DZ-Deathrays-Bloodstreams/
    June 4 10:26 AM
  • Puzzles Ha! I have indeed. I was actually going to mention it once I've finished the new EP, which should be done in 7 weeks. I've got to wait until the holidays then I'm going to finish the rest of it in the 3 weeks. But yeah, I found the perfect name, and I thought that Duality and the Republic was too long and pretentious. It makes a strange first impression. No more name changes, I swear!
    May 23 01:43 AM
  • macadoolahicky Here comes... the Crimson Chin!
    April 28 04:20 AM
  • iGuter Thanks Butkuiss
    April 17 01:55 PM
  • MetalMan79 I'm really digging The Contortionist's Exoplanet, check it out!
    March 23 12:35 AM
  • MetalMan79 Hey, I sent you an email, and I'm writing here too: I've got a new review, and since you're like my teacher, feel free to check it out! Thanks man!
    March 18 02:38 AM
  • Puzzles That is one hell of a compliment. Thanks man, glad to hear it's being played loud m/ lol
    March 5 11:36 AM
  • FranzSchubert its just that i can clearly remember it because it was the most awkward fist pump/ hug. haha
    February 12 11:41 AM
  • FranzSchubert ah yes, i remember you now... they were so tight! pretty funny how dreyer just shoved you off the stage
    February 12 10:40 AM
  • FranzSchubert Central Coast. was a bit of a trek due to cancelled trains :/, well worth it though. ive received much love for that pic during my short time on the site
    February 11 12:03 PM
  • FranzSchubert so where do you hail from?
    February 11 11:52 AM
  • MetalMan79 I sent an email on the adresse you gave me. Check it out please.
    January 31 12:07 PM
  • Puzzles Don't be sorry bro! I appreciate it as always
    January 29 06:07 AM
  • MetalMan79 what's your email adress? i have some questions to ask you... im writing a review of Desolation from Lamb of God I need advice
    January 28 07:17 PM
  • Puzzles pop songs with the quick verse-chorus-verse structure. Should be interesting! Won't cost me a thing either. Anyway man, I know I'm boring you/don't want to be a pain in the ass, but do you think you could/re-post that review? Rather than referring to this as a remaster, I would rather pretend it didn't exist in any other form. It's just not really necessary to do that seeing as only like 200 people have heard the thing lol
    January 27 11:07 AM
  • Puzzles I'm still demoing tracks for the full-length, but since I have some artwork going and a few tracks I've been wanting to release, I'll have another EP out in a couple months. It'll be a 5 track thing, with 3 really strong tracks and two tracks on either side which will be short programmatic tracks with lots of sampling. It'll be a really short concept album, really, should be interesting, although it's a dichotomy in the sense that there is a very deep concept involved but they're essentially
    January 27 11:02 AM
  • ToMMyMiL116 Thanks bud! I have heard probably about half of those bands, but the ones I haven't I will Def check out. Good looks!
    January 27 07:34 AM
  • silentpotato ****in sweet man i have heard none of that!! thanks ill give u holla when i check em out!
    January 27 04:46 AM
  • Puzzles Now it's 'Duality and the Republic', hope you dig it - jump onto http://dualityandtherepublic.bandcamp.com/ Other sites and such aren't quite there, should be in the next couple of days. The bandcamp layout will be the same as delusiontwin.bandcamp.com which I also changed recently. You'll probably find some changes in the music a bit strange because it's not what you're used to. Let me know what you think mang!
    January 25 09:41 AM
  • Puzzles Well, it's finally done dude! I'm excited about this, it's louder, less abrasive, you can hear the vocals, there's plenty of bass and it just sounds bigger all round. I've refined a lot of drum parts and re-recorded some sections, as well as re-recording the entire final track. I don't think I mentioned, but I was trying to come up with names for a second EP, but I ended up changing the name entirely lol
    January 25 09:38 AM
  • silentpotato haha damn thanks man im glad you dig it! really stoked u have been showin your friends too! you'll definitely be the first person i hit up when i get around to an lp :).
    January 19 10:31 PM
  • silentpotato i am sad to say waste age teen land is not nearly as good as this is where we were... its a lot more tongue and cheek and a lot less wow awesome
    January 19 02:55 AM
  • AllGabrielsAreGlass Enjoy that Tom Waits man \m/
    January 12 07:16 PM
  • SylentEcho haha epic avatar. I remember Nigel Thornberry. "Gobblers!"
    January 9 08:01 AM
  • silentpotato holy ****... well im gonna go dl everything that you mentioned in those 2 shoutboxes now lol
    January 8 10:19 PM
  • silentpotato yeah man everything is ****ing A. obviously im a sucker for some suave drums since im a drummer and i love bass too and i think that really makes it. whats the new one called?
    January 7 10:39 PM
  • silentpotato man that facecandy album is absolutely incredible
    January 7 06:01 AM
  • Puzzles Yeah can't say I dig Fellsilent, but I can see where the influence comes from. I still can't get into that polyrhythmic metalcore type stuff, with those post-hardcore vocal harmonies and such. To be honest the only metalcore I dig is The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge and Botch. Anything other than that I just can't get into
    January 7 02:39 AM
  • Puzzles Hell yeah man, that's sick - they're really Periphery-esque which I kind of dig, apart from the vocals. Just not so one-sided. I wish I could be their vocalist lol. Kim would be great on one of the tracks, I bet. Btw can't make a shoutbox post without mentioning, I'm remastering, partially re-recording my EP. I'm mastering it myself this time, considering how much that dude at Angel Studios ****ed it up. It's going to sound awesome.
    January 6 06:49 AM
  • Puzzles Hah, thanks alot mang. I appreciate the support
    December 19 03:55 AM
  • Activista anti-MTV Agreed. You like The Beatles. Play on, play on
    November 5 05:45 AM
  • silentpotato check out my new review man :). It ain't Wavering Radiant, but its something! i feel like i need to practice up a bit before i unleash that beast...
    November 2 07:10 AM
  • Puzzles Really digging that Jezabels record now man! It was a bit much to take in at first, but it's starting to make sense now lol - thanks again for the rec!
    October 17 11:29 AM
  • Nocte Hey man, read my latest, tell me what you think.
    October 17 12:56 AM
  • silentpotato nice! I was kinda hoping a good review for that album would come up! I'll give er a read!
    October 15 10:27 AM
  • Collateral Ah very nicee, I've been to QLD a few times, most places dont seem too dissimilar to NSW.. I tend to gravitate towards Sydney's busy vibe though lol
    October 13 10:41 AM
  • Collateral Wicked dude. I dig your writing and that delusion twin review was tops. I take it youre a Queenslander yeah? I'm from Sydney myself
    October 13 09:50 AM
  • Puzzles Thanks man, it would be my pleasure! I certainly mean it when I say that was a great review - flawlessly structured, appropriately detailed and consistently interesting (even though it's of my record haha). I'm reading your new one now, let you know what I think!
    October 13 09:45 AM
  • Nocte Sad thing is, i have plenty more coming. I just have to balance my writing with my apprenticeship.(pulling about 50hrs a week)so i don't have the time i would like for writing.
    October 12 09:34 PM
  • Puzzles Hah. You're a legend, mate!
    October 12 05:31 AM
  • Puzzles As egotistical as this sounds, is bumping it to a 4 out of the question? Coming from the guy who said "be as objective as possible" haha... It just seems that reviews can influence people's opinions, so I figure "why not" haha
    October 11 11:30 PM
  • Puzzles Thanks again mate! You're one hell of a writer, and it's a fantastic review. Cheers!
    October 11 11:28 PM
  • Puzzles haha, no trouble mate! I appreciate you doing it in the first place
    October 11 10:20 AM

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