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  • aok ur voice reminds me of jonah hill tbh
    January 5 02:02 PM
  • aok sexy bby
    January 4 08:45 PM
  • MO will do man for sure. actually when my band drops our EP maybe you can fire up a review about it!
    January 1 09:17 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Anytime, will do.
    December 31 03:24 PM
  • Flugmorph No problem bro. :)
    December 31 06:27 AM
  • TheSpaceMan unfortunately I don't have a youtube account ): but I'll be sure to check out some of your new ones once hey get posted... any albums you're planning to do/have already recorded?
    December 30 07:09 PM
  • TheSpaceMan just checked out your Rishloo review on YT, you did a great job on it man! agreed with almost all your points
    December 30 06:50 PM
  • aok wordyea where to start uhh. bought a house in brooklyn, working a brand new job in same field (electrical building design) nd still spend too much time trolling around with the youngins all over tha internets. weren't we slated to see radiohead at some point or some such thing? how u been?
    July 22 01:51 PM
  • aok yooo where u ben att?
    July 21 09:20 PM
  • Ire ofc bb
    July 31 08:10 PM
  • Etrius i really liked your review for copia
    May 10 09:51 AM
  • Ire come back : (
    April 14 05:28 PM
  • DarkSideOfLucca Wait a minute...Greg? Holy s*** I'm actually going over your house later lol
    March 27 06:25 PM
  • DarkSideOfLucca From where? Who art thou?
    March 27 06:23 PM
  • DarthMann y r u dead :[
    November 11 07:24 PM
  • aok grizzly bear (orchestra seating) set me back 55 a piece for two tickets but the chick i broke up with bailed on me so i might be scrambling to unload a ticket lol
    September 9 02:34 AM
  • DarthMann its absolutely fantastic 5/5 as you can tell by my rating
    August 12 06:10 PM
  • Jethro42 Yes I have but I never use it. Should I?
    August 5 08:47 PM
  • Graveyard ilu
    August 3 01:36 AM
  • DarthMann bro i started watching game of thrones **** yea
    July 24 04:43 PM
  • DarthMann **** yeah dude sup
    July 5 07:13 PM
  • Ire where u been man come back
    June 27 05:22 PM
  • BaselineOOO I'm sorry but I never heard about them, not a big fan of iems.
    June 14 11:05 AM
  • Graveyard sup neighbor
    June 7 03:47 AM
  • MO **** yea man, when they busted out I Am Colossus I s*** my pants, and closing with Dancers was the icing on a perfect night
    May 24 01:36 PM
  • Graveyard how come you don't post that much anymore?
    May 24 01:32 PM
  • MO they were on for about an hour 40, setlist was monstrous but I won't ruin anything, you'll have a wicked time, my neck was killing me for the following 2 days...I got REALLY into it
    May 23 11:06 AM
  • liledman i think everything is just too fragmented these days for any classical style to really have much of a wider influence; there are a huge array of really strong scenes of all types of music. its more democratic, in some ways (except for the bloated major label pop music haha)
    May 21 04:15 AM
  • liledman yeah jazz is probably a little more approachable, though equally interesting. the great thing about classical music is that because its been a part of academia for so long, there is a huge amount written about it, in great detail.
    May 21 12:03 AM
  • liledman the romantic period is what i have been focusing on in my theory and history classes at the moment actually, its fascinating. when you look at the lives of the composers, the different trends or schools of thought, the music seems to open up completely. loads of great stuff from both the romantic and modern period.
    May 20 11:41 PM
  • liledman thanks man. theres still plenty i dont know, but its enough to help fellow sputnikers in need.
    May 20 11:26 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Really? Probs then, I'm about halfway through the books
    May 19 12:50 PM
  • johnnydeking29 btw dude, who's your avatar?
    May 19 12:00 PM
  • Graveyard prog'n and chillin
    April 24 07:22 PM
  • Graveyard long time no see bro
    April 24 12:19 AM
  • DarthMann sweet didnt know there was books i love reading also i like 3d elf porn js
    April 20 12:44 AM
  • williein3d willie is wonderful
    April 19 11:45 PM
  • BaselineOOO I know this. Aren't they cute? ^^
    April 19 05:27 PM
  • DarthMann yah ive heard its great but im oz its not on tv yet whats it about?
    April 18 06:55 PM
  • DarthMann thanks dude i agree idk what yours is it looks like an elf
    April 18 06:50 PM
  • silentpotato lol well just make sure she hasn't turned into a ketamine addicted crustie then?
    April 14 07:10 PM
  • silentpotato lol no not really, they have a lot of crust punks tho apparently... why?
    April 13 06:49 PM
  • Gyromania Awesome dig!
    March 26 04:56 PM
  • MO yea man! I noticed that, it's actually really nice. ****ing Behind the Sun is killing me right now, can't get enough. Song of the album easily so far
    March 19 10:00 PM
  • MO I'm actually quite relieved (based off the first two songs they released, which are still awesome). Actually in that vein I appreciate Bones more since it's pretty much the only tame track in an otherwise ball breaking album. Like holy s*** I'm a couple listens in and I'm REALLY liking this...
    March 19 09:40 PM
  • Hyperion1001 yeah i know their all like MASS EFFECT 3 BEST GAME EVER WHAT IS SYSTEM SHOCK
    March 17 04:03 PM
  • MO you know it's funny, as typical as Niagra Falls is for tourists/visitors I've never gone there myself, that must change. You'd love Montreal, it's where I go for a majority of my metal shows, ****ing Meshuggah in May cannot wait man
    March 17 12:37 PM
  • MO nice whereabouts in Canada? Yea we have some pretty awesome chicks. The Quebec girls are pretty crazy
    March 17 12:24 PM
  • MO drinking some beers to...right now it's sabbath' Planet Caravan in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada had to capitalize for effect, a lot of people don't even know it's thej capital of Canada heh
    March 17 03:05 AM
  • MO totally, it's got that classic meshug groove, and I actually hear some cloudkicker with those guits strumming some nice chords AHHH gonna rule, you're up late eh? in the western hemisphere?
    March 17 03:00 AM
  • MO it would be pretty sweet, but I can wait, cause I know for a fact it's going to be an amazing album, did you hear that 30 second snippet of Behind the Sun? holy **** man, just perfect
    March 17 02:55 AM
  • tarkus only helen thomas knows what truly makes one moist
    March 12 07:55 PM
  • tarkus thin air is better sorry bro
    March 12 07:33 PM
  • DarkNoctus i hope so too, it was one of my most anticipated albums of the year ]:
    March 12 04:45 PM
  • DarkNoctus the overuse of orchestration and female vocals killed it for me, the album never really reaches the intensity of the two tracks that were already released from it and the sample in the last track is super annoying. :[
    March 12 04:41 PM
  • aok aright -- keep me posted and lemme know if you're city side before then too
    March 8 07:32 AM
  • aok gonna try to get tix to the radiohead shows yea. you?
    March 5 10:55 PM
  • KILL yea i know people are too ****ing stupid to know games, like in my college class i'm the only guy whos played half life i was like you ****s, and i'll check it hard
    March 3 03:15 PM
  • KILL agreed yea bro pc is life, stalker was ****ing amazing with the complete mod, without it the game ran like s*** for me. system shock 2 is a classic and one of the scariest games ive played, bioshock was amazing too
    March 3 01:54 PM
  • KILL i wanted to play that game but i'm a pc gaymer so i couldnt which is lame, also dude have you played amnesia dark descent? ****in rules
    March 3 01:18 PM
  • KILL i know right it even had the log lady, well she was a lamp lady but **** it it ruled, and those 2 old metalheads was awesome as ****, and the part where you kill the taken on the stage with rock hard in the background just awesome
    March 3 12:58 PM
  • KILL ya at first i was like ugh rockstar is gonna **** it hard but i saw some recent gameplay and it looked ****in solid as ****, obv the story could be gay cos a lot of its set in brazil but who knows lets hope to **** it rules even has as much as the first 2, btw have you played alan wake its remedy's most recent game its ****ing cool and theres a lot of max payne references, also twin peaks which is just as badass
    March 3 12:53 PM
  • KILL ok sorry for some reason sputnik is ****ed and it cuts the link but go all through my lists and get to like the 2nd to last one its called Gon Thrash
    March 3 12:46 PM
  • KILL bro check this list i made of my fav thrash albums they all rule so ****in hard http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=314337
    March 3 12:46 PM
  • KILL heathen - victims of deception, for ****ing sure
    March 3 12:43 PM
  • Ire i do
    March 2 08:46 PM
  • Ire queef
    March 2 08:44 PM
  • DarthMann :( dont make me do itCANT RESIST DOSE RIFFSSS
    February 26 10:55 PM
  • BaselineOOO If you say so, liar.
    February 19 01:50 PM
  • silentpotato good cuz love was a huge disappointment. ill check it out soon
    February 12 01:18 AM
  • silentpotato is it as good as arboreal/soundtrack and better than love?
    February 12 12:59 AM
  • silentpotato nay not yet
    February 12 12:53 AM
  • DarthMann rules so hard m/
    February 10 07:37 PM
  • DarthMann alright ill try but yeah man ill keep trying with the lesser known ones. usually their harder like writing the budgie one took me nearly an hour but this one just came so easily i was like woah awesome.you should check it out if you havent already
    February 10 07:29 PM
  • DarthMann im not going to be reviewing again for a very long time lol
    February 10 07:24 PM
  • InfernalFlesh i havent made a post since december 6th man
    February 9 08:52 PM
  • InfernalFlesh oh man you got er
    February 9 08:49 PM
  • InfernalFlesh look at all my comments its not hard i promise
    February 9 08:46 PM
  • InfernalFlesh did u find out who my main is yet
    February 9 08:44 PM
  • InfernalFlesh i said that dope smokers should be killed but nobody has really bitten on it yet
    February 9 08:42 PM
  • aok a little here, a little there -- nothing too crazy. rjd2, four tet and maybe mutemath on consecutive nights in march though. i can probly get into rjd2 for $5 so that's looking probable
    February 9 10:03 AM
  • aok ey - any trips planned to the city in the near future?
    February 9 03:10 AM
  • Relinquished lol no wait that's not me was just showing a good use of tumblr
    February 2 10:11 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 just dl'd, gonna check it dude
    January 22 10:07 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 def will. looking up some stuff about him seems he uses a lot of jazz techniques im already sold lol
    January 22 10:00 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 good i like varied music lol. ill try a few tracks when im done with my current album thanks dude
    January 22 09:54 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 noooo.......i haven't. what else does it sound like?
    January 22 09:52 PM
  • MO **** yea man found the link m/ gonna be AOTY easily
    January 17 11:05 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 haha so ive heard
    January 17 12:22 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 wtfffffffffffffff s*** lol
    January 16 03:46 PM
  • Ignimbrite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvwQFjzttyo
    January 9 10:46 PM
  • aok you got tickets to that roseland show?? majorly jealous .. four tet's 21 (dunno if that's a problem), but at a cool venue and only $20: https://secure.gigmaven.com/events/7427/orders/new . never was as into bjork as everyone (not at $90 anyways ..)
    January 9 10:34 PM
  • aok cool -- i'm in the east village. shout at me if you're ever coming in for a show. i'm planning to hit four tet, soja and dj krush in the not to distant future
    January 9 09:56 PM
  • aok i found jfk - lax nonstop tickets for $360 roundtrip. you in new york much?
    January 9 09:44 PM
  • X3ni92 Well I already have the European version, so I'm not sure if I should buy the american one...
    December 3 01:03 PM
  • X3ni92 Lol, I said the exact same thing to Xenophones. but with a different link d:
    December 3 11:20 AM
  • omnipanzer No clue, usually when someone complains about their list beingd in the med thread they say "you have to at least pretend it's about music".
    August 17 04:25 PM
  • omnipanzer Damn it, you had music on your list didn't you?
    August 17 03:50 PM
  • BigHans Gonna make a Volbeat list today to help those that arent familiar, but dude you gotta jam them. YouTube the songs Sad Man's Tongue and Pool of Booze for a place to start.
    August 9 11:12 AM
  • Liberi Fatali Thanks man, twas written a long time ago but still believe in most of what I wrote.
    August 5 10:33 AM
  • MO Yea man. He sounds sooo solid. I'm really looking forward to the album.
    July 31 10:45 AM
  • Jethro42 Ya right; Neil Peart and John Bonham were my very first motivation. My drumming is pretty Bonham style, but he's still way better than me. =P
    July 29 02:09 PM
  • Jethro42 I play drums too =]
    July 29 01:17 PM
  • Jethro42 ''I'd guess mid 40's'' Good guess. You are now among the very few sputnikers who vaguely suppose I might figure into that age group.
    July 29 11:46 AM
  • Butkuiss Good sir, your Kaywinnit Lee Frye avatar makes me want to go and rewatch Firefly. For the 60th time. Kudos to you. And much love.
    July 7 08:37 AM
  • qwe3 6 yrs round about. just moved back to sydney though
    July 6 04:51 PM
  • North0House2 Yeah totally. I mean 'Sea Of The Dying Dhow' isn't exactly varied either, it carries the same theme throughout. Definitely, it's certainly still above-par, whether it excites people or not.
    July 3 02:49 PM
  • North0House2 Lol I totally should've. People are like half and half with this, it seems like there's no middle ground. Either they love it or it bores them haha.
    July 3 02:41 PM
  • North0House2 That's what I though. Yeah, that was the only reason I wrote the review, I wanted people to look into this release more.
    July 3 01:37 PM
  • North0House2 Lol thanks, glad you think so. I'd keep it a 5, but for the sake of the users, I didn't want to make them have over the top hopes for this, just in case.
    July 3 01:09 PM
  • North0House2 Well, I think I screwed that review up lol. It sucks.
    July 3 12:05 PM
  • North0House2 Yeah definitely, I don't know why they're so underrated, it's a shame. I really hope they do too. It'd be great if they got some recognition.
    July 2 02:13 AM
  • North0House2 Ah really? Well hey, you can get all over that if you want. I only wanted to write a review so Sputnik would start to listen to these guys, they've been so consistent with every release, it's amazing.
    July 2 02:08 AM
  • North0House2 Oh man, it's up there for me too. This is extremely impressive, I'm blown away to be honest. I'm certainly going to try and review this when I have the chance.
    July 2 02:02 AM
  • MO My bro's been on my ass to watch Game Of Thrones. I think I'll start this weekend.
    June 30 11:56 AM
  • MO Yea man July 17th, can't wait! It's one of the only shows I can stand on tv.
    June 30 11:48 AM
  • MO Breaking Bad kicks ass
    June 30 11:42 AM
  • IAmKickass One down, two left to go.
    June 26 11:09 AM
  • botb def my favorite genre of games. good to see little known series like grandia, tales of, suikoden, star ocean, etc. getting some love
    June 24 09:26 PM
  • botb you have a good taste in rpgs. js
    June 24 05:17 PM
  • Deviant. Autechre, Maximo Park, Nightmares On Wax, Red Snapper, Two Lone Swordsmen, and Plaid should be enough
    June 24 11:52 AM
  • NocteDominum Cheers Bud!
    June 23 09:07 PM
  • NocteDominum Seems i have attracted another reader lol, im going to put in a request on Last.fm etc on that lol. As for Appalachian Winter....Get on that ASAP.
    June 23 08:25 PM
  • ZombicidalMan Just thought I'd say you have awesome taste, man. Hope you don't mind if I add you on Last.fm.
    June 15 10:58 PM
  • Whispered4tw Kawaii actually means cute, beautiful is Kirei. Just saying man.
    May 30 02:24 PM
  • DiceMan I went with 3 chicks lol... Was awesome. But take her with you.
    September 22 09:26 PM
  • DiceMan Yeah. A chick I brought with me cried on their first song (they opened with Runaway) cause it was so ****ing gorgeous.
    September 22 09:24 PM
  • DiceMan Poppin' yo wall cherry. If you have the chance to go see The National by all means do it. I drove 6 hours to see them and this next summer I'm gonna go see em no matter what so yeah... Well worth it.
    September 22 02:15 AM

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