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  • parksungjoon u asked what im listening to, do u mean like genres or
    April 28 11:21 PM
  • parksungjoon sup
    April 28 11:14 PM
  • RadioSuicide haha thanks dude, I think it's pretty sick you even appreciate it. not sure of the exact lineage, but as I always understood it, she was second cousins with my grandfather. they even shared the same last name, though her stage name was nonchalant enough that most never knew it. didn't much care for her music growing up, but when the mood is right, only Dolly is better
    April 16 12:21 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey, I see you have no Propagandhi albums rated, you **** with them?
    October 29 06:00 AM
  • aaronrkc Np! Sunami rocks because I like to goof around and have fun, really \_(?)_/
    August 18 11:43 AM
  • aaronrkc Hc/punk/adjacent stuff from 2020: Krigshoder, Gunn, Sunami, Truth Cult, False Brother, Kommand (LA), Three Knee Deep, Devil's Den, Laffing Gas, Code Orange, Life Support, Combat Force, Splitting Heads, Internal Rot, Chubby And The Gang, and all 11PM Records releases.
    August 17 10:35 AM
  • parksungjoon yea theyre by far the stronger half. kind of disappointing actually
    August 6 06:44 AM
  • parksungjoon do i have to be trolling? i think theyre a good band
    August 6 06:24 AM
  • SlothcoreSam I like the rawness, 80s melodic hardcore sound of their older stuff. I listened to them a lot in 2012, then they fell off the radar until today.
    July 31 03:45 AM
  • SlothcoreSam EP is really good.
    July 30 07:17 PM
  • bloc Haha thanks brother
    July 20 01:11 AM
  • bloc Link to my Instagram is here, I just do it for fun
    July 20 12:20 AM
  • Pikazilla What can I say? I despise Rosenstock with a burning passion xD
    July 19 06:08 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Love that Crusades album. It sounds like what Against Me should have become instead of making New Wave.
    June 14 10:48 PM
  • evilford ****ing right bruh
    June 6 03:06 AM
  • unclereich u better not
    June 6 12:46 AM
  • FR33L0RD Oh, i get it now. Thats impressive
    June 5 02:25 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Thanks man, was trying to get you to comment on your thread, lol.
    June 5 02:19 PM
  • JustJoe. i can make that happen
    June 5 03:23 AM
  • Satellite this loophole will not suffice
    June 5 03:22 AM
  • Satellite i'll... see what i can do?
    June 5 03:21 AM
  • unclereich don't leave bb
    June 5 03:00 AM
  • coneren getting drunk and playing movies what a life
    April 6 12:57 AM
  • coneren hey dude how are you
    April 5 02:14 AM
  • coneren and dont trust whitey
    November 16 06:20 PM
  • coneren turned these white gonch brown to get ahead buddy
    November 16 05:00 AM
  • coneren why
    November 15 05:18 PM
  • coneren no its gay as fuuck but thats what happens when you crap yer pants
    November 15 04:23 AM
  • coneren nah on my split been up 17 hours
    November 14 05:06 AM
  • coneren best sabbath song of the last 6 years
    November 14 05:01 AM
  • coneren i feel like god is the one to blame here
    November 14 04:16 AM
  • coneren im not a fagit go talk to hawks
    November 14 03:35 AM
  • coneren yeah sup
    November 14 12:33 AM
  • unclereich M/ great user
    November 11 11:01 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey, you should check the album by the Canadian post hardcore band Sparrows- Failed Gods. Start with their closer, it gives a sense of what the whole album is like.
    August 13 05:45 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Check Immortal Bird man and share your thoughts...prob will bump. Cheers.
    July 26 12:41 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Not added here, have to sort that out X) will check...if you catch Warforged with the full album stream videoclip on youtube is great. but it takes a bit of set and setting.
    July 13 08:56 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD I get the off putting character
    July 13 08:09 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Fair bro. It is demanding. It makes sense for me. Lol but I guet the por putting character
    July 13 08:02 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Happy you added so many of those X). This Gift is a Curse is ****ing awesome man...tks for the list. Just remember, when you done with all that, give try to Numenorean and Warforged...I can't tell cause they're kind of "hit or miss" thing but for me they turned to be two awesome experiences. TKS again
    July 11 12:04 PM
  • budgie
    July 11 03:05 AM
  • linguist2011 Nah I'm linguist
    July 3 10:10 PM
  • coneren nothin no time to listen
    June 26 09:25 PM
  • coneren is your heart ok then
    June 22 03:16 PM
  • coneren you have a problem we might have to put you in rehab youre walking too much
    June 22 05:21 AM
  • coneren where the heck are ya walking to?china?
    June 13 11:24 PM
  • coneren oh just sittin hangin out doin nothing what about you feller
    June 10 09:23 PM
  • coneren sup buddy
    June 6 11:45 PM
  • Rawmeeth38 Lots of Botch and Vein recently. Also really digging the Midwest Straight Edge EP by Inclination.
    May 11 07:48 PM
  • Papa Universe your 2019 album to review is: Mina - Flight Paths
    May 10 07:10 PM
  • Papa Universe you submitted a 2018 release to a 2019-only tourney. you still have time to submit something else
    May 10 12:09 AM
  • Rawmeeth38 Sweet ratings man
    May 8 06:02 PM
  • xfearbefore It's that they aren't compatible as people it's just they all kind of moved onto different things. Everybody in the band had an ego boost after their popularity. They're all good dudes but the ego boost was a bit toxic. Everyone except Alex still play in various bands together but I wish they'd focus their energy. Especially Jonny the guitarist whose one of my best friends. He and the drummer Zig are the two most talented musicians I've ever known. Zig outclasses 99% of drummers in the world man
    February 9 09:38 PM
  • xfearbefore Word to the person who gave Balam praise. They're friends of mine so I'm biased but I really felt like they could have been so much bigger if they stuck together. They dropped their rhythm guitarist and changed their name to Sweet Heat and shifted to total 70s hard rock Sabbath and Thin Lizzy worship but were even better for the year they played under that name but alas they broke up earlier this year. Damn shame.
    December 18 03:49 AM
  • xfearbefore Are you a fellow Rhode Islander? Curious cause I feel like we may know each other in real life since you're the only other person to have heard/rated Balam.
    December 6 03:33 AM
  • BlacKapes If you don't like Death Grips, maybe try Techno Animal or Moodie Black. They may suit your industrial needs.
    April 30 06:39 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts no but our new prime minister has promised to legalize it by 4/20 this year. the liberals are notorious for biting off more than they can chew though so i'm skeptical about whether or not they will follow through.
    January 23 08:40 PM
  • Pennywise_M Hey man what do you play? Link to your project?? c:
    November 30 01:11 AM
  • Insurrection Digital metal, i like that. thanks man!
    November 27 11:50 PM
  • dixoncocks Sounds really interesting man, thanks for an actual rec haha. This is definitely more along the lines of what I was trying to find.
    November 10 08:23 AM
  • chug73 Jamming Re-Entry now, good s*** mang. Rec me more of that weird atmospheric s*** if you have any.
    October 25 07:59 AM
  • chug73 Thx for the rec I'm already on the DG hype train. Been one since a dude I used to work with showed me exmil. Haven't gotten around to putting ratings for them here. I always liked Hill in Hella n stuff
    October 24 02:40 AM
  • iReturnToDust gonna listen to seizures either today or tomorrow fam
    October 17 06:09 PM
  • iReturnToDust also, a since no one here really reads often, people are gonna think you're named after the s*** deathcore band who has an EP at a 1.1 rating. how does that feel
    October 15 09:35 PM
  • iReturnToDust no but ive been meaning too
    October 15 09:33 PM
  • DikkoZinner Nice work then man, looks great.
    September 17 03:16 PM
  • Parallels ill definitely download it and put it in my library's rotation, and thank you btw
    July 4 07:50 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts nooo thanks
    January 21 09:53 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts that doesnt really surprise me tbh even thought i love all of gespars work and ****ing hate salo
    January 20 08:24 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts this your band? or did you direct the music video or what?
    December 21 12:49 AM
  • climactic /billahbob add me up boi
    September 16 03:25 AM
  • aaronrkc You like the good jams!!!
    February 6 12:05 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Exactly. It's just brutal hardcore-infused black metal. Some of the best that I've heard. I just added another APL release.
    November 21 02:00 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Oh sorry haha. I must've missed it. Yeah, I think a few APL releases are missing from the site. CSR has some solid bands. APL might be my favorite so far. I mean, Quincunx put out one of my favorite releases this year (which I just got on cassette in the mail today), but APL has released enough material to be seen as very consistent. CSR could take the underground black metal scene by storm any day now.
    November 21 01:47 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Haha, whoa. I was just looking at A Pregnant Light's page and a new album appeared all of a sudden. Are you and I listening to the same band at the same time? :P
    November 21 01:39 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Underrated 2013 album: Sun Devoured Earth - "A Static Life"
    November 21 12:12 AM
  • CaptainDooRight check my new album bro, don't forget to rate:
    November 5 06:28 PM
  • greg84 I've checked them out. They make me think of Pop. 1280. Good album. Need to listen to it more to decide if it has any staying power.
    October 31 05:56 PM
  • ffs nice manners, NOT
    October 31 02:54 PM
  • greg84 Definitely check out Semantik Punk if you haven't already. They're definitely abstract. As for more straightforward punk/post-punk check out the new albums by Coliseum, Savages and The Icarus Line. The Drones also released an amazing blues/punk album this year.
    October 29 08:24 PM
  • owen So the higher pitched vocals grew on you?
    October 12 04:37 PM
  • Cygnatti umm I listened to it back when you first posted it. that was a long time ago tho.
    October 9 09:16 PM
  • Disrupt i am mogen37 i added months ago
    October 9 06:46 AM
  • Disrupt hello friend good add on ps3 am i right
    October 9 05:17 AM
  • LambsBread Some of the beats and production on American Hunger are insane. You should give it another spin.
    September 24 03:55 AM
  • owen You're right, I always hate singles. I end up listening them too much, so I skip them when the album itself is released. The release is in october right?
    September 23 09:11 PM
  • owen So you don't really like the vocals? I actually prefer them this way.The sampler sounds great
    September 23 09:04 PM
  • owen Thank you kindly
    September 23 08:54 PM
  • LambsBread American Hunger 2.020.20 Project 3.5lol
    September 21 09:08 PM
  • owen yo I saw your weekend nachos soundoff and I was wondering if there was a new weekend nachos song I've slept on
    September 21 07:00 PM
  • Hep Kat
    February 1 07:04 PM
  • Hep Kat you want RIFF do ya? ya want some fukn RIFFZ?????:
    January 26 02:24 AM
  • Hep Kat yeah i checked 'em out cuz i like metal gear, pretty decent stuff
    January 26 02:20 AM
  • Hep Kat i feel as though it brings da mawsh appropriately, but i'm losing interest in hardcore with each passing year, so it's w/e
    January 26 01:41 AM
  • FancyM8 cause small town
    January 20 06:46 AM
  • FancyM8 im not
    January 20 06:45 AM
  • FancyM8 good time
    January 20 06:28 AM
  • FancyM8 hi
    January 20 06:16 AM
  • ihavehadaguystalkingmerecently Hey man, sorry I haven't written a review yet, but I should have a review for band's release in a week or so.
    January 18 03:15 PM
  • Trebor. Apparently it's not even new material, just stuff they wrote right before they broke up. Will probably be 3.5-4
    October 2 05:37 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy damn that was supposed to say pig fuk but it edits in sb i forgot. yea its understandable that they would focus more on him than the storyline, especially if they were expecting the typical introduction rising action climax etc unraveling
    September 25 05:54 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy guy sounds like a pig ****
    September 25 05:46 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy i was the only one who laughed at that part lol my area sucks though it was saturday night (7pm) and there were maybe 7 other people there, 6 of which were in their 40s
    September 25 05:42 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy hmm that makes sense. my fav scene was probably when the guy in the doorway interrupted the master and openly disputed what he was preaching. i love hoff
    September 25 05:38 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy pretty cool review of the master, man. did the ending part really come off to you as phoenix poking fun at the cause? i couldnt hear very well as i said but i got the opposite impression. i have to see it again
    September 25 05:28 AM
  • static2dope ok hold on... oh wait you beat me, fuuck
    August 25 07:28 AM
  • static2dope its keegan this is guy
    August 25 07:24 AM
  • static2dope u never added me back on the book
    August 25 07:15 AM
  • silentpotatofan we both know i dont why else would i 5 everything you do
    August 14 08:49 AM
  • silentpotatofan add me on the book again bud
    August 14 08:43 AM
  • liledman I guess anything ECM style would be in that ballpark; check out Tord Gustavsen, Esbjorn Svensson, etc. Depends on what you find cinematic, but they are a good start.
    August 6 02:34 PM
  • Turtlestlker Background info would be nice, only had a chance to listen to the album once so far.
    July 21 03:38 AM
  • WeepingBanana don't mention it, i've been meaning to do something like this for a while
    July 20 06:50 AM
  • WeepingBanana Your assignment is Anoice - The Black Rain
    July 19 12:06 PM
  • Trebor. Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body? I don't know
    July 14 01:53 AM
  • Athom i dig everything but the snare tone. cool s***. how old are you dudes and what's your interest in playing shows outside of the LA city area? add me on facebook I can give you some booking contacts and info on DIY venues throughout the area.
    May 31 11:32 PM
  • TrainEngineer leak it for me i wanna give it an honest rating.........ok no i dont but if i listened to redskys album ill listen to yours
    May 31 05:20 AM
  • TrainEngineer is it out now
    May 31 05:12 AM
  • TrainEngineer agreed
    May 31 05:08 AM
  • silentpotato typical cats is the s*** man. the herbaliser is the best in that list tho
    May 15 03:58 AM
  • silentpotato the Herbaliser-Herbal Tonic, Typical Cats-Typical Cats, Common-Resurrection, Cyne-Evolution Flight, Doseone-Hemispheres, Dynospectrum-Dynospectrum, Orphans of Cush-White Noize, Black Star-Black Star sue me if any of those u have heard/are stones throw i dunno
    May 15 03:25 AM
  • Wolfhorde Accepted.
    May 14 07:27 AM
  • Jom I can do that, yes. I just need verification that you want them removed, because I'd feel terrible if I just removed them without consulting you first. Thanks. Just let me know.
    May 9 10:08 PM
  • Recspecs Yeah I've definitely found a couple bands on there that I like, I just hate whenever they recommend bands that are s***ty and gay as ****.
    May 5 08:00 AM
  • Recspecs I like Silverstein (nostalgia) but hate those other s***ty scene bands. Xbox only can shuffle songs and that's when I used it. They would always bring up extremely s***ty artists after a good one. Pandora was bad, but this was 10x worse so I stopped using it.
    May 5 07:52 AM
  • Recspecs Wait what, you mean my I don't use that, not sure why I have it linked.
    May 5 07:45 AM
  • Recspecs Yeah that's how I like them, covered and vomit and puking on my balls oh God
    May 5 07:39 AM
  • Recspecs I do what I can here and there ;)
    May 4 01:02 AM
  • Hawks No problem bro.
    April 28 02:25 PM
  • Hawks Not all of those are pure bm, but they all have elements of it.
    April 27 09:13 PM
  • Hawks Pneuma by Hail Spirit Noir, By the Hands of the Consuming Fire by Axis of Light, Becoming by Abgail Williams, Eternal Turn of the Wheel by Drudkh, Burning for the Ancient by Addaura, In Somniphobia by Sigh, Time is but a Doorway to the Incinerator by Torture Chain, Ariettes Oubliees... by Les Discrets, Dodecahedron by Dodecahedron, Land of the Evening Star by Dark Forest, Hoagascht by Lunar Aurora, Les Voyages De L'Ame by Alcest, Fire in the Cave by Fire in the Cave.
    April 27 09:12 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER It was sad as **** though, I think it's known as the first great American tragedy
    April 24 10:02 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER I don't know who you've been talking to, but Death of a Salesman was good
    April 23 08:16 PM
  • KILL its kinda short i guess but longer than max payne 2, still one of my favourite games ever though (pc version)
    April 23 02:32 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER I actually have to read it like tonight or tomorrow morning because I haven't started, but I'll give you a report tomorrow boss
    April 19 05:15 AM
  • Satellite i'm planning a list of 2012 punk digs, but for now, be sure to check out: the menzingers - on the impossible past, sharks - no god, cheap girls - giant orange, the sidekicks - awkward breeds, no trigger - tycoon, classics of love - s/t
    April 19 05:12 AM
  • Satellite haha probably never dude. it's weird; i'm a good writer and i'm fairly confident that people would enjoy my hypothetical reviews, but i just simply do not enjoy the process of reviewing music for whatever reason. maybe someday!
    April 19 05:04 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER God dammit
    April 15 03:06 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER We're reading the Death of a Salesman in school right now, I felt obligated to tell you
    April 14 10:04 PM
  • DeafMetal i could see that but yeah the teeth are for sure a give-away
    April 14 07:37 PM
  • DeafMetal yes but i found it on a nosferatu website when searching for count orlock pics... so maybe it's a combination of both but i did alter and color the image to look that way
    April 14 07:28 PM
  • CaptainDooRight bro i love you snare work sounds awesome. excellent rhythm and your creativity adds a lot of excitement to the song. the balance was good too, nothing over the top or complacent. the set of patterns the beginning of the songs was my favorite. also the guitars melodies were par too. can't wait to hear ur ep or lp when they come out
    April 14 07:00 AM
  • CaptainDooRight i don't mind bro as long as it sounds good :]
    April 14 12:53 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Cool man I'd love to hear it. I'll check it out tonight, thanks!
    April 13 09:33 PM
  • CaptainDooRight hye buddy that's cool you play the drums do you have any links so I can check out your music and drumming?.. also I agree with the below comment, I visit that blog site several times a week. It's owned and operated by a notible Sput user and sort of friend of mine.
    April 10 08:45 PM
  • Wizard Hahahaha actually, the coolest people on this site are the people I role with on this blog: And rasputin is by far the most knowledged person on this site when it comes to all things metal, hardcore, grind, indie, folk, etc.
    April 9 11:40 AM
  • moshpotatoes lol cool dude!
    April 6 05:53 PM
  • ReturnToRock Ah yes, the Metal Brothers :) Still one of the worst "albums" I've heard so far.
    April 3 10:43 PM
  • ReturnToRock Again, over the course of - going on - eight years :) But yeah, while I've been a credible reviewer for a while now, my first few were crap.
    April 3 04:25 PM
  • ReturnToRock Yeah but I'm afraid it's quantity rather than quality :) Thanks anyway
    April 3 09:01 AM
  • silentpotato i think so. i like it better than love, soundtrack, and kirlian, all 3 of which i found to be too inconsistent to be anything higher than a 3.5. I like the new one and Arboreal the best out of all ive heard from Flashbulb
    April 2 07:34 AM
  • silentpotato yeah dude i love some good bm. now days i just look for really any genre but something that is more experimental it is a marvelous path
    April 2 06:17 AM
  • silentpotato yeah i think i just killed the genre for myself. like i can still dig isis, neurosis, and cult of luna obviously, but every other band just doesn't do much for me. its never anything new you know?
    April 2 05:22 AM
  • 37er00 only defeater
    April 2 05:12 AM
  • silentpotato i dunno man its good it just sort of blends in with every other band in the genre to me if you know what i mean. im just kind of all post metal'd out i think.
    April 2 05:12 AM
  • 37er00 im telling your old lady
    April 2 05:06 AM
  • 37er00 most fags do
    April 2 04:58 AM
  • silentpotato 124 gigs is a lot thats for sure. but yeah there are worse things i could be addicted to then music lol. i mean if my coke, k, m, tobacco, liquor, and dxm days never devoured me id say this is a pretty healthy alternative
    March 31 11:09 PM
  • silentpotato lol i forgot about that av, over my old ass gummo pic. i didn't know if you were being serious or not honestly, i was just rollin wit it. and i dunno honestly. i have 2 massive hard drives and one is full all for music. i have a hell of a lot more s*** then i have rated, its kinda ridiculous i don't even like a lot of it like i probably have ****in s*** like mindless self indulgence's discog in there from years ago
    March 31 10:14 AM
  • silentpotato im a mother****ing mystery man mother****er, ****ign with me is like ****ing with Carmen Sandiego
    March 30 10:19 PM
  • silentpotato well we used to be cool so i dont get that, but i dont even talk to you anymore and your dissing my art and saying 'i listen to too much musc' (wtf???). Put on your ****ing big boy pants and scrape the broken glass out of your ass ****.
    March 29 10:54 PM
  • silentpotato why are u hatin lately bro grow up
    March 28 04:39 PM
  • Systemunfolded no, no sarcasm, i mean that is a diverse chart, and i kinda like it. so i decided to shout box you.
    March 26 03:28 AM
  • Systemunfolded wow, diverse chart much?
    March 26 03:04 AM
  • Mendross Thanks for the recs. I have The Good Fight For Harmony but never really listened to it. Which Hells for heroes would you recommend ?
    March 23 04:35 PM
  • ViralOblivion were u able to get the new every time i die?
    February 24 12:45 AM
  • Slum my avatar's from Garden State bud
    February 23 09:14 AM
  • foreverjohndeered shout out some racist stuff
    February 20 08:17 PM
  • foreverjohndeered are there any blacks
    February 20 08:10 PM
  • foreverjohndeered its rainin bullets and im still there, young ghetto nigger in a wheelchair
    February 20 08:04 PM
  • Aphrodisiac what is your avatar
    February 15 09:04 AM
  • ViralOblivion where did u get the new every time i die album?
    February 7 02:29 AM
  • andcas sup bro.
    January 23 03:40 AM
  • coneren thing
    November 30 07:07 AM
  • coneren i still had more credits than i needed to graduate. go on turntable this would be so much easier
    November 30 07:04 AM
  • coneren i did no hw my last 3 years in hs and i still graduated
    November 30 07:00 AM
  • coneren thats it? what grade are you in now, i thought you were in like grade 12
    November 30 06:57 AM
  • coneren that seems like its easy, but a pain in the ass
    November 30 06:55 AM
  • coneren what kind of hw?
    November 30 06:52 AM
  • coneren i am not driving all the way down there!.............but they are free hey? ok maybe
    November 30 06:50 AM
  • coneren no thank you
    November 30 06:49 AM
  • YetAnotherBrick Um, that was supposed to say "Good and Evil" haha
    November 25 08:02 PM
  • YetAnotherBrick Yeah dude, I have that video. If there was a sputnikskatevideos, it'd be a 5 haha. Along with Good
    November 24 08:52 AM
  • YetAnotherBrick That's the Toy Machine monster guy in your comment avatar, right? haha
    November 24 08:25 AM
  • Mikesn I didn't realize they had a new album out. I'll check it out eventually haha
    November 18 02:41 PM
  • pmmets07 so there's a rumor going around the b9 saying that Jeremy from TA punched some kid in the face a bunch of times for trying to take the mic last night. any credibility to this?
    November 14 04:01 PM
  • Trebor. Why you obsessed with me huh?
    November 12 04:20 AM
  • YetAnotherBrick You have some beast ratings/taste, man. I love your picture, too. haha
    October 7 03:14 AM
  • climactic whoopie goldberg? random lol
    August 31 05:36 AM
  • climactic will do, willy loman
    August 28 11:10 PM
  • coneren why not what else would you be doing its too hot to go outside
    August 27 10:47 PM
  • coneren how high are you right now
    August 27 10:33 PM
  • coneren ...wat
    August 27 10:31 PM
  • coneren hello there
    August 27 10:25 PM
  • Uranium
    August 25 08:36 AM
  • coneren i dont smoke anything anyday or listen to that band i think you are lying stop please
    July 24 11:17 PM
  • coneren i think you mean somebody else
    July 24 05:35 PM
  • coneren i can forgive you you are such a nice feller that i can't not forgive you, you know
    July 24 12:49 AM
  • coneren where the fuuck have you been
    July 23 04:45 PM
  • Pharoh i hate that book
    July 6 09:32 AM

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