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  • BSX ???
    March 22 02:40 AM
  • Keyblade thanks Joe. I think I can't resist the temptation haha...will definitely jam this.
    February 3 01:02 AM
  • silentpotato lol dam so tech savy. well they wont d my comments anyways man no reason to
    January 9 01:59 AM
  • silentpotato dunno how lol
    January 9 01:48 AM
  • silentpotato breaking moment in history man the legend lives on
    January 9 01:46 AM
  • silentpotato lol emphasis on 'kind of' :p
    January 8 02:03 AM
  • silentpotato haha so ive heard, will livin' it up with a fat list soon
    January 8 01:53 AM
  • silentpotato i live
    January 7 10:59 PM
  • NocteDominum also; http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=473722
    December 23 11:51 PM
  • NocteDominum http://www.sputnikmusic.com/album.php?reviewid=54058
    December 23 11:49 PM
  • Hep Kat the question of that question lies within the question's answer, and the answer therein lies whereby therefore and so the winds of time flow backwards which is the true way that which can be discovered by the truth adjacent to the heart. capisce?
    December 9 10:01 PM
  • Hep Kat ???? ABX START
    December 9 09:52 PM
  • Hep Kat hi
    December 9 09:42 PM
  • Shimana lol your pie chart
    November 26 12:17 AM
  • DarthBlubber I do wish you the best though, hope you can work through it, you have my support on this side :) Glad you are keeping your chin up, so I won't have to tell you to, very important that you see this as an opportunity to improve yourself. I am quite fine, got through all my courses and as such should be graduating with a degree in Sociology in October, and currently passing the time working as a clerk, fairly boring and exciting work at the same time, mainly because it's my first ever job, hehe.
    August 2 08:34 PM
  • DarthBlubber That doesn't sound too good, especially if it's caused you to stop your writing, I mean creative writing is your major and all... How did you determine the problem? I am guessing you were diagnosed in some form or fashion? And tell me a bit more about how it affects you, if you don't mind... do you mean your thoughts do not form or gel in a complete manner, but are more scattered? But at least you know the root of the problem, and as such can attempt to rectify it with time.
    August 2 08:29 PM
  • DarthBlubber Now seeing your shoutbox post cuz I hadn't logged in for a while, but I passed through Sputnik fairly regularly looking for music, so I was still here. What's up? I hope you're well.
    July 29 01:07 PM
  • BaselineOOO hey! happy bday ;)
    May 11 01:07 PM
  • RandomDuck six reviews? Damn, I take a break for a year and now you've lapped me
    October 17 10:58 PM
  • foreverendeared Good call. This sounds like a most excellent idea!
    June 11 06:55 PM
  • BSX http://sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=73678 As well as they can be. However I'm so close to dropping out so I can get the fVck out of this state. LOL I hope things are going better for you.
    May 27 03:37 PM
  • BSX We had a party and you weren't there = (
    May 27 12:36 AM
  • Yeah I don't get the post cutting, I've been able to write to my full extent :S Eww Shakespeare, I had to do Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing maybe 2 and 4 years ago for exams and I hated it :| Did you enjoy studying him? If not I would fully understand... Romanticism is rather cool though, and I certainly enjoy reading poetry at times but I could never write it :S Everything you did seems to really strengthen your skills though, it's good that your courses are relevant, and enjoyable too!
    May 24 09:27 AM
  • DarthBlubber Haha I just realized how boring my last post sounds :| ugh...
    May 21 07:21 PM
  • DarthBlubber This semester I took on three sociology courses and two gender and development courses. Modern Social Theory, Qualitative research methods and Anthropology of the peoples of the Caribbean fall into the former category while Men and Masculinities and Sex, Gender and Society were in the latter grouping. Most of them were really interesting contrary to popular opinion, but all had group projects and the like which I hate. It was a decent semester for me overall I'd think. What about you though?
    May 21 07:20 PM
  • DarthBlubber Is it me or are your posts incomplete? That's just how they seem... and well that's sort of unfortunate, but at least you're taking strength from it and moving on, I know it's rough. I'm pretty sure you have that handled so I'll move on. Are classes over for you? Or are exams going on? They just finished for me, not sure how I did in exams and such but I'll see soon enough.
    May 19 09:18 PM
  • DarthBlubber Hey come on now, I don't think those are the boundaries you should be pushing, it's not exactly healthy... always good to be learning, I really hope you embrace it and let it become more of a part of you, as I've always said I think you have quite the talent. I think I learned quite a bit as well in my field of study. How are things on the social side? Like with your friends and such, is it all beginning to get sorted? I have to ask, it's been a while, wounds should be healing.
    May 19 11:43 AM
  • DarthBlubber Indeed it has been quite a while! It seemed like you were missing for a bit... but you're back in force! How are you keeping? I trust you're well? Will check out your new review in a few... ;D
    May 18 08:48 AM
  • aok 'Lets play chase the butterfly!''Walter look there's a BUTTERFLY!''Oh he's beautiful!'
    March 15 02:46 AM
  • BSX YAY!!! Let me know what you think. = D
    March 13 01:08 AM
  • Josh D. I've heard a song or two from them before. No thanks.
    March 11 06:46 PM
  • BSX As far as Kylie Mingoue goes I suggest her Greatest Hits 87-97 because it contains her best/well known hits. Her early albums can be a bit too poppy for some. If you don't want to start with the Greatest Hits start with Let's Get to It or Kylie Minogue and work your way up. Both and a R and B vibe that you might like
    March 11 02:54 PM
  • BSX Stupid sputnikmusic cut off my first response. It was going to say he was the Hot Shot R and B guy before that happened. Anyway true he shouldn't dwell om it anymore. He said he was sorry and his time.
    March 11 02:49 PM
  • BSX Also an artist's unreleased material is almost just as good if not better than what the public hears. Kylie Minogue has so many good songs that'll never see the light of day.
    March 11 03:24 AM
  • BSX LOL I see before that stuff with Rihanna happened he was the Hot Shot R
    March 11 03:21 AM
  • Deviant. No I figured that, but who's "they"? And should I be worried?
    March 10 11:24 PM
  • Deviant. Huh?
    March 10 11:16 PM
  • BSX Yes
    March 10 08:51 PM
  • BSX You got more soul than me!
    March 10 01:43 AM
  • DarthBlubber Haha, glad you're doing well. Don't discount the "learning about myself, blah blah blah", it's good to have that experience, gives meaning and direction to your life. And with music, there is always something new and fresh to experience! and your so called nonsense did bring a smile to my face, thanks for spreading the cheer! Classes and projects will have me asunder, but I be around... and I only now realized that you wrote new reviews! Nice job with them! =]
    February 12 07:31 PM
  • DarthBlubber Holy run-on sentence batman! Hey Joe, it's been a quiet but pleasant year for me so far, so don't worry you're not lying and by extension wrong, as least not at the time of writing. I think I'm fairly cheerful for the very least so I don't know where you would get that impression, as for your issues with punctuation, I think that's something you'll have to sort out =] I trust things are fine on your side as well? To take away from the seriousness of this post, I'LL CATCH A GRENADE FOR YA *BOOM*
    February 11 04:04 PM
  • SylentEcho Urahara-san!
    January 28 06:23 AM
  • pizzamachine oopsies
    January 12 09:08 PM
  • pizzamachine Aw yeah! If that ever happens I'll tell my grand-kids about you.
    January 12 08:27 PM
  • pizzamachine Maybe I'll get writers block someday haha naah I think I'm safe from your flaming arrows.
    January 12 07:51 PM
  • pizzamachine Haha I seriously doubt that you'll catch up to me review-wise. No one beats pizzamachine!
    January 12 07:37 PM
  • Xenophanes L :)
    January 11 05:58 PM
  • BSX OK will do. ^^
    January 10 10:50 PM
  • Bitchfork it's a 5
    January 10 04:26 PM
  • BSX Exactly, sad some people are majoring in something they don't like. Good, I got my fingers crossed for you!
    January 10 05:30 AM
    January 9 09:51 PM
  • Bitchfork omg death note avvyy oooohhh
    January 9 05:53 PM
  • BSX Thanks ^^, since I'm taking out loans and paying with my money I should major in something I actually love instead of just getting a degree. Plus I want to get a degree in things I'll apply to my profession. YES get on it now!
    January 9 01:58 PM
  • BSX Ah cool, a class like that was offered at my high school but I was graduating so I couldn't take it. I do online text-based roleplay lol IDK if that's counts as creative writing or not. Psychology and Art Studio, I'm getting a minor in philosophy and music theory. LOL maybe business too
    January 8 06:14 PM
  • BSX Good thanks, just getting ready for classes to start soon. You?
    January 8 04:15 PM
    January 8 05:13 AM
  • silentpotato thanks mang u too
    January 1 04:46 PM
  • DarthBlubber Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well Joe! I wish you all the best in all that you do! :)
    January 1 04:43 PM
  • foreverendeared thank you. Happy New Year to you as well!
    January 1 11:24 AM
  • Xenophanes Happy New Year, Joe!
    January 1 01:41 AM
  • pizzamachine Happy new year to you too!
    January 1 01:36 AM
  • chambered89 happy new year!
    January 1 01:35 AM
  • Bulldog happy new years bruh bruh
    January 1 01:32 AM
  • Irving I look forward to admiring your handiwork =)
    January 1 01:27 AM
  • Irving I'll do my best =) I'm honestly just glad that there appear to be people who enjoy my pieces, and look forward to putting my 23rd out soon =) And you my friend, should get on your 4th ;)
    January 1 01:15 AM
  • Deviant. And to you as well man
    January 1 01:15 AM
  • Irving And to you Joe =) May your 2011 be filled with happiness, prosperity, and lots of delicious muziks!
    January 1 01:11 AM
  • DarthBlubber Merry Christmas Joe! :) Enjoy it!
    December 25 11:53 AM
    December 24 06:30 PM
  • Xenophanes Well I may take you up on that offer kind sir.
    December 22 03:22 AM
  • Xenophanes Yeah my parent was the same, my mom has been playing piano all of her life so I kind of grew up around classical music.Btw, liking Program Music I gets you insta points fro me haha
    December 21 01:47 PM
  • Xenophanes Agreed, I'm starting to branch off into similar artists. Maybe he's given me the push I needed to finally get into hip-hop lol
    December 21 01:38 PM
  • Xenophanes Glad you like it man, those are my exact feelings on it. It's like, 1 part hip-hop, 1 part cool-jazz. Big loss that he passed away though : (
    December 21 01:32 PM
  • Xenophanes Sput-five back at ya haha
    December 20 11:04 PM
  • Xenophanes Tell me what you think, and ill re-listen ton unwound tonight!
    December 20 10:38 PM
  • Xenophanes I assume I will eventually really enjoy it, but sometimes an album takes awhile you know?Get on Nujabes ;)
    December 20 10:12 PM
  • Xenophanes I've had it since the decade list came out, but have only given it minor listens. Its good, but I can tell its a grower. What's the best tracks? Ill try it again. Right now I'm digging the hell out of Nujabes
    December 20 09:51 PM
  • Xenophanes dude, listen to Chopin's Nocturnes......Tristesse is possibly one of my favorites by him, its not a nocturne though...
    December 20 09:42 PM
  • Xenophanes Whaa..? I'm the nerd who axiously waits for manga scans from japan on Wednesday nights lol
    December 20 09:26 PM
  • Xenophanes Cheers man ;)You been keeping up w/ Bleach?!
    December 20 09:17 PM
  • I'm definitely happy to be free for a few weeks as well. If that review is representative of your mental state, then I'm a little worried... Alas though, music seems to be your form of therapy, so I'm sure you can pull through, as throughout the parts of the review that seemed a bit confusing overall there was the undeniable focus that could be seen. If this is how you express your love of an album I'd like to see a negative review out of you. It takes time, I know, but I'm willing to wait! ;)
    December 19 09:28 PM
  • Irving Most welcome Joe. It was a pleasure to read your work; write again soon! It will be fascinating to see what you produce next!
    December 18 03:14 PM
  • pizzamachine Could happen for sure, I'll keep an eye out.
    December 18 02:27 PM
  • pizzamachine Sup! Funny that I've never bumped into you.
    December 18 02:23 PM
  • Irving AHHHHH sorry. My bad. I'll get to it now.
    December 18 02:20 PM
  • Irving Hey Joe. That would be no problem at all. In fact, it would be a pleasure to read it and hopefully provide some useful input. Did you plan on e-mailing it out?
    December 18 01:00 PM
  • DarthBlubber Thanks Joe, wasn't bad at all, and I had my last one today so I'm done for the semester :) How have yours been? And how are you doing? Monster reviews like your last usually take a lot out of you :P
    December 17 05:00 PM
  • silentpotato lol, ill peeps it
    December 17 02:38 AM
  • silentpotato he must b ****in ignorant or sum s***
    December 16 09:33 PM
  • foreverendeared Thanks, I'm super excited haha :]
    December 14 03:54 PM
  • Xenophanes I hope you enjoy it ;)
    December 13 08:56 PM
  • Deviant. And now you're un-banned. Thanks again :)
    December 13 12:07 AM
  • somberlain been to busy lately to review but Imma get back to it soon. have a good one bro
    November 25 05:26 PM
  • somberlain I thought I'd seen more ratings, no wonder! All good bro, hope to knock out a few reviews soon. wbu?
    November 25 05:20 PM
  • somberlain did you get your ratings de leted?
    November 25 04:58 PM
  • TomAndJerry i quit :/
    November 25 01:02 PM
  • TomAndJerry I plan on dying at age 40 or so. And yea I have the same thing going on in way of my personality ("thinly veiled bitterness/cynicism") and its for the same reason ("defense mechanism") know exactly how you feel man. ill probably be up till like 8 in the morning.
    November 25 02:14 AM
  • TomAndJerry Thanks man. And 21 isn't that old, but after your 21st i hear everything goes down hill, unless you plan to run for president, in which case you can wait another 14 years. and i kind of like her and im texting her atm so yea :/
    November 25 01:48 AM
  • TomAndJerry ha. ive been alright. turned 17 a few days ago. enjoying my break as well. hating this "loaner" computer and courting this female companion of mine :3
    November 25 01:33 AM
  • TomAndJerry haha whatsup man
    November 25 12:44 AM
  • TomAndJerry this is bulldog btw.
    November 25 12:36 AM
  • BSX Sounds like a plan
    November 23 10:53 PM
  • BSX Some albums I've had for a long time and can remember how a felt when listeing to the songs. However I lost some during this car accident and was really depressed about it. One cd I had for almost 10 years before that happened. Playing video games, watching anime/movies can help get you into music from other countries. Most video games have soundtrack, but they're not releashed or promoted here in the states because they don't bring in a large about of income. Sad because some are truly amazing
    November 23 02:25 AM
  • BSX Even though I have 500 rating I go back and listen to certain albums and change my rating. I try to be objective as possible and not give out 4, 4.5 and 5 ratings willy nilly. I listen to music from other countries like Japan, South Korea, Canada, and mainland Europe and that helps keep me interested in music since their music scenes are different that the one here in the USA. I never was into itunes.
    November 22 11:38 PM
  • Deviant. Good to know you have good taste ;)
    November 22 09:41 PM
  • Deviant. Everytime someone mentions I'm one of their neighbours I go and take a look and I'm always gone. Nice to see I'm still here on your profile
    November 22 06:59 PM
  • BSX not digging deep enough to find it.
    November 21 07:55 PM
  • BSX I'm more passive and like "yeah whatever" then by chance I stubmle across a new band/singer on youtube and give their songs a spin. It's not that I don't want to listen to new albums it that I want/have a higher standard of music now. No more obvious cliche about sex, love and money. I often go ugh if I can correctly guess the words that rhyme in a song, or if their singing about something dumb. Then again the joke could be on me, that "dumb" song could have a lot of hidden meaning in it and I'm
    November 21 07:54 PM
  • BSX That's good. ^^, I agree We Love You All is different, I was feeling kind of meh about music since I was listening to the same artist over and over again. YAY, same here.
    November 20 11:02 PM
  • BSX HELLA was too wild for me, though they did have some interesing instrumentation. I enjoyed UNKLE, haven't gotten to Olivia Tremor Control yet.
    November 18 10:23 AM
  • Deviant. Nice dig
    November 13 06:14 PM
  • BSX You're welcome and thanks, I'll give them a listen later on day/tomorrow.
    November 13 01:55 PM
  • BSX and Sky Eats Airplane - Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day
    November 12 06:10 PM
  • BSX OK Roisin Murphy - Overpowered, Psykup - We Love You All, Remy Shand - The Way I Feel
    November 12 06:07 PM
  • BSX Anything in particular?
    November 12 04:06 AM
  • RandomDuck Hey I wrote another review, take a look at it if you can.
    November 12 04:03 AM
    November 11 09:54 AM
  • BSX Urahara!!!!!
    November 10 11:43 PM
  • Bitchfork Any time.
    November 8 12:55 AM
  • Bitchfork Shpongle*
    November 7 09:32 PM
  • Bitchfork Listen to Astral Projection's Dancing Galaxy and Sphongle's Tales of the Inexpressible
    November 7 09:32 PM
  • Bitchfork You should. Do you like psytrance/psybient?
    November 7 08:49 PM
  • Bitchfork Yes, you should. Dark ambient. Get The Empty Hollow Unfolds and fall in love. Also rate those William Basinski albums again, faggor.
    November 7 07:14 PM
  • Bitchfork Doth thou listen to Raison D'etre?
    November 7 06:10 PM
  • Bitchfork Hey there Joe.
    November 6 11:51 PM
  • Deviant. Did that drum
    November 3 10:06 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath It was helpful, thanks.
    November 1 06:06 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath Hey I'm gonna make a 10 essential metalcore albums. Looking to see what your input is. What are the 10 most essential metalcore albums in your eyes?
    November 1 11:31 AM
  • Winsomniac Ehhh, precision is a vocabulary thing. Think of it like being able to think of what word best translates your particular thought. Like nitpicking the exact word you're thinking of. But yeah, it comes with practice. Truth be told, I really did like it. I just strive for perfection when it comes to writing, and am very rarely wholly impressed.
    October 31 11:35 PM
  • Winsomniac Boom, replied! Truth be told, I earnestly read until I got a feel for the overall writing and skimmed the rest. You write well, and are already above quite a few reviewers I've seen.
    October 31 11:20 PM
  • Xenophanes Haha thanks bro, you should too, it has gotten pretty badass as of late!
    October 31 12:55 PM
  • Xenophanes I'm the kind of loser who reads translated scans haha
    October 31 12:42 PM
  • Xenophanes Yeah, you read the manga?
    October 31 12:32 PM
  • Xenophanes So you like Bleach too eh?
    October 31 02:30 AM
  • DarthBlubber Cheers to that my friend!
    October 30 10:45 PM
  • DarthBlubber Good to hear you regard my opinion in such a manner man, but it's basically an extension of yourself, all I do is confirm what you already know. Yes let's go with the wind in our sails, hopefully it will propel you to landfall, and in a timely fashion... and maybe you should stop actively looking, things have a way of revealing themselves and working out.
    October 30 10:02 PM
  • DarthBlubber ILY! ... nah seriously I love how you put your points together, it flows well, even when you're being technical in terms of the music description, you really do have a talent man, don't stop!
    October 30 09:28 PM
  • DarthBlubber Pleased to hear you're seeing your way. And I'll wait patiently for your review, it sounds like it would be pretty challenging. Keep well man, I'll be lurking.
    October 29 06:19 PM
  • DarthBlubber Hey Joe! I see a pie chart! Should I be hopeful that progress is being made? or is this for this aspect of things that you are stepping out of square one? Did you get a chance to check my rec? :)
    October 29 05:11 PM
  • Bitchfork k thanks
    October 24 10:49 PM
  • Bitchfork http://www.mediafire.com/?3pm6d1a935snkj1 Tracklisting goes: Astral Plane 1, Astral Plane 2, Disharmonious Latitude, ...And Harmony Escapes, Hello Longitude (Erik), Benadryl Blah blah
    October 24 10:34 PM
  • Bitchfork Would you be willing to listen to my ambient split with witchxrapist?
    October 24 09:47 PM
  • DarthBlubber So this so called sabbatical is indeed the best step, clear your mind a bit, make you see straight, because it's an issue you're not going to be able to run away from if you two are no longer compatible. I wish you good tidings, drop a line whenever you're ready. Time is the best healer.
    October 23 09:27 PM
  • DarthBlubber It's quite alright man. I personally like how you're handling everything, seems like the way to go. This situation is indeed tough, pretty much the definition of dominoes crashing down in unison. Going back to her does seem to be pathological, especially as you aren't together, and it can be argued that you should just let go, even for peace sake. However as you say you still see merit in her, and that's important too, because it defies logic but makes sense, it's your heart talking.
    October 23 09:21 PM
  • DarthBlubber Oh and since I don't know what's going on, general rec: Rob Dougan - Furious AngelsThough you probably heard it already lol, give it another spin bro. It always calms me when things go to s***. And they tend to do that every so often, life, you know?
    October 23 08:13 PM
  • DarthBlubber Yeah no problem man, I'm doing okay I guess. What in the world happened with you though? That would be so drastic that it had such an impact with friends and life in general so quickly, and cause you to change your outlook? Whatever it is sounds a bit much to handle! Good choice in putting yourself back in square one both metaphorically and emotionally, it certainly helps. Hope you can pick yourself up from whatever it is, gimme a shout if you need anything...
    October 23 07:41 PM
  • DarthBlubber Fair enough Joe, I can dig that, you just do what feels right! I like the cosmetic changes a lot though, makes things a lot cleaner and clear cut. But it's a good impetus to have, I wish you well with it. As I keep saying you don't have to please anyone but yourself in terms of music.
    October 23 03:30 PM
  • DarthBlubber Clean slate bro? :S
    October 23 08:02 AM
  • awhiteguy One of my favorite groups. If you want to see similar bands and/or the progenitors of the genre, check out the newest list.
    October 23 02:35 AM
  • awhiteguy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97FfsybNtt4
    October 23 02:21 AM
  • RandomDuck Im thinking of writing a new review. anything good out there?
    October 20 02:17 AM
  • RandomDuck while facebook has become gay, it had good intentions. the right to look at hot classmates w/o judging. calling people douches with no fear of reprocussions. you know, the good old days.
    October 14 03:19 AM
  • foreverendeared sorry about the double post
    October 13 11:16 PM
  • foreverendeared yeah, there are some really talented writers there, and a few terrible ones haha. check out any of Rasputin's posts there, he's a really talented poet. Finally got around to reading your poem btw, left a comment.
    October 13 11:15 PM
  • Deviant. Cheers dude, I'll take a look when I get home. Can't stream at work sadly
    October 12 04:20 PM
  • RandomDuck self shout is not gay. its like status on facebook.
    October 12 12:15 PM
  • DarthBlubber For a shy person, that's a rather odd trait to have I'd think... but it probably works pretty well for you. And from what I can tell you have quite the quirky personality, people are drawn to that at times I find. I usually don't speak to anyone till I'm spoken to, but I'm a really kind but odd person, so that's how I end up making friends in most cases. Quite true about music being related to all aspects of life, but I do know friends who don't like music. It's all about who you are in the end.
    October 9 08:26 PM
  • Bitchfork ok then
    October 9 08:02 PM
  • Bitchfork Okay well you should listen to Wold's Screech Owl.
    October 9 07:44 PM
  • DarthBlubber Yes I'm fully confident that both those facets of your writing will fall into place. And thanks for the advice with Sociology, I do find it interesting, the passion will hopefully come along somewhere down the line. I haven't made much friends in my field as yet, but I guess I should expect it because I'm a really timid person, and that takes time for me. It's been great talking to you like this! Gives a lot of insight.
    October 9 07:31 PM
  • Bitchfork I'm about ninety percent sure I listened to something by them once and for the life of me I can't remember anything about it. I'll check it out again the next time I'm in the mood for that sort of thing. You like noise and black metal, right?
    October 9 07:25 PM
  • DarthBlubber Oh ok, I see what you mean with the writing, that is rather troublesome. You just need to learn how to transition with the occasion, as my regular writing has no focus but when the time comes I can switch on and write like I'm required too... at least for most of the time. I think I mentioned this before but I don't fault you for forgetting, I'm majoring in Sociology, I'm fairly new to it as my foundations are in History, but I'm holding up well enough thus far, feeling my way around, you know?
    October 9 06:11 PM
  • Hey, at least you made the first step, I am yet to come out of the blocks, and I am sure more will be to follow in time. I'm also glad you have found your passion and you're actively pursuing it. When you say say you write essays like poetry, do you mean how the writing itself is structured?
    October 9 04:29 PM
  • DarthBlubber Music journalism maybe? I mean you already write, and quite well at that, not sure about if you have to have some sort of credentials in order to do it, but it's something to consider. I'm not cut out for that kind of job though, my writing skills are somewhat below par and my thoughts always seem hard to put on paper, hence why I haven't managed a review yet. I'm glad you understand the importance of having your own opinion here, it's what makes the musical experience so great! :)
    October 9 01:27 PM
  • DarthBlubber See now, you shouldn't really care what others on the site think, it's not good to be sheep. If you can't get into a band, you can't get into the band lol. No matter what people say, if you honestly tried to and can't, you can't do much about it, can you? If someone calls you out on it, just make sure you can defend your rating and it'll be fine. Definitely agree with you in terms of time constraints though, almost wish there could be a job where you could listen to music whole day and get paid!
    October 7 11:04 PM
  • DarthBlubber Where'd my pic go? :( You're right of course, what you don't like definitely makes you appreciate what you like more. I'd much rather avoid what I don't like though, but that's just me, and it works for you so I can't really complain. Maybe it makes me close minded, but I'd rather be comfortable in my own zone than giving an album of a genre I don't like a chance to surprise me. All power to you in that regard!
    October 6 10:58 PM
  • I wished I was blessed with that ability to remember albums after one spin, it usually takes repeated spins for me till I decide on a rating. But yes, in the grand scheme of things, we're going to listen to as much music as possible! Just beware that you may actually lose your zeal for music depending on how you go about listening to everything :S For some reason I find it hard to pick and choose, as I do believe that most albums bring something to the table and very few are actually "bad"!
    October 5 08:21 PM
  • DarthBlubber Haha! Yes indeed they are, quite obsessive at that! I don't know, I'd just rather dip my toe into the waters once in a while... but I do get what you mean, it's all too easy to go berserk and go listening to EVERYTHING! Especially how music is so available these days. But you will check out everything by everybody in any case lol, just have to do it on your own terms. It's all about that self control, which is apparently important to every facet of life, not just studies... ugh!
    October 4 06:36 AM
  • DarthBlubber I have yet to get a proper grip on everything, I'm actually cruising, which I can't afford to do, so I submerged myself for a couple weeks and now I think I have my eye in, so it should be fine. maudlin of the Well sounds kinda fun! Will have to check them out at a later date. I'm currently on an electronica tip, I'm floating through the discog of VNV Nation, currently on "Empires". And you should try a few from this year, even if it's the few that make you curious. Just may be worth it!
    October 3 11:42 PM
  • DarthBlubber Hey Joe! I'm around, been lurking a bit these days, school is catching up to me! Ugh!Not as active, but I'm definitely still here, thanks for checking in dude, much appreciated!What's the good? Whats getting a lot of spins for you these days?
    October 3 10:34 PM
  • tinkrbel click on any Chino review and you'll see my true identity
    September 29 11:22 PM
  • taroo Coma was great I enjoyed it alot.
    September 24 12:20 AM
  • taroo Listen to the first three songs... kind of makes me think of "Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun" by Dead Can Dance (which is one of my all time favorite albums), except electonic instead of classical.
    September 23 11:17 PM
  • taroo OK! I'll check it out!
    September 23 11:06 PM
  • taroo Will do!
    September 22 11:10 PM
  • taroo Lol! Sorry! That reminds me... I have school work to do to.
    September 22 11:04 PM
  • taroo Thier are a ton of Touhou music remix artist. Most of them don't combine it with other music, but I have heard Judist Priest - Electric Eye and Iron Maiden - The Trooper, Touhouphide, but that's not bad music, or at least I don't think it is.
    September 22 11:01 PM
  • taroo People who can beat it on the hardest level are just half of it. Their is such thing as Touhoumon (or Touhou: Puppet Play)... Some guy hacked into Pokemon: FireRed, changed all the pokemon and characters to Touhou Characters, and changed the music so that they are now a mix of Touhou music and pokemon music. Serously these people do all kind of things like this. The fans hack into games, making them Touhou based (thier is more then Touhoumon).
    September 22 10:44 PM
  • taroo lol! Yep! That's Touhou. I don't see who some poeple can do that. I have a hard time beating the games are normal. but then again, once you start looking into the fanbase, you'll see who much some people waste their lives with this game series. I consider myself obessed with the series, but I'm normal compared to some other fan.
    September 22 10:22 PM
  • taroo The games are hard... very challenging. If you ever want to get into them, Touhou 6, maybe 7, is the best to start with, not that they are easier, but simpler. But if you are fan of fighters then Bullet Hell Shooters, Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhaspody, is a great 2D fighter.
    September 22 10:06 PM
  • taroo That's cool! Yea... once you start playing the games and getting into the series, the characters and such, the music seems to just get better and better. I would usally suggest going with "Magical Astronomy" first, just because there is less remakes of the game music in it and more original tracks, and plus my favorite song was is on MA. I'm just happy someone actually listened to it.
    September 22 09:44 PM
  • taroo WOW! Someone actually listened to Changeability of Strange Dream!
    September 22 01:48 PM
  • Winsomniac Glad to hear it, man! It really is very expansive. I just love how much variety it has in it!
    September 16 12:15 PM
  • Winsomniac I believe great things can be expected from it. Album is great. Tons of influences can be heard, and it's a great mix that doesn't sound too scattered or unfocused.
    September 14 06:47 PM
  • Winsomniac Oh, and also check out A Lot Like Birds - Plan B. Album rules. It's a sprawling expanse of a work, but still centers in my beloved 'core' sound to some degree. I dunno how to exactly categorize it, but it's a rather great album.
    September 14 12:38 PM
  • Winsomniac Hahaha it is a bit imposing that my username starts with "Win." I'll get to revisiting it soon. I have relatively few ratings because I a: tend to forget to rate albums I get and b: usually overthink my ratings, but that's just my personality.
    September 14 12:37 PM
  • Winsomniac Lol, one look at my ratings and you'd know I don't 5 all willy-nilly, even for 7a7p. I'll give the album a legitimate revisit and probably give it a high rating though. What happened though, someone troll-rate it to lower the average?
    September 14 12:19 PM
  • DarthBlubber So I listened to Invisible Elephant - The Lights Go Out and I'd give it a solid 3. For something that dabbles in multiple genres that I don't like it's actually pretty tolerable, possibly because it's so short. I'll check out the other album when I have some time since it seems more down my alley :D
    September 6 10:59 PM
  • Bitchfork Da Lowd NOIZ: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=d391f40c5c620d34a1cadad1a708dfd7ec09773a2096f8938eb7bba042bcab2e4ac58b764281682ac390d7b83ddc1158 Sounds of an Islander's City, Touch of a Medieval Faerie: http://www.mediafire.com/?p18ye4hse2g53ep Prolixity: http://www.mediafire.com/?4dssqz1okszfk2z Rogue: http://www.mediafire.com/?eld25onw2e2q854
    August 31 10:59 PM
  • Bitchfork Listen to Whitehouse. Also listen to my noise: Unfathoms.
    August 31 10:48 PM
  • Bitchfork I meant Ovalprocess
    August 31 10:41 PM
  • Bitchfork Omg they're in the database now? Sweet thanks for letting me know. Ovalcommers and O(h) are sooooo good.
    August 31 10:40 PM
  • Bulldog yea, i had to cancel my rhapsody (which didnt always come through for me, anyway) so now im constrained to YouTube and Myspace streams and such.
    August 22 02:34 PM
  • Bulldog You could always illegally download them. (Note: Bulldog does not encourage, condone, endorse, or promote pirating files illegally, or any stealing of any type.)
    August 22 02:07 AM
  • Bulldog what ya reviewing?
    August 22 01:31 AM
  • Bulldog Thanks man. Same goes for you, too. Maybe write a review or something?
    August 22 12:33 AM
  • Bulldog I kind of know how you feel. My friend just got expelled from school, two others might be going as well, and I'm on the chopping block also. :/ Stay strong, man.
    August 21 11:22 PM
  • DarthBlubber Yo Joe! Sup man! Came to thank you for your recs! The Darwin Deez didn't sit well with me at all, and the Blood Brothers one is enjoyable so far. But I REALLY owe you for that Fair To Midland one! Sure, there were albums that I checked out so far that were more quirky and more fun, but that I'd to say is the best! Mainly because it doesn't make me excessively happy or sentimental haha!
    August 21 05:00 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Envy are indeed screamo. I'd say Gospel is the best though, but that could just be because they only released one album and it was a classic...
    August 18 08:21 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Uhh Orchid are quite inaccessible, so don't be discouraged. Try out (Circle Takes the Square - As the Roots Undo) which is a blend of influence, (City of Caterpillar - s/t) which is post-rock influenced, (Gospel - The Moon is a Dead World) which is prog/indie influenced
    August 18 08:15 PM

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